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Team Fortress 2 Pricelist
Name Type Genuine Vintage Unique Strange Haunted Collector's
A Brush with DeathCosmetic4–5 ref
A Color Similar to SlateTool7 ref
A Deep Commitment to PurpleTool7.33–7.66 ref
A Distinctive Lack of HueTool2–2.1 keys
A Head Full of Hot AirCosmetic1.33 ref 6 ref
A Mann's MintTool14.33 ref
A Random Duck Token Gift (Non-Craftable)Action2 keys
A Random End of the Line Key Gift (Non-Craftable)Action1 key
A Random Robo Community Crate Key Gift (Non-Craftable)Action1 key
A Random Summer Cooler Key Gift (Non-Craftable)Action1 key
A Rather Festive TreeCosmetic2–3 ref
A Rather Festive Tree (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.55–1.66 ref
A Whiff of the Old BrimstoneCosmetic1.44 ref
A Whiff of the Old Brimstone (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
AWPer HandPrimary10 ref 2.55–2.66 ref 7 keys
Abhorrent AppendagesCosmetic8 ref 2 keys
Accursed ApparitionCosmetic1.33 ref 3.66 ref
After DarkCosmetic1.66 ref
After EightTool1.1–1.2 keys
Aged Moustache GreyTool7–7.66 ref
Air RaiderCosmetic2 ref
Air StrikePrimary0.05 ref 4–4.33 ref 30 keys
Air Strike (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref 4 ref
Aladdin's Private ReserveCosmetic1.44–1.66 ref
Aladdin's Private Reserve (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.44 ref
Ali Baba's Wee BootiesPrimary0.05 ref 10 keys
Ali Baba's Wee Booties (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
Alien CraniumCosmetic7 ref 3.33–3.66 ref
Alien Swarm ParasiteCosmetic138–161 keys 1 ref
All-FatherCosmetic9–9.66 ref 5 keys
All-Father (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic9 ref 4.6 keys
All-Father (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic3 keys
AllbreroCosmetic2 ref
Alternative Medicine MannCosmetic1 key 1.66 ref
AmbassadorSecondary0.66 ref 0.05 ref 7 ref 4.6 keys
Ambassador (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Australium AmbassadorSecondary16 keys
AmputatorMelee3 ref 0.05 ref 2.33 ref 2 keys
Amputator (Non-Tradable)Melee8 ref
Amputator (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
An Air of DebonairTool1.1–1.15 keys
An Extraordinary Abundance of TingeTool2.3 keys
Angel of DeathCosmetic5 ref
AngerCosmetic8.33 ref 5 ref 1.3–1.5 keys
Anger (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4.33 ref 1.2 keys
Antarctic ParkaCosmetic12 ref 133 keys
Antarctic ResearcherCosmetic5.66–6 ref 2.8–2.9 keys
AntlersCosmetic4 ref
Ap-SapBuilding2.1 keys
Ap-Sap (Non-Craftable)Building11 ref
Aperture Labs Hard HatCosmetic5.33 ref
Apoco-FistsMelee6 ref 1.33 ref 1.33 ref
Apparatchik's ApparelCosmetic1.88 ref
Apparatchik's Apparel (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Apparition's AspectCosmetic6.33 ref 1.3 keys
Apparition's Aspect (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic6 ref 1.1 keys
Aqua FlopsCosmetic3 ref
Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler #66Tool0.05 ref
Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Archers GroundingsCosmetic1.66 ref 2 keys
ArchimedesCosmetic2.9 keys 5 ref 6.75 keys
Archimedes (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4 ref 7 keys
Archimedes the UndyingCosmetic8.33 ref 10 ref
Area 451Cosmetic6 ref 6 ref
Argyle AceCosmetic1.66 ref
Armored AuthorityCosmetic2 ref 50 keys
Armored Authority (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Arsonist ApparatusCosmetic4 ref 2 keys
Arthropod's AspectCosmetic3 keys 12 keys
Atomic AccoladeCosmetic1.66 ref 1.33 ref
AtomizerMelee0.05 ref 2.66 ref 5 keys
Atomizer (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
AttendantCosmetic1.66 ref 67 keys
Attendant (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Au Courant AssassinCosmetic3 ref
Australium GoldTool7–7.66 ref
Aviator AssassinCosmetic1.66 ref
Awesomenauts BadgeCosmetic1.77 ref 1.33 ref
AxtinguisherMelee0.44 ref 0.05 ref 2–2.66 ref 2.7 keys
Axtinguisher (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
Australium AxtinguisherMelee8 keys
B'aaarrgh-n-BicorneCosmetic2.33–3 ref
B'aaarrgh-n-BritchesCosmetic1.44 ref
B-ankh!Cosmetic0.22–0.66 ref 2 ref
B-ankh! (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
B.A.S.E. JumperSecondary0.05 ref 27 keys
B.A.S.E. Jumper (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
B.M.O.C.Cosmetic4.2 keys
Baby Face's BlasterPrimary0.05 ref 1.33 ref 5 keys
Baby Face's Blaster (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Back ScatterPrimary0.05 ref 13 keys
Back Scatter (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Back ScratcherMelee0.05 ref 0.66 ref 1.6 keys
Back Scratcher (Non-Craftable)Melee1.33 ref
Backbiter's BillycockCosmetic5.66 ref 5.33 ref 1.66 ref
Backbiter's Billycock (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
BackburnerPrimary0.33–0.66 ref 0.05 ref 3 ref 5.4 keys
Backburner (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Backpack BroilerCosmetic1.55 ref 80 keys
Backpack ExpanderTool7.66–8 ref
Backpack Expander (Non-Craftable)Tool7.66–8 ref
Backstabber's BoomslangCosmetic4.66 ref 2.5–3 keys
Backstabber's Boomslang (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic1.8 keys
Backwards BallcapCosmetic3.66 ref
Backwards Ballcap (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Bacteria BlockerCosmetic1.55 ref
Balaclavas Are ForeverTool1.1–1.2 keys
Ball-Kicking BootsCosmetic1 key 9 ref
Ball-Kicking Boots (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4.33 ref
BalloonicornCosmetic2 keys 2.66 ref
Balloonicorn (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.55 ref
Baphomet TrottersCosmetic3 ref 3.33 ref
Barely-Melted CapacitorCosmetic1.77–2 ref
BarnstormerCosmetic1.66 ref
Baron von HavenaplaneCosmetic1.66 ref
Baronial BadgeCosmetic1.66 ref 1.33 ref
Base Metal BillycockCosmetic1.33 ref
Baseball Bill's Sports ShineCosmetic7.44 ref 1.66 ref
Baseball Bill's Sports Shine (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
BatMelee0.66 ref 1.66 ref
Bat Outta HellMelee0.11 ref 6 ref 90 keys
Bat Outta Hell (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
BatsaberMelee10 keys 38 keys
Battalion's BackupSecondary0.05 ref 0.66 ref 3 keys
Battalion's Backup (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Batter's HelmetCosmetic9 ref 8 ref
Batter's Helmet (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Battery BandolierCosmetic1.33 ref
Battery CanteensAction8 ref
Battle BirdCosmetic3 ref 10 ref
Battle BobCosmetic6 ref 1.66 ref
Battle-Worn Robot KB-808Tool0.33 ref
Battle-Worn Robot Money FurnaceTool0.33 ref
Battle-Worn Robot Taunt ProcessorTool0.33 ref
Bazaar BargainPrimary0.05 ref 4.66–5 ref 4–5 keys
Bazaar Bargain (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
Beacon from BeyondCosmetic2.66 ref 2.66 ref
Bear NecessitiesCosmetic2–2.33 ref 33–39 keys
Bearded BombardierCosmetic5.66 ref 76 keys
Beast From BelowCosmetic5 ref 4.33 ref
Beastly BonnetCosmetic2.66 ref 1.44–1.66 ref
Beep BoyCosmetic1.66 ref
Beep ManCosmetic1.5–2 keys 7 keys
Beep Man (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Beggar's BazookaPrimary0.05 ref 1.33 ref 6 keys
Beggar's Bazooka (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Belgian DetectiveCosmetic2 ref 77 keys
Berliner's Bucket HelmCosmetic1.66 ref
Berliner's Bucket Helm (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1–1.33 ref
Big ChiefCosmetic3.33 ref 5.33–6 ref
Big Chief (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref 7 ref
Big CountryCosmetic1.55–1.66 ref
Big Country (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.55 ref
Big DaddyCosmetic1.66–2 ref 1.33 ref
Big EarnerMelee0.05 ref 6.66 ref 5 keys
Big Earner (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Big Elfin DealCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Big Elfin Deal (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Big KillSecondary600 keys 7 keys
Big Kill (Non-Craftable)Secondary172 keys
Big Steel Jaw of Summer FunCosmetic1.66 ref
Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Bigg Mann on CampusCosmetic4 ref 72 keys
Bill's HatCosmetic10 keys 2 keys
Biomech BackpackCosmetic6 ref 3 ref
Bird-Man of AberdeenCosmetic2.33 ref 1.2–1.3 keys 108 keys
Bird-Man of Aberdeen (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref 1.2 keys
BirdcageCosmetic1.66 ref
Birdcage (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
Birdie BonnetCosmetic10 ref 6 ref
Birdman of AustraliacatrazCosmetic3.66 ref 150 keys
Black BoxPrimary0.05 ref 7 ref 5 keys
Black Box (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Australium Black BoxPrimary18 keys
Black Knight's BascinetCosmetic3 ref 14 ref
Black Rose (Non-Tradable)Melee7 ref
Black RoseMelee11–12 keys
Black Summer 2013 Cooler #69Tool0.01 ref
Black Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1.2 keys
Black Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1.1 keys
Black WatchCosmetic2 ref 76 keys
Blazing BullCosmetic0.55 ref 8 ref
Blazing Bull (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.55 ref
Blighted BeakCosmetic5 ref
Blighted Beak (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic5 ref
Blind JusticeCosmetic2 ref 1.66 ref
Blizzard BreatherCosmetic3 ref
Bloke's Bucket HatCosmetic4.33 ref 1.33 ref
Bloke's Bucket Hat (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Blood BankerCosmetic4 ref 13 ref
Blood Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary14 ref
Blood Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee1 key
Blood Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary1.2 keys
Blood Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary1.1 keys
Blood Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary2.5 keys
Blood Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary2 keys
Blood Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary2 keys
Blood Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary14 ref
Blood Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee1.5 keys
Bloodhound (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic0 ref
Bloodhound (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic13 keys
BloodhoundCosmetic1 ref
Bloodhound (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic14 keys
Blue Summer 2013 Cooler #67Tool0.05 ref
Blue Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Blue Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
BlutsaugerPrimary0.44 ref 0.05 ref 4 ref 4 keys
Blutsauger (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
Australium BlutsaugerPrimary10 keys
BolganCosmetic5 ref 1.33 ref
Bolgan Family CrestCosmetic2 ref 1.44 ref
Bolshevik BikerCosmetic1.55 ref
Bolt Action Blitzer (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic3 ref
Bolt BoyCosmetic7 ref
Bolted BicorneCosmetic2 ref
Bolted BirdcageCosmetic1.55–1.66 ref
Bolted BombardierCosmetic2 ref
Bolted BushmanCosmetic1.33 ref
Bomber's Bucket HatCosmetic1.33 ref 4 ref
Bombing RunCosmetic1.55 ref
Bombing Run (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.66 ref
Bombinomicon (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic0.01 ref
Bone DomeCosmetic1.55 ref
Bone-Cut BeltCosmetic2 ref 2 keys
BonedolierCosmetic1.66 ref 5 ref 133 keys
Bonedolier (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Bonedolier (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic2 ref
BonesawMelee1 ref 1–1.33 ref
Bonk BoyCosmetic2.66 ref 3.4 keys
Bonk Boy (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.33 ref 3 keys
Bonk Boy (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic1 key
Bonk HelmCosmetic9 ref 1.66 ref
Bonk Helm (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33–1.44 ref
Bonk LeadwearCosmetic2 ref
Bonk! Atomic PunchSecondary0.44 ref 0.05 ref 0.66 ref 2–3 keys
Bonk! Atomic Punch (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Boo BalloonCosmetic7.44 ref 2.33 ref
Boo Balloon (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
BootenkhamunsCosmetic3 ref
Bootie TimeCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Bootie Time (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Bootleg Base Metal BillycockCosmetic1.33 ref
BootleggerPrimary0.05 ref 10 keys
Bootlegger (Non-Craftable)Primary0.66 ref
Borscht BeltCosmetic2 ref
Boston BasherMelee0.05 ref 0.77 ref 2.3 keys
Boston Basher (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Boston Boom-BringerCosmetic3.66 ref 12 ref
Boston Boom-Bringer (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66–3 ref 10.33 ref
Bot DoggerCosmetic1.55–1.66 ref
BottleMelee1 ref 0.44 ref
Bountiful BowCosmetic4 ref 3.33 ref
Bounty Hat (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic3–4 keys
Bounty Hat (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic89–90 keys
Boxcar BomberCosmetic1.44 ref 10–11 ref
Bozo's BouffantCosmetic3 ref 2.33–3 ref
Bozo's BroguesCosmetic2 ref 2 ref
Brain BucketCosmetic2 ref 1.66 ref
Brain Bucket (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic12 keys
Brainiac GogglesCosmetic1.55 ref
Brainiac Goggles (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.66–1 ref
Brainiac HairpieceCosmetic1.88 ref
Brainiac Hairpiece (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66–2 ref
Brass BeastPrimary3 ref 0.05 ref 2.66 ref 3.75–4 keys
Brass Beast (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05–0.11 ref
Brawling BuccaneerCosmetic3 ref
Bread BiteMelee4.33 ref 1.1 keys
Bread BoxAction1.2–1.3 keys
Breakneck BaggiesCosmetic4 ref
Breather BagCosmetic1.66 ref
Brigade HelmCosmetic8 ref 8 ref 2.66 ref
Brigade Helm (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4 ref
Brim-Full Of BulletsCosmetic2 ref 59–67 keys
BrimstoneCosmetic2 ref 1.88 ref
Broadband BonnetCosmetic1.33 ref
Brock's LocksCosmetic1.33 ref
Brooklyn BootiesCosmetic1.66 ref 12 ref
Brotherhood of ArmsCosmetic8.33 ref
Brown BomberCosmetic2 ref
Brown Bomber (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Brown Summer 2013 Cooler #68Tool0.05 ref
Brown Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Brown Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Bruce's BonnetCosmetic13 ref 2.5 keys
Bruiser's BandannaCosmetic1 key
Brütal BouffantCosmetic6 ref 3 ref
Bubble PipeCosmetic2 ref
Bubble Pipe (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Buccaneer's BicorneCosmetic2 ref 55 keys
Buccaneer's Bicorne (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Buck Turner All-StarsCosmetic2.1 keys 12 ref
Buckaroos HatCosmetic1.44 ref
Buckaroos Hat (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Buff BannerSecondary0.44–0.66 ref 0.05 ref 5.33 ref 3 keys
Buff Banner (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Buffalo Steak SandvichSecondary4.33 ref 0.05 ref 3 keys
Buffalo Steak Sandvich (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
Builder's BlueprintsCosmetic1.33 ref
Builder's Blueprints (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Bull LocksCosmetic1.33 ref 2 keys
Bullet BuzzCosmetic1.66 ref 1.2 keys
Bunsen BraveCosmetic2.66 ref
Burned Banana PeelTool12 ref
Burning BandanaCosmetic1.66 ref
Burning BongosCosmetic1.66 ref
Burning Bongos (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.11–1.44 ref
Burny's Boney BonnetCosmetic9 ref 10 ref
Bushi-DouCosmetic6 ref 3.5 keys
Bushman's BoonieCosmetic10 ref 1.66 ref
Bushman's BristlesCosmetic6–7 ref 1.3 keys
BushwackaMelee0.05 ref 2.66 ref 3 keys
Bushwacka (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Business CasualCosmetic2 ref
Business Casual (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Buzz KillerCosmetic1.66 ref 8 ref
Buzz Killer (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Byte'd BeakCosmetic0.9–1 keys
C.A.P.P.E.RSecondary1.7–2 keys 8 keys
Cadaver's CapperCosmetic1 key 1.33 ref
Cadaver's CraniumCosmetic1.33 ref
Cadaver's Cranium (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Cadet VisorCosmetic1.44–1.66 ref 5.66 ref
Caffeine CoolerCosmetic1.88 ref
Camera BeardCosmetic5.66 ref 2.33 ref 1.44–2 ref 1 key
Camera Beard (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref 1.3 keys
Can OpenerCosmetic0.22 ref 2 ref
Can Opener (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
CandleerCosmetic5 ref 1.66 ref
Candy CaneMelee0.05 ref 0.33–0.44 ref 4 keys
Candy Cane (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Candyman's CapCosmetic6 ref 2 ref
Cap'n CalamariCosmetic5 ref 4.44–5 ref
Capo's CapperCosmetic2 ref
Capo's Capper (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Captain Cardbeard CutthroatCosmetic4.5 keys 18–19 keys
Captain Space MannCosmetic5.66 ref 16 ref
Captain's CocktailsCosmetic1.66 ref
Captain's Cocktails (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary2.66 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee4.66 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary3–3.66 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary3.66 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary5.33 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary6.66–7 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary5 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary2.33 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee4.66 ref
Caribbean ConquerorCosmetic1.66 ref 40 keys
Carious ChameleonCosmetic5 ref 2.33 ref
CarlCosmetic1.66–2 ref
Carouser's CapotainCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref 32 keys
Carouser's Capotain (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Carrion CompanionCosmetic4.88 ref 3 ref
Catastrophic CompanionsCosmetic18 keys 41–49 keys
Cauterizer's Caudal AppendageCosmetic9 ref 9 ref
CenturionCosmetic3.66 ref 1.66 ref
Champ StampCosmetic9.66 ref 2–2.33 ref
Champ Stamp (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Chargin' TargeSecondary0.44 ref 0.05 ref 1.66 ref 4 keys
Chargin' Targe (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Charmer's ChapeauCosmetic5 ref
Charmer's Chapeau (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic5 ref
Charred ChainmailCosmetic5.66 ref 1.5 keys
Charred Pocket LintTool8 ref
Cheet SheetCosmetic3 ref 1.66 ref
Chicken KievCosmetic2 keys 3 keys
Chief ConstableCosmetic3 ref 1.33–1.44 ref
Chief Constable (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic6 ref
Chieftain's ChallengeCosmetic2 ref
Chieftain's Challenge (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66–2 ref
ChronomancerCosmetic5.66 ref
ChronoscarfCosmetic3 ref
ChucklenutsCosmetic2 ref
Claidheamh MòrMelee0.05 ref 5.66 ref 4 keys
Claidheamh Mòr (Non-Craftable)Melee0.33 ref
Clan PrideCosmetic1.66 ref
Clan Pride (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Class Token - DemomanTool192 keys 0.16 ref
Class Token - EngineerTool192 keys 0.16 ref
Class Token - HeavyTool244 keys 0.16 ref
Class Token - MedicTool206–207 keys 0.16 ref
Class Token - PyroTool289 keys 0.16 ref
Class Token - ScoutTool244 keys 0.16 ref
Class Token - SniperTool306 keys 0.16 ref
Class Token - SoldierTool192 keys 0.16 ref
Class Token - SpyTool253–273 keys 0.16 ref
ClassicPrimary0.05 ref 2 ref
Classic (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref 2 ref
Classified CoifCosmetic5 ref
Claws And InfectCosmetic6 ref 2 keys
Claws And Infect (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic0.05 ref
Cleaner's CarbineSecondary0.05 ref 0.44 ref 5 keys
Cleaner's Carbine (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref 0.44 ref
Cloak and DaggerPda20.44 ref 0.05 ref 13 ref 7 keys
Cloak and Dagger (Non-Craftable)Pda20.05 ref
Cloud CrasherCosmetic1.66 ref
Clubsy The SealCosmetic4 ref 15 ref
Co-PilotCosmetic5 ref 1 key
Cobber ChameleonCosmetic1.66 ref
CockfighterCosmetic11 ref 3 ref
Coffin KitCosmetic1.66 ref 2 ref
Coffin Kit (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.66–1 ref
Cold KillerCosmetic2.33 ref
Cold Snap CoatCosmetic1 key 6 keys
Cold War LuchadorCosmetic5 ref 1.44 ref
Coldfront CurbstompersCosmetic2 ref 1 key
Coldsnap CapCosmetic1.66 ref 12 ref
Colonel's CoatCosmetic2.33–3.33 ref 3 keys
Colonial ClogsCosmetic1.66 ref
Color No. 216-190-216Tool6 ref
Combat Medic's Crusher CapCosmetic5.33 ref 2.33 ref
Combat SlacksCosmetic4 ref 3 keys
Combustible KabutoCosmetic1.55 ref
Commissar's CoatCosmetic4.33 ref 11 ref
Companion Cube PinCosmetic1.11 ref 120 keys
Company ManCosmetic2.33 ref 1.33–1.55 ref
Company Man (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
CompatriotCosmetic3.33 ref 84 keys
Conagher's ComboverCosmetic6 ref 1 key
ConcherorSecondary2 ref 13 keys 0.05 ref 0.66–1 ref 5 keys
Concheror (Non-Tradable)Secondary35 keys
Concheror (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.66 ref
Condor CapCosmetic1.55 ref 7–8 ref
Confidential Collection CaseTool0.05–0.11 ref
Conjurer's CowlCosmetic8 ref 2.66–3.33 ref 76–88 keys
Conjurer's Cowl (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic15 keys
Conniver's KunaiMelee4.66 ref 13 ref 0.05 ref 4.66 ref 3.6 keys
Conniver's Kunai (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Connoisseur's CapCosmetic1.66–2 ref
Connoisseur's Cap (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
ConquistadorCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref 50 keys
Conquistador (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Conscientious ObjectorMelee0.22 ref 88 keys
Conscientious Objector (Non-Craftable)Melee1.33 ref
Construction PDAPda2 ref 7.6 keys
Cool BreezeCosmetic2–2.33 ref
Cool Cat CardiganCosmetic5.66 ref 115 keys
Cop CallerCosmetic3 ref 6 ref
Copper's Hard TopCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Copper's Hard Top (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1–1.33 ref
Corona AustralisCosmetic14 keys 35 keys
CorpsemopolitanCosmetic1 key 4 ref
Cosa Nostra CapCosmetic3–3.33 ref
Cosa Nostra Cap (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
Cotton HeadCosmetic1.66 ref
Counterfeit BillycockCosmetic1.44 ref
Counterfeit Billycock (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.44 ref
Coupe D'isasterCosmetic1.33–1.44 ref
Coupe D'isaster (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Courtier's CollarCosmetic9 ref 1.4 keys
Couvre CornerCosmetic1.33 ref
Couvre Corner (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.22 ref
Cow Mangler 5000Primary0.05 ref 0.66 ref 12 keys
Cow Mangler 5000 (Non-Craftable)Primary0.66 ref 1.66 ref
Cozy CamperSecondary0.05 ref 10 keys
Cozy Camper (Non-Craftable)Secondary4 ref
Crafty HairCosmetic3 ref 1.55–2 ref
Cranial ConspiracyCosmetic1.66–2 ref 9 ref
Crazy LegsCosmetic2 ref 1.9 keys
Crazy Legs (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic0.22 ref 0.01 ref
Cream SpiritTool1.2 keys
Creature From The HeapCosmetic1 key 2.33 ref
Creature's GrinCosmetic8–10 ref 3 keys
Cremator's ConscienceCosmetic2 ref
Cremator's Conscience (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Criminal CloakCosmetic4.66 ref 2 ref 80 keys
Crispy Golden LocksCosmetic6 ref 4 ref
Crit-a-ColaSecondary0.66 ref 0.05 ref 0.66 ref 2 keys
Crit-a-Cola (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
Crocleather SlouchCosmetic1.77 ref
Crocleather Slouch (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Crocodile SmileCosmetic1.66 ref
Crocodile Smile (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Croft's CrestCosmetic2 ref 1.33–1.44 ref
Crone's DomeCosmetic4–4.66 ref 1 key
Crone's Dome (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
Cross-Comm Crash HelmetCosmetic3 ref 1.66 ref
Cross-Comm ExpressCosmetic12 ref 3.33 ref
Crossing GuardMelee1.33 ref 1.2–1.3 keys
Crosslinker's CoilCosmetic1.66–2 ref 1.55–1.66 ref
Crown of the Old KingdomCosmetic8.66 ref 2.33 ref
Crusader's Crossbow (Non-Tradable)Primary2 ref
Crusader's CrossbowPrimary5 ref 0.05 ref 6 ref 6 keys
Crusader's Crossbow (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
Crusader's GetupCosmetic6 keys
Cryptic KeepsakeCosmetic4 ref 2.33 ref
Cuban Bristle CrisisCosmetic9–10 ref
Cut Throat ConciergeCosmetic3.33 ref
Cute SuitCosmetic7–7.33 ref 3.5 keys
Cyborg Stunt HelmetCosmetic1.33 ref
Dadliest CatchCosmetic1.66–2 ref 1.66 ref
Dalokohs BarSecondary0.44 ref 0.05 ref 0.44 ref 3 keys
Dalokohs Bar (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
DangerCosmetic4 ref
Dangeresque, Too? (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic5 ref
Dapper Disguise (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic2 ref
Dapper Disguise (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic8 keys
Dapper DisguiseCosmetic1–2 ref
Dapper Disguise (Non-Craftable)Cosmeticn/a
Dark Age DefenderCosmetic5 ref 1 key 150 keys
Dark Age Defender (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic5.11 ref
Dark Falkirk HelmCosmetic1.55–1.66 ref 2 keys
Dark HelmCosmetic5 ref 7 ref
Dark Salmon InjusticeTool3.66 ref
Darwin's Danger ShieldSecondary0.05 ref 6 keys
Darwin's Danger Shield (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
Das BlutliebhaberCosmetic5 ref 3 ref
Das FantzipantzenCosmetic2 ref
Das FeelinbeterbagerCosmetic1.66 ref 65 keys
Das GutenkutteharenCosmetic1.66 ref
Das HazmattenhattenCosmetic1.44–1.66 ref 55 keys
Das MaddendoktorCosmetic2 ref
Das MetalmeatencasenCosmetic1.88 ref
Das NaggenvatcherCosmetic2.66 ref
Das UbersternmannCosmetic2 ref
Dashin' HashshashinCosmetic3.1 keys 9 ref
Data Mining LightCosmetic2 ref
Dead ConeCosmetic2 ref 1.33 ref
Dead Cone (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic13 keys
Dead Little BuddyCosmetic2.55 ref 3.33 ref
Dead Little Buddy (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.66–1 ref
Dead RingerPda20.66 ref 0.05 ref 8 ref 7 keys
Dead Ringer (Non-Craftable)Pda20.05 ref
Dead of NightCosmetic5.66 ref
Dead'er AliveCosmetic16 ref
Deadliest DucklingCosmetic5–5.33 ref 2 ref
Deadliest Duckling (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic13 ref
Dealer's VisorCosmetic1.33 ref
Death Racer's HelmetCosmetic5 ref 1 key
Death Support PackCosmetic10 ref 2 ref
Decal ToolTool1.66 ref
Decal Tool (Non-Craftable)Tool1.33–1.44 ref
Deep Cover OperatorCosmetic9 ref 4 keys
Defiant SpartanCosmetic1.66 ref
Defiant Spartan (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.55–2 ref
DegreaserPrimary0.05 ref 1.1 keys 8 keys
Degreaser (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
Delinquent's Down VestCosmetic4.66 ref
Demo Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Demoman MaskCosmetic1.33 ref
Demoman Mask (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic1 key
Demoman's FroCosmetic4.66 ref 3–3.33 ref
Demoman's Fro (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2–2.33 ref
Der Maschinensoldaten-HelmCosmetic4 ref 2 ref
Der WintermantelCosmetic2 ref
Description TagTool3 ref
Description Tag (Non-Craftable)Tool3 ref
Desert MarauderCosmetic1.66 ref
Desert Marauder (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1–1.33 ref
DethKappCosmetic1.66 ref
DetonatorSecondary0.05 ref 1 ref 2.9 keys
Detonator (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.22 ref
Deus SpecsCosmetic10 ref 2 ref 390 keys
Deus Specs (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Diamond Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary15 ref
Diamond Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee1 key
Diamond Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary15 ref
Diamond Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary16 ref
Diamond Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary1.9 keys
Diamond Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary1.75 keys
Diamond Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary1.4–1.5 keys
Diamond Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary11–11.33 ref
Diamond Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee15 ref
DiamondbackSecondary2 ref 0.05 ref 4 ref 3.8 keys
Diamondback (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05–0.11 ref
DictatorCosmetic1.66 ref
Die Regime-PanzerungCosmetic6.33–6.44 ref 5 ref
Digit DivulgerCosmetic2.33 ref
Dillinger's DuffelCosmetic2 ref
Dillinger's Duffel (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Direct HitPrimary0.44 ref 0.05 ref 3.66 ref 4 keys
Direct Hit (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Disciplinary ActionMelee0.05 ref 2 keys 4 keys
Disciplinary Action (Non-Craftable)Melee2 ref
Distinguished RogueCosmetic1.88 ref 1.77–2 ref
Distinguished Rogue (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Doc's HolidayCosmetic2 ref
Doctor's SackCosmetic1.33 ref
Doctor's Sack (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1–1.2 keys
Doe-BoyCosmetic2 ref 1.33 ref
DogfighterCosmetic6.66 ref
Double Dog Dare Demo PantsCosmetic2–2.33 ref 1 key
Double DynamiteCosmetic2 ref 15 ref
Doublecross-CommCosmetic3.3 keys 1.2 keys
Dough PuncherCosmetic1.66–1.88 ref 2.4 keys
Dr's Dapper TopperCosmetic1.66–2 ref
Dr's Dapper Topper (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Dr. GogglestacheCosmetic0.22 ref 1–1.11 ref
Dr. Gogglestache (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.22 ref
Dr. Grordbort's Copper CrestCosmetic15 ref
Dr. Grordbort's Copper Crest (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4 ref
Dr. Grordbort's CrestCosmetic2 keys
Dr. Grordbort's Crest (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4 ref
Dr. Grordbort's Silver CrestCosmetic11 ref
Dr. Grordbort's Silver Crest (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Dr. WhoaCosmetic1.66 ref
Dr. Whoa (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.44 ref
Drably OliveTool4.33 ref
Dragonborn HelmetCosmetic1 key 1.88 ref
Dragonborn Helmet (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66–2 ref
Dread Hiding HoodCosmetic7.66–8 ref 3.66–4 ref
Dread KnotCosmetic2.66 ref 1.33–1.66 ref
Dread Knot (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Dry Gulch GulpCosmetic1.77 ref
Dual-Core Devil DollCosmetic1.55–1.66 ref
Duck Billed HatypusCosmetic10 ref 2 keys
Duck Journal (Non-Craftable)Action8 ref
Duck TokenTool12 ref
Dueling Mini-GameAction0.55 ref
Détective NoirCosmetic1.66 ref
Détective Noir (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
EarbudsCosmetic948 keys 3 keys
Earbuds (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic392 keys
EbenezerCosmetic10.33–11 ref
Eerie Crate #51Tool0.66 ref
Eerie KeyTool1 key
Egghead's OverallsCosmetic5 ref 81–93 keys
EinCosmetic2 ref 2–2.4 keys
EinsteinCosmetic0.22 ref 1.66 ref
Einstein (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.33 ref
El CaballeroCosmetic5.66 ref
El DuderinoCosmetic1 key 3.7 keys
El JefeCosmetic1.8 keys 2.66 ref
El MuchachoCosmetic2.33 ref
El PatronCosmetic1.66 ref 5–5.22 ref
Electric EscorterCosmetic2 ref
Eliminators SafeguardCosmetic1.66 ref 1.9 keys
Ellis' CapCosmetic1.33 ref
Emerald JarateCosmetic0.66 ref 1.33 ref
Emerald Jarate (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
Employee of the MmmphCosmetic1.55 ref
Enchantment: EternaweenTool0.05–0.11 ref
End of the Line Community Crate #87Tool0.01 ref
End of the Line Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1.1 keys
End of the Line KeyTool1–1.1 keys
Endothermic ExowearCosmetic6 ref
EnforcerSecondary0.05 ref 0.55 ref 4 keys
Enforcer (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
Engineer Costume TransmogrifierTool0.22 ref
Engineer MaskCosmetic1.33 ref
Engineer Mask (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic6 ref
Engineer's CapCosmetic6 ref 6 ref 1.66 ref
Engineer's Cap (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.44 ref
Enthusiast's Timepiece (Non-Tradable)Pda21 ref
EqualizerMelee0.44 ref 0.05 ref 0.44 ref 1.7 keys
Equalizer (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
Escape PlanMelee0.44 ref 0.05 ref 4.66 ref 5 keys
Escape Plan (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
EscapistCosmetic1.55–1.66 ref 80 keys
Ethereal HoodCosmetic8 ref 10 ref
Eureka EffectMelee0.05 ref 6 keys
Eureka Effect (Non-Craftable)Melee0.33 ref
Eviction NoticeMelee0.05 ref 0.44–0.55 ref 1–1.4 keys
Eviction Notice (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
ExecutionerCosmetic1.77 ref 5.66 ref
Executioner (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.22–2 ref
ExorcizorCosmetic1.44 ref 3.33 ref
Exorcizor (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Exquisite RackCosmetic7 ref 134 keys
Exquisite Rack (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic6 ref
External OrganCosmetic10 ref 1.66 ref
Extra LayerCosmetic2.33 ref
Eye-CatcherCosmetic4–4.33 ref
EyeborgCosmetic1.66 ref 8 ref
EyelanderMelee0.44–0.66 ref 0.05 ref 2.66 ref 3 keys
Eyelander (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
Australium EyelanderMelee36 keys
FR-0Cosmetic1.66 ref
Face Full of FestiveCosmetic3.66 ref
Face PlanteCosmetic5 ref 6 ref
Face of MercyCosmetic2.33 ref 6 ref
FacepeelerCosmetic4 ref 1 key
Faerie Solitaire PinCosmetic1.66 ref 1.33 ref
FalconerCosmetic1.55–1.66 ref
Fall 2013 Acorns Crate #72Tool0.01 ref
Fall 2013 Acorns Crate Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Fall 2013 Gourd Crate #73Tool0.01 ref
Fall 2013 Gourd Crate Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Fall Crate #48Tool0.33 ref
Fall KeyTool1 key
Fallen AngelCosmetic0.66 ref 5 ref
Fallen Angel (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.33–0.66 ref
Fallen Angel (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic3 ref
Familiar FezCosmetic2 ref 30 keys
Familiar Fez (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Family BusinessSecondary0.05 ref 3.33 ref 1.8 keys
Family Business (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Fan O'WarMelee4 ref 20 keys 0.05 ref 7 ref 4 keys
Fan O'War (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11–0.44 ref
Fancy Dress UniformCosmetic3 ref 3–3.5 keys 136–137 keys
Fancy Dress Uniform (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.33 ref 3 keys
Fancy FedoraCosmetic10 ref 7 ref
Fancy Fedora (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic5.33 ref
Fashionable MegalomaniacCosmetic2.33 ref 2.75 keys
Fast LearnerCosmetic2.66 ref
Fast Learner (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
Faun FeetCosmetic1 key 2–2.33 ref
Faux ManchuCosmetic9 ref 2.66 ref
Fed-Fightin' FedoraCosmetic2 ref 75 keys
Fed-Fightin' Fedora (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Federal CasemakerCosmetic2 ref 66 keys
Festive AmbassadorSecondary6 ref 4 keys
Festive AxtinguisherMelee2 ref 1.4 keys
Festive BackburnerPrimary0.66–1 ref 12 ref
Festive BatMelee10 keys
Festive Black BoxPrimary4 ref 2.3 keys 35 keys
Festive BonesawMelee0.55–0.66 ref 6 ref
Festive Bonk! Atomic PunchSecondary0.66 ref 6.66 ref
Festive Buff BannerSecondary1.33–1.66 ref 1.7–2 keys
Festive Chargin' TargeSecondary0.66–1 ref 7 ref
Festive Crusader's CrossbowPrimary5 ref 2.8–3 keys 40 keys
Festive EyelanderMelee3–4.66 ref 2 keys 25 keys
Festive Flame ThrowerPrimary7 ref 5 keys
Festive Flare GunSecondary3 ref 2 keys 17 keys
Festive Force-A-NaturePrimary3 ref 1.2 keys 18–22 keys
Festive Frontier JusticePrimary2 ref 1.6–2 keys
Festive Gloves of Running UrgentlyMelee2 ref 12 ref
Festive Grenade LauncherPrimary5.33–5.66 ref 3.6–3.75 keys
Festive Holy MackerelMelee3 ref 2 keys
Festive HuntsmanPrimary7 ref 5.75 keys
Festive JarateSecondary1.33 ref 12 ref 15 keys
Festive KnifeMelee1 key 9 keys
Festive Medi GunSecondary15 ref 20 keys
Festive MinigunPrimary13–13.66 ref 8 keys
Festive RevolverSecondary1 ref 1 key
Festive Rocket LauncherPrimary1.2 keys 16 keys
Festive SMGSecondary0.55 ref 8.66 ref
Festive SandvichSecondary5–5.33 ref 4.6 keys
Festive SapperBuilding3 ref 1.4 keys 20 keys
Festive ScattergunPrimary1.2 keys 18 keys
Festive ShotgunPrimary2 ref 2.6 keys
Festive Sniper RiflePrimary14.66 ref 11 keys
Festive Stickybomb LauncherSecondary8 ref 7.5 keys
Festive UbersawMelee3.33–3.66 ref 3.4 keys
Festive Winter Crate #6Tool1 key
Festive Winter Crate KeyTool15–20 keys
Festive WranglerSecondary2.33 ref 1.1 keys 18 keys
Festive WrenchMelee12.33 ref 10 keys
FilamentalCosmetic15 ref
Final FrontiersmanCosmetic2 ref 7.66 ref
Fire AxeMelee0.66 ref 0.55 ref
Fireproof Secret DiaryAction20 keys
Firewall HelmetCosmetic1.77–2 ref
First AmericanCosmetic1.66 ref 1.66 ref
FishcakeSecondary2 ref
FistsMelee0.88–1 ref 0.66 ref
Fists of SteelMelee0.05 ref 0.44 ref 3 keys
Fists of Steel (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Five-Month ShadowCosmetic4 ref
Flair!Cosmetic2 ref
Flair! (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Flak JackCosmetic4 ref 9 ref
Flamboyant FlamencoCosmetic4–4.33 ref
Flamboyant Flamenco (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4 ref
Flame ThrowerPrimary0.66 ref 1 ref
Australium Flame ThrowerPrimary15 keys
FlapjackCosmetic7.66 ref
Flare GunSecondary0.66 ref 0.05 ref 6.66–7 ref 4 keys
Flare Gun (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Flared FrontiersmanCosmetic1.66 ref
Flashdance FootiesCosmetic1.66–2 ref 1.2 keys
Flight of the MonarchCosmetic1.55 ref
Flip-FlopsCosmetic11 keys
Flip-Flops (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 keys
Flipped TrilbyCosmetic1.66–2 ref
Flipped Trilby (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
FlunkywareCosmetic1.66 ref
Flying GuillotineSecondary1.66 ref 0.05 ref 1.33–2 ref 2 keys
Flying Guillotine (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
Football HelmetCosmetic3 ref 2 ref
Football Helmet (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Foppish PhysicianCosmetic1.66 ref 2 ref 8 ref
Foppish Physician (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.33 ref 8 ref
Force-A-NaturePrimary0.44 ref 0.05 ref 2 ref 3 keys
Force-A-Nature (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Australium Force-A-NaturePrimary12–13 keys
Forgotten King's PauldronsCosmetic3.66–5 ref 1 key
Forgotten King's Restless HeadCosmetic8 ref 3 keys
Forgotten King's Restless Head (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Fortified CompoundPrimary6 ref 0.05 ref 10 keys
Fortified Compound (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
Fortunate SonCosmetic5 ref 1 key
Fortune HunterCosmetic2.66 ref 1.66 ref
Foster's FacadeCosmetic1.33 ref 1.33–1.66 ref
Foul CowlCosmetic8 ref 7–9 ref
Founding FatherCosmetic2 ref
Fowl FistsCosmetic1.66 ref 6 ref
Freedom FeathersCosmetic1.25 keys 1.5 keys
Freedom StaffMelee4.33 ref 0.44 ref
Freedom Staff (Non-Craftable)Melee0.66 ref
Frenchman's BeretCosmetic7 ref 1.33–1.66 ref 10 ref
Frenchman's Beret (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Frenchman's FormalsCosmetic1.66 ref
Frickin' Sweet Ninja HoodCosmetic4.11 ref
Friends Forever Companion Square BadgeCosmetic7 keys
Front RunnerCosmetic2–2.33 ref
Front Runner (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2–2.33 ref
Frontier DjusticeCosmetic1.66 ref
Frontier FlyboyCosmetic0.66 ref 0.66 ref
Frontier Flyboy (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.33 ref
Frontier JusticePrimary0.44 ref 0.05 ref 3.33–3.66 ref 4 keys
Frontier Justice (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05–0.11 ref
Australium Frontier JusticePrimary9.4–9.6 keys
Fruit ShootCosmetic1.66 ref
Fruit Shoot (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33–2 ref
Frying PanMelee0.55–0.66 ref 7 keys
FrymasterCosmetic1.66 ref
Full Head Of Steam (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
Full Metal Drill HatCosmetic1.33 ref
Fur-lined FighterCosmetic1.44 ref 7 ref
Furious FukaamigasaCosmetic1.33 ref 39 keys
Furious Fukaamigasa (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.33 ref
FutankhamunCosmetic0.66 ref 1 ref
Futankhamun (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.22 ref
Gabe GlassesCosmetic2.66–3 ref
Gaelic GarbCosmetic1.66 ref
Gaelic Golf BagCosmetic1.66 ref
Gaiter GuardsCosmetic1.66 ref 2.5 keys
Gaiter Guards (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic2 keys
Galvanized GibusCosmetic6.33 ref
Garden BristlesCosmetic4 ref 1 key
Gargoyle CaseTool0.05 ref
Gargoyle Case #98Tool0.11 ref
Gargoyle Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1.1 keys
Garlic Flank StakeCosmetic0.66 ref 1 ref
Garlic Flank Stake (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
Gas GuzzlerCosmetic1.66 ref
Geisha BoyCosmetic3 ref 1.33 ref
Geisha Boy (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Gentle Manne's Service MedalCosmetic68 keys 1.9–2 keys
Gentle Munitionne of Leisure (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
Gentleman's GatsbyCosmetic6.66 ref 1.66 ref
Gentleman's Gatsby (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Gentleman's UshankaCosmetic1.66–2 ref
Gentleman's Ushanka (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
German GonzilaCosmetic1.55 ref
German Gonzila (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.55 ref
Ghastlierest GibusCosmetic290 keys 5 ref 9.5 keys
Ghost of Spies Checked PastCosmetic2 ref 1.2 keys
Ghoul Gibbin' GearCosmetic3.66–4 ref 1 key
Ghoul Gibbin' Gear (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Gift WrapTool0.9–1 keys
Giftapult (Non-Craftable)Tool0.11 ref
GiftapultTool0.11 ref
Giger CounterSecondary2 keys 9 keys
Gilded GuardCosmetic2.33 ref 1.33 ref
Glasgow Great HelmCosmetic1.77–2 ref
Glengarry BonnetCosmetic4 ref 4 ref 1.33 ref
Glengarry Bonnet (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.55 ref
Glitched Circuit BoardCosmetic25 keys
GlobCosmetic2.33 ref 4.33 ref
Gloves of Running UrgentlyMelee0.05 ref 2 ref 2.5 keys
Gloves of Running Urgently (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Gold Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary1.5 keys
Gold Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IIPrimary1 key
Gold Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee2 keys
Gold Botkiller Knife Mk.IIMelee1.4–1.6 keys
Gold Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary2 keys
Gold Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.IISecondary1.5 keys
Gold Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary2 keys
Gold Botkiller Minigun Mk.IIPrimary1.2 keys
Gold Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary4 keys
Gold Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IIPrimary1.8–2.1 keys
Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary3 keys
Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IIPrimary2 keys
Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary3 keys
Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IIPrimary1.75 keys
Gold Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary1.8 keys
Gold Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.IISecondary13 ref
Gold Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee3 keys
Gold Botkiller Wrench Mk.IIMelee2.6 keys
Gold DiggerCosmetic6 ref
Golden Frying PanMelee1100–1200 keys
Golden GarmentCosmetic3 ref
Gone CommandoCosmetic2 ref 1.6 keys
Googly GazerCosmetic1.33 ref
Googly Gazer (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Googol Glass EyesCosmetic3.66 ref
Gothic GuiseCosmetic5 ref 2.33 ref
Grand Duchess Fairy WingsCosmetic1.3 keys 7 ref
Grand Duchess Fairy Wings (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic5 ref
Grand Duchess TiaraCosmetic15 ref 8 ref
Grand Duchess Tiara (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Grand Duchess TutuCosmetic5 ref 7 ref
Grand Duchess Tutu (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4 ref
GrandmasterCosmetic5 keys
GraybannsCosmetic8.33 ref
GraylienCosmetic1.66 ref 6 ref
Grease MonkeyCosmetic1.33 ref 3.66–4 ref
Greased LightningCosmetic2 ref 100 keys
Green Summer 2013 Cooler #65Tool0.05 ref
Green Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Green Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Grenade LauncherPrimary0.66 ref 2.66 ref
Australium Grenade LauncherPrimary19 keys
Grenadier HelmCosmetic2 ref
Grenadier Helm (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.33 ref
Grenadier's SoftcapCosmetic1.66 ref
Grenadier's Softcap (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Gridiron GuardianCosmetic1.66 ref
Griffin's GogCosmetic0.66 ref 1.33–1.55 ref
Griffin's Gog (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
Grim TweeterCosmetic1 key
Grimm HatteCosmetic2 ref 61 keys
Grimm Hatte (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Grisly GumboCosmetic11.33 ref 2 ref
Grisly Gumbo (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic0.05 ref
Grizzled GrowthCosmetic8 ref 1.66–2 ref
Ground ControlCosmetic3 ref 2 keys
Grub GrenadesCosmetic5 ref 2 ref
GuanoCosmetic3 ref 5–6 ref
Gun Mettle Campaign Pass (Non-Craftable)Tool3 keys
Gun Mettle Cosmetic Case #95Tool0.05 ref
Gun Mettle Cosmetic Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1.1 keys
Gun Mettle Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1.1 keys
GunboatsSecondary1.55 ref 0.05 ref 20–22 keys
Gunboats (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
GunslingerMelee1.66 ref 0.05 ref 17 keys 8 keys
Gunslinger (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
Gym RatCosmetic1.33–2 ref
Gym Rat (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33–1.55 ref
HDMI PatchCosmetic1.77–2 ref
Hair of the DogCosmetic0.11–0.22 ref 4.66 ref
Hair of the Dog (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.33 ref
Half-Pipe HurdlerCosmetic1.66–2 ref
Half-ZatoichiMelee5 ref 1 key 0.05 ref 4.66–5 ref 5 keys
Half-Zatoichi (Non-Tradable)Melee3 keys
Half-Zatoichi (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Hallowed HeadcaseCosmetic6 ref 4–4.33 ref
Halloween Spell: Bruised Purple FootprintsTool5–6 keys
Halloween Spell: Chromatic CorruptionTool1.5–2 keys
Halloween Spell: Corpse Gray FootprintsTool4–6 keys
Halloween Spell: Demoman's Cadaverous CroakTool2–3 keys
Halloween Spell: Die JobTool6 ref
Halloween Spell: Engineers's Gravelly GrowlTool12 ref
Halloween Spell: ExorcismTool2–3 keys
Halloween Spell: Gangreen FootprintsTool6 keys
Halloween Spell: Gourd GrenadesTool1 key
Halloween Spell: Headless HorseshoesTool18–20 keys
Halloween Spell: Heavy's Bottomless BassTool1 key
Halloween Spell: Medic's Blood-curdling BellowTool1.1 keys
Halloween Spell: Putrescent PigmentationTool3 ref
Halloween Spell: Pyro's Muffled MoanTool2 keys
Halloween Spell: Rotten Orange FootprintsTool45 keys
Halloween Spell: Scout's Spectral SnarlTool11 ref
Halloween Spell: Sentry Quad-PumpkinsTool3–4 keys
Halloween Spell: Sinister StainingTool8 ref
Halloween Spell: Sniper's Deep Downunder DrawlTool1 key
Halloween Spell: Soldier's Booming BarkTool2.5 keys
Halloween Spell: Spectral FlameTool7–8 keys
Halloween Spell: Spectral SpectrumTool2–3 keys
Halloween Spell: Spy's Creepy CroonTool1 key
Halloween Spell: Squash RocketsTool5 keys
Halloween Spell: Team Spirit FootprintsTool5 keys
Halloween Spell: Violent Violet FootprintsTool19 keys
HalloweinerCosmetic8 ref 2.33 ref
Halogen Head LampCosmetic1.66 ref
Ham ShankMelee2 ref 0.66 ref
Ham Shank (Non-Craftable)Melee0.66 ref
HandhunterCosmetic10 ref 2 ref
Handyman's HandleCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Handyman's Handle (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Hanger-On HoodCosmetic1.66 ref
Hard CounterCosmetic1.33 ref
Hard Counter (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Hard-Headed HardwareCosmetic1 key 1.1 keys
Hardium HelmCosmetic1 key 2.33 ref
Hardy LaurelCosmetic3 ref 1.66 ref
Harlequin's HoovesCosmetic4–5 ref 10 ref
HarmburgCosmetic1.66–1.88 ref 77 keys
Hat With No NameCosmetic1.44–1.66 ref
Hat With No Name (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Hat of CardsCosmetic3 ref
Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic110–120 keys
Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic392 keys
Haunted HatCosmetic5 ref 1.2 keys
HazMat HeadcaseCosmetic1.66–2 ref
HazMat Headcase (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Head HunterCosmetic12 ref 4 keys
Head Hunter (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
Head WarmerCosmetic3 ref
Head Warmer (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
Headtaker's HoodCosmetic4 ref 5 ref
Heat of WinterCosmetic9 ref 7 keys
Heavy Artillery Officer's CapCosmetic3.33 ref 1.33 ref
Heavy Costume TransmogrifierTool1 ref
Heavy Duty RagCosmetic7 ref 1.55–1.66 ref 41 keys
Heavy Duty Rag (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Heavy LifterCosmetic6 ref 3.5 keys
Heavy MaskCosmetic1.33 ref
Heavy's Hockey HairCosmetic1.33–2 ref
Heavy-Weight ChampCosmetic1.44–1.66 ref 65 keys
Heer's HelmetCosmetic1.88–2 ref 2 keys
Hellhunter's HeadpieceCosmetic5.33–5.88 ref 11 ref
HellmetCosmetic1.66 ref 7–7.66 ref
Helmet Without a HomeCosmetic1.33–1.44 ref
Helmet Without a Home (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.22 ref
HermesCosmetic1.55 ref
Hermes (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
Hero's HachimakiCosmetic7.66 ref 2.33 ref
Hero's TailCosmetic1.1 keys 5.66 ref
Heroic Companion BadgeCosmetic2 ref 1.44 ref
HerzensbrecherCosmetic4 ref 12.88 ref
Hetman's HeadpieceCosmetic2.33 ref 1.33 ref
Hetman's Headpiece (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic13 keys
Hidden DragonCosmetic13 ref 1 ref
Highland High HeelsCosmetic1.66 ref
Hillbilly Speed-BumpCosmetic3 ref 5 ref
Hitman's HeatmakerPrimary0.05 ref 3 ref 5 keys
Hitman's Heatmaker (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Hitt Mann BadgeCosmetic2 ref 1.33 ref
Hitt Mann Badge (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4 ref
Hive MinderCosmetic1.44 ref
Holiday HeadcaseCosmetic11 keys
Holiday PunchMelee0.05 ref 13 ref 3.1–3.6 keys
Holiday Punch (Non-Craftable)Melee0.66 ref
HollowheadCosmetic6 ref 2.33 ref
Holstered HeatersCosmetic6.66 ref 1 key
Holy HunterCosmetic0.33 ref 4 ref
Holy Hunter (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.66 ref
Holy MackerelMelee0.05 ref 2.2 keys 2–3 keys
Holy Mackerel (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05–0.11 ref
HomewreckerMelee0.55 ref 0.05 ref 0.44 ref 3 keys
Homewrecker (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
Honcho's HeadgearCosmetic1.66 ref 61 keys
Honcho's Headgear (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Hong Kong ConeCosmetic9.33 ref
Hooded HaunterCosmetic1.33 ref 3 keys
HoraceCosmetic7 keys
HornblowerCosmetic5.33 ref
Horned HonchoCosmetic8 ref 3 ref
Horrific Head of HareCosmetic1 key 10 ref
Horrific HeadsplitterCosmetic1.44 ref 81 keys
Horrific Headsplitter (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1–1.33 ref
Horseless Headless Horsemann's HeadCosmetic10 keys 14 keys
Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
Horsemann's Hand-Me-DownCosmetic1 key 1.5 keys
Hot DoggerCosmetic1.88 ref
Hot Dogger (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
HotrodCosmetic9 ref 2 ref
Hotrod (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Hottie's HoodieCosmetic1.66 ref
Hottie's Hoodie (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Hound DogCosmetic10–11 ref 2–2.66 ref
Hound Dog (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Hound's HoodCosmetic3 ref 4 ref
Human CannonballCosmetic4 ref 2 ref 90 keys
Human Cannonball (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
HundkopfCosmetic2 keys 12 keys
Hundkopf (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic4–6 ref 7.66 ref
Hunger ForceCosmetic1.66 ref
Hunter HeavyCosmetic2 ref 1 key
HuntsmanPrimary0.66 ref 0.05 ref 3.6–4 keys 7 keys
Huntsman (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Huntsman's EssentialsCosmetic1.66 ref 1.5 keys
Huo-Long HeaterPrimary1.55 ref 0.05 ref 1 ref 2 keys
Huo-Long Heater (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
Hurt LocherCosmetic3.33 ref
Hustler's HallmarkCosmetic10 ref 1.66 ref
Hustler's Hallmark (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Hyperbaric BowlerCosmetic8 ref 1.33 ref
Idea TubeCosmetic1.66 ref
Idea Tube (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1–1.33 ref
Idiot BoxCosmetic5 ref 1.7 keys
Idiot Box (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic5 ref
Immobile SuitCosmetic2–3.33 ref 2.5 keys
Incinerated Barn Door PlankTool1 key
Indubitably GreenTool7 ref
Industrial FestivizerCosmetic2.66 ref 34 keys
Industrial Festivizer (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.33 ref
Infernal ImpalerCosmetic1.55 ref
Infernal Impaler (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Infernal OrchestrinaCosmetic1.66 ref
Infernal Orchestrina (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.66 ref
Insulated InventorCosmetic3.66 ref 2 keys
Intangible AscotCosmetic1 ref 2 ref
Intangible Ascot (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
Invasion Community Update Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1.05–1.1 keys
Invasion Community Update Pass (Non-Craftable)Tool9 ref
Invis WatchPda20.66 ref 3 keys
Iron BomberPrimary0.05 ref
Iron Bomber (Non-Craftable)Primary0.66 ref
Iron Curtain (Non-Tradable)Primary2–4 ref
Iron FistCosmetic4–6 ref 1 key
Iron LungCosmetic6 ref 2 keys
Itsy Bitsy SpyerCosmetic1.66 ref 100 keys
Itsy Bitsy Spyer (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Ivan The InedibleCosmetic3.66 ref 4.33 ref
JagMelee0.05 ref 10 ref 5 keys
Jag (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Janissary KetcheCosmetic2 ref 1.33–1.66 ref
Janissary Ketche (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic5 keys
JarateSecondary0.44 ref 0.05 ref 0.44 ref 2.3 keys
Jarate (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Jingle BeltCosmetic1.66 ref 165 keys
Jingle Belt (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Joe-on-the-GoCosmetic1.66 ref
Juggernaut JacketCosmetic3 ref 3 keys
Jumper's JeepcapCosmetic1.66–2 ref
Jumper's Jeepcap (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Jungle BootyCosmetic1.2 keys 6–6.66 ref
Jupiter JetpackCosmetic5.66 ref 1 key
Jupiter JumpersCosmetic1 key 1.66 ref
K-9 ManeCosmetic1.66–2 ref 1.66–2 ref
K-9 Mane (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Kanga KickersCosmetic6–6.33 ref 1 key
KatyushaCosmetic1.33 ref
Killer ExclusiveCosmetic10 ref 4 ref 1030 keys
Killer Exclusive (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3.66 ref
Killer's KabutoCosmetic1 key 2.33 ref
Killer's Kabuto (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.33 ref
Killer's KitCosmetic4 ref 2.6–3 keys
Killing Gloves of BoxingMelee0.44 ref 0.05 ref 1 ref 1.9 keys
Killing Gloves of Boxing (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
King of Scotland CapeCosmetic3 ref 3 ref
King of Scotland Cape (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Kiss KingCosmetic1.33 ref
KnifeMelee0.66 ref 3.33 ref
Australium KnifeMelee22–23 keys
Koala CompactCosmetic1.44–1.66 ref 75 keys
Kriegsmaschine-9000Cosmetic8 ref 2 keys
Kringle CollectionCosmetic5.33 ref
Kringle Collection (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic6 ref
Kritz or Treat CanteenAction2.33 ref 3 keys
KritzkriegSecondary0.55 ref 0.05 ref 14 keys 12 keys
Kritzkrieg (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
KukriMelee0.66–1 ref 0.66 ref
L'EtrangerSecondary0.05 ref 3.33 ref 5 keys
L'Etranger (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
L'InspecteurCosmetic1.66–2 ref
L'Inspecteur (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.44 ref
L'homme BurglerreCosmetic1.55–1.66 ref
Lacking Moral Fiber MaskCosmetic7 ref 2 ref
Lady KillerCosmetic10 ref 2 keys
Large LuchadoreCosmetic1.33 ref
Large Luchadore (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Larrikin RobinCosmetic1.55–1.66 ref
Larrikin Robin (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Larval LidCosmetic11 ref 7 ref
Last BiteCosmetic4.66 ref 2 ref
Last BreathCosmetic6 ref
Last Breath (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic5–6 ref
Last Breath (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic3.44 ref
Last StrawCosmetic3.66 ref 1.33 ref
LawCosmetic4 ref 2.3 keys
Le Party PhantomCosmetic3 ref
Le Party Phantom (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
Leftover TrapCosmetic2 ref 1.6 keys
Legend of BugfootCosmetic0.88–1 ref 0.66 ref
Legend of Bugfoot (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.33 ref
Letch's LEDCosmetic2 ref
Level Three ChinCosmetic5.33 ref
Li'l DutchmanCosmetic3 ref 3.3–3.6 keys
Li'l SnaggletoothCosmetic1.66 ref
Liberty LauncherPrimary0.05 ref 3.66–3.88 ref 2.6 keys
Liberty Launcher (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
License to Maim (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic0 ref
License to MaimCosmetic150 keys
Lieutenant BitesCosmetic2 ref
Lieutenant Bites the DustCosmetic3 ref 2 ref
Life Support SystemCosmetic1.33 ref 5 ref
Limited Late Summer Crate #86Tool0.01 ref
Limited Late Summer Crate Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Liquidator's LidCosmetic2 ref
Liquidator's Lid (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Liquor LockerCosmetic1.66–2 ref
Liquor Locker (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Little BearCosmetic10 keys 1.66 ref
Little BuddyCosmetic1.33 ref
Little Buddy (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
Little Drummer MannCosmetic3.33 ref
Lo-Grav LoafersCosmetic1.33 ref 2.33 ref
Loch-n-LoadPrimary5 ref 0.05 ref 4 ref 4 keys
Loch-n-Load (Non-Tradable)Primary10 ref
Loch-n-Load (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
LollichopMelee0.05 ref 0.66 ref 2.1 keys
Lollichop (Non-Craftable)Melee0.33 ref
Lollichop LickerCosmetic1.7 keys 4 keys
Lone StarCosmetic4–5 ref 2 ref
Lone SurvivorCosmetic4.33 ref 1 key
Lonesome LoafersCosmetic1.66–2 ref
Long Fall Loafers (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic3 keys
Long Fall Loafers (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic1 ref
Long Fall LoafersCosmetic1–1.33 ref
Long Fall Loafers (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic11 keys
Loose CannonPrimary0.05 ref 4 keys 4.8 keys
Loose Cannon (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and PipeCosmetic4 ref 12 ref
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3.33 ref 10 ref
Lord Cockswain's Pith HelmetCosmetic1.66 ref 60 keys
Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.88 ref
Lordly LapelsCosmetic2 ref 1.66 ref
Lucky No. 42Cosmetic9 keys
Lucky No. 42 (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 key
Lucky ShotCosmetic1.66 ref
Lucky Shot (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
LugermorphSecondary5 keys n/a
Lugermorph (Non-Craftable)Secondary157.25–175.75 keys
Lugermorph (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Secondaryn/a
Lugermorph (Non-Tradable)Secondary5–6 ref
Lumbricus LidCosmetic112–126 keys 3.66 ref
Lumbricus Lid (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic50 keys
Lunatic's LeathersCosmetic4.33 ref
Lurker's LeathersCosmetic4 ref 12.66 ref
MK 50Cosmetic8 ref 3.33 ref
MONOCULUS!Cosmetic0 ref
Macabre Mask (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic0.01 ref
Macabre MaskCosmetic0.6–1 keys 4 ref
MachinaPrimary6 ref 0.05 ref 12 keys 7 keys
Machina (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
Macho MannCosmetic7 ref
Mad MilkSecondary0.05 ref 3.66 ref 5 keys
Mad Milk (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05–0.11 ref
Madame DixieCosmetic1.55–1.66 ref
Madame Dixie (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Made ManCosmetic2 ref
Made Man (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Magical Mercenary (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic0.01 ref
Magical MercenaryCosmetic1 key 2.3 keys
Magistrate's MulletCosmetic7 ref 1.66–2 ref
Magistrate's Mullet (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Magnificent MongolianCosmetic1.33 ref
Magnificent Mongolian (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Mair MaskCosmetic1.66 ref 33 keys
Man in SlacksCosmetic2.33 ref
Maniac's ManaclesCosmetic7–9 ref 2 ref
ManmelterSecondary0.05 ref 0.66 ref 4–5 keys
Manmelter (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref 1 ref
Mann Co. Audition ReelTool1 ref
Mann Co. Director's Cut ReelTool0.66 ref
Mann Co. OrangeTool7 ref
Mann Co. Painting SetAction1.2 keys
Mann Co. Stockpile CrateTool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Stockpile Crate Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Mann Co. Store PackageAction2.66 ref
Mann Co. Strongbox #81Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Strongbox Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Mann Co. Supply Crate #1Tool12 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #10Tool1.66 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #11Tool1.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #12Tool1.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #13Tool7 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #14Tool7 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #15Tool2 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #16Tool0.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #17Tool0.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #18Tool0.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #19Tool1.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #2Tool1.66 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #20Tool1.66 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #21Tool2.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #23Tool0.55 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #24Tool0.55 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #25Tool0.44 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #26Tool0.01–0.03 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #27Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #28Tool0.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #29Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #3Tool2 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #31Tool0.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #32Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #33Tool0.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #34Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #37Tool0.03–0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #38Tool0.11 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #39Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #4Tool2 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #41Tool0.03–0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #42Tool0.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #43Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #44Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #45Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #47Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #49Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #5Tool0.33–0.44 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #54Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #55Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #56Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #57Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #59Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #7Tool0.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #71Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #75Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #76Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #77Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #8Tool0.66 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #9Tool1.66 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate KeyTool19 ref
Mann Co. Supply Munition #82Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Munition #83Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Munition #84Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Munition #85Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Munition #91Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Munition #90Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Munition #92Tool0.05 ref
Mann of ReasonCosmetic1.33 ref
Mann of the HouseCosmetic2.33 ref
Mann of the Seven SeesCosmetic9.33 ref 2 keys
Mann-Bird of AberdeenCosmetic1 key 1 key
ManneaterCosmetic6 ref 3 ref
Mannhattan ProjectCosmetic2 ref 13.66 ref
Manniversary PackageAction1 key
Manniversary Paper HatCosmetic1.66 ref
MantreadsSecondary0.05 ref 8 ref 2.6 keys
Mantreads (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
Mark of the SaintCosmetic3.33 ref 1.33 ref
Market GardenerMelee0.05 ref 2–2.33 ref 3.6 keys
Market Gardener (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Marksman's MohairCosmetic12.66 ref 2.5 keys
Marshall's Mutton ChopsCosmetic2 ref
Marsupial ManCosmetic1.66 ref 14.33 ref
Marsupial MuzzleCosmetic4 ref 1.6 keys
MarxmanCosmetic10 ref 3 ref 115 keys
Marxman (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Mask of the ShamanCosmetic2.33 ref 1.66 ref
Mask of the Shaman (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic285–286 keys
Master MindCosmetic4 ref 2 ref
Master Mind (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.33 ref
Master's Yellow BeltCosmetic6 ref 1.77 ref 115 keys
Master's Yellow Belt (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
MaulMelee2.1 keys 3.66 ref
Max's Severed HeadCosmetic744 keys 27 keys
Max's Severed Head (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic194–195 keys
Max's Severed Head (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic272–289 keys
Mecha-MedesCosmetic5 ref
Medi GunSecondary0.66 ref 1.33 ref
Australium Medi GunSecondary27 keys
Medi-MaskCosmetic3 ref
Medic Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Medic MaskCosmetic1.33 ref
Medic Mech-bagCosmetic1.33 ref
Medic's Mountain CapCosmetic1.66 ref
Medic's Mountain Cap (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Medical MysteryCosmetic2.33 ref
Medicine ManpurseCosmetic1.66 ref
MedimedesCosmetic1.4–2 keys 2.1 keys
Megapixel BeardCosmetic2 ref
MenpoCosmetic2 ref 1.66 ref
Menpo (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Merc MedalCosmetic5 ref 1.33 ref
Merc's MohawkCosmetic5 ref
Merc's MufflerCosmetic5 ref
Merc's Pride ScarfCosmetic2.6 keys 7 ref 2.5 keys
Merc's Pride Scarf (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3.66–4 ref 2.8 keys
Metal SlugCosmetic1.66 ref
MilkmanCosmetic1.66 ref
Milkman (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
MinigunPrimary0.77–1 ref 7.66–8 ref
Australium MinigunPrimary19–20 keys
Mining LightCosmetic6 ref 4 ref
Mining Light (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
Minnesota SlickCosmetic1.44–1.66 ref
Minsk BeefCosmetic1.33 ref 1.5–2 keys
Mishap MercenaryCosmetic5 ref 13 ref
Mistaken MovemberCosmetic2.66–3 ref 1.5 keys
Mister BubblesCosmetic1.66 ref 1.33 ref
Moccasin MachineryCosmetic1.66 ref 1.3 keys
Modest Metal Pile of ScrapCosmetic2 ref
Modest Pile of HatCosmetic11 ref 2 ref
Modest Pile of Hat (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Monster's StompersCosmetic6 ref 5 ref
Monstrous MandibleCosmetic2.33–2.66 ref 1.33 ref
Moonman BackpackCosmetic1.66 ref
Moonman Backpack (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Mountebank's MasqueCosmetic3.33–4 ref 8 ref
Mr. JuiceCosmetic4 ref 1 key
Mr. Mundee's Wild RideCosmetic1 key 6 keys
Mr. Mundee's Wild Ride (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Mucous MembrainCosmetic6 ref 2 ref
MuskelmannbraunTool2.44 ref
Mustachioed MannCosmetic1.33 ref 2 keys
Mutated MilkSecondary3 ref 1.3 keys
Mutton MannCosmetic1.66 ref
NablerCosmetic32 keys 3 ref
Name TagTool6 ref
Name Tag (Non-Craftable)Tool6 ref
NanobalaclavaCosmetic3 ref 1.44 ref 41–47 keys
Nanobalaclava (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Napoleon ComplexCosmetic1.33 ref 1 key
Napoleon Complex (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Napper's RespiteCosmetic2 ref
Napper's Respite (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
NataschaPrimary0.44 ref 0.05 ref 3 ref 2 keys
Natascha (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Naughty Winter Crate #35Tool6 ref
Naughty Winter Crate 2012 #52Tool0.66–1 ref
Naughty Winter Crate 2013 #78Tool0.01 ref
Naughty Winter Crate 2014 #88Tool0.01 ref
Naughty Winter Crate KeyTool7 keys
Naughty Winter Crate Key 2012Tool2 keys
Naughty Winter Crate Key 2013 (Non-Craftable)Tool1.1 keys
Naughty Winter Crate Key 2014 (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Neckwear HeadwearCosmetic1.55 ref
NecronomicrownCosmetic0.33 ref
Necronomicrown (Non-Craftable)Cosmeticn/a
Necronomicrown (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic0 ref
Necronomicrown (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic8–10 keys
Neon AnnihilatorMelee1 ref 0.05 ref 0.44 ref 2–2.9 keys
Neon Annihilator (Non-Craftable)Melee0.66 ref
Neptune's NightmareCosmetic5–6 ref 16 ref
Nessie's Nine IronMelee0.05 ref 4 keys
Nessie's Nine Iron (Non-Craftable)Melee4 ref
Nice Winter Crate #36Tool5 ref
Nice Winter Crate 2012Tool0.11–0.22 ref
Nice Winter Crate 2012 #53Tool0.22 ref
Nice Winter Crate 2013 #79Tool0.01 ref
Nice Winter Crate 2014 #89Tool0.01 ref
Nice Winter Crate KeyTool1 key
Nice Winter Crate Key 2012Tool1 key
Nice Winter Crate Key 2013 (Non-Craftable)Tool1.1 keys
Nice Winter Crate Key 2014 (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Nightmare HunterCosmetic1.33 ref 15 ref
Nine-Pipe ProblemCosmetic1.66 ref
Nine-Pipe Problem (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66–3 ref
Ninja CowlCosmetic2 ref
Ninja Cowl (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Noble Amassment of HatsCosmetic7 ref 1.44 ref
Noble Amassment of Hats (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.55 ref
Noble Hatter's VioletTool5.66 ref
Noble Nickel Amassment of HatsCosmetic1.66 ref
Noh MercyCosmetic1.05 keys 4.33 ref 235 keys
Noh Mercy (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4 ref
Noise Maker - BansheeAction1 key
Noise Maker - Banshee (Non-Craftable)Action12 ref
Noise Maker - Black CatAction1 key
Noise Maker - Black Cat (Non-Craftable)Action1 key
Noise Maker - Crazy LaughAction1 key
Noise Maker - Crazy Laugh (Non-Craftable)Action1 key
Noise Maker - FireworksAction4 keys
Noise Maker - Fireworks (Non-Craftable)Action8–9 ref
Noise Maker - GremlinAction1 key
Noise Maker - Gremlin (Non-Craftable)Action3.33 ref
Noise Maker - KotoAction4 ref 25 keys
Noise Maker - Koto (Non-Craftable)Action2.33 ref
Noise Maker - StabbyAction1 key
Noise Maker - Stabby (Non-Craftable)Action1 key
Noise Maker - VuvuzelaAction1 key 4 keys
Noise Maker - Vuvuzela (Non-Craftable)Action2 ref
Noise Maker - WerewolfAction1 key
Noise Maker - Werewolf (Non-Craftable)Action1 key
Noise Maker - Winter HolidayAction0.03–0.05 ref
Noise Maker - WitchAction12 ref
Noise Maker - Witch (Non-Craftable)Action12 ref
North Polar FleeceCosmetic2.66 ref 1.3 keys
Nose CandyCosmetic1.66 ref
Nostromo NapalmerPrimary12 ref 2.33 ref
Nostromo Napalmer (Non-Craftable)Primary2–2.66 ref
Nugget NogginCosmetic4–4.33 ref 12 ref
NunhoodCosmetic6 ref
Officer's UshankaCosmetic10 ref 8.66 ref 3 ref 55 keys
Officer's Ushanka (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Ol' GeezerCosmetic1.33 ref
Ol' Geezer (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.88 ref
Ol' SnaggletoothCosmetic1.66 ref
Ol' Snaggletooth (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Old GuadalajaraCosmetic1.66–1.88 ref
Old Guadalajara (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2–2.33 ref
Old Man FrostCosmetic3.33 ref 8 ref
One-Man ArmyCosmetic2.33 ref
One-Man Army (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.33 ref
One-Way TicketCosmetic5 ref 2 ref
Operator's OverallsTool1 key
Orange Summer 2013 Cooler #63Tool0.05 ref
Orange Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Orange Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
OriginalPrimary9 ref 0.05 ref 4.75–5 keys 9–10 keys
Original (Non-Craftable)Primary0.22 ref
Orion's BeltCosmetic2.66 ref
Ornament ArmamentCosmetic1.55 ref
Ornament Armament (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33–1.88 ref
Otolaryngologist's MirrorCosmetic3–3.66 ref 1.66 ref
Otolaryngologist's Mirror (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1–1.33 ref
Outback IntellectualCosmetic3 ref 11 ref
Outback Intellectual (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
OutdoorsmanCosmetic1.33 ref 45–60 keys
Outdoorsman (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Outta' SightCosmetic3 ref 9.33 ref
OverdosePrimary0.05 ref 0.66 ref 2.5 keys
Overdose (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
PY-40 IncinibotCosmetic10.66 ref 3.33 ref
Pain TrainMelee0.66 ref 0.05 ref 0.66 ref 2 keys
Pain Train (Non-Craftable)Melee0.66 ref
Pain Train (Non-Tradable)Melee6 keys
Paisley ProCosmetic1.66 ref
Pallet of CratesAction4.66 ref
Pampered PyroCosmetic1.66 ref
Panic AttackPrimary0.05 ref
Panic Attack (Non-Craftable)Primary1 ref
ParasightCosmetic5.33 ref 1.66 ref
Pardner's PompadourCosmetic2 ref
Peacenik's PonytailCosmetic1.66 ref
Peculiarly Drab TinctureTool3.66–4 ref
Pencil PusherCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref 37 keys
Pencil Pusher (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Persian PersuaderMelee0.05 ref 0.66 ref 4 keys
Persian Persuader (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Person in the Iron MaskCosmetic2 ref 1.66 ref
PhlogistinatorPrimary0.05 ref 1.66–2 ref 20 keys
Phlogistinator (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref 1.33 ref
Phobos FilterCosmetic1.44–1.66 ref 7 ref
PhononautCosmetic6 ref 15–16 ref
Photo BadgeCosmetic1.44 ref
Photo Badge (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Physician's Procedure MaskCosmetic1.2 keys 3.66 ref 58–59 keys
Physician's Procedure Mask (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
Physician's ProtectorCosmetic1.66 ref 6 ref
Pickled PawsCosmetic0.33–0.66 ref 1–1.11 ref
Pickled Paws (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.44 ref
Pile Of AshAction0.66 ref
Pile Of CursesAction0.33 ref
Pile o' Gifts (Non-Craftable)Action7 keys
Pile of Duck Token Gifts (Non-Craftable)Action100 keys
Pile of Robo Community Crate Key Gifts (Non-Craftable)Action15 keys
Pile of Summer Cooler Key Gifts (Non-Craftable)Action22 keys
PilotkaCosmetic1.66 ref 1.44 ref
Pin PalsCosmetic1 key 2 ref
Pink as HellTool0.95–1 keys
Pip-BoyCosmetic5–5.33 ref 4 ref
Pip-Boy (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3–3.66 ref
Pirate BandanaCosmetic1.66 ref
PistolSecondary1 ref 1.66–2 ref
Planeswalker GogglesCosmetic7 ref 1.66 ref
Planeswalker Goggles (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic20 keys
Planeswalker HelmCosmetic3.33 ref 1.55 ref
Planeswalker Helm (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic20 keys
Platinum PickelhaubeCosmetic1.33 ref
Plug-In ProspectorCosmetic1.66 ref
Plumber's PipeCosmetic2 ref
PlutonidomeCosmetic5–5.66 ref 5 ref
Plutonidome (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.55–0.66 ref
Poacher's Safari JacketCosmetic7–7.33 ref 1 key
Pocket HeavyCosmetic3 ref 8 ref
Pocket HorsemannCosmetic4 ref 7 ref
Pocket MedicCosmetic1.44 ref
Pocket Medic (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Pocket MommaCosmetic3.66 ref 8 ref
Pocket PurrerCosmetic1.66 ref 62–63 keys
Pocket PyroCosmetic1.55 ref
Pocket RaidersCosmetic2.33–2.66 ref
Point and ShootCosmetic2.2 keys 14.33 ref
Polar PulloverCosmetic2 ref 180 keys
Polly PutridCosmetic9.55 ref 2.66 ref
Pom-Pommed ProvocateurCosmetic1.66–2 ref
Pomade PrinceCosmetic1.88–2 ref
Pomson 6000Primary0.05 ref 13.33 ref 10.5 keys
Pomson 6000 (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref 13 ref
Pop-eyesCosmetic4 ref
Portable Smissmas Spirit DispenserCosmetic2 ref
Postal PummelerMelee0.05 ref 4 keys
Postal Pummeler (Non-Craftable)Melee2 ref
Potassium BonnettCosmetic8 keys 23 keys
Pounding FatherCosmetic1.66–2 ref 1.33–1.66 ref
Powdered PractitionerCosmetic1.33 ref
Power Up CanteenAction0.11 ref
PowerjackMelee0.05 ref 6 ref 4 keys
Powerjack (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
Practitioner's Processing MaskCosmetic7 ref
Prairie Heel BitersCosmetic1.33 ref
Prairie Heel Biters (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.44 ref
Prancer's PrideCosmetic1.33 ref
Prancer's Pride (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Prehistoric PulloverCosmetic8 ref 1.7 keys
Pretty Boy's Pocket PistolSecondary0.05 ref 0.44 ref 6 keys
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref 0.33 ref
Prince Tavish's CrownCosmetic2.33 ref
Prince Tavish's Crown (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Pristine Robot Brainstorm BulbTool0.55 ref
Pristine Robot Currency DigesterTool0.55 ref
Private EyeCosmetic2.33 ref 4 ref
Private Eye (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref 4 ref
Prize PlushyCosmetic4 ref 1.66 ref
Professional's PanamaCosmetic4.66 ref 1.55 ref
Professional's Panama (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.55 ref
Professional's UshankaCosmetic4.33 ref 1 key
Professor Speks (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic0.11 ref 0.33 ref
Professor's PeculiarityCosmetic1.33 ref
Professor's Peculiarity (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4 ref
Professor's PineappleCosmetic3 ref 1.44 ref
Prussian PickelhaubeCosmetic3.33 ref 1.33 ref
Prussian Pickelhaube (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Puffy ProvocateurCosmetic12 ref 2–2.2 keys
Pugilist's ProtectorCosmetic1.66 ref
Pugilist's Protector (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Pure Tin CapotainCosmetic1.66 ref
Purity FistCosmetic7 ref 2 ref
Purity Fist (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Pyro Costume TransmogrifierTool1 ref
Pyro MaskCosmetic1.33 ref
Pyro Mask (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Pyro's BeanieCosmetic4.66–5 ref 3.66 ref
Pyro's Beanie (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.33 ref
Pyro's Boron BeanieCosmetic1.66 ref
Pyrobotics PackCosmetic1.33 ref
Pyromancer's HoodCosmetic10 ref 2 keys
Pyromancer's MaskCosmetic6 ref
Pyromancer's Mask (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic5.66 ref
Pyromancer's RaimentsCosmetic8.33 ref 1.6 keys
Pyrotechnic ToteCosmetic1.66–1.77 ref
Pyrovision GogglesCosmetic0.66 ref 12.66 ref
QuadwranglerCosmetic11 ref 4–4.33 ref
Quick-FixSecondary0.05 ref 10–10.66 ref 10 keys
Quick-Fix (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
Quickiebomb Launcher (Non-Craftable)Secondary2 ref
Quickiebomb LauncherSecondary0.05 ref
QuothCosmetic8 ref 10 ref
QuäckenbirdtPda212 ref 2 ref
Quäckenbirdt (Non-Craftable)Pda22 ref
Radigan Conagher BrownTool4.33 ref
Rail SpikesCosmetic2 ref
RainblowerPrimary0.05 ref 3 ref 2.6 keys
Rainblower (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Ramses' RegaliaCosmetic4.66 ref 2.66 ref
Random Craft HatTool1.33 ref
Rat StompersCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref 7.66 ref
Raven's VisageCosmetic15 ref 4 ref
Razor CutCosmetic1.66 ref
RazorbackSecondary0.66 ref 0.05 ref 1.33 ref 4 keys
Razorback (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Rebel RouserCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Reclaimed MetalTool384 keys 0.33 ref
Red Army RobinCosmetic2 ref
Red SocksCosmetic2.66 ref
Red Summer 2013 Cooler #62Tool0.05 ref
Red Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Red Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Red-Tape RecorderBuilding1.66 ref 0.05 ref 0.66–0.88 ref 2.8 keys
Red-Tape Recorder (Non-Craftable)Building0.05–0.11 ref
Refined MetalTool564 keys $0.12–0.13
Refreshing Summer Cooler #22Tool2 ref
Refreshing Summer Cooler KeyTool3 keys
ReggaelatorCosmetic2.33 ref 100 keys
Reggaelator (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
ReindoonicornCosmetic1.66 ref
Reinforced Robot Bomb StabilizerTool0.05 ref
Reinforced Robot Emotion DetectorTool0.05 ref
Reinforced Robot Humor Suppression PumpTool0.05 ref
Rescue RangerPrimary0.05 ref 2 ref 6 keys
Rescue Ranger (Non-Craftable)Primary0.11 ref
Reserve ShooterSecondary0.05 ref 8 ref 3 keys
Reserve Shooter (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
Respectless Robo-GloveCosmetic1.55 ref
Respectless Rubber GloveCosmetic3 ref 3 ref 1.33–1.66 ref
Respectless Rubber Glove (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.33–0.55 ref
Resurrection Associate PinCosmetic2.33 ref
RevolverSecondary1 ref 0.66 ref
Righteous BisonSecondary14 ref 0.05 ref 0.85–1 keys 8 keys
Righteous Bison (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.33 ref 1.25 keys
Rimmed RaincatcherCosmetic1.44 ref
Rimmed Raincatcher (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Ritzy Rick's Hair FixativeCosmetic5 ref 1.66–2 ref
Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
RoBro 3000Cosmetic7 ref 7 keys
RoBro 3000 (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic7 ref 7 keys
Roasted GoldfishTool6 ref
Robo Community Crate #58Tool0.05 ref
Robo Community Crate KeyTool1–1.1 keys
Robo Community Crate Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1.1 keys
Robo-SandvichSecondary15–16 keys
RobootCosmetic2 ref 7 ref
Robot Chicken HatCosmetic2.66 ref 2.66–3 ref
Robot Running ManCosmetic1.33 ref
Rocket JumperPrimary0.11 ref 48 keys
Rocket Jumper (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Rocket LauncherPrimary0.66 ref 4.33–4.66 ref
Australium Rocket LauncherPrimary53 keys
Rocket OperatorCosmetic5.33 ref 13 ref
Rogue's BroguesCosmetic1.66 ref
Rogue's Col RouleCosmetic1.77–2 ref 133 keys
Rogue's Col Roule (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Rogue's RabbitCosmetic2.66 ref 1 key
Rogue's RobeCosmetic4 ref
Roo RippersCosmetic5 ref 2 keys
Rotation SensationCosmetic3 ref 8 ref
Ruffled RuprechtCosmetic3.55 ref
Rugged RespiratorCosmetic2.66 ref 2.33 ref
Rump-o'-LanternCosmetic1.33 ref 3.66 ref
Rump-o'-Lantern (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Runner's Warm-UpCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Russian RocketeerCosmetic2 ref 1.33 ref
Rust Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary2.33 ref
Rust Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee4 ref
Rust Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary3 ref
Rust Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary4 ref
Rust Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary5 ref
Rust Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary6 ref
Rust Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary4.66 ref
Rust Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary2.33 ref
Rust Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee4 ref
Rusty ReaperCosmetic4 ref
SMGSecondary0.77–1 ref 2 ref
Australium SMGSecondary8 keys
Sack Fulla SmissmasCosmetic15 ref
Sackcloth SpookCosmetic4 ref 4 ref
Safe'n'SoundCosmetic1 key 3 ref
Safe'n'Sound (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Salty DogCosmetic1.44 ref
Salty Dog (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic8 ref
Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate #30Tool14 keys
Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate #40Tool1.5 keys
Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate #50Tool4.5 keys
Sammy CapCosmetic1.66 ref 1.2 keys
Samson Skewer (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic0 ref
Samson Skewer (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Cosmetic14 keys
Samson SkewerCosmetic0.33 ref
Samson Skewer (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic17 keys
Samur-EyeCosmetic11 ref 3 ref
Samur-Eye (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2.66 ref
SandmanMelee0.44–0.55 ref 0.05 ref 3.33–4 ref 4.7 keys
Sandman (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
SandvichSecondary0.66 ref 0.05 ref 9 keys
Sandvich (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Sandvich SafeCosmetic1.66 ref 13 ref
Sandvich Safe (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref 1.5 keys
Sangu SleevesCosmetic1.66–2 ref 2.2 keys
SapperBuilding1 ref 1.3 keys
Saxton Hale MaskCosmetic3 ref
Scaly ScrapersCosmetic1.33–2 ref 8 ref
ScarecrowCosmetic1.33 ref 1.66 ref
Scarecrow (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.55–1 ref
ScattergunPrimary0.66 ref 4.33 ref
Australium ScattergunPrimary35 keys
Scoper's SmokeCosmetic3 ref
Scorch ShotSecondary0.05 ref 1 ref 2.6 keys
Scorch Shot (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Scorched Crate #46Tool0.33 ref
Scorched KeyTool1–1.8 keys
Scorched SkirtCosmetic6 ref 3.33 ref
Scot BonnetCosmetic3.66 ref 9 ref
Scotch BonnetCosmetic2 ref
Scotch Bonnet (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Scotch SaverCosmetic5.33 ref 5 keys
Scotsman's SkullcutterMelee1 ref 0.05 ref 0.66 ref 3 keys
Scotsman's Skullcutter (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Scotsman's Stove PipeCosmetic4 ref 5 ref 1.44 ref
Scotsman's Stove Pipe (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.11 ref
Scottish HandshakeMelee0.05 ref 2.6 keys
Scottish Handshake (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Scottish ResistanceSecondary0.44 ref 0.05 ref 1.66 ref 4 keys
Scottish Resistance (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.05 ref
Scottish SnarlCosmetic0.66–1 ref 1.66–2 ref
Scottish Snarl (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.22 ref
Scout Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Scout MaskCosmetic1.33 ref
Scout ShakoCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Scrap MetalTool432 keys 0.11 ref
Scrap PackCosmetic5 ref 1.55 ref
Scrap SackCosmetic1.55–2 ref
Screamin' EagleCosmetic1.66 ref 6 ref
Scrumpy StrongboxCosmetic1.66 ref
Second OpinionCosmetic7 ref 1 key
Secret SaxtonAction1 ref
Secret Saxton (Non-Craftable)Action1 ref
Security ShadesCosmetic1.44–1.66 ref
Security Shades (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.77–2 ref
Seeing DoubleCosmetic1.66 ref
Select Reserve Mann Co. Supply Crate #60Tool1 key
Self-Aware Beauty MarkSecondary2.66 ref 1.2 keys
Sengoku ScorcherCosmetic2 ref
Sergeant's Drill HatCosmetic10 ref 1.66 ref
Sergeant's Drill Hat (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66–2 ref
Shadowman's ShadeCosmetic3 ref 5 ref
ShahanshahMelee0.05 ref 3 ref 3 keys
Shahanshah (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Shaman's SkullCosmetic15 ref 2 ref
Shaolin SashCosmetic5.33 ref 6.33–7 ref
Sharp DresserMelee2.75 keys 2.33–2.66 ref
Sharpened Volcano FragmentMelee2.33 ref 4.66 ref 0.05 ref 3 keys
Sharpened Volcano Fragment (Non-Craftable)Melee2 keys
Sheriff's StetsonCosmetic13 ref 3 keys
Shoestring BudgetCosmetic0.33 ref 1.33 ref
Shoestring Budget (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.22 ref
Shogun's Shoulder GuardCosmetic7.66 ref
Shooter's Sola TopiCosmetic4.66 ref 1.66 ref
Shooter's Sola Topi (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Shooter's Tin TopiCosmetic1.55 ref
Shooting StarPrimary1.4 keys 10 keys
Short CircuitSecondary2 ref 0.05 ref 4 keys
Short Circuit (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
ShortstopPrimary350 keys 0.05 ref 1.33 ref 2.9 keys
Shortstop (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
ShotgunSecondary0.66 ref 5.33 ref
ShovelMelee0.66 ref 0.44 ref
Shred AlertTaunt1.8 keys 1 key
Siberian FacehuggerCosmetic4 ref 10 ref
Siberian SophisticateCosmetic4.66 ref 2 ref
Siberian Sophisticate (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4 ref
Sight for Sore EyesCosmetic4.33 ref 3.4 keys
Sight for Sore Eyes (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic4.33 ref 3 keys
Sign of the Wolf's SchoolCosmetic4 ref 1.44 ref
Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary3 ref
Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IIPrimary2.66 ref
Silver Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee4.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Knife Mk.IIMelee5 ref
Silver Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary3.77 ref
Silver Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.IISecondary3 ref
Silver Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary4.66 ref
Silver Botkiller Minigun Mk.IIPrimary4 ref
Silver Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary6.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IIPrimary5.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary7 ref
Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IIPrimary6.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary6 ref
Silver Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IIPrimary5.66 ref
Silver Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary3 ref
Silver Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.IISecondary2.66 ref
Silver Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee6 ref
Silver Botkiller Wrench Mk.IIMelee4.44 ref
Silver BulletsCosmetic0.33 ref 2.33 ref
Silver Bullets (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.33 ref
Sir HootsalotCosmetic2 ref 6.33 ref
Sir Hootsalot (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Sir ShootsalotCosmetic1.5 keys 2 keys
Six Pack AbsCosmetic2 ref
Skull Island Topper (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic0.05–0.11 ref
SkullcapCosmetic6 ref 1.4 keys
Sky CaptainCosmetic2 ref
Sleeveless in SiberiaCosmetic1.66 ref 11 ref
Slick CutCosmetic1.44 ref 55 keys
Slo-PokeCosmetic2 ref
Slot Token - MeleeMelee192 keys 0.16 ref
Slot Token - PDA2Pda2192 keys 0.22 ref
Slot Token - PrimaryPrimary192 keys 0.16 ref
Slot Token - SecondarySecondary192 keys 0.16 ref
Smissmas CaribouCosmetic40 keys
Smissmas WreathCosmetic1.44–1.55 ref
Smock SurgeonCosmetic2 ref 3.5 keys
Smoked Cheese WheelTool8 ref
Smokey SombreroCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref 5 ref
Smoking Skid LidCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Snack AttackBuilding8.66 ref 3.4 keys
Snaggletoothed StetsonCosmetic1.66 ref 2 ref
Snapped PupilCosmetic1.33 ref
Snapped Pupil (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Sneaky Spats of SneakingCosmetic3 ref
Sneaky Spats of Sneaking (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Sniper Costume TransmogrifierTool1 ref
Sniper MaskCosmetic1.33 ref
Sniper RiflePrimary0.66 ref 4 ref
Australium Sniper RiflePrimary31–32 keys
Snow ScoperCosmetic7 ref
Snow SleevesCosmetic5 ref 2 keys
Snow StompersCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref 7 ref
Sober StuntmanCosmetic1.44 ref
Sober Stuntman (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Soda PopperPrimary0.05 ref 7.33 ref 4.5 keys
Soda Popper (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Soldered SenseiCosmetic1.66 ref
Soldier Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Soldier MaskCosmetic1.33–1.44 ref
Soldier's Slope ScopersCosmetic2 ref 50 keys
Soldier's SparkplugCosmetic1.66 ref
Soldier's StashCosmetic9 ref 6.33 ref
Soldier's Stash (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3.33 ref
Soldier's StogieCosmetic3.33 ref
Soldier's Stogie (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic3 ref
Sole MateCosmetic1.66 ref 2 keys
Sole SaviorsCosmetic1.66 ref 2.2 keys
Solemn VowMelee0.05 ref 0.44 ref 2 keys
Solemn Vow (Non-Craftable)Melee0.33 ref
Something Special For Someone Special (Non-Tradable)Tool45–57 keys
Something Special For Someone Special (Non-Tradable or Craftable)Tool42–56 keys
Something Special For Someone Special [Glitched] (Non-Tradable)Tool238–265 keys
Soot SuitCosmetic2 ref
Soul of 'Spensers PastCosmetic2–2.33 ref 1 key
Southern HospitalityMelee0.55 ref 0.05 ref 2.33 ref 4 keys
Southern Hospitality (Non-Craftable)Melee0.05 ref
Southie ShinobiCosmetic2.44 ref
Soviet GentlemanCosmetic1.66 ref
Soviet Stitch-UpCosmetic0.22–0.66 ref 1 ref
Soviet Stitch-Up (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.11 ref
Space BracersCosmetic9 ref 1.66 ref
Space DiverCosmetic3 ref 8 ref
Space Hamster HammyCosmetic1 key 4 keys
SpaceChem PinCosmetic0.33 ref
Special EyesCosmetic2 ref 75 keys
SpectralnautCosmetic5.66 ref 6 ref
Spectre's SpectaclesCosmetic2 ref
Spectre's Spectacles (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Spellbinder's BonnetCosmetic10 ref 5 ref
Spellbook MagazineAction0.05–0.11 ref
Spine-Chilling SkullCosmetic2.25 keys
Spine-Chilling Skull (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.5 keys 12 keys
Spine-Chilling Skull 2011Cosmetic15 keys
Spine-Chilling Skull 2011 (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 keys 25 keys
Spine-Cooling Skull (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic7 ref
Spine-Tingling Skull (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic1 ref 6–7 keys
Spine-Tingling SkullCosmetic27 keys 50 keys
Spine-Twisting Skull (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic7 ref 9.3 keys
Spiral SalletCosmetic0.33–0.66 ref
Splendid ScreenSecondary0.05 ref 1.1 keys 2.2 keys
Splendid Screen (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
Spook SpecsCosmetic3 ref
Spooky Crate #74Tool0.05 ref
Spooky Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Spooky ShoesCosmetic1.66–2 ref 4 ref
Spooky Shoes (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.33–1 ref
Spooky SleevesCosmetic2.88 ref 6–6.66 ref
Spooky Sleeves (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Sprinting CephalopodCosmetic9 ref 4 ref
Spy Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Spy MaskCosmetic1.33 ref
Spy-cicleMelee0.05 ref 5 ref 4 keys
Spy-cicle (Non-Craftable)Melee0.11 ref
Squad Surplus Voucher (Non-Craftable)Tool6.33 ref
Squid's LidCosmetic7 ref 4 ref
StahlhelmCosmetic1.66 ref 1.33 ref
Stainless PotCosmetic5.66 ref 5 ref 2 ref 65 keys
Stainless Pot (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
StardusterCosmetic3.5–4 keys 10 keys
Stately Steel ToeCosmetic1.44 ref
Stately Steel Toe (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Stealth SteelerCosmetic1.33 ref
Stealthy ScarfCosmetic4 ref 15 ref
Steam PipeCosmetic2 ref
Steel PipesCosmetic0.66 ref 3 ref
Steel Pipes (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.22 ref
Steel ShakoCosmetic2 ref
Steel SixpackCosmetic5 ref 2.66 ref
Steel SongbirdCosmetic1.66 ref 1.66 ref
Steel-Toed StompersCosmetic0.66 ref 1 ref
Steel-Toed Stompers (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.33 ref
Stereoscopic ShadesCosmetic2 ref
Stereoscopic Shades (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Sticky JumperSecondary0.11 ref 20 keys
Sticky Jumper (Non-Craftable)Secondary0.11 ref
Stickybomb LauncherSecondary0.44–0.77 ref 1 ref
Australium Stickybomb LauncherSecondary15 keys
Stockbroker's ScarfCosmetic0.66 ref 1 ref 5 ref
Stocking StufferCosmetic1.66 ref
Stocking Stuffer (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Storm StompersCosmetic3 ref 5 ref
Stormin' NormanCosmetic1.33 ref
Stout ShakoCosmetic1.66 ref 95 keys
Stout Shako (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Stovepipe Sniper ShakoCosmetic1.66 ref 1.44 ref
Stovepipe Sniper Shako (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Strange Bacon GreaseTool10 keys
Strange Cosmetic Part: AssistsTool2.33 ref
Strange Cosmetic Part: Fires SurvivedTool8 ref
Strange Cosmetic Part: Freezecam Taunt AppearancesTool3 ref
Strange Cosmetic Part: KillsTool1.5 keys
Strange Filter: Coldfront (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool4 ref
Strange Filter: Egypt (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1.66 ref
Strange Filter: Fastlane (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1.66 ref
Strange Filter: Freight (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1 ref
Strange Filter: Frontier (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1.66 ref
Strange Filter: Gullywash (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool3 ref
Strange Filter: Harvest (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1–1.33 ref
Strange Filter: Hoodoo (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1 ref
Strange Filter: Junction (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1 ref
Strange Filter: Kong King (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool2 ref
Strange Filter: Lakeside (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool0.66 ref
Strange Filter: Mann Manor (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool3 ref
Strange Filter: Mountain Lab (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool0.66 ref
Strange Filter: Nightfall (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1.66 ref
Strange Filter: Offblast (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1.66 ref
Strange Filter: Process (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1.22 ref
Strange Filter: Snakewater (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1.22 ref
Strange Filter: Standin (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1.66 ref
Strange Filter: Steel (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool2 ref
Strange Filter: Turbine (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool2 ref
Strange Filter: Watchtower (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool1 ref
Strange Filter: Yukon (Community) (Non-Craftable)Tool2 ref
Strange Part: Airborne Enemies KilledTool1.9 keys
Strange Part: Allied Healing DoneTool3 keys
Strange Part: Allies ExtinguishedTool1 key
Strange Part: Buildings DestroyedTool1 key
Strange Part: Burning Enemy KillsTool6 ref
Strange Part: Cloaked Spies KilledTool7 ref
Strange Part: Critical KillsTool3 keys
Strange Part: Damage DealtTool6 keys
Strange Part: Defender KillsTool4 ref
Strange Part: Demomen KilledTool7.66–8 ref
Strange Part: Domination KillsTool2.8 keys
Strange Part: Engineers KilledTool7.66 ref
Strange Part: Full Health KillsTool4.66 ref
Strange Part: Full Moon KillsTool0.55–0.77 ref
Strange Part: Giant Robots DestroyedTool4 ref
Strange Part: Gib KillsTool1 key
Strange Part: Halloween KillsTool7 ref
Strange Part: Headshot KillsTool1.4 keys
Strange Part: Heavies KilledTool8 ref
Strange Part: Kills During Victory TimeTool4.66 ref
Strange Part: Kills While Explosive JumpingTool8–10.66 ref
Strange Part: Kills While ÜberchargedTool4 ref
Strange Part: Kills with a Taunt AttackTool1.3 keys
Strange Part: Killstreaks EndedTool3 ref
Strange Part: Long-Distance KillsTool7 ref
Strange Part: Low-Health KillsTool9 ref
Strange Part: Medics KilledTool14 ref
Strange Part: Medics Killed That Have Full ÜberChargeTool4–5 ref
Strange Part: Not Crit nor MiniCrit KillsTool2 ref
Strange Part: Player HitsTool6 ref
Strange Part: Point-Blank KillsTool7.33 ref
Strange Part: Posthumous KillsTool4 ref
Strange Part: Projectiles ReflectedTool2.5 keys
Strange Part: Pyros KilledTool9 ref
Strange Part: Revenge KillsTool4.33 ref
Strange Part: Robot Scouts DestroyedTool1.33 ref
Strange Part: Robot Spies DestroyedTool1.66 ref
Strange Part: Robots DestroyedTool3 keys
Strange Part: Robots Destroyed During HalloweenTool7 ref
Strange Part: Sappers DestroyedTool1.2–1.4 keys
Strange Part: Scouts KilledTool1.9 keys
Strange Part: Snipers KilledTool2 keys
Strange Part: Soldiers KilledTool10 ref
Strange Part: Spies KilledTool1–1.25 keys
Strange Part: Tanks DestroyedTool2 ref
Strange Part: Taunting Player KillsTool1–1.33 ref
Strange Part: Underwater KillsTool2.33 ref
Strange Part: Unusual-Wearing Player KillsTool4.66 ref
Strontium Stove PipeCosmetic1.44–1.66 ref
Stylish DeGrootCosmetic1.66 ref 13 ref
Sub Zero SuitCosmetic13 ref
Sucker SlugCosmetic2 keys 7 keys
Sultan's CeremonialCosmetic1.66 ref
Sultan's Ceremonial (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.33 ref
Summer Adventure PackAction1.8 keys
Summer Appetizer Crate #61Tool0.01 ref
Summer Appetizer Key (Non-Craftable)Tool1 key
Summer Claim CheckAction0.22 ref
Summer HatCosmetic26–28 keys
Summer Hat (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic7 keys
Summer Shades (Non-Tradable)Cosmetic3 keys 6 keys
Summer Starter KitAction12 ref
Sun-on-a-StickMelee1.66 ref 6 ref 0.05 ref 2 keys
Sun-on-a-Stick (Non-Craftable)Melee1 key
Supernatural StalkerCosmetic10 ref 2 keys
Support SpursCosmetic1.66 ref 4.66 ref
Surgeon's ShakoCosmetic3.66 ref 11 ref
Surgeon's Side SatchelCosmetic1.55 ref 67 keys
Surgeon's Side Satchel (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1 ref
Surgeon's Space SuitCosmetic3 ref 3.33 ref
Surgeon's StahlhelmCosmetic2 ref
Surgeon's Stahlhelm (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic2 ref
Surgeon's StethoscopeCosmetic1.33–1.66 ref
Surgeon's Stethoscope (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Swagman's SwatterCosmetic1.66 ref
Swagman's Swatter (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1.66 ref
Sydney SleeperPrimary0.05 ref 0.66 ref 2.5 keys
Sydney Sleeper (Non-Craftable)Primary0.05 ref
Sydney Straw BoatCosmetic1.66 ref 1.44 ref
Syringe GunPrimary0.66–1 ref 1 ref
Tail From the CryptCosmetic0.66 ref 2.33 ref
Tail From the Crypt (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic0.22 ref
Talon TrottersCosmetic2.88 ref 9 ref
Tam O' ShanterCosmetic1.33 ref
Tam O' Shanter (Non-Craftable)Cosmetic1–1.33 ref
Tartan ShadeCosmetic5.66–6 ref 3.55 ref
Tartan SpartanCosmetic1.66 ref 37–52 keys
Tartan TyroleanCosmetic1.55 ref
TartantaloonsCosmetic4 ref 3 ref
Taunt: Battin' a ThousandTaunt1.66 ref
Taunt: BurstchesterTaunt5.5 keys 12 keys
Taunt: Buy A LifeTaunt3 ref
Taunt: CongaTaunt7.33 ref
Taunt: Deep Fried DesireTaunt2 ref
Taunt: Flippin' AwesomeTaunt5.33 ref
Taunt: Fresh Brewed VictoryTaunt4.66 ref
Taunt: I See YouTaunt1.66 ref
Taunt: Kazotsky KickTaunt1.9 keys
Taunt: Most WantedTaunt10 ref
Taunt: OblooteratedTaunt3–3.11 ref
Taunt: Party TrickTaunt2–2.33 ref
Taunt: Pool PartyTaunt3 keys
Taunt: Rancho RelaxoTaunt8.66–9 ref
Taunt: Results Are InTaunt1.33 ref
Taunt: Rock, Paper, ScissorsTaunt6 ref
Taunt: SkullcrackerTaunt4.33 ref
Taunt: Soldier's RequiemTaunt1.5–1.6 keys
Taunt: Spent Well SpiritsTaunt1.33 ref
Taunt: Square DanceTaunt5.33–5.66 ref
Taunt: The Boston BreakdanceTaunt1 key
Taunt: The Box TrotTaunt1 key
Taunt: The Director's VisionTau