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Paint Distribution


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    • 9 ref
      Genuine Last Straw 1 Steam Purchase Pink as Hell
    Genuine Last Straw Selling 2x
    Bumped 5 hours agoListed 3 days ago by Cantrell

    9 ref pure, slightly more in random items. Check out my other Classified Listings for other pink, lime, tinge and hue's.

    • 13 ref
      Genuine Last Straw 1 Steam Purchase The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime
    Genuine Last Straw
    Bumped 2 hours agoListed 2 months ago by Krallzy |S>120unu|B>QSw/+230keys

    DON'T ADD ME, pure or items overpay(i'm not counting paints or parts) only via trade offers.

    • 15 ref Genuine Last Straw 1 Steam Purchase
    Genuine Last Straw
    Bumped 6 hours agoListed 4 weeks ago by [NF] Assassin

    Quick and easy! Item overpay! Spell Chromatic Corruption

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    • 3.55 ref Genuine Last Straw
    Genuine Last Straw
    Bumped 27 minutes agoListed 4 hours ago by Vintage Collector | stn.tf

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    • 3.55 ref Genuine Last Straw
    Genuine Last Straw
    Bumped 30 minutes agoListed 2 weeks ago by Spirit.tf📞Automated Buying 3

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~3.44 ref
Genuine Last Straw
~3.44 ref
Genuine Last Straw

Buyer at 4 ref:


Raise the roof.

~3.44 ref
Genuine Last Straw

buyer 3.55


SCM supports

~3.44 ref
Genuine Last Straw

Seller @3.33:



'for patch'

Is 3.33, taking as 3.33

Unsolds at 3.66: