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Team Fortress 2 Pricelist
Name Type Genuine Vintage Unique Strange Haunted Collector's
A Brush with DeathMisc4 ref
A Color Similar to SlateTool2.66 ref
A Deep Commitment to PurpleTool3 ref
A Distinctive Lack of HueTool2 keys
A Mann's MintTool0.85–1 keys
A Random RoboKey Gift (Not Usable in Crafting)Action1 key
A Random Summer Cooler Key Gift (Not Usable in Crafting)Action1 key
A Rather Festive TreeMisc1.66–2 ref
A Rather Festive Tree (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.44–1.66 ref
A Whiff of the Old BrimstoneMisc1.33 ref
A Whiff of the Old Brimstone (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
AWPer HandPrimary6 ref1.66 ref
Abhorrent AppendagesMisc4 keys
Accursed ApparitionMisc1 ref0.66 ref
After DarkMisc2 ref
After EightTool1.25–1.4 keys
Aged Moustache GreyTool2.66–3 ref
Air RaiderMisc1.66 ref
Aladdin's Private ReserveMisc1.33 ref
Aladdin's Private Reserve (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Ali Baba's Wee BootiesPrimary0.05 ref
Ali Baba's Wee Booties (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.11 ref
Alien Swarm ParasiteMisc6–7 buds0.66 ref
All-FatherMisc1.4–1.5 keys6 keys
All-Father (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.4 keys3 keys
Alternative Medicine MannMisc0.66 ref
Australium AmbassadorSecondary1 bud
AmbassadorSecondary0.22 ref0.05–0.11 ref6.33–6.66 ref9–10 keys
Ambassador (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
AmputatorMelee3 ref0.05 ref2.33 ref3–4.5 keys
Amputator (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05–0.11 ref
An Air of DebonairTool1 key
An Extraordinary Abundance of TingeTool2 keys
Angel of DeathMisc4 ref
AngerMisc4.66 ref3.33 ref
Anger (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.66 ref
Antarctic ParkaMisc1 key
Antarctic ResearcherMisc1 key2 keys
AntlersMisc1.66 ref
Ap-SapBuilding4.4 keys
Ap-Sap (Not Usable in Crafting)Building1 key
Aperture Labs Hard HatMisc3.33 ref
Apoco-FistsMelee1.3 keys3 ref
Apparatchik's ApparelMisc2 ref
Apparatchik's Apparel (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Apparition's AspectMisc2.33 ref
Apparition's Aspect (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Aqua FlopsMisc2.33 ref
Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler #66Tool0.01–0.05 ref
Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1–1.1 keys
Archers GroundingsMisc2.33 ref
ArchimedesMisc3.7 keys4 ref9 keys
Archimedes (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc4 ref10 keys
Archimedes the UndyingMisc1.66 ref
Area 451Misc2 ref1.66 ref
Armored AuthorityMisc1.33–1.66 ref
Armored Authority (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Atomic AccoladeMisc1 ref1.33 ref
AtomizerMelee0.05 ref2 ref
Atomizer (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
AttendantMisc1.66 ref
Attendant (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Australium GoldTool3.33 ref
Awesomenauts BadgeMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
Australium AxtinguisherMelee13–14 keys
AxtinguisherMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref5 ref4.5 keys
Axtinguisher (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
B-ankh!Misc0.11 ref0.33 ref
B-ankh! (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
B.M.O.C.Misc10 keys
Baby Face's BlasterPrimary0.05–0.11 ref1.33 ref5–6 keys
Baby Face's Blaster (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Back ScratcherMelee0.05 ref0.33 ref3.5 keys
Back Scratcher (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Backbiter's BillycockMisc2.66 ref1.33 ref
Backbiter's Billycock (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
BackburnerPrimary0.22 ref0.05 ref3.33 ref
Backburner (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Backpack BroilerMisc2 ref
Backpack ExpanderTool3.33–3.55 ref
Backpack Expander (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool3.33–3.55 ref
Backstabber's BoomslangMisc5.33 ref2 keys
Backwards BallcapMisc2 ref
Backwards Ballcap (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33–1.55 ref
Bacteria BlockerMisc1.33 ref
Balaclavas Are ForeverTool1 key
Ball-Kicking BootsMisc1.4–1.6 keys1 key
Ball-Kicking Boots (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc3.33–3.66 ref
BalloonicornMisc2 keys2 ref
Balloonicorn (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Baphomet TrottersMisc0.33 ref
Barely-Melted CapacitorMisc3 ref
BarnstormerMisc1.33 ref
Baron von HavenaplaneMisc1.33 ref
Baronial BadgeMisc1–1.66 ref
Base Metal BillycockMisc1.22 ref
Baseball Bill's Sports ShineMisc3.33 ref1.33 ref
Baseball Bill's Sports Shine (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
BatMelee0.77–1 ref2.33 ref
Bat Outta HellMelee0.22 ref2 ref
Bat Outta Hell (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Battalion's BackupSecondary0.05 ref0.33–0.66 ref5 keys
Battalion's Backup (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Batter's HelmetMisc4 ref2 ref
Batter's Helmet (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Battery BandolierMisc1.22 ref
Battery CanteensAction2.66–3 ref
Battle BobMisc4.66 ref1.33 ref
Battle-Worn Robot KB-808Tool0.22 ref
Battle-Worn Robot Money FurnaceTool0.22 ref
Battle-Worn Robot Taunt ProcessorTool0.22 ref
Bazaar BargainPrimary0.05 ref3 ref6 keys
Bazaar Bargain (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Beacon from BeyondMisc1 ref
Bear NecessitiesMisc1.66 ref
Bearded BombardierMisc4 ref
Beast From BelowMisc1.33–2 ref1.66 ref
Beastly BonnetMisc1.66 ref2 ref
Beep BoyMisc1.66 ref
Beggar's BazookaPrimary0.05 ref1 ref4.3 keys
Beggar's Bazooka (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Belgian DetectiveMisc1.66 ref
Berliner's Bucket HelmMisc1.33 ref
Berliner's Bucket Helm (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Big ChiefMisc1.33 ref1 key
Big Chief (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Big CountryMisc1.33 ref
Big Country (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.11 ref
Big EarnerMelee0.05 ref2 ref
Big Earner (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Big Elfin DealMisc1.33 ref
Big Elfin Deal (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.11 ref
Big KillSecondary21–25 buds13 keys
Big Kill (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary8 buds
Big Steel Jaw of Summer FunMisc1.33 ref
Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.22 ref
Bigg Mann on CampusMisc3–3.33 ref
Bill's HatMisc1.4 buds6 keys
Bird-Man of AberdeenMisc3 ref2 keys
Bird-Man of Aberdeen (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.66 ref2 keys
BirdcageMisc1.33 ref
Birdcage (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Birdie BonnetMisc7.33 ref1 ref
Birdman of AustraliacatrazMisc4 ref
Australium Black BoxPrimary1–1.2 buds
Black BoxPrimary0.05 ref7 ref5 keys
Black Box (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Black Rose (Not Tradable)Melee1.66–2 ref
Black Summer 2013 Cooler #69Tool0.01–0.05 ref
Black Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Black Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Black WatchMisc2.33 ref
Blazing BullMisc0.33 ref3–3.33 ref
Blazing Bull (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Blighted BeakMisc2.22–2.33 ref
Blighted Beak (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Blind JusticeMisc1.11 ref1.33 ref
Blizzard BreatherMisc4 ref
Bloke's Bucket HatMisc2.66 ref1.33 ref
Bloke's Bucket Hat (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc6 ref
Blood BankerMisc1 key2 keys
Blood Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary3 keys
Blood Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee3 keys
Blood Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary4 keys
Blood Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary4 keys
Blood Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary5 keys
Blood Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary5 keys
Blood Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary5 keys
Blood Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary3 keys
Blood Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee2.85 keys
Bloodhound (Not Tradable)Misc0.66–1 ref
Bloodhound (Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting)Misc13 keys
BloodhoundMisc1 ref
Bloodhound (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc14 keys
Blue Summer 2013 Cooler #67Tool0.01–0.05 ref
Blue Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Blue Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1–1.2 keys
Australium BlutsaugerPrimary12 keys
BlutsaugerPrimary0.22 ref0.05 ref2.66 ref4 keys
Blutsauger (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.03–0.05 ref
BolganMisc2.33 ref1.33 ref
Bolgan Family CrestMisc1.11–1.22 ref1.33 ref
Bolshevik BikerMisc2 ref
Bolt Action Blitzer (Not Tradable)Misc1 ref
Bolt BoyMisc1.66 ref
Bolted BicorneMisc1.22 ref
Bolted BirdcageMisc1.22 ref
Bolted BombardierMisc1.22 ref
Bolted BushmanMisc1.22 ref
Bombing RunMisc1.33 ref
Bombing Run (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
BombinomiconMisc0.05–0.11 ref
Bone DomeMisc1.33 ref
BonedolierMisc2 ref3 ref
Bonedolier (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.88–1 ref
BonesawMelee1 ref0.66 ref
Bonk BoyMisc2 ref4 keys
Bonk Boy (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33–1.66 ref2.6 keys
Bonk HelmMisc4 ref1.33 ref
Bonk Helm (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Bonk LeadwearMisc1.33 ref
Bonk! Atomic PunchSecondary0.22 ref0.05 ref0.66 ref3–4 keys
Bonk! Atomic Punch (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Boo BalloonMisc2 ref1.33 ref
Boo Balloon (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.22 ref
Bootie TimeMisc1.33 ref
Bootie Time (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Bootleg Base Metal BillycockMisc1.33 ref
BootleggerPrimary0.05 ref5 keys
Bootlegger (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Borscht BeltMisc2 ref
Boston BasherMelee0.05 ref1.33 ref5 keys
Boston Basher (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05–0.11 ref
Boston Boom-BringerMisc3 ref1 key
Boston Boom-Bringer (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.33 ref1 key
Bot DoggerMisc1.22 ref
BottleMelee1 ref0.66 ref
Bountiful BowMisc0.66 ref
Bounty Hat (Not Tradable)Misc3 keys
Bounty Hat (Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting)Misc4.7 buds
Bozo's BouffantMisc0.66 ref
Bozo's BroguesMisc0.66 ref
Brain BucketMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
Brain Bucket (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc12 keys
Brainiac GogglesMisc1.33 ref
Brainiac Goggles (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Brainiac HairpieceMisc2 ref
Brainiac Hairpiece (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.33 ref
Brass BeastPrimary3 ref0.05 ref3 ref
Brass Beast (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Brawling BuccaneerMisc3.66–4 ref
Breakneck BaggiesMisc2 ref
Breather BagMisc1.33 ref
Brigade HelmMisc4 ref4 ref2 ref
Brigade Helm (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Brim-Full Of BulletsMisc1.33 ref
Broadband BonnetMisc1.22 ref
Brock's LocksMisc1.33 ref
Brotherhood of ArmsMisc1 key
Brown BomberMisc1.66 ref
Brown Bomber (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Brown Summer 2013 Cooler #68Tool0.01–0.05 ref
Brown Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Brown Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Brütal BouffantMisc2–2.33 ref2 ref
Bubble PipeMisc1.66 ref
Bubble Pipe (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Buccaneer's BicorneMisc1.33 ref
Buccaneer's Bicorne (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.22 ref
Buck Turner All-StarsMisc2.4 keys2 keys
Buckaroos HatMisc1.33 ref
Buckaroos Hat (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Buff BannerSecondary0.22 ref0.05 ref4–5 keys
Buff Banner (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Buffalo Steak SandvichSecondary2 ref0.05 ref4 keys
Buffalo Steak Sandvich (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Builder's BlueprintsMisc1.22 ref
Builder's Blueprints (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Bullet BuzzMisc1.33 ref1–1.4 keys
Bunsen BraveMisc1.66 ref
Burned Banana PeelTool0.22–0.33 ref
Burning BandanaMisc1.33 ref
Burning BongosMisc1.33 ref
Burning Bongos (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66–1 ref
Burny's Boney BonnetMisc1 ref
Bushi-DouMisc6 ref1.7–2 keys
Bushman's BoonieMisc1 key1.66 ref
BushwackaMelee0.05 ref4 ref5 keys
Bushwacka (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Business CasualMisc1.66 ref
Business Casual (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.55–1.66 ref
Buzz KillerMisc0.33 ref3 ref
Buzz Killer (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Byte'd BeakMisc2 ref
Cadaver's CapperMisc0.33 ref
Cadaver's CraniumMisc1.22 ref
Cadaver's Cranium (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Caffeine CoolerMisc2 ref
Camera BeardMisc1.33 ref1.66 ref2 keys
Camera Beard (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref1.8–2 keys
Can OpenerMisc0.11 ref0.66 ref
Can Opener (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11–0.22 ref
CandleerMisc0.66 ref
Candy CaneMelee0.05 ref6 keys
Candy Cane (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Candyman's CapMisc0.66 ref
Cap'n CalamariMisc1 ref
Capo's CapperMisc1.66 ref
Capo's Capper (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Captain's CocktailsMisc1.33 ref
Captain's Cocktails (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.88–1 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary2.33 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee4 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary2.66 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary5 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary5 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary1 key
Carbonado Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary5 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary2.33 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee4 ref
Caribbean ConquerorMisc1.66 ref
Carious ChameleonMisc0.66 ref
CarlMisc1.33–1.66 ref
Carouser's CapotainMisc1.33 ref
Carouser's Capotain (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Carrion CompanionMisc0.66 ref
Cauterizer's Caudal AppendageMisc1 ref
CenturionMisc2 ref2 ref
Champ StampMisc4 ref2 ref
Champ Stamp (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.88 ref
Chargin' TargeSecondary0.22 ref0.05 ref2.66–3 ref4 keys
Chargin' Targe (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Charmer's ChapeauMisc3.66 ref
Charmer's Chapeau (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.66–3 ref
Charred Pocket LintTool0.11 ref
Cheet SheetMisc1.66 ref1.66 ref
Chicken KievMisc1.8–2 keys1.6 keys
Chief ConstableMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Chief Constable (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 key
Chieftain's ChallengeMisc1.66 ref
Chieftain's Challenge (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
ChronomancerMisc6 ref
ChucklenutsMisc2 ref
Claidheamh MòrMelee0.05 ref
Claidheamh Mòr (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Clan PrideMisc1.33 ref
Clan Pride (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Class Token - DemomanTool7.4 buds0.16 ref
Class Token - EngineerTool7.4 buds0.16 ref
Class Token - HeavyTool9.4 buds0.16 ref
Class Token - MedicTool9.6 buds0.16 ref
Class Token - PyroTool17 buds0.16 ref
Class Token - ScoutTool9.4 buds0.16 ref
Class Token - SniperTool17 buds0.16 ref
Class Token - SoldierTool7.4 buds0.16 ref
Class Token - SpyTool13–14 buds0.16 ref
Cleaner's CarbineSecondary0.05 ref2–2.33 ref
Cleaner's Carbine (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Cloak and DaggerPda20.33 ref0.05 ref9.4–10 keys
Cloak and Dagger (Not Usable in Crafting)Pda20.05 ref
Cloud CrasherMisc1.22 ref
Cobber ChameleonMisc2 ref
CockfighterMisc0.95–1 keys2.66–3 ref
Coffin KitMisc1.66 ref2 ref
Coffin Kit (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Cold KillerMisc2 ref
Cold War LuchadorMisc2 ref1.33 ref
Colonel's CoatMisc2.66 ref1–1.2 keys
Colonial ClogsMisc1.33 ref
Color No. 216-190-216Tool2 ref
Combat Medic's Crusher CapMisc3 ref2.66 ref
Combat SlacksMisc3.66 ref
Companion Cube PinMisc1 ref8.7–9.7 buds
Company ManMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
Company Man (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
CompatriotMisc3 ref
ConcherorSecondary2 ref1.8–2 buds0.05 ref0.66 ref3.5 keys
Concheror (Not Tradable)Secondary1.1 buds
Concheror (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary1 ref
Conjurer's CowlMisc3.66 ref2 ref
Conjurer's Cowl (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc19–23 keys
Conniver's KunaiMelee2 ref1.3 keys0.05 ref2 ref5 keys
Conniver's Kunai (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Connoisseur's CapMisc1.66 ref
Connoisseur's Cap (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
ConquistadorMisc1.22–1.33 ref
Conquistador (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Conscientious ObjectorMelee0.33 ref2–2.5 buds
Conscientious Objector (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee2.33 ref
Construction PDAPda1 ref9 keys
Cool BreezeMisc2.66 ref
Cool Cat CardiganMisc1 key
Copper's Hard TopMisc1.33 ref
Copper's Hard Top (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
CorpsemopolitanMisc0.66 ref
Cosa Nostra CapMisc1.66 ref
Cosa Nostra Cap (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33–1.66 ref
Cotton HeadMisc1.33 ref
Counterfeit BillycockMisc1.33 ref
Counterfeit Billycock (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.77–1 ref
Coupe D'isasterMisc1.33 ref
Coupe D'isaster (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2–2.66 ref
Couvre CornerMisc1.33 ref
Couvre Corner (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Cow Mangler 5000Primary0.05 ref
Cow Mangler 5000 (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.33 ref
Cozy CamperSecondary0.05 ref7 keys
Cozy Camper (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary1–1.33 ref
Crafty HairMisc2 ref1.66 ref
Cream SpiritTool1 key
Creature From The HeapMisc0.33–0.66 ref
Cremator's ConscienceMisc1.66 ref
Cremator's Conscience (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Criminal CloakMisc5 ref
Crispy Golden LocksMisc1 ref
Crit-a-ColaSecondary1 ref0.05 ref0.44–0.66 ref3 keys
Crit-a-Cola (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.03–0.05 ref
Crocleather SlouchMisc1.33 ref
Crocleather Slouch (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Crocodile SmileMisc1.33 ref
Crocodile Smile (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Croft's CrestMisc1.11 ref1.33 ref
Crone's DomeMisc2 ref3.66 ref
Crone's Dome (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Cross-Comm Crash HelmetMisc2 ref1.33 ref
Cross-Comm ExpressMisc1 key2.33 ref
Crosslinker's CoilMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Crusader's Crossbow (Not Tradable)Primary2 keys
Crusader's CrossbowPrimary2 ref0.05 ref4 ref
Crusader's Crossbow (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Cryptic KeepsakeMisc0.66 ref
Cuban Bristle CrisisMisc3.66 ref
Cut Throat ConciergeMisc3 ref
Cute SuitMisc1 key2 keys
Cyborg Stunt HelmetMisc1.33 ref
Dalokohs BarSecondary0.22 ref0.05 ref5 keys
Dalokohs Bar (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.11 ref
Dangeresque, Too? (Not Tradable)Misc1–1.66 ref
Dapper Disguise (Not Tradable)Misc0.66 ref
Dapper DisguiseMisc1–2 ref
Dapper Disguise (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc7 keys
Dark Age DefenderMisc4.66–5 ref1.3–1.4 keys
Dark Falkirk HelmMisc1.66 ref
Dark HelmMisc1.33–1.66 ref
Dark Salmon InjusticeTool1 ref
Darwin's Danger ShieldSecondary0.05 ref
Darwin's Danger Shield (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Das BlutliebhaberMisc0.66 ref
Das FantzipantzenMisc1.66–2 ref
Das FeelinbeterbagerMisc1.66 ref
Das GutenkutteharenMisc1.33–1.66 ref
Das HazmattenhattenMisc2 ref
Das MaddendoktorMisc1.66 ref
Das MetalmeatencasenMisc1.33–1.66 ref
Das NaggenvatcherMisc1.33 ref
Das UbersternmannMisc1.33 ref
Dashin' HashshashinMisc3.3 keys1–1.2 keys
Data Mining LightMisc1.22 ref
Dead ConeMisc1.22 ref1.22–1.33 ref
Dead Cone (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc13 keys
Dead Little BuddyMisc1.33–1.66 ref1.33 ref
Dead Little Buddy (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.22 ref
Dead RingerPda20.33 ref0.05 ref1.3 keys6 keys
Dead Ringer (Not Usable in Crafting)Pda20.05 ref
Dead of NightMisc4 ref
Deadliest DucklingMisc2.33 ref2 ref
Deadliest Duckling (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.4 keys
Dealer's VisorMisc1.33 ref
Death Support PackMisc0.66 ref
Decal ToolTool1–1.33 ref
Decal Tool (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1–1.33 ref
Deep Cover OperatorMisc1.2 keys2 keys
Defiant SpartanMisc1.33–1.66 ref
Defiant Spartan (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
DegreaserPrimary0.05 ref2 keys
Degreaser (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Delinquent's Down VestMisc4 ref
Demo Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Demoman MaskMisc0.22 ref
Demoman's FroMisc4.66 ref2.33 ref
Demoman's Fro (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Der WintermantelMisc2 ref
Description TagTool2.33 ref
Description Tag (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool2.33 ref
Desert MarauderMisc1.66 ref
Desert Marauder (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
DethKappMisc2 ref
DetonatorSecondary0.05 ref0.66 ref4–5 keys
Detonator (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Deus SpecsMisc4 ref2 ref
Deus Specs (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33–1.66 ref
Diamond Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary2 keys
Diamond Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee2 keys
Diamond Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary2 keys
Diamond Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary3 keys
Diamond Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary3.2–3.5 keys
Diamond Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary4.55 keys
Diamond Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary3 keys
Diamond Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary2 keys
Diamond Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee2.5 keys
DiamondbackSecondary1–1.33 ref0.05 ref3 ref6 keys
Diamondback (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
DictatorMisc1.33 ref
Digit DivulgerMisc2 ref
Dillinger's DuffelMisc2 ref
Dillinger's Duffel (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Direct HitPrimary0.22 ref0.05 ref2 ref
Direct Hit (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Disciplinary ActionMelee0.05 ref2 keys
Disciplinary Action (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.66 ref
Distinguished RogueMisc1.22 ref2 ref
Distinguished Rogue (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Doc's HolidayMisc1.33 ref
Doctor's SackMisc1.33 ref
Doctor's Sack (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 keys
Doe-BoyMisc1.11–1.22 ref1.33 ref
DogfighterMisc1.2–1.3 keys
Doublecross-CommMisc4 keys3 keys
Dough PuncherMisc1.33 ref1–1.4 keys
Dr's Dapper TopperMisc1.66 ref
Dr's Dapper Topper (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.22 ref
Dr. GogglestacheMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Dr. Gogglestache (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Dr. Grordbort's Copper CrestMisc3 ref
Dr. Grordbort's Copper Crest (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Dr. Grordbort's CrestMisc1.33 ref
Dr. Grordbort's Crest (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Dr. Grordbort's Silver CrestMisc3 ref
Dr. Grordbort's Silver Crest (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.77–1 ref
Dr. WhoaMisc1.66 ref
Dr. Whoa (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Drably OliveTool1.33 ref
Dragonborn HelmetMisc1.3 keys1.66 ref
Dragonborn Helmet (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Dread Hiding HoodMisc1 key
Dread KnotMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
Dread Knot (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Dry Gulch GulpMisc1.33 ref
Dual-Core Devil DollMisc1.33 ref
Dueling Mini-GameAction0.33–0.44 ref
Détective NoirMisc1.33 ref
Détective Noir (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
EarbudsMisc31–36 buds19–19.5 keys
Earbuds (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc16–18 buds
EbenezerMisc2.7–2.8 keys
Eerie Crate #51Tool0.33 ref
Eerie KeyTool1 key
EinMisc2.33–3 ref1–1.3 keys
EinsteinMisc0.33 ref1.33 ref
Einstein (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11 ref
El JefeMisc4 keys3.66 ref
El MuchachoMisc3.33 ref
Electric EscorterMisc1.22 ref
Eliminators SafeguardMisc1.66 ref1 key
Ellis' CapMisc1.22 ref
Emerald JarateMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Emerald Jarate (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.44 ref
Enchantment: EternaweenTool0.05–0.11 ref
EnforcerSecondary0.05 ref0.66 ref3 keys
Enforcer (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Engineer Costume TransmogrifierTool0.22 ref
Engineer MaskMisc0.22 ref
Engineer's CapMisc3.66 ref1.33 ref
Engineer's Cap (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.77–1 ref
Enthusiast's Timepiece (Not Tradable)Pda20.33 ref
EqualizerMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref0.33–0.55 ref3–4 keys
Equalizer (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Escape PlanMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref3.33 ref5 keys
Escape Plan (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
EscapistMisc1.33 ref
Ethereal HoodMisc2 ref2 ref
Eureka EffectMelee0.05 ref5 keys
Eureka Effect (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Eviction NoticeMelee0.05 ref0.33 ref4 keys
Eviction Notice (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
ExecutionerMisc1.66 ref2 ref
Executioner (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
ExorcizorMisc1.44–1.55 ref1.66–2 ref
Exorcizor (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Exquisite RackMisc1.66 ref
Exquisite Rack (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc3.33–4.33 ref
External OrganMisc0.66 ref
Extra LayerMisc3 ref
Australium EyelanderMelee1.3–1.5 buds
EyelanderMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref2 ref4 keys
Eyelander (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.03 ref
FR-0Misc1.22 ref
Face Full of FestiveMisc3.33 ref
Face PlanteMisc1.66–2 ref1 ref
Faerie Solitaire PinMisc1 ref1.22 ref
FalconerMisc1.66 ref
Fall 2013 Acorns Crate #72Tool0.01 ref
Fall 2013 Acorns Crate Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1–1.1 keys
Fall 2013 Gourd Crate #73Tool0.01 ref
Fall 2013 Gourd Crate Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Fall Crate #48Tool0.11–0.33 ref
Fall KeyTool1 key
Fallen AngelMisc0.22 ref2 ref
Fallen Angel (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.22 ref
Familiar FezMisc1.66 ref
Familiar Fez (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Family BusinessSecondary0.05 ref2 ref4 keys
Family Business (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.11 ref
Fan O'WarMelee1.66 ref2 buds0.05 ref2.66 ref5 keys
Fan O'War (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Fancy Dress UniformMisc3 ref4 keys7 buds
Fancy Dress Uniform (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc3 ref3–4 keys
Fancy FedoraMisc1.2 keys3 ref
Fancy Fedora (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Fashionable MegalomaniacMisc3 ref1.3–2 keys
Fast LearnerMisc2.66 ref
Fast Learner (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.33 ref
Faun FeetMisc0.66 ref
Faux ManchuMisc0.66 ref
Fed-Fightin' FedoraMisc1.33–1.66 ref
Fed-Fightin' Fedora (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Federal CasemakerMisc1.66 ref
Festive AmbassadorSecondary2.66 ref6 keys
Festive AxtinguisherMelee1.66 ref5 keys
Festive BatMelee18 keys
Festive Black BoxPrimary1.33 ref4 keys
Festive Buff BannerSecondary1.33 ref5 keys
Festive Crusader's CrossbowPrimary1–1.33 ref2.5 keys2 buds
Festive EyelanderMelee1 ref2 keys
Festive Flame ThrowerPrimary1.2 keys13 keys
Festive Flare GunSecondary1 ref2 keys
Festive Force-A-NaturePrimary1 ref2 keys
Festive Frontier JusticePrimary1.33 ref3 keys
Festive Gloves of Running UrgentlyMelee1 ref1 key
Festive Grenade LauncherPrimary3.33–3.66 ref7 keys
Festive Holy MackerelMelee2 ref4 keys
Festive HuntsmanPrimary5 ref10–11 keys
Festive JarateSecondary0.88–1 ref2 keys2 buds
Festive KnifeMelee1.5 keys20 keys
Festive Medi GunSecondary1.8 keys2.2 buds
Festive MinigunPrimary1.7–2 keys19 keys
Festive Rocket LauncherPrimary2.5–2.7 keys1.9–2 buds
Festive SandvichSecondary2.33 ref6 keys
Festive SapperBuilding1 ref3 keys
Festive ScattergunPrimary2.3 keys2.8 buds
Festive Sniper RiflePrimary1.4–1.5 keys25 keys
Festive Stickybomb LauncherSecondary1.3–1.4 keys20 keys
Festive UbersawMelee1.66 ref5 keys
Festive Winter Crate #6Tool4 keys
Festive Winter Crate KeyTool1 bud
Festive WranglerSecondary1 ref1.55 keys
Festive WrenchMelee1 key16 keys
FilamentalMisc1 key
Fire AxeMelee1 ref0.33 ref
Fireproof Secret DiaryAction19 keys
Firewall HelmetMisc1.33 ref
FishcakeSecondary5 ref
FistsMelee0.66–1 ref1 ref
Fists of SteelMelee0.05 ref0.33 ref4 keys
Fists of Steel (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Five-Month ShadowMisc5 ref
Flair!Misc1.66–2 ref
Flair! (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Flamboyant FlamencoMisc1.66 ref
Flamboyant Flamenco (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33–1.66 ref
Australium Flame ThrowerPrimary1–1.2 buds
Flame ThrowerPrimary0.66 ref1.33 ref
FlapjackMisc1 key
Flare GunSecondary0.22 ref0.05 ref5–6 ref4.7 keys
Flare Gun (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Flared FrontiersmanMisc1.33 ref
Flight of the MonarchMisc1.33 ref
Flip-FlopsMisc1.8 buds
Flip-Flops (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc7 keys
Flipped TrilbyMisc1.33 ref
Flipped Trilby (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
FlunkywareMisc1.33–1.66 ref
Flying GuillotineSecondary1.66 ref0.05 ref0.66 ref5 keys
Flying Guillotine (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05–0.11 ref
Football HelmetMisc2 ref1.33 ref
Football Helmet (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Foppish PhysicianMisc1.22 ref3.33 ref1 key
Foppish Physician (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc3 ref1.4 keys
Australium Force-A-NaturePrimary17–18 keys
Force-A-NaturePrimary0.22 ref0.05 ref1.66 ref
Force-A-Nature (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Fortified CompoundPrimary1.7–2 keys1 ref
Fortified Compound (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary2.66–3 ref
Fortune HunterMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Foster's FacadeMisc1 ref1.33 ref
Foul CowlMisc0.66 ref
Founding FatherMisc2.33 ref
Freedom FeathersMisc0.85–1 keys5–6 ref
Freedom StaffMelee2.66 ref0.33–0.44 ref
Freedom Staff (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.66 ref
Frenchman's BeretMisc4 ref1.33 ref
Frenchman's Beret (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Frenchman's FormalsMisc1.33 ref
Friends Forever Companion Square BadgeMisc1 bud
Front RunnerMisc1.66–2 ref
Front Runner (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Frontier FlyboyMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Frontier Flyboy (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Australium Frontier JusticePrimary11–12 keys
Frontier JusticePrimary0.22 ref0.05 ref2 ref4 keys
Frontier Justice (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Fruit ShootMisc1.66 ref
Fruit Shoot (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Frying PanMelee0.22–0.33 ref10.5–11 keys
Full Metal Drill HatMisc1.22 ref
Furious FukaamigasaMisc1.33 ref
Furious Fukaamigasa (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
FutankhamunMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Futankhamun (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Gabe GlassesMisc1.33–1.44 ref
Gaelic GarbMisc1.66 ref
Gaelic Golf BagMisc1.33 ref
Gaiter GuardsMisc1.66 ref
Galvanized GibusMisc1.55–2 ref
Garlic Flank StakeMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Garlic Flank Stake (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11 ref
Geisha BoyMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Geisha Boy (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Gentle Manne's Service MedalMisc4–5.4 buds6 keys
Gentleman's GatsbyMisc3 ref1.33 ref
Gentleman's Gatsby (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Gentleman's UshankaMisc1.33 ref
Gentleman's Ushanka (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
German GonzilaMisc1.33 ref
German Gonzila (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Ghastlierest GibusMisc16.5–19 buds2–2.66 ref
Gift WrapTool0.9–1 keys
Giftapult (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool0.11 ref
Gilded GuardMisc2–3 ref
Glasgow Great HelmMisc2 ref
Glengarry BonnetMisc2.66 ref3 ref1.33 ref
Glengarry Bonnet (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Glitched Circuit BoardMisc18 keys
GlobMisc1 ref
Gloves of Running UrgentlyMelee0.05 ref1.66 ref4 keys
Gloves of Running Urgently (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Gold Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary2–2.5 keys
Gold Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IIPrimary2 keys
Gold Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee3 keys
Gold Botkiller Knife Mk.IIMelee2 keys
Gold Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary3 keys
Gold Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.IISecondary2 keys
Gold Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary4 keys
Gold Botkiller Minigun Mk.IIPrimary2.5–3 keys
Gold Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary4 keys
Gold Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IIPrimary3 keys
Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary5 keys
Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IIPrimary3.8–4 keys
Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary4 keys
Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IIPrimary3 keys
Gold Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary3 keys
Gold Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.IISecondary2 keys
Gold Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee4.4–4.7 keys
Gold Botkiller Wrench Mk.IIMelee3.5 keys
Gold DiggerMisc2.66 ref
Golden Frying PanMelee70 buds
Golden GarmentMisc3.33–3.66 ref
Gone CommandoMisc2 ref1 key
Googly GazerMisc1.33 ref
Googly Gazer (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66–1 ref
Googol Glass EyesMisc1.33 ref
Gothic GuiseMisc0.66 ref
Grand Duchess Fairy WingsMisc3 ref2 ref
Grand Duchess Fairy Wings (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Grand Duchess TiaraMisc3–3.33 ref1.44 ref
Grand Duchess Tiara (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Grand Duchess TutuMisc3–3.55 ref2 ref
Grand Duchess Tutu (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
GrandmasterMisc1.1 buds
GraybannsMisc1.1 keys
Grease MonkeyMisc1–1.44 ref1 ref
Greased LightningMisc2 ref5.7 buds
Green Summer 2013 Cooler #65Tool0.01–0.05 ref
Green Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Green Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Australium Grenade LauncherPrimary1.3–1.4 buds
Grenade LauncherPrimary1 ref2 ref
Grenadier HelmMisc1.33 ref
Grenadier Helm (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Grenadier's SoftcapMisc1.33 ref
Grenadier's Softcap (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Gridiron GuardianMisc1.33 ref
Griffin's GogMisc0.11 ref0.66 ref
Griffin's Gog (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11 ref
Grimm HatteMisc1.33 ref
Grimm Hatte (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Grisly GumboMisc0.66 ref
Grizzled GrowthMisc3.66 ref2.33 ref
Ground ControlMisc3 ref1 key
Grub GrenadesMisc0.66 ref
GuanoMisc1.66 ref
GunboatsSecondary0.66–1 ref0.05 ref15 keys
Gunboats (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
GunslingerMelee0.88–1 ref0.05 ref30–31 keys5 keys
Gunslinger (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.03–0.05 ref
Gym RatMisc1.33 ref
Gym Rat (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
HDMI PatchMisc1.33 ref
Hair of the DogMisc0.33 ref1.66–2.33 ref
Hair of the Dog (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11–0.22 ref
Half-Pipe HurdlerMisc1.66–2 ref
Half-ZatoichiMelee3.33 ref2 keys0.05 ref3 ref
Half-Zatoichi (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Hallowed HeadcaseMisc0.66 ref
Halloween Spell: Bruised Purple FootprintsTool2 ref
Halloween Spell: Chromatic CorruptionTool1 ref
Halloween Spell: Corpse Gray FootprintsTool1–2 ref
Halloween Spell: Demoman's Cadaverous CroakTool0.11 ref
Halloween Spell: Die JobTool0.66 ref
Halloween Spell: Engineers's Gravelly GrowlTool0.22–0.33 ref
Halloween Spell: ExorcismTool0.05 ref
Halloween Spell: Gangreen FootprintsTool1–2 ref
Halloween Spell: Gourd GrenadesTool0.33 ref
Halloween Spell: Headless HorseshoesTool2–3 ref
Halloween Spell: Heavy's Bottomless BassTool0.11 ref
Halloween Spell: Medic's Blood-curdling BellowTool0.11 ref
Halloween Spell: Putrescent PigmentationTool0.33 ref
Halloween Spell: Pyro's Muffled MoanTool0.33 ref
Halloween Spell: Rotten Orange FootprintsTool1 ref
Halloween Spell: Scout's Spectral SnarlTool0.11 ref
Halloween Spell: Sentry Quad-PumpkinsTool0.11 ref
Halloween Spell: Sinister StainingTool1 ref
Halloween Spell: Sniper's Deep Downunder DrawlTool0.22–0.66 ref
Halloween Spell: Soldier's Booming BarkTool0.66–1 ref
Halloween Spell: Spectral FlameTool0.11–0.22 ref
Halloween Spell: Spectral SpectrumTool4–5 ref
Halloween Spell: Spy's Creepy CroonTool0.33–0.66 ref
Halloween Spell: Squash RocketsTool0.11–0.33 ref
Halloween Spell: Team Spirit FootprintsTool2–4 ref
Halloween Spell: Violent Violet FootprintsTool1–2 ref
HalloweinerMisc1 ref
Halogen Head LampMisc1.33 ref
Ham ShankMelee2 ref1 ref
Ham Shank (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.66 ref
HandhunterMisc0.55 ref
Handyman's HandleMisc1.33 ref
Handyman's Handle (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Hanger-On HoodMisc1.33 ref
Hard CounterMisc1.33 ref
Hard Counter (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc4.66 ref
Hard-Headed HardwareMisc3.66 ref
Hardium HelmMisc0.66 ref
Hardy LaurelMisc2.33 ref2.33 ref
HarmburgMisc1.33 ref
Hat With No NameMisc1.33 ref
Hat With No Name (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Hat of CardsMisc1.66 ref
Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect (Not Tradable)Misc10 buds
Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect (Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting)Misc15–16 buds
Haunted HatMisc4 ref4.33 ref
HazMat HeadcaseMisc1.44–1.66 ref
HazMat Headcase (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.11–1.33 ref
Head WarmerMisc2 ref
Head Warmer (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Headtaker's HoodMisc1 ref
Heat of WinterMisc6 ref
Heavy Artillery Officer's CapMisc1.66 ref1.33–1.66 ref
Heavy Costume TransmogrifierTool1 ref
Heavy Duty RagMisc6 ref1.33 ref
Heavy Duty Rag (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Heavy LifterMisc4.66 ref1.85–2 keys
Heavy MaskMisc0.22 ref
Heavy's Hockey HairMisc1.33 ref
Heavy-Weight ChampMisc1.33 ref
Heer's HelmetMisc2 ref0.95–1 keys
Helmet Without a HomeMisc1.33 ref
Helmet Without a Home (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
HermesMisc1.33 ref
Hermes (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Hero's HachimakiMisc5 ref2 ref
Hero's TailMisc1.4 keys3.33 ref
Heroic Companion BadgeMisc1–1.22 ref1.33 ref
Hetman's HeadpieceMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
Hetman's Headpiece (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc20–27 keys
Hidden DragonMisc1 ref
Highland High HeelsMisc1.66 ref
Hitman's HeatmakerPrimary0.05 ref2 ref
Hitman's Heatmaker (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Hitt Mann BadgeMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
Hitt Mann Badge (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc5.66 ref
Hive MinderMisc1.33 ref
Holiday HeadcaseMisc21–22 keys
Holiday PunchMelee0.05 ref2 keys6 keys
Holiday Punch (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
HollowheadMisc1 ref
Holy HunterMisc0.11 ref3 ref
Holy Hunter (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.55 ref
Holy MackerelMelee0.05 ref4 keys5.5–6 keys
Holy Mackerel (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
HomewreckerMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref0.33 ref3–4 keys
Homewrecker (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05–0.11 ref
Honcho's HeadgearMisc1.66 ref
Honcho's Headgear (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Hong Kong ConeMisc2.33 ref
HornblowerMisc1 key
Horned HonchoMisc0.66 ref
Horrific Head of HareMisc1–1.15 keys1 ref
Horrific HeadsplitterMisc1.33 ref
Horrific Headsplitter (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Horsemann's Hand-Me-DownMisc1.66 ref
Hot DoggerMisc1.33 ref
Hot Dogger (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.66 ref
HotrodMisc5.33 ref1.33 ref
Hotrod (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Hottie's HoodieMisc1.33 ref
Hottie's Hoodie (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Hound DogMisc1 key1.66 ref
Hound Dog (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Hound's HoodMisc0.66 ref
Human CannonballMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref3.5 buds
Human Cannonball (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66–1 ref
Hunger ForceMisc1.66 ref
HuntsmanPrimary0.33 ref0.05 ref7 keys10 keys
Huntsman (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Huntsman's EssentialsMisc2.33–2.66 ref1.3–1.5 keys
Huo-Long HeaterPrimary1.66 ref0.05 ref0.66 ref4–5 keys
Huo-Long Heater (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Hurt LocherMisc3 ref
Hustler's HallmarkMisc1.3 keys1.66 ref
Hustler's Hallmark (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.22–1.33 ref
Hyperbaric BowlerMisc0.66 ref
Idea TubeMisc1.66 ref
Idea Tube (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Idiot BoxMisc1–1.33 ref1 key
Idiot Box (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Incinerated Barn Door PlankTool0.05 ref
Indubitably GreenTool2.66 ref
Industrial FestivizerMisc1.66–2 ref
Industrial Festivizer (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Infernal ImpalerMisc1.33 ref
Infernal Impaler (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Infernal OrchestrinaMisc1.33 ref
Infernal Orchestrina (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Intangible AscotMisc0.22 ref1 ref
Intangible Ascot (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11 ref
Invis WatchPda20.88–1 ref5 keys
Iron Curtain (Not Tradable)Primary0.33–0.66 ref
Itsy Bitsy SpyerMisc1.33 ref
Itsy Bitsy Spyer (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Ivan The InedibleMisc1 ref
JagMelee0.05 ref3.33 ref5 keys
Jag (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Janissary KetcheMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Janissary Ketche (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc10 keys
JarateSecondary0.22 ref0.05 ref0.66–1 ref5 keys
Jarate (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Jingle BeltMisc1.66 ref
Jingle Belt (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33–1.66 ref
Juggernaut JacketMisc3 ref1–2 keys
Jumper's JeepcapMisc1.33 ref
Jumper's Jeepcap (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.88–1 ref
Jupiter JumpersMisc0.66 ref
K-9 ManeMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
K-9 Mane (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
KatyushaMisc1.33 ref
Killer ExclusiveMisc4 ref2.66 ref
Killer Exclusive (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Killer's KabutoMisc1.4 keys1.66 ref
Killer's Kabuto (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Killer's KitMisc4 ref1.3–1.5 keys
Killing Gloves of BoxingMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref0.66 ref3 keys
Killing Gloves of Boxing (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
King of Scotland CapeMisc2 ref2.66 ref
King of Scotland Cape (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.66–3 ref
Kiss KingMisc1.33 ref
Australium KnifeMelee1.4–1.5 buds
KnifeMelee1 ref3.33 ref
Koala CompactMisc1.33 ref
Kringle CollectionMisc1 key
Kringle Collection (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 key
KritzkriegSecondary0.22–0.33 ref0.05 ref49–50 keys11 keys
Kritzkrieg (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
KukriMelee0.66–1 ref0.33 ref
L'EtrangerSecondary0.05 ref2.33 ref5 keys
L'Etranger (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
L'InspecteurMisc1.33 ref
L'Inspecteur (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
L'homme BurglerreMisc1.33 ref
Lacking Moral Fiber MaskMisc4.33 ref2 ref
Large LuchadoreMisc1.33 ref
Large Luchadore (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Larrikin RobinMisc1.33 ref
Larrikin Robin (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Larval LidMisc1 ref
Last BiteMisc0.66 ref
Last BreathMisc0.9–1 keys
Last Breath (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc5 ref
Last StrawMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
LawMisc1 key2 keys
Le Party PhantomMisc2 ref
Le Party Phantom (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Leftover TrapMisc2 ref
Legend of BugfootMisc0.11 ref0.66 ref
Legend of Bugfoot (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.05–0.11 ref
Letch's LEDMisc1.33 ref
Li'l SnaggletoothMisc1.33 ref
Liberty LauncherPrimary0.05 ref2 ref5 keys
Liberty Launcher (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
License to Maim (Not Tradable)Misc0.01 ref
Lieutenant BitesMisc3 ref
Lieutenant Bites the DustMisc1 ref
Liquidator's LidMisc1.33 ref
Liquidator's Lid (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.88–1 ref
Liquor LockerMisc1.66 ref
Liquor Locker (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Little BearMisc1–1.3 keys
Little BuddyMisc1.33 ref
Little Buddy (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc5 ref
Little Drummer MannMisc4.33–4.66 ref
Lo-Grav LoafersMisc1 ref
Loch-n-LoadPrimary2.33 ref0.05 ref2.66 ref5 keys
Loch-n-Load (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
LollichopMelee0.05 ref1–1.33 ref5 keys
Lollichop (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Lone StarMisc1.66 ref1.66 ref
Long Fall LoafersMisc1–1.33 ref
Long Fall Loafers (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc11 keys
Loose CannonPrimary0.11 ref2–2.3 keys
Loose Cannon (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.11 ref
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and PipeMisc4.33 ref1.1–1.3 keys
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc3 ref1 key
Lord Cockswain's Pith HelmetMisc1.33 ref
Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Lordly LapelsMisc1 ref
Lucky No. 42Misc2.3–2.4 buds
Lucky No. 42 (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc4 keys
Lucky ShotMisc1.33 ref
Lucky Shot (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
LugermorphSecondary9 keys2–2.66 ref
Community Sparkle LugermorphSecondary26.2–27.8 buds
Lugermorph (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary9.3–12 buds
Lugermorph (Not Tradable)Secondary0.66 ref
Lumbricus LidMisc5.5 buds1 key
Lumbricus Lid (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc3.3–3.4 buds
MONOCULUS!Misc0.01 ref
Macabre Mask (Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Macabre MaskMisc1 ref1 ref
MachinaPrimary3 ref0.05–0.11 ref20 keys12–13 keys
Machina (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Macho MannMisc1.2–1.3 keys
Mad MilkSecondary0.05 ref2 ref
Mad Milk (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Madame DixieMisc1.33 ref
Madame Dixie (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Made ManMisc2 ref
Made Man (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66–2 ref
Magical Mercenary (Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Magical MercenaryMisc1 key1 key
Magistrate's MulletMisc3.33 ref1.33 ref
Magistrate's Mullet (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Magnificent MongolianMisc1.33 ref
Magnificent Mongolian (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.66 ref
Mair MaskMisc1.33 ref
Maniac's ManaclesMisc1 ref
ManmelterSecondary0.05 ref
Manmelter (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.11 ref
Mann Co. OrangeTool2.33 ref
Mann Co. Painting SetAction6 ref
Mann Co. Store PackageAction1 ref
Mann Co. Strongbox #81Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Strongbox Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Mann Co. Supply Crate #1Tool3 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #12Tool0.11 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #13Tool1.66 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #18Tool0.11 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #19Tool2 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #23Tool0.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #26Tool0.01–0.03 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #3Tool0.44 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #31Tool0.33–0.55 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #34Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #39Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #43Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #47Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #54Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #57Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #7Tool0.11 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #75Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #11Tool0.22–0.44 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #14Tool1.66 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #17Tool0.05–0.11 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #2Tool0.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #20Tool0.66 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #24Tool0.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #27Tool0.05–0.11 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #32Tool0.03–0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #37Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #4Tool0.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #42Tool1.33–2 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #44Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #49Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #56Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #71Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #76Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #8Tool0.11 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #10Tool0.11–0.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #15Tool0.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #16Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #21Tool4–5 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #25Tool0.11–0.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #28Tool0.55–0.66 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #29Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #33Tool0.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #38Tool0.11–0.22 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #41Tool0.05 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #45Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #5Tool0.11 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #55Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #59Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #77Tool0.01 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate #9Tool0.33 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate KeyTool7.44–7.55 ref
Mann Co. Supply Munition #82Tool0.11 ref
Mann Co. Supply Munition #83Tool0.11–0.22 ref
Mann of ReasonMisc1.33 ref
Mann of the HouseMisc3 ref
Mann-Bird of AberdeenMisc2.66–3 ref
ManneaterMisc1 ref
Manniversary PackageAction3–4 ref
Manniversary Paper HatMisc1.33 ref
MantreadsSecondary0.05 ref1 key3.4–4 keys
Mantreads (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary1.66 ref
Mark of the SaintMisc2 ref1.33 ref
Market GardenerMelee0.05–0.11 ref2 ref8 keys
Market Gardener (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Marshall's Mutton ChopsMisc2 ref
MarxmanMisc3 ref2 ref
Marxman (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Mask of the ShamanMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Mask of the Shaman (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc7.5 buds
Master MindMisc4 ref1.22 ref
Master Mind (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11 ref
Master's Yellow BeltMisc3.33–3.66 ref1.33–1.66 ref
Master's Yellow Belt (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66–1 ref
MaulMelee5 keys2.66 ref
Max's Severed HeadMisc9.3–10.9 buds3 buds
Max's Severed Head (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc9.5 buds
Mecha-MedesMisc2 ref
Australium Medi GunSecondary1.8–2 buds
Medi GunSecondary0.66 ref1–1.33 ref
Medi-MaskMisc1.66 ref
Medic Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Medic MaskMisc0.22 ref
Medic Mech-bagMisc1.11 ref
Medic's Mountain CapMisc1.33 ref
Medic's Mountain Cap (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Medical MysteryMisc2.33 ref
MedimedesMisc2 keys2 keys
Megapixel BeardMisc1.33 ref
MenpoMisc1.22 ref1.66 ref
Menpo (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Merc MedalMisc1.66 ref1.33 ref
Merc's MufflerMisc1 key
Merc's Pride ScarfMisc4 keys1.3 keys6 keys
Merc's Pride Scarf (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc4 ref5 keys
Metal SlugMisc1.22 ref
MilkmanMisc1.66 ref
Milkman (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Australium MinigunPrimary1.8–2 buds
MinigunPrimary0.77–1 ref1.5 keys
Mining LightMisc3.33–3.66 ref2 ref
Mining Light (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Minnesota SlickMisc1.33 ref
Modest Metal Pile of ScrapMisc1.33 ref
Modest Pile of HatMisc5 ref1.33 ref
Modest Pile of Hat (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Monster's StompersMisc1 ref
Monstrous MandibleMisc0.66 ref
Moonman BackpackMisc1.33 ref
Moonman Backpack (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Mucous MembrainMisc1 ref
MuskelmannbraunTool1 ref
Mustachioed MannMisc1.33 ref1 key
Mutton MannMisc2 ref
Name TagTool3.11–3.33 ref
Name Tag (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool3.11–3.33 ref
NanobalaclavaMisc1.66 ref1.33 ref
Nanobalaclava (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Napolean ComplexMisc1.33 ref1 key
Napper's RespiteMisc2 ref
Napper's Respite (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66–2 ref
NataschaPrimary0.22 ref0.05 ref2.66–3 ref5 keys
Natascha (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Naughty Winter Crate #35Tool1 key
Naughty Winter Crate 2012 #52Tool0.33 ref
Naughty Winter Crate 2013 #78Tool0.01 ref
Naughty Winter Crate KeyTool1 key
Naughty Winter Crate Key 2012Tool1 key
Naughty Winter Key 2013 (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Neckwear HeadwearMisc1.33 ref
NecronomicrownMisc0.33 ref
Necronomicrown (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc8–10 keys
Neon AnnihilatorMelee0.66 ref0.05 ref0.33 ref4 keys
Neon Annihilator (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Nessie's Nine IronMelee0.05 ref4–5 keys
Nessie's Nine Iron (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee2 ref
Nice Winter Crate #36Tool1 key
Nice Winter Crate 2012Tool0.11–0.22 ref
Nice Winter Crate 2012 #53Tool0.11–0.33 ref
Nice Winter Crate 2013 #79Tool0.01 ref
Nice Winter Crate KeyTool1 key
Nice Winter Crate Key 2012Tool1 key
Nice Winter Crate Key 2013 (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Nine-Pipe ProblemMisc2 ref
Nine-Pipe Problem (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Ninja CowlMisc1.33 ref
Ninja Cowl (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.88 ref
Noble Amassment of HatsMisc4 ref1.33 ref
Noble Amassment of Hats (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Noble Hatter's VioletTool2 ref
Noble Nickel Amassment of HatsMisc1.22 ref
Noh MercyMisc1 key2 ref
Noh Mercy (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Noise Maker - BansheeAction1 key
Noise Maker - Banshee (Not Usable in Crafting)Action4 ref
Noise Maker - Black CatAction1 key
Noise Maker - Black Cat (Not Usable in Crafting)Action3.33–4 ref
Noise Maker - Crazy LaughAction1 key
Noise Maker - Crazy Laugh (Not Usable in Crafting)Action3 ref
Noise Maker - FireworksAction10 keys
Noise Maker - Fireworks (Not Usable in Crafting)Action3 ref
Noise Maker - GremlinAction1 key
Noise Maker - Gremlin (Not Usable in Crafting)Action3.66 ref
Noise Maker - KotoAction1.33 ref25 keys
Noise Maker - Koto (Not Usable in Crafting)Action2 ref
Noise Maker - StabbyAction1 key
Noise Maker - Stabby (Not Usable in Crafting)Action1 key
Noise Maker - VuvuzelaAction4 ref8 keys
Noise Maker - Vuvuzela (Not Usable in Crafting)Action1.33 ref
Noise Maker - WerewolfAction1 key
Noise Maker - Winter HolidayAction0.05 ref
Noise Maker - WitchAction1 key
Noise Maker - Witch (Not Usable in Crafting)Action2.66 ref
Nose CandyMisc1.66–2 ref
NunhoodMisc4.33 ref
Officer's UshankaMisc4 ref5 ref1.33–1.66 ref
Officer's Ushanka (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Ol' GeezerMisc1.33 ref
Ol' Geezer (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc4–5 ref
Ol' SnaggletoothMisc1.33 ref
Ol' Snaggletooth (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Old GuadalajaraMisc1.66 ref
Old Guadalajara (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.22 ref
One-Man ArmyMisc1.66 ref
One-Man Army (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
One-Way TicketMisc0.66 ref
Operator's OverallsTool1 key
Orange Summer 2013 Cooler #63Tool0.01–0.05 ref
Orange Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Orange Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
OriginalPrimary5 ref0.05 ref6 keys8 keys
Original (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05–0.11 ref
Ornament ArmamentMisc2 ref
Ornament Armament (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Otolaryngologist's MirrorMisc2 ref1.33 ref
Otolaryngologist's Mirror (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Outback IntellectualMisc4.33 ref1.3 keys
Outback Intellectual (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc3.66 ref
OutdoorsmanMisc1.33 ref
Outdoorsman (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
OverdosePrimary0.05 ref1 ref4.5–5 keys
Overdose (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05–0.11 ref
PY-40 IncinibotMisc1 ref
Pain TrainMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref0.33 ref5 keys
Pain Train (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.66 ref
Pain Train (Not Tradable)Melee6 keys
Pallet of CratesAction1–1.33 ref
Pampered PyroMisc1.33 ref
ParasightMisc0.66 ref
Pardner's PompadourMisc1.33–1.66 ref
Peculiarly Drab TinctureTool1.33 ref
Pencil PusherMisc1.33 ref
Pencil Pusher (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.11 ref
Persian PersuaderMelee0.05 ref0.33 ref
Persian Persuader (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Person in the Iron MaskMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
PhlogistinatorPrimary0.05 ref6 ref
Phlogistinator (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.33 ref
Photo BadgeMisc1.33 ref
Photo Badge (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Physician's Procedure MaskMisc2 keys2 ref3 buds
Physician's Procedure Mask (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Pickled PawsMisc0.11 ref0.66 ref
Pickled Paws (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11 ref
Pile Of AshAction1 ref
Pile Of CursesAction0.33 ref
Pile o' Gifts (Not Usable in Crafting)Action8 keys
Pile of RoboKey Gifts (Not Usable in Crafting)Action1 bud
Pile of Summer Cooler Key Gifts (Not Usable in Crafting)Action22 keys
PilotkaMisc1–1.11 ref1.33 ref
Pin PalsMisc0.66 ref
Pink as HellTool0.95–1 keys
Pip-BoyMisc2 ref1.66 ref
Pip-Boy (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Pirate BandanaMisc1.33 ref
PistolSecondary0.66 ref2.33 ref
Planeswalker GogglesMisc3.33 ref1.66 ref
Planeswalker HelmMisc2 ref1.33 ref
Platinum PickelhaubeMisc1.22 ref
Plug-In ProspectorMisc1.22 ref
Plumber's PipeMisc1.22 ref
PlutonidomeMisc1.66 ref1.33 ref
Plutonidome (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Pocket HorsemannMisc1 ref
Pocket MedicMisc1.33 ref
Pocket Medic (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Pocket PurrerMisc1.33 ref3.2 buds
Pocket PyroMisc1.33 ref
Point and ShootMisc3 ref2.33 ref
Polar PulloverMisc1.33 ref
Polly PutridMisc1 ref
Pom-Pommed ProvocateurMisc1.33 ref
Pomson 6000Primary0.05 ref1.3–1.4 keys
Pomson 6000 (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary1 ref1.4–1.5 keys
Pop-eyesMisc1.66 ref
Portable Smissmas Spirit DispenserMisc1.22 ref
Postal PummelerMelee0.05 ref5–6 keys
Postal Pummeler (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee1.66–2 ref
Pounding FatherMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
Powdered PractitionerMisc1.33 ref
Power Up CanteenAction0.11 ref
PowerjackMelee0.05 ref2.66 ref6 keys
Powerjack (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Practitioner's Processing MaskMisc1.33 ref
Prairie Heel BitersMisc1.33 ref
Prairie Heel Biters (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33–1 ref
Prancer's PrideMisc1.33 ref
Prancer's Pride (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Pretty Boy's Pocket PistolSecondary0.05 ref2–3 ref
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05–0.11 ref
Prince Tavish's CrownMisc1.66 ref
Prince Tavish's Crown (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Pristine Robot Brainstorm BulbTool0.88–1 ref
Pristine Robot Currency DigesterTool0.66–0.77 ref
Private EyeMisc1.33 ref1 key
Private Eye (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66–2 ref
Prize PlushyMisc2 ref1.33 ref
Professional's PanamaMisc2 ref1.33 ref
Professional's Panama (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Professor Speks (Not Tradable)Misc1.33–2 ref2–3 ref
Professor's PeculiarityMisc1.33 ref
Professor's Peculiarity (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Professor's PineappleMisc2 ref1.66 ref
Prussian PickelhaubeMisc3 ref1.33 ref
Prussian Pickelhaube (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Pugilist's ProtectorMisc1.33 ref
Pugilist's Protector (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.22–1.33 ref
Pure Tin CapotainMisc1.33 ref
Purity FistMisc2.66–3 ref2 ref
Purity Fist (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33–1.66 ref
Pyro Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Pyro MaskMisc0.22 ref
Pyro's BeanieMisc3 ref1.66–2 ref
Pyro's Beanie (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Pyro's Boron BeanieMisc1.22 ref
Pyrobotics PackMisc1.22 ref
Pyromancer's MaskMisc1.66 ref
Pyromancer's Mask (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Pyrotechnic ToteMisc1.66 ref
Pyrovision GogglesMisc0.11 ref2–2.33 ref
QuadwranglerMisc1 key5 ref
Quick-FixSecondary0.05 ref5 ref5 keys
Quick-Fix (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
QuothMisc1.66–2 ref1.66–2 ref
QuäckenbirdtPda24–4.33 ref1.33 ref
Quäckenbirdt (Not Usable in Crafting)Pda21 ref
Radigan Conagher BrownTool1.33 ref
Rail SpikesMisc2.66 ref
RainblowerPrimary0.05 ref2 ref
Rainblower (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Ramses' RegaliaMisc0.66 ref
Rat StompersMisc1.33 ref
Raven's VisageMisc1 ref
RazorbackSecondary0.11–0.22 ref0.05 ref1 ref6 keys
Razorback (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Rebel RouserMisc1.33 ref
Reclaimed MetalTool14.8 buds0.33 ref
Red Army RobinMisc2 ref
Red Summer 2013 Cooler #62Tool0.01 ref
Red Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1 key
Red Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Red-Tape RecorderBuilding2–2.33 ref0.05 ref5 keys
Red-Tape Recorder (Not Usable in Crafting)Building0.11 ref
Refined MetalTool21.7 buds0.98–1.02 ref
Refreshing Summer Cooler #22Tool1 key
Refreshing Summer Cooler KeyTool1 key
ReggaelatorMisc1.66 ref
Reggaelator (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
ReindoonicornMisc1.66 ref
Reinforced Robot Bomb StabilizerTool0.11 ref
Reinforced Robot Emotion DetectorTool0.11 ref
Reinforced Robot Humor Suppression PumpTool0.11 ref
Rescue RangerPrimary0.11 ref0.66 ref
Rescue Ranger (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.11 ref
Reserve ShooterSecondary0.05–0.11 ref1.2–1.3 keys4 keys
Reserve Shooter (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Respectless Robo-GloveMisc1.22 ref
Respectless Rubber GloveMisc2 ref2.33 ref1.33 ref
Respectless Rubber Glove (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33–0.55 ref
Resurrection Associate PinMisc1.66 ref
RevolverSecondary1 ref0.66 ref
Righteous BisonSecondary1.3 keys0.05 ref
Righteous Bison (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.22 ref
Rimmed RaincatcherMisc1.33 ref
Rimmed Raincatcher (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Ritzy Rick's Hair FixativeMisc3.33 ref1.33 ref
Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66–1 ref
RoBro 3000Misc1 key9 keys
RoBro 3000 (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.3 keys11 keys
Roasted GoldfishTool0.11 ref
Robo-SandvichSecondary1.5 buds
RoboCrate #58Tool0.05–0.11 ref
RoboCrate KeyTool1 key
RoboCrate Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Robot Chicken HatMisc1.33 ref1.66 ref
Robot Running ManMisc1.22 ref
Rocket JumperPrimary0.11 ref1.7–2 buds
Rocket Jumper (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05–0.11 ref
Australium Rocket LauncherPrimary2.5 buds
Rocket LauncherPrimary0.66 ref4.66–5 ref
Rogue's BroguesMisc1.33 ref
Rogue's Col RouleMisc1.66–2 ref
Rogue's Col Roule (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Ruffled RuprechtMisc3 ref
Rugged RespiratorMisc1 ref
Rump-o'-LanternMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Rump-o'-Lantern (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Runner's Warm-UpMisc1.33 ref
Russian RocketeerMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Rust Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary2 ref
Rust Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee2.66 ref
Rust Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary2.33–2.66 ref
Rust Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary4 ref
Rust Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary4 ref
Rust Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary5–6 ref
Rust Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary4 ref
Rust Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary2 ref
Rust Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee2.66 ref
Rusty ReaperMisc1.66 ref
Australium SMGSecondary14–15 keys
SMGSecondary0.66–1 ref4 ref
Sack Fulla SmissmasMisc3 keys
Sackcloth SpookMisc1 ref
Safe'n'SoundMisc1 key1.66 ref
Safe'n'Sound (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Salty DogMisc1.33 ref
Salty Dog (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66–2 ref
Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate #30Tool26–28 keys
Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate #40Tool4–5 keys
Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate #50Tool9–10 keys
Sammy CapMisc2.33 ref1 key
Samson Skewer (Not Tradable)Misc0.33 ref
Samson Skewer (Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting)Misc17 keys
Samson SkewerMisc0.33 ref
Samson Skewer (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 bud
Samur-EyeMisc6 ref2 ref
Samur-Eye (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.11 ref
SandmanMelee0.33 ref0.05 ref4.66 ref5 keys
Sandman (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.01–0.05 ref
SandvichSecondary0.33 ref0.05 ref6 keys
Sandvich (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Sandvich SafeMisc1.66–2 ref0.95–1 keys
Sandvich Safe (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Sangu SleevesMisc1.66 ref
SapperBuilding0.88–1 ref3–3.3 keys
Saxton Hale MaskMisc1–1.33 ref
ScarecrowMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Scarecrow (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11–0.22 ref
Australium ScattergunPrimary2–2.3 buds
ScattergunPrimary0.66–1 ref3.66 ref
Scorch ShotSecondary0.05 ref0.33 ref6 keys
Scorch Shot (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05–0.11 ref
Scorched Crate #46Tool0.33 ref
Scorched KeyTool1 key
Scorched SkirtMisc1 ref
Scotch BonnetMisc2 ref
Scotch Bonnet (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2–2.33 ref
Scotch SaverMisc3 ref
Scotsman's SkullcutterMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref0.33 ref4 keys
Scotsman's Skullcutter (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Scotsman's Stove PipeMisc3 ref4.33 ref1.33 ref
Scotsman's Stove Pipe (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Scottish HandshakeMelee0.05 ref5 keys
Scottish Handshake (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Scottish ResistanceSecondary0.22 ref0.05 ref2 ref
Scottish Resistance (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Scottish SnarlMisc0.22 ref0.66 ref
Scottish Snarl (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Scout Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Scout MaskMisc0.22 ref
Scout ShakoMisc1.33 ref
Scrap MetalTool18.4 buds0.11 ref
Scrap PackMisc3 ref1.66 ref
Scrap SackMisc1.22 ref
Scrumpy StrongboxMisc1.33 ref
Second OpinionMisc2 ref
Secret SaxtonAction0.44–0.55 ref
Secret Saxton (Not Usable in Crafting)Action0.44–0.55 ref
Security ShadesMisc1.66 ref
Security Shades (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Select Reserve Mann Co. Supply Crate #60Tool1.6–1.7 keys
Sergeant's Drill HatMisc1.2 keys1.33 ref
Sergeant's Drill Hat (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
ShahanshahMelee0.05 ref4 keys
Shahanshah (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.33 ref
Shaman's SkullMisc1 ref
Shaolin SashMisc1 ref
Sharp DresserMelee5 keys2.33 ref
Sharpened Volcano FragmentMelee2 ref5 ref0.05 ref
Sharpened Volcano Fragment (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee4 ref
Shoestring BudgetMisc0.22 ref1.33 ref
Shoestring Budget (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Shogun's Shoulder GuardMisc5 ref
Shooter's Sola TopiMisc2 ref1.33 ref
Shooter's Sola Topi (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Shooter's Tin TopiMisc1.22–1.33 ref
Short CircuitSecondary2.66 ref0.05–0.11 ref
Short Circuit (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.11 ref
ShortstopPrimary24.3 buds0.05 ref1 ref4 keys
Shortstop (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
ShotgunSecondary1 ref1.8–2 keys
ShovelMelee0.66 ref0.33 ref
Shred AlertAction2 keys1.4 keys
Siberian SophisticateMisc2.66 ref2.66 ref
Siberian Sophisticate (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 key
Sight for Sore EyesMisc3 ref3.5–4 keys
Sight for Sore Eyes (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.66 ref3.5 keys
Sign of the Wolf's SchoolMisc1.33–1.66 ref1.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IPrimary2 ref
Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.IIPrimary2.66 ref
Silver Botkiller Knife Mk.IMelee3 ref
Silver Botkiller Knife Mk.IIMelee3 ref
Silver Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.ISecondary2 ref
Silver Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.IISecondary2.66–3 ref
Silver Botkiller Minigun Mk.IPrimary3.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Minigun Mk.IIPrimary3.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IPrimary3 ref
Silver Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.IIPrimary4–4.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IPrimary5 ref
Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.IIPrimary5 ref
Silver Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IPrimary5 ref
Silver Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.IIPrimary4 ref
Silver Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.ISecondary2 ref
Silver Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.IISecondary2–2.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Wrench Mk.IMelee2.66–3 ref
Silver Botkiller Wrench Mk.IIMelee2.66 ref
Silver BulletsMisc0.11 ref1 ref
Silver Bullets (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.22 ref
Sir HootsalotMisc2 ref3 ref
Sir Hootsalot (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Sir ShootsalotMisc1.2–1.4 keys
Slick CutMisc1.33 ref
Slo-PokeMisc1.33 ref
Slot Token - MeleeMelee7.4 buds0.16 ref
Slot Token - PDA2Pda27.4 buds0.22 ref
Slot Token - PrimaryPrimary7.4 buds0.16 ref
Slot Token - SecondarySecondary7.4 buds0.16 ref
Smissmas CaribouMisc3 buds
Smissmas WreathMisc1.33 ref
Smock SurgeonMisc1.66 ref1 key
Smoked Cheese WheelTool0.66 ref
Snaggletoothed StetsonMisc1–1.33 ref0.66 ref
Snapped PupilMisc1.33 ref
Snapped Pupil (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.66 ref
Sneaky Spats of SneakingMisc2.66 ref
Sneaky Spats of Sneaking (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2–2.33 ref
Sniper Costume TransmogrifierTool0.22 ref
Sniper MaskMisc0.22 ref
Australium Sniper RiflePrimary2.4 buds
Sniper RiflePrimary1 ref4.33 ref
Snow ScoperMisc6–6.33 ref
Sober StuntmanMisc1.33 ref
Sober Stuntman (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66–1 ref
Soda PopperPrimary0.05 ref6.33–7 ref5 keys
Soda Popper (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Soldered SenseiMisc1.33 ref
Soldier Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Soldier MaskMisc0.22 ref
Soldier's Slope ScopersMisc1.33–1.66 ref
Soldier's SparkplugMisc1.33 ref
Soldier's StashMisc1.3 keys6–7 ref
Soldier's Stash (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc3 ref
Soldier's StogieMisc3 ref
Soldier's Stogie (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Sole MateMisc1.66 ref1–1.15 keys
Sole SaviorsMisc2.33 ref1–1.4 keys
Solemn VowMelee0.05 ref0.44–0.55 ref3 keys
Solemn Vow (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Something Special For Someone Special (Not Tradable)Tool1.8–2.2 buds
Something Special For Someone Special (Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting)Tool1.5–2 buds
Something Special For Someone Special [Glitched] (Not Tradable)Tool9–10 buds
Soot SuitMisc2.66 ref
Southern HospitalityMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref3 ref
Southern Hospitality (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Soviet GentlemanMisc1.33 ref
Soviet Stitch-UpMisc0.11 ref0.66 ref
Soviet Stitch-Up (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11 ref
Space BracersMisc0.66 ref
SpaceChem PinMisc0.33 ref
Special EyesMisc1.33 ref
SpectralnautMisc1–1.33 ref2 ref
Spectre's SpectaclesMisc1.33 ref
Spectre's Spectacles (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Spellbinder's BonnetMisc0.66 ref
Spellbook MagazineAction0.33 ref
Spine-Chilling SkullMisc6 keys
Spine-Chilling Skull (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc3 keys
Spine-Chilling Skull 2011Misc26–30 keys
Spine-Chilling Skull 2011 (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc3 keys
Spine-Cooling Skull (Not Tradable)Misc1.66–2 ref
Spine-Tingling Skull (Not Tradable)Misc2–4 ref
Spine-Twisting Skull (Not Tradable)Misc1–1.4 keys
Spiral SalletMisc0.33–0.66 ref
Splendid ScreenSecondary0.05 ref2 keys5–6 keys
Splendid Screen (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Spooky Crate #74Tool0.05 ref
Spooky Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Spooky ShoesMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Spooky Shoes (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Spooky SleevesMisc1.33–1.66 ref2 ref
Spooky Sleeves (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Sprinting CephalopodMisc0.66 ref
Spy Costume TransmogrifierTool0.33 ref
Spy MaskMisc0.22 ref
Spy-cicleMelee0.05 ref3 ref5 keys
Spy-cicle (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Squad Surplus VoucherTool5 ref
Squad Surplus Voucher (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool4 ref
Squid's LidMisc0.66 ref
StahlhelmMisc1.11–1.22 ref1.33 ref
Stainless PotMisc0.8–1 keys2.33 ref1.33 ref
Stainless Pot (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.77 ref
Stately Steel ToeMisc1.33 ref
Stately Steel Toe (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2 ref
Stealth SteelerMisc1.22 ref
Steam PipeMisc1.33 ref
Steel PipesMisc0.33 ref1 ref
Steel Pipes (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Steel ShakoMisc1.33 ref
Steel SixpackMisc3 ref3 ref
Steel SongbirdMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Steel-Toed StompersMisc0.05 ref0.33 ref
Steel-Toed Stompers (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.05 ref
Stereoscopic ShadesMisc1.33 ref
Stereoscopic Shades (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Sticky JumperSecondary0.11 ref1.5–1.8 buds
Sticky Jumper (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Australium Stickybomb LauncherSecondary1.2–1.3 buds
Stickybomb LauncherSecondary0.44–0.77 ref1.33 ref
Stockbroker's ScarfMisc0.66 ref3 ref5 ref
Stocking StufferMisc1.33 ref
Stocking Stuffer (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 key
Stormin' NormanMisc1.33 ref
Stout ShakoMisc1.33 ref
Stout Shako (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.22–1.33 ref
Stovepipe Sniper ShakoMisc1.11 ref1.33 ref
Stovepipe Sniper Shako (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Strange Bacon GreaseTool15 keys
Strange Cosmetic Part: KillsTool6 ref
Strange Filter: Coldfront (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1.66 ref
Strange Filter: Egypt (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1.44 ref
Strange Filter: Fastlane (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 ref
Strange Filter: Freight (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool0.66–1 ref
Strange Filter: Frontier (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1.33 ref
Strange Filter: Gullywash (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 ref
Strange Filter: Harvest (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool0.66–1 ref
Strange Filter: Hoodoo (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 ref
Strange Filter: Junction (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool0.66–1 ref
Strange Filter: Kong King (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool0.66 ref
Strange Filter: Lakeside (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool0.66 ref
Strange Filter: Mann Manor (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 ref
Strange Filter: Mountain Lab (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool0.66 ref
Strange Filter: Nightfall (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 ref
Strange Filter: Offblast (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1.33 ref
Strange Filter: Process (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool0.66 ref
Strange Filter: Standin (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool0.66 ref
Strange Filter: Turbine (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool0.66–1 ref
Strange Filter: Watchtower (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 ref
Strange Filter: Yukon (Community) (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 ref
Strange Part: Airborne Enemies KilledTool1 key
Strange Part: Allied Healing DoneTool3.66–4 ref
Strange Part: Allies ExtinguishedTool0.9–1 keys
Strange Part: Buildings DestroyedTool1.5 keys
Strange Part: Burning Enemy KillsTool1 ref
Strange Part: Cloaked Spies KilledTool1.66 ref
Strange Part: Critical KillsTool3 keys
Strange Part: Damage DealtTool2.5–3 keys
Strange Part: Defender KillsTool0.44 ref
Strange Part: Demomen KilledTool2 ref
Strange Part: Domination KillsTool2 keys
Strange Part: Engineers KilledTool1 ref
Strange Part: Fires SurvivedTool0.66 ref
Strange Part: Freezecam Taunt AppearancesTool1 ref
Strange Part: Full Health KillsTool1–1.33 ref
Strange Part: Full Moon KillsTool0.33 ref
Strange Part: Giant Robots DestroyedTool0.33 ref
Strange Part: Gib KillsTool4 ref
Strange Part: Halloween KillsTool5 ref
Strange Part: Headshot KillsTool1.2–1.3 keys
Strange Part: Heavies KilledTool2 ref
Strange Part: Kills During Victory TimeTool0.44 ref
Strange Part: Kills While Explosive JumpingTool2–3 ref
Strange Part: Kills While ÜberchargedTool1–1.33 ref
Strange Part: Kills with a Taunt AttackTool1 key
Strange Part: Killstreaks EndedTool0.66 ref
Strange Part: Long-Distance KillsTool1.66 ref
Strange Part: Low-Health KillsTool1 ref
Strange Part: Medics KilledTool1.66 ref
Strange Part: Medics Killed That Have Full ÜberChargeTool0.66 ref
Strange Part: Point-Blank KillsTool1.33 ref
Strange Part: Posthumous KillsTool0.44 ref
Strange Part: Projectiles ReflectedTool1.5–2 keys
Strange Part: Pyros KilledTool2 ref
Strange Part: Revenge KillsTool0.66 ref
Strange Part: Robot Spies DestroyedTool0.33 ref
Strange Part: Robots DestroyedTool2.7–3 keys
Strange Part: Robots Destroyed During HalloweenTool2 keys
Strange Part: Sappers DestroyedTool5 ref
Strange Part: Scouts KilledTool1 key
Strange Part: Snipers KilledTool1.3–1.4 keys
Strange Part: Soldiers KilledTool2.66 ref
Strange Part: Spies KilledTool2.66–3 ref
Strange Part: Tanks DestroyedTool0.33 ref
Strange Part: Underwater KillsTool0.33 ref
Strange Part: Unusual-Wearing Player KillsTool1 ref
Strontium Stove PipeMisc1.33 ref
Stylish DeGrootMisc1.33 ref1 key
Sub Zero SuitMisc1.6–1.8 keys
Sultan's CeremonialMisc1.33 ref
Sultan's Ceremonial (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Summer Appetizer Crate #61Tool0.01 ref
Summer Appetizer Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Summer Claim CheckAction0.01–0.05 ref
Summer HatMisc2.5–3 buds
Summer Hat (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc11 keys
Summer Shades (Not Tradable)Misc4–5 keys8 keys
Sun-on-a-StickMelee0.77 ref4 ref0.05 ref4 keys
Sun-on-a-Stick (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee2 ref
Surgeon's Side SatchelMisc1.22 ref
Surgeon's Side Satchel (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Surgeon's Space SuitMisc0.66 ref
Surgeon's StahlhelmMisc1.66 ref
Surgeon's Stahlhelm (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Surgeon's StethoscopeMisc1.33 ref
Surgeon's Stethoscope (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Swagman's SwatterMisc1.66 ref
Swagman's Swatter (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Sydney SleeperPrimary0.05 ref0.44–0.55 ref
Sydney Sleeper (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Sydney Straw BoatMisc1.11 ref1.33 ref
Syringe GunPrimary0.66–1 ref2 ref
Tail From the CryptMisc0.22 ref1 ref
Tail From the Crypt (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.22–0.66 ref
Tam O' ShanterMisc1.33 ref
Tam O' Shanter (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Tartan ShadeMisc3 ref2.66–3 ref
Tartan SpartanMisc1.33 ref
Tartan TyroleanMisc1.33 ref
TartantaloonsMisc2.66 ref3 ref
Taunt: The High Five!Action1 key
Taunt: The High Five! (Not Usable in Crafting)Action1 key
Taunt: The Meet the MedicAction1.33 ref
Taunt: The Meet the Medic (Not Usable in Crafting)Action1 ref
Taunt: The SchadenfreudeAction4.33 ref
Taunt: The Schadenfreude (Not Usable in Crafting)Action4 ref
Tavish DeGroot ExperienceMisc1.33 ref
Tavish DeGroot Experience (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Team CaptainMisc0.9–1 keys
Team Captain (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc5 ref
Team SpiritTool1 key
Teddy RobobeltMisc1.33 ref
Teddy RoosebeltMisc1.33 ref5 keys
Teddy Roosebelt (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref6 keys
Terrier TrousersMisc0.66 ref
Teufort Tooth KickerMisc3 ref
Teufort Tooth Kicker (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.66–3 ref
Teutonic ToqueMisc1.33 ref
TeutonkahmunMisc0.66 ref
Texas Half-PantsMisc2.33 ref
Texas Half-Pants (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.66 ref
Texas Slim's Dome ShineMisc2.33–2.66 ref1.33 ref
Texas Slim's Dome Shine (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Texas Ten GallonMisc1.3–1.5 keys2 ref
Texas Ten Gallon (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Texas Tin-GallonMisc1.22 ref
That '70s ChapeauMisc3 ref2.33 ref
That '70s Chapeau (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 key
The Athletic SupporterMisc1.33 ref
The Bitter Taste of Defeat and LimeTool0.95–1 keys
The Color of a Gentlemann's Business PantsTool2 ref
The Essential AccessoriesMisc3.3–3.5 keys
The SuperfanMisc1.33 ref
The Value of TeamworkTool1 key
Third DegreeMelee0.05 ref5 keys
Third Degree (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11–0.33 ref
Three-Rune BladeMelee1.9–2 keys2.33 ref
Ticket BoyMisc2.33 ref1–1.3 keys
Timeless TopperMisc1.33 ref
Tin PotMisc1.11 ref
Tin-1000Misc1.22 ref
Tiny TimberMisc1.33 ref
Tippler's TricorneMisc3.66 ref1.33 ref
Tippler's Tricorne (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Titanium TowelMisc1.22 ref
Titanium TyroleanMisc1.33 ref
Tomb WrapperMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Australium TomislavPrimary14 keys
TomislavPrimary0.05 ref1 ref
Tomislav (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Toowoomba TunicMisc5 ref1.7–2 keys
Toss-Proof TowelMisc1.66 ref1 key
Toss-Proof Towel (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref1 key
Tough Guy's ToqueMisc0.8–1 keys4 ref1.66 ref
Tough Guy's Toque (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66–1 ref
Tough Stuff MuffsMisc1.66 ref
Tour of Duty TicketTool3.33 ref
Tour of Duty Ticket (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool3.33 ref
Towering Pillar of HatsMisc1–1.15 keys1.33 ref
Towering Pillar of Hats (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.22 ref
Towering Titanium Pillar of HatsMisc1.33 ref
Toy SoldierMisc1.33 ref
Toy TailorMisc1.33 ref
Track TerrorizerMisc2.66 ref
Trail-BlazerMisc1.33 ref
Transylvania TopMisc0.66 ref
Trash ManMisc1.33 ref
Trash ToterMisc2.66 ref
Treasure Hat (Not Tradable)Misc7–8 keys
Trencher's TopperMisc1.33 ref
Trencher's TunicMisc2.66 ref1–1.4 keys
TrepanabotomizerMisc0.33 ref
Triad TrinketMisc3.66 ref2 ref
Triad Trinket (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66 ref
Tribal BonesMisc1.33 ref
Tribal Bones (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Tribalman's ShivMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref0.33 ref
Tribalman's Shiv (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Triboniophorus TyrannusMisc1 key1.66 ref
Triboniophorus Tyrannus (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Trickster's Turnout GearMisc4 ref
Triple A BadgeMisc1 key
Trophy BeltMisc4.66 ref2.33 ref
Trophy Belt (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66 ref
Troublemaker's Tossle CapMisc2.5 keys3 ref
Troublemaker's Tossle Cap (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc2.33 ref
TsarbooshMisc1.33 ref
Tungsten ToqueMisc1.22–1.33 ref
Tuque or TreatMisc1 ref
TuxxyMisc3 ref
Tyrant's HelmMisc4.66 ref1 key1.66 ref
Tyrant's Helm (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Tyrantium HelmetMisc1.33 ref
TyurtlenekMisc1.33 ref
U-clank-aMisc1.22 ref
UbersawMelee0.22 ref0.05 ref1 key6 keys
Ubersaw (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Ullapool CaberMelee1 key0.05–0.11 ref13 keys6 keys
Ullapool Caber (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Unarmed CombatMelee1.22 ref
Unarmed Combat (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee1 ref
Under CoverMisc0.33 ref2.66 ref
Under Cover (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Unidentified Following ObjectMisc0.88 ref1 ref
Unknown MonkeynautMisc1.66 ref1.33 ref
Unknown Monkeynaut (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Up PyroscopesMisc0.66 ref
Upgrade to Premium GiftTool2.3 keys
VaccinatorSecondary0.05–0.11 ref
Vaccinator (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05–0.11 ref
Valley ForgeMisc1.33 ref
Vicar's VestmentsMisc0.66 ref
Vicious VisageMisc1 ref
Vigilant PinMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
Viking BraiderMisc4.66 ref
Villain's VeilMisc1 key4 keys
Villain's Veil (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc5 ref5 keys
Vintage MerryweatherMisc1.7 keys1.66 ref
Vintage Merryweather (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Vintage TyroleanMisc1.3 keys1.66 ref
Vintage Tyrolean (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Virtual Reality HeadsetMisc1.33 ref
Virtual Reality Headset (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.33 ref
Virtual ViewfinderMisc2.66 ref
Virus DoctorMisc1.33 ref
Vita-SawMelee0.05 ref4 keys
Vita-Saw (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee4 ref
Void Monk HairMisc1.33 ref
Void Monk Hair (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return)Misc1.33 ref1.33 ref
Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.33 ref
Voodoo Juju (Not Tradable)Misc5 keys
Voodoo JujuMisc13 keys
Voodoo Juju (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc8 keys
Voodoo-Cursed Bag Of QuicklimeTool0.05–0.11 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Demoman SoulMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Engineer SoulMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Heavy SoulMisc0.11 ref0.22–0.33 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Medic SoulMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Voodoo-Cursed NailTool0.05–0.11 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Novelty BassTool0.05–0.11 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Old BootTool0.05–0.11 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Pyro SoulMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Robot ArmTool0.05–0.11 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Scout SoulMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Voodoo-Cursed SkeletonTool0.05–0.11 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Sniper SoulMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Soldier SoulMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Spy SoulMisc0.11 ref0.33 ref
Voodoo-Cursed Sticky-BombTool0.05 ref
Vox DiabolusMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
Wanga PrickMelee0.33 ref
Wanga Prick (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.33 ref
War GogglesMisc1.33 ref
War HeadMisc1.33 ref1.33 ref
War PigMisc1.33–1.66 ref
War on Smissmas Battle HoodMisc2 ref
War on Smissmas Battle SocksMisc3.66–4 ref
WardMisc3 ref
Warmth PreserverMisc2 ref1–1.4 keys
Warrior's SpiritMelee3 ref0.05 ref4 keys
Warrior's Spirit (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.11 ref
Warsworn HelmetMisc4.33 ref2 ref
Waterlogged Lab CoatTool1 key
Waxy WayfinderMisc1.33 ref
Waxy Wayfinder (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Weather MasterMisc1.66 ref
Weight Room WarmerMisc4 ref
Well-Rounded RiflemanMisc1.33 ref
Western WearMisc1.33 ref
Western Wear (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1–1.22 ref
Wet WorksMisc1.33 ref
Whale Bone CharmMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
What's in the Companion Square Box?Action2.2 buds
What's in the Portal 2 Soundtrack Box?Action4 keys
What's in the Sandvich Box?Action1.2–1.5 buds
Whirly WarriorMisc1.33 ref
Whiskered GentlemanMisc1 key1.33 ref
Whiskered Gentleman (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.33 ref
Whiskey BibMisc2 ref
Whoopee CapMisc0.85–1 keys1.33 ref
Whoopee Cap (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.77 ref
WidowmakerPrimary1 ref0.05 ref1.5 keys5 keys
Widowmaker (Not Usable in Crafting)Primary0.05 ref
Wilson WeaveMisc1.22 ref1.33 ref
WingerSecondary0.05 ref8–10 keys
Winger (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
WingstickMisc2.33–2.66 ref1.33 ref
Wingstick (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66–1 ref
Winter Wonderland WrapMisc3 ref
Wraith WrapMisc1.66 ref2 ref
Wraith Wrap (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.22–1.33 ref
WranglerSecondary0.33–0.66 ref0.05 ref4 keys
Wrangler (Not Usable in Crafting)Secondary0.05 ref
Wrap AssassinMelee0.05 ref0.33 ref4 keys
Wrap Assassin (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Wrap BattlerMisc0.22 ref1.66 ref
Wrap Battler (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11–0.22 ref
Australium WrenchMelee1.1 buds
WrenchMelee0.66 ref2.66 ref
Ye Oiled Baker BoyMisc1.22 ref
Ye Olde Baker BoyMisc3.66 ref1.33 ref
Ye Olde Baker Boy (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1 ref
Ye Olde Rustic ColourTool1 ref
Yellow Summer 2013 Cooler #64Tool0.01 ref
Yellow Summer 2013 Cooler KeyTool1–1.2 keys
Yellow Summer 2013 Cooler Key (Not Usable in Crafting)Tool1 key
Your Eternal RewardMelee0.05 ref1 key5 keys
Your Eternal Reward (Not Usable in Crafting)Melee0.05 ref
Your Worst NightmareMisc2 ref
Your Worst Nightmare (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc1.66–2 ref
Ze GogglesMisc3 ref1.33 ref
Ze Goggles (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.66–1 ref
Zepheniah's GreedTool1.66 ref
ZipperfaceMisc1.66 ref1.33 ref
Zipperface (Not Usable in Crafting)Misc0.11 ref