Steam Market Pricelist

All prices are updated every 30 minutes from the Steam Community Market based on the cheapest item available at the time. Prices listed include fees.

Note: Converted price is based on the price of keys found in the Pricelist. Updated 53 minutes ago.

Item Converted Buyer Seller Available
A Color Similar to Slate3.16 ref0.840.7368
A Deep Commitment to Purple4.07 ref1.080.94242
A Distinctive Lack of Hue21.39 ref, 2.38 keys5.684.9469
A Mann's Mint9.38 ref, 1.04 keys2.492.1761
A Random RoboKey Gift9.56 ref, 1.06 keys2.542.2113
A Random Summer Cooler Key Gift9.34 ref, 1.04 keys2.482.1617
After Eight10.54 ref, 1.17 keys2.802.4353
Aged Moustache Grey2.45 ref0.650.57219
Air Strike Strangifier2.11 ref0.560.4985
All-Father Strangifier47.41 ref, 5.27 keys12.5910.957
All-Father Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #11.92 ref0.510.4485
An Air of Debonair10.54 ref, 1.17 keys2.802.4318
An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.0069
Anger Strangifier21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.0018
Antarctic Researcher Strangifier38.52 ref, 4.28 keys10.238.9022
Apparition's Aspect Strangifier10.28 ref, 1.14 keys2.732.3733
Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler Key9.83 ref, 1.09 keys2.612.2725
Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler Series #660.11 ref0.030.017103
Archers Groundings Strangifier24.67 ref, 2.74 keys6.555.7011
Archimedes Strangifier100.09 ref, 11.12 keys26.5823.115
Archimedes Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #15.46 ref1.451.2632
Australium Gold4.10 ref1.090.95617
Backpack Expander3.20 ref0.850.741085
Backstabber's Boomslang Strangifier32.23 ref, 3.58 keys8.567.4414
Balaclavas Are Forever10.58 ref, 1.18 keys2.812.4435
Batter's Helmet0.90 ref0.240.21134
Battle-Worn Robot KB-8080.34 ref0.090.073480
Battle-Worn Robot Money Furnace0.30 ref0.080.063928
Battle-Worn Robot Taunt Processor0.30 ref0.080.063545
Big Chief Strangifier0.94 ref0.250.22157
Bill's Hat42.74 ref, 4.75 keys11.359.87394
Bird-Man of Aberdeen Strangifier16.57 ref, 1.84 keys4.403.837
Bird-Man of Aberdeen Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #10.15 ref0.040.02190
Black Summer 2013 Cooler Key10.51 ref, 1.17 keys2.792.438
Black Summer 2013 Cooler Series #690.11 ref0.030.014844
Blood Banker Strangifier5.23 ref1.391.2144
Blood Banker Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #20.15 ref0.040.02234
Blue Summer 2013 Cooler Key9.41 ref, 1.05 keys2.502.1727
Blue Summer 2013 Cooler Series #670.11 ref0.030.017406
Bonk Boy Strangifier44.06 ref, 4.90 keys11.7010.176
Bonk Boy Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #12.07 ref0.550.4838
Boston Boom-Bringer Strangifier5.01 ref1.331.1629
Boston Boom-Bringer Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #20.15 ref0.040.02470
Bread Box11.82 ref, 1.31 keys3.142.73271
Brown Summer 2013 Cooler Key12.28 ref, 1.36 keys3.262.838
Brown Summer 2013 Cooler Series #680.11 ref0.030.017115
Bullet Buzz Strangifier17.28 ref, 1.92 keys4.593.995
Bushi-Dou Strangifier32.61 ref, 3.62 keys8.667.536
Camera Beard Strangifier20.33 ref, 2.26 keys5.404.705
Camera Beard Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #10.26 ref0.070.05109
Classic Strangifier2.75 ref0.730.6382
Cleaner's Carbine Strangifier0.41 ref0.110.09465
Collector's A Rather Festive Tree Chemistry Set225.94 ref, 25.10 keys, 1.5 buds60.0052.171
Collector's Air Raider Chemistry Set229.26 ref, 25.47 keys, 1.6 buds60.8852.941
Collector's Air Strike268.61 ref, 29.85 keys, 1.8 buds71.3362.031
Collector's Air Strike Chemistry Set131.80 ref, 14.64 keys, 0.9 buds35.0030.431
Collector's Ali Baba's Wee Booties55.54 ref, 6.17 keys14.7512.834
Collector's Ali Baba's Wee Booties Chemistry Set13.71 ref, 1.52 keys3.643.176
Collector's Ambassador52.72 ref, 5.86 keys14.0012.173
Collector's Ambassador Chemistry Set47.64 ref, 5.29 keys12.6511.006
Collector's Amputator18.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.356
Collector's Amputator Chemistry Set9.94 ref, 1.10 keys2.642.305
Collector's Antarctic Parka1,506.28 ref, 167.36 keys, 10.3 buds400.00347.831
Collector's Antarctic Parka Chemistry Set828.45 ref, 92.05 keys, 5.7 buds220.00191.301
Collector's Armored Authority356.61 ref, 39.62 keys, 2.4 buds94.7082.351
Collector's Atomizer33.82 ref, 3.76 keys8.987.817
Collector's Atomizer Chemistry Set16.95 ref, 1.88 keys4.503.914
Collector's Attendant1,396.47 ref, 155.16 keys, 9.5 buds370.84322.471
Collector's Axtinguisher26.17 ref, 2.91 keys6.956.046
Collector's Axtinguisher Chemistry Set17.28 ref, 1.92 keys4.593.995
Collector's B.A.S.E. Jumper157.52 ref, 17.50 keys, 1.1 buds41.8336.373
Collector's B.A.S.E. Jumper Chemistry Set116.92 ref, 12.99 keys, 0.8 buds31.0527.001
Collector's Baby Face's Blaster61.34 ref, 6.82 keys16.2914.171
Collector's Baby Face's Blaster Chemistry Set24.29 ref, 2.70 keys6.455.6112
Collector's Back Scatter173.22 ref, 19.25 keys, 1.2 buds46.0040.001
Collector's Back Scatter Chemistry Set107.28 ref, 11.92 keys28.4924.772
Collector's Back Scratcher20.15 ref, 2.24 keys5.354.656
Collector's Back Scratcher Chemistry Set7.95 ref, 0.88 keys2.111.8310
Collector's Backburner43.19 ref, 4.80 keys11.479.976
Collector's Backburner Chemistry Set26.32 ref, 2.92 keys6.996.085
Collector's Backpack Broiler Chemistry Set83.26 ref, 9.25 keys22.1119.231
Collector's Backwards Ballcap Chemistry Set216.53 ref, 24.06 keys, 1.5 buds57.5050.001
Collector's Bat Outta Hell636.40 ref, 70.71 keys, 4.4 buds169.00146.961
Collector's Bat Outta Hell Chemistry Set433.05 ref, 48.12 keys, 3.0 buds115.00100.001
Collector's Battalion's Backup37.24 ref, 4.14 keys9.898.606
Collector's Battalion's Backup Chemistry Set17.77 ref, 1.97 keys4.724.108
Collector's Bazaar Bargain44.62 ref, 4.96 keys11.8510.307
Collector's Bazaar Bargain Chemistry Set20.67 ref, 2.30 keys5.494.777
Collector's Bear Necessities Chemistry Set562.97 ref, 62.55 keys, 3.8 buds149.50130.001
Collector's Beep Boy470.71 ref, 52.30 keys, 3.2 buds125.00108.701
Collector's Beggar's Bazooka74.64 ref, 8.29 keys19.8217.235
Collector's Beggar's Bazooka Chemistry Set17.77 ref, 1.97 keys4.724.102
Collector's Belgian Detective493.49 ref, 54.83 keys, 3.4 buds131.05113.961
Collector's Big Country356.61 ref, 39.62 keys, 2.4 buds94.7082.351
Collector's Big Country Chemistry Set569.30 ref, 63.26 keys, 3.9 buds151.18131.461
Collector's Big Earner30.13 ref, 3.35 keys8.006.966
Collector's Big Earner Chemistry Set8.40 ref, 0.93 keys2.231.949
Collector's Big Elfin Deal Chemistry Set86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Collector's Bigg Mann on Campus1,129.71 ref, 125.52 keys, 7.7 buds300.00260.871
Collector's Bird-Man of Aberdeen1,435.33 ref, 159.48 keys, 9.8 buds381.16331.441
Collector's Bird-Man of Aberdeen Chemistry Set1,557.98 ref, 173.11 keys, 10.7 buds413.73359.771
Collector's Birdcage Chemistry Set282.43 ref, 31.38 keys, 1.9 buds75.0065.221
Collector's Black Box55.54 ref, 6.17 keys14.7512.833
Collector's Black Box Chemistry Set33.93 ref, 3.77 keys9.017.838
Collector's Black Watch Chemistry Set214.64 ref, 23.85 keys, 1.5 buds57.0049.571
Collector's Bloke's Bucket Hat Chemistry Set282.43 ref, 31.38 keys, 1.9 buds75.0065.221
Collector's Blutsauger26.32 ref, 2.92 keys6.996.084
Collector's Blutsauger Chemistry Set12.99 ref, 1.44 keys3.453.007
Collector's Bone Dome Chemistry Set165.54 ref, 18.39 keys, 1.1 buds43.9638.231
Collector's Bonk! Atomic Punch24.06 ref, 2.67 keys6.395.5610
Collector's Bonk! Atomic Punch Chemistry Set13.74 ref, 1.53 keys3.653.175
Collector's Bootlegger75.24 ref, 8.36 keys19.9817.373
Collector's Bootlegger Chemistry Set26.32 ref, 2.92 keys6.996.084
Collector's Boston Basher31.93 ref, 3.55 keys8.487.372
Collector's Boston Basher Chemistry Set10.96 ref, 1.22 keys2.912.535
Collector's Brainiac Hairpiece Chemistry Set188.89 ref, 20.99 keys, 1.3 buds50.1643.621
Collector's Brass Beast38.37 ref, 4.26 keys10.198.867
Collector's Brass Beast Chemistry Set16.46 ref, 1.83 keys4.373.805
Collector's Brim-Full Of Bullets561.09 ref, 62.34 keys, 3.8 buds149.00129.571
Collector's Brim-Full Of Bullets Chemistry Set173.22 ref, 19.25 keys, 1.2 buds46.0040.001
Collector's Buccaneer's Bicorne Chemistry Set227.97 ref, 25.33 keys, 1.6 buds60.5452.641
Collector's Buff Banner64.17 ref, 7.13 keys17.0414.823
Collector's Buff Banner Chemistry Set38.97 ref, 4.33 keys10.359.002
Collector's Buffalo Steak Sandvich37.66 ref, 4.18 keys10.008.704
Collector's Buffalo Steak Sandvich Chemistry Set34.08 ref, 3.79 keys9.057.874
Collector's Burning Bongos Chemistry Set108.26 ref, 12.03 keys28.7525.001
Collector's Bushwacka37.09 ref, 4.12 keys9.858.577
Collector's Bushwacka Chemistry Set38.97 ref, 4.33 keys10.359.002
Collector's Candy Cane56.45 ref, 6.27 keys14.9913.031
Collector's Candy Cane Chemistry Set84.01 ref, 9.33 keys22.3119.403
Collector's Captain's Cocktails Chemistry Set44.59 ref, 4.95 keys11.8410.301
Collector's Caribbean Conqueror303.14 ref, 33.68 keys, 2.1 buds80.5070.001
Collector's Caribbean Conqueror Chemistry Set131.80 ref, 14.64 keys, 0.9 buds35.0030.431
Collector's Carouser's Capotain282.43 ref, 31.38 keys, 1.9 buds75.0065.221
Collector's Carouser's Capotain Chemistry Set230.20 ref, 25.58 keys, 1.6 buds61.1353.161
Collector's Chargin' Targe47.64 ref, 5.29 keys12.6511.002
Collector's Chargin' Targe Chemistry Set22.59 ref, 2.51 keys6.005.223
Collector's Chronomancer Chemistry Set866.11 ref, 96.23 keys, 5.9 buds230.00200.001
Collector's Chucklenuts Chemistry Set519.67 ref, 57.74 keys, 3.6 buds138.00120.001
Collector's Claidheamh Mòr82.28 ref, 9.14 keys21.8519.001
Collector's Claidheamh Mòr Chemistry Set48.58 ref, 5.40 keys12.9011.223
Collector's Classic195.82 ref, 21.76 keys, 1.3 buds52.0045.221
Collector's Classic Chemistry Set99.60 ref, 11.07 keys26.4523.001
Collector's Cleaner's Carbine82.28 ref, 9.14 keys21.8519.006
Collector's Cleaner's Carbine Chemistry Set75.24 ref, 8.36 keys19.9817.374
Collector's Cloak and Dagger75.35 ref, 8.37 keys20.0117.403
Collector's Cloak and Dagger Chemistry Set53.59 ref, 5.95 keys14.2312.374
Collector's Cloud Crasher Chemistry Set188.28 ref, 20.92 keys, 1.3 buds50.0043.481
Collector's Concheror25.87 ref, 2.87 keys6.875.975
Collector's Concheror Chemistry Set15.78 ref, 1.75 keys4.193.647
Collector's Conjurer's Cowl Chemistry Set112.93 ref, 12.55 keys, 0.8 buds29.9926.081
Collector's Conniver's Kunai41.87 ref, 4.65 keys11.129.672
Collector's Conniver's Kunai Chemistry Set20.97 ref, 2.33 keys5.574.8410
Collector's Conscientious Objector441.72 ref, 49.08 keys, 3.0 buds117.30102.001
Collector's Conscientious Objector Chemistry Set346.44 ref, 38.49 keys, 2.4 buds92.0080.001
Collector's Cool Cat Cardigan Chemistry Set677.82 ref, 75.31 keys, 4.6 buds180.00156.521
Collector's Cotton Head Chemistry Set156.09 ref, 17.34 keys, 1.1 buds41.4536.041
Collector's Cow Mangler 5000161.85 ref, 17.98 keys, 1.1 buds42.9837.373
Collector's Cow Mangler 5000 Chemistry Set86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.004
Collector's Cozy Camper828.64 ref, 92.07 keys, 5.7 buds220.05191.352
Collector's Cozy Camper Chemistry Set28.36 ref, 3.15 keys7.536.558
Collector's Cremator's Conscience433.05 ref, 48.12 keys, 3.0 buds115.00100.001
Collector's Cremator's Conscience Chemistry Set460.21 ref, 51.13 keys, 3.1 buds122.21106.271
Collector's Criminal Cloak Chemistry Set160.57 ref, 17.84 keys, 1.1 buds42.6437.081
Collector's Crit-a-Cola24.03 ref, 2.67 keys6.385.557
Collector's Crit-a-Cola Chemistry Set8.62 ref, 0.96 keys2.291.996
Collector's Crusader's Crossbow43.12 ref, 4.79 keys11.459.966
Collector's Crusader's Crossbow Chemistry Set32.08 ref, 3.56 keys8.527.416
Collector's Cuban Bristle Crisis Chemistry Set414.23 ref, 46.03 keys, 2.8 buds110.0095.651
Collector's Dalokohs Bar30.50 ref, 3.39 keys8.107.042
Collector's Dalokohs Bar Chemistry Set18.34 ref, 2.04 keys4.874.238
Collector's Darwin's Danger Shield137.00 ref, 15.22 keys, 0.9 buds36.3831.631
Collector's Darwin's Danger Shield Chemistry Set36.08 ref, 4.01 keys9.588.334
Collector's Das Feelinbeterbager551.86 ref, 61.32 keys, 3.8 buds146.55127.431
Collector's Das Gutenkutteharen Chemistry Set73.62 ref, 8.18 keys19.5517.001
Collector's Das Hazmattenhatten Chemistry Set169.46 ref, 18.83 keys, 1.2 buds45.0039.131
Collector's Dead Ringer55.21 ref, 6.13 keys14.6612.755
Collector's Dead Ringer Chemistry Set31.78 ref, 3.53 keys8.447.348
Collector's Dead of Night Chemistry Set216.53 ref, 24.06 keys, 1.5 buds57.5050.001
Collector's Degreaser62.85 ref, 6.98 keys16.6914.515
Collector's Degreaser Chemistry Set56.49 ref, 6.28 keys15.0013.049
Collector's Desert Marauder Chemistry Set150.59 ref, 16.73 keys, 1.0 buds39.9934.771
Collector's Detonator39.46 ref, 4.38 keys10.489.114
Collector's Detonator Chemistry Set14.38 ref, 1.60 keys3.823.327
Collector's Deus Specs1,039.33 ref, 115.48 keys, 7.1 buds276.00240.001
Collector's Diamondback28.05 ref, 3.12 keys7.456.485
Collector's Diamondback Chemistry Set11.03 ref, 1.23 keys2.932.5511
Collector's Digit Divulger Chemistry Set103.59 ref, 11.51 keys27.5123.921
Collector's Direct Hit35.13 ref, 3.90 keys9.338.113
Collector's Direct Hit Chemistry Set13.44 ref, 1.49 keys3.573.103
Collector's Disciplinary Action51.97 ref, 5.77 keys13.8012.002
Collector's Disciplinary Action Chemistry Set18.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.353
Collector's Egghead's Overalls Chemistry Set259.83 ref, 28.87 keys, 1.8 buds69.0060.001
Collector's Enforcer53.13 ref, 5.90 keys14.1112.272
Collector's Enforcer Chemistry Set14.95 ref, 1.66 keys3.973.457
Collector's Engineer's Cap Chemistry Set126.45 ref, 14.05 keys, 0.9 buds33.5829.201
Collector's Equalizer21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.004
Collector's Equalizer Chemistry Set20.94 ref, 2.33 keys5.564.836
Collector's Escape Plan43.19 ref, 4.80 keys11.479.979
Collector's Escape Plan Chemistry Set33.89 ref, 3.77 keys9.007.833
Collector's Eureka Effect120.50 ref, 13.39 keys, 0.8 buds32.0027.832
Collector's Eureka Effect Chemistry Set143.59 ref, 15.95 keys, 1.0 buds38.1333.161
Collector's Eviction Notice16.31 ref, 1.81 keys4.333.776
Collector's Eviction Notice Chemistry Set9.56 ref, 1.06 keys2.542.214
Collector's Eyelander121.52 ref, 13.50 keys, 0.8 buds32.2728.064
Collector's Eyelander Chemistry Set25.38 ref, 2.82 keys6.745.867
Collector's Face Full of Festive Chemistry Set162.68 ref, 18.08 keys, 1.1 buds43.2037.571
Collector's Family Business37.77 ref, 4.20 keys10.038.724
Collector's Family Business Chemistry Set10.58 ref, 1.18 keys2.812.447
Collector's Fan O'War38.30 ref, 4.26 keys10.178.847
Collector's Fan O'War Chemistry Set19.47 ref, 2.16 keys5.174.504
Collector's Fed-Fightin' Fedora649.58 ref, 72.18 keys, 4.4 buds172.50150.001
Collector's Festive Black Box374.61 ref, 41.62 keys, 2.6 buds99.4886.502
Collector's Festive Black Box Chemistry Set38.52 ref, 4.28 keys10.238.9017
Collector's Festive Crusader's Crossbow180.87 ref, 20.10 keys, 1.2 buds48.0341.771
Collector's Festive Crusader's Crossbow Chemistry Set10.47 ref, 1.16 keys2.782.4214
Collector's Festive Eyelander158.12 ref, 17.57 keys, 1.1 buds41.9936.511
Collector's Festive Eyelander Chemistry Set16.57 ref, 1.84 keys4.403.8311
Collector's Festive Flare Gun225.90 ref, 25.10 keys, 1.5 buds59.9952.171
Collector's Festive Flare Gun Chemistry Set20.67 ref, 2.30 keys5.494.779
Collector's Festive Force-A-Nature225.90 ref, 25.10 keys, 1.5 buds59.9952.172
Collector's Festive Force-A-Nature Chemistry Set15.21 ref, 1.69 keys4.043.5118
Collector's Festive Gloves of Running Urgently488.67 ref, 54.30 keys, 3.3 buds129.77112.841
Collector's Festive Gloves of Running Urgently Chemistry Set12.16 ref, 1.35 keys3.232.818
Collector's Festive Jarate165.01 ref, 18.33 keys, 1.1 buds43.8238.102
Collector's Festive Jarate Chemistry Set23.54 ref, 2.62 keys6.255.437
Collector's Festive Sapper259.49 ref, 28.83 keys, 1.8 buds68.9159.921
Collector's Festive Sapper Chemistry Set15.10 ref, 1.68 keys4.013.4916
Collector's Festive Wrangler338.87 ref, 37.65 keys, 2.3 buds89.9978.252
Collector's Festive Wrangler Chemistry Set18.38 ref, 2.04 keys4.884.249
Collector's Fists of Steel18.38 ref, 2.04 keys4.884.244
Collector's Fists of Steel Chemistry Set7.68 ref, 0.85 keys2.041.777
Collector's Flapjack Chemistry Set144.19 ref, 16.02 keys, 1.0 buds38.2933.301
Collector's Flare Gun37.69 ref, 4.19 keys10.018.703
Collector's Flare Gun Chemistry Set24.06 ref, 2.67 keys6.395.562
Collector's Flying Guillotine32.42 ref, 3.60 keys8.617.493
Collector's Flying Guillotine Chemistry Set12.69 ref, 1.41 keys3.372.9310
Collector's Force-A-Nature42.51 ref, 4.72 keys11.299.822
Collector's Force-A-Nature Chemistry Set22.29 ref, 2.48 keys5.925.155
Collector's Fortified Compound143.92 ref, 15.99 keys, 1.0 buds38.2233.231
Collector's Fortified Compound Chemistry Set264.05 ref, 29.34 keys, 1.8 buds70.1260.971
Collector's Front Runner378.64 ref, 42.07 keys, 2.6 buds100.5587.431
Collector's Frontier Justice29.45 ref, 3.27 keys7.826.805
Collector's Frontier Justice Chemistry Set77.95 ref, 8.66 keys20.7018.005
Collector's Furious Fukaamigasa509.54 ref, 56.62 keys, 3.5 buds135.31117.661
Collector's Furious Fukaamigasa Chemistry Set153.60 ref, 17.07 keys, 1.1 buds40.7935.471
Collector's Geisha Boy Chemistry Set86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Collector's Gentleman's Gatsby Chemistry Set107.62 ref, 11.96 keys28.5824.851
Collector's Gentleman's Ushanka Chemistry Set225.94 ref, 25.10 keys, 1.5 buds60.0052.171
Collector's Glasgow Great Helm Chemistry Set589.82 ref, 65.54 keys, 4.0 buds156.63136.201
Collector's Gloves of Running Urgently34.38 ref, 3.82 keys9.137.943
Collector's Gloves of Running Urgently Chemistry Set17.59 ref, 1.95 keys4.674.068
Collector's Gold Digger Chemistry Set173.22 ref, 19.25 keys, 1.2 buds46.0040.001
Collector's Googly Gazer Chemistry Set564.85 ref, 62.76 keys, 3.9 buds150.00130.431
Collector's Grenadier's Softcap758.52 ref, 84.28 keys, 5.2 buds201.43175.161
Collector's Grimm Hatte519.67 ref, 57.74 keys, 3.6 buds138.00120.001
Collector's Gunboats324.79 ref, 36.09 keys, 2.2 buds86.2575.002
Collector's Gunboats Chemistry Set150.59 ref, 16.73 keys, 1.0 buds39.9934.771
Collector's Gunslinger63.94 ref, 7.10 keys16.9814.775
Collector's Gunslinger Chemistry Set49.82 ref, 5.54 keys13.2311.504
Collector's Half-Zatoichi41.42 ref, 4.60 keys11.009.577
Collector's Half-Zatoichi Chemistry Set64.96 ref, 7.22 keys17.2515.001
Collector's Harmburg Chemistry Set129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.001
Collector's Heavy's Hockey Hair Chemistry Set303.14 ref, 33.68 keys, 2.1 buds80.5070.001
Collector's Heavy-Weight Champ Chemistry Set86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Collector's Hitman's Heatmaker56.49 ref, 6.28 keys15.0013.044
Collector's Hitman's Heatmaker Chemistry Set24.06 ref, 2.67 keys6.395.564
Collector's Holiday Punch31.48 ref, 3.50 keys8.367.276
Collector's Holiday Punch Chemistry Set20.90 ref, 2.32 keys5.554.834
Collector's Holy Mackerel32.91 ref, 3.66 keys8.747.601
Collector's Holy Mackerel Chemistry Set24.36 ref, 2.71 keys6.475.633
Collector's Homewrecker32.42 ref, 3.60 keys8.617.496
Collector's Homewrecker Chemistry Set11.30 ref, 1.26 keys3.002.614
Collector's Human Cannonball Chemistry Set561.46 ref, 62.38 keys, 3.8 buds149.10129.651
Collector's Huntsman58.44 ref, 6.49 keys15.5213.501
Collector's Huntsman Chemistry Set698.20 ref, 77.58 keys, 4.8 buds185.41161.231
Collector's Huo-Long Heater30.31 ref, 3.37 keys8.057.002
Collector's Huo-Long Heater Chemistry Set12.69 ref, 1.41 keys3.372.937
Collector's Idea Tube Chemistry Set129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.001
Collector's Itsy Bitsy Spyer Chemistry Set108.26 ref, 12.03 keys28.7525.001
Collector's Jag139.63 ref, 15.51 keys, 1.0 buds37.0832.241
Collector's Jag Chemistry Set49.03 ref, 5.45 keys13.0211.323
Collector's Jarate24.06 ref, 2.67 keys6.395.568
Collector's Jarate Chemistry Set18.38 ref, 2.04 keys4.884.244
Collector's Jingle Belt353.86 ref, 39.32 keys, 2.4 buds93.9781.711
Collector's Killing Gloves of Boxing21.50 ref, 2.39 keys5.714.975
Collector's Killing Gloves of Boxing Chemistry Set12.62 ref, 1.40 keys3.352.918
Collector's Killstreak Ambassador94.10 ref, 10.46 keys24.9921.731
Collector's Killstreak Axtinguisher47.64 ref, 5.29 keys12.6511.002
Collector's Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster48.69 ref, 5.41 keys12.9311.241
Collector's Killstreak Back Scratcher20.82 ref, 2.31 keys5.534.811
Collector's Killstreak Backburner1,299.16 ref, 144.35 keys, 8.9 buds345.00300.001
Collector's Killstreak Bazaar Bargain1,460.49 ref, 162.28 keys, 10.0 buds387.84337.251
Collector's Killstreak Big Earner95.27 ref, 10.59 keys25.3022.001
Collector's Killstreak Black Box46.54 ref, 5.17 keys12.3610.751
Collector's Killstreak Blutsauger26.89 ref, 2.99 keys7.146.211
Collector's Killstreak Boston Basher48.31 ref, 5.37 keys12.8311.161
Collector's Killstreak Brass Beast34.61 ref, 3.85 keys9.197.991
Collector's Killstreak Bushwacka33.59 ref, 3.73 keys8.927.761
Collector's Killstreak Candy Cane38.30 ref, 4.26 keys10.178.841
Collector's Killstreak Chargin' Targe37.66 ref, 4.18 keys10.008.701
Collector's Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr86.91 ref, 9.66 keys23.0820.071
Collector's Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine82.28 ref, 9.14 keys21.8519.001
Collector's Killstreak Conniver's Kunai82.85 ref, 9.21 keys22.0019.131
Collector's Killstreak Conscientious Objector421.91 ref, 46.88 keys, 2.9 buds112.0497.431
Collector's Killstreak Degreaser67.90 ref, 7.54 keys18.0315.681
Collector's Killstreak Detonator1,381.14 ref, 153.46 keys, 9.4 buds366.77318.931
Collector's Killstreak Diamondback43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.001
Collector's Killstreak Direct Hit49.48 ref, 5.50 keys13.1411.431
Collector's Killstreak Disciplinary Action54.41 ref, 6.05 keys14.4512.571
Collector's Killstreak Enforcer34.31 ref, 3.81 keys9.117.921
Collector's Killstreak Equalizer25.31 ref, 2.81 keys6.725.843
Collector's Killstreak Escape Plan75.24 ref, 8.36 keys19.9817.371
Collector's Killstreak Eviction Notice26.70 ref, 2.97 keys7.096.172
Collector's Killstreak Eyelander81.68 ref, 9.08 keys21.6918.861
Collector's Killstreak Family Business35.51 ref, 3.95 keys9.438.201
Collector's Killstreak Fists of Steel35.17 ref, 3.91 keys9.348.121
Collector's Killstreak Flare Gun46.32 ref, 5.15 keys12.3010.701
Collector's Killstreak Flying Guillotine51.97 ref, 5.77 keys13.8012.001
Collector's Killstreak Force-A-Nature51.97 ref, 5.77 keys13.8012.001
Collector's Killstreak Fortified Compound129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.001
Collector's Killstreak Frontier Justice47.07 ref, 5.23 keys12.5010.871
Collector's Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently23.50 ref, 2.61 keys6.245.431
Collector's Killstreak Gunslinger83.67 ref, 9.30 keys22.2219.323
Collector's Killstreak Hitman's Heatmaker41.42 ref, 4.60 keys11.009.571
Collector's Killstreak Holiday Punch33.59 ref, 3.73 keys8.927.761
Collector's Killstreak Holy Mackerel38.97 ref, 4.33 keys10.359.001
Collector's Killstreak Homewrecker176.99 ref, 19.67 keys, 1.2 buds47.0040.871
Collector's Killstreak Huntsman60.25 ref, 6.69 keys16.0013.911
Collector's Killstreak Huo-Long Heater37.66 ref, 4.18 keys10.008.701
Collector's Killstreak Jag114.74 ref, 12.75 keys, 0.8 buds30.4726.501
Collector's Killstreak Killing Gloves of Boxing55.21 ref, 6.13 keys14.6612.751
Collector's Killstreak Kritzkrieg118.47 ref, 13.16 keys, 0.8 buds31.4627.361
Collector's Killstreak L'Etranger60.33 ref, 6.70 keys16.0213.931
Collector's Killstreak Liberty Launcher33.59 ref, 3.73 keys8.927.761
Collector's Killstreak Loch-n-Load56.30 ref, 6.26 keys14.9513.001
Collector's Killstreak Lollichop66.28 ref, 7.36 keys17.6015.301
Collector's Killstreak Loose Cannon84.54 ref, 9.39 keys22.4519.521
Collector's Killstreak Machina69.25 ref, 7.69 keys18.3915.991
Collector's Killstreak Manmelter122.38 ref, 13.60 keys, 0.8 buds32.5028.261
Collector's Killstreak Mantreads64.62 ref, 7.18 keys17.1614.921
Collector's Killstreak Market Gardener86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Collector's Killstreak Natascha720.64 ref, 80.07 keys, 4.9 buds191.37166.412
Collector's Killstreak Neon Annihilator20.64 ref, 2.29 keys5.484.771
Collector's Killstreak Nessie's Nine Iron38.71 ref, 4.30 keys10.288.941
Collector's Killstreak Original86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Collector's Killstreak Overdose25.34 ref, 2.82 keys6.735.851
Collector's Killstreak Persian Persuader40.10 ref, 4.46 keys10.659.261
Collector's Killstreak Pomson 600027.04 ref, 3.00 keys7.186.241
Collector's Killstreak Postal Pummeler64.54 ref, 7.17 keys17.1414.901
Collector's Killstreak Powerjack0.82 ref0.220.191
Collector's Killstreak Quick-Fix108.26 ref, 12.03 keys28.7525.001
Collector's Killstreak Rainblower52.49 ref, 5.83 keys13.9412.121
Collector's Killstreak Reserve Shooter92.94 ref, 10.33 keys24.6821.461
Collector's Killstreak Sandman37.66 ref, 4.18 keys10.008.701
Collector's Killstreak Scorch Shot34.53 ref, 3.84 keys9.177.972
Collector's Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter41.42 ref, 4.60 keys11.009.572
Collector's Killstreak Scottish Handshake55.43 ref, 6.16 keys14.7212.801
Collector's Killstreak Scottish Resistance21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.001
Collector's Killstreak Shahanshah82.28 ref, 9.14 keys21.8519.001
Collector's Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment75.24 ref, 8.36 keys19.9817.371
Collector's Killstreak Short Circuit240.25 ref, 26.69 keys, 1.6 buds63.8055.481
Collector's Killstreak Shortstop64.96 ref, 7.22 keys17.2515.001
Collector's Killstreak Soda Popper43.04 ref, 4.78 keys11.439.941
Collector's Killstreak Solemn Vow25.12 ref, 2.79 keys6.675.801
Collector's Killstreak Southern Hospitality56.49 ref, 6.28 keys15.0013.041
Collector's Killstreak Splendid Screen53.81 ref, 5.98 keys14.2912.431
Collector's Killstreak Spy-cicle42.78 ref, 4.75 keys11.369.881
Collector's Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.001
Collector's Killstreak Sydney Sleeper35.96 ref, 4.00 keys9.558.301
Collector's Killstreak Third Degree38.97 ref, 4.33 keys10.359.001
Collector's Killstreak Tomislav25.64 ref, 2.85 keys6.815.922
Collector's Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv37.66 ref, 4.18 keys10.008.703
Collector's Killstreak Ubersaw45.23 ref, 5.03 keys12.0110.441
Collector's Killstreak Ullapool Caber30.31 ref, 3.37 keys8.057.001
Collector's Killstreak Vaccinator1,265.42 ref, 140.60 keys, 8.7 buds336.04292.211
Collector's Killstreak Vita-Saw28.24 ref, 3.14 keys7.506.521
Collector's Killstreak Warrior's Spirit49.78 ref, 5.53 keys13.2211.501
Collector's Killstreak Widowmaker30.31 ref, 3.37 keys8.057.001
Collector's Killstreak Winger64.96 ref, 7.22 keys17.2515.001
Collector's Killstreak Wrap Assassin22.59 ref, 2.51 keys6.005.221
Collector's Koala Compact Chemistry Set115.27 ref, 12.81 keys, 0.8 buds30.6126.621
Collector's Kritzkrieg150.59 ref, 16.73 keys, 1.0 buds39.9934.772
Collector's Kritzkrieg Chemistry Set259.83 ref, 28.87 keys, 1.8 buds69.0060.001
Collector's L'Etranger33.59 ref, 3.73 keys8.927.762
Collector's L'Etranger Chemistry Set14.35 ref, 1.59 keys3.813.316
Collector's Le Party Phantom1,337.57 ref, 148.62 keys, 9.1 buds355.20308.871
Collector's Liberty Launcher26.32 ref, 2.92 keys6.996.085
Collector's Liberty Launcher Chemistry Set11.49 ref, 1.28 keys3.052.658
Collector's Little Buddy Chemistry Set113.27 ref, 12.59 keys, 0.8 buds30.0826.161
Collector's Loch-n-Load41.42 ref, 4.60 keys11.009.572
Collector's Loch-n-Load Chemistry Set14.35 ref, 1.59 keys3.813.315
Collector's Lollichop36.08 ref, 4.01 keys9.588.333
Collector's Lollichop Chemistry Set12.99 ref, 1.44 keys3.453.004
Collector's Loose Cannon52.72 ref, 5.86 keys14.0012.176
Collector's Loose Cannon Chemistry Set27.56 ref, 3.06 keys7.326.376
Collector's Machina87.93 ref, 9.77 keys23.3520.303
Collector's Machina Chemistry Set66.28 ref, 7.36 keys17.6015.301
Collector's Mad Milk40.44 ref, 4.49 keys10.749.344
Collector's Mad Milk Chemistry Set22.56 ref, 2.51 keys5.995.214
Collector's Mair Mask396.94 ref, 44.10 keys, 2.7 buds105.4191.661
Collector's Man in Slacks Chemistry Set358.68 ref, 39.85 keys, 2.5 buds95.2582.831
Collector's Manmelter93.09 ref, 10.34 keys24.7221.502
Collector's Manmelter Chemistry Set53.96 ref, 6.00 keys14.3312.465
Collector's Mann of Reason Chemistry Set651.65 ref, 72.41 keys, 4.5 buds173.05150.481
Collector's Mantreads74.64 ref, 8.29 keys19.8217.233
Collector's Mantreads Chemistry Set21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.004
Collector's Market Gardener49.37 ref, 5.49 keys13.1111.402
Collector's Market Gardener Chemistry Set30.09 ref, 3.34 keys7.996.955
Collector's Master's Yellow Belt Chemistry Set372.77 ref, 41.42 keys, 2.5 buds98.9986.081
Collector's Medi-Mask Chemistry Set320.08 ref, 35.56 keys, 2.2 buds85.0073.911
Collector's Nanobalaclava Chemistry Set753.10 ref, 83.68 keys, 5.1 buds199.99173.901
Collector's Natascha24.36 ref, 2.71 keys6.475.636
Collector's Natascha Chemistry Set13.48 ref, 1.50 keys3.583.116
Collector's Neon Annihilator20.90 ref, 2.32 keys5.554.831
Collector's Neon Annihilator Chemistry Set11.03 ref, 1.23 keys2.932.554
Collector's Nessie's Nine Iron54.45 ref, 6.05 keys14.4612.573
Collector's Nessie's Nine Iron Chemistry Set30.13 ref, 3.35 keys8.006.965
Collector's Officer's Ushanka Chemistry Set188.62 ref, 20.96 keys, 1.3 buds50.0943.561
Collector's One-Man Army Chemistry Set376.53 ref, 41.84 keys, 2.6 buds99.9986.951
Collector's Original129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.002
Collector's Original Chemistry Set59.61 ref, 6.62 keys15.8313.775
Collector's Outdoorsman Chemistry Set301.18 ref, 33.46 keys, 2.1 buds79.9869.551
Collector's Overdose23.12 ref, 2.57 keys6.145.346
Collector's Overdose Chemistry Set9.34 ref, 1.04 keys2.482.169
Collector's Pain Train35.74 ref, 3.97 keys9.498.255
Collector's Pain Train Chemistry Set12.99 ref, 1.44 keys3.453.007
Collector's Pencil Pusher753.14 ref, 83.68 keys, 5.1 buds200.00173.911
Collector's Pencil Pusher Chemistry Set129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.001
Collector's Persian Persuader35.32 ref, 3.92 keys9.388.164
Collector's Persian Persuader Chemistry Set36.00 ref, 4.00 keys9.568.313
Collector's Phlogistinator171.23 ref, 19.03 keys, 1.2 buds45.4739.544
Collector's Phlogistinator Chemistry Set169.46 ref, 18.83 keys, 1.2 buds45.0039.133
Collector's Physician's Procedure Mask1,506.28 ref, 167.36 keys, 10.3 buds400.00347.831
Collector's Pip-Boy Chemistry Set207.11 ref, 23.01 keys, 1.4 buds55.0047.831
Collector's Pocket Purrer847.28 ref, 94.14 keys, 5.8 buds225.00195.651
Collector's Polar Pullover Chemistry Set759.92 ref, 84.44 keys, 5.2 buds201.80175.481
Collector's Pom-Pommed Provocateur539.32 ref, 59.92 keys, 3.7 buds143.22124.541
Collector's Pom-Pommed Provocateur Chemistry Set173.22 ref, 19.25 keys, 1.2 buds46.0040.001
Collector's Pomson 6000129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.001
Collector's Pomson 6000 Chemistry Set120.50 ref, 13.39 keys, 0.8 buds32.0027.831
Collector's Pop-eyes433.05 ref, 48.12 keys, 3.0 buds115.00100.001
Collector's Postal Pummeler52.38 ref, 5.82 keys13.9112.105
Collector's Postal Pummeler Chemistry Set25.98 ref, 2.89 keys6.906.002
Collector's Powdered Practitioner Chemistry Set94.14 ref, 10.46 keys25.0021.741
Collector's Powerjack86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Collector's Powerjack Chemistry Set37.66 ref, 4.18 keys10.008.701
Collector's Prairie Heel Biters303.14 ref, 33.68 keys, 2.1 buds80.5070.001
Collector's Prairie Heel Biters Chemistry Set112.48 ref, 12.50 keys, 0.8 buds29.8725.971
Collector's Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol94.14 ref, 10.46 keys25.0021.741
Collector's Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Chemistry Set64.96 ref, 7.22 keys17.2515.005
Collector's Private Eye Chemistry Set302.31 ref, 33.59 keys, 2.1 buds80.2869.811
Collector's Professional Killstreak Air Strike240.85 ref, 26.76 keys, 1.6 buds63.9655.621
Collector's Professional Killstreak Ambassador169.42 ref, 18.82 keys, 1.2 buds44.9939.121
Collector's Professional Killstreak Amputator95.76 ref, 10.64 keys25.4322.111
Collector's Professional Killstreak Atomizer64.96 ref, 7.22 keys17.2515.003
Collector's Professional Killstreak Axtinguisher45.79 ref, 5.09 keys12.1610.573
Collector's Professional Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster111.28 ref, 12.36 keys, 0.8 buds29.5525.701
Collector's Professional Killstreak Back Scatter193.63 ref, 21.51 keys, 1.3 buds51.4244.711
Collector's Professional Killstreak Back Scratcher35.81 ref, 3.98 keys9.518.272
Collector's Professional Killstreak Backburner127.77 ref, 14.20 keys, 0.9 buds33.9329.504
Collector's Professional Killstreak Bat Outta Hell488.71 ref, 54.30 keys, 3.3 buds129.78112.851
Collector's Professional Killstreak Bazaar Bargain66.31 ref, 7.37 keys17.6115.311
Collector's Professional Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka93.58 ref, 10.40 keys24.8521.611
Collector's Professional Killstreak Big Earner194.87 ref, 21.65 keys, 1.3 buds51.7545.001
Collector's Professional Killstreak Black Box216.53 ref, 24.06 keys, 1.5 buds57.5050.002
Collector's Professional Killstreak Blutsauger50.23 ref, 5.58 keys13.3411.602
Collector's Professional Killstreak Boston Basher55.21 ref, 6.13 keys14.6612.752
Collector's Professional Killstreak Brass Beast56.30 ref, 6.26 keys14.9513.003
Collector's Professional Killstreak Bushwacka69.59 ref, 7.73 keys18.4816.073
Collector's Professional Killstreak Candy Cane80.96 ref, 9.00 keys21.5018.703
Collector's Professional Killstreak Chargin' Targe94.14 ref, 10.46 keys25.0021.742
Collector's Professional Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr303.14 ref, 33.68 keys, 2.1 buds80.5070.001
Collector's Professional Killstreak Classic303.14 ref, 33.68 keys, 2.1 buds80.5070.001
Collector's Professional Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine75.24 ref, 8.36 keys19.9817.373
Collector's Professional Killstreak Conniver's Kunai77.35 ref, 8.59 keys20.5417.861
Collector's Professional Killstreak Cow Mangler 5000240.25 ref, 26.69 keys, 1.6 buds63.8055.483
Collector's Professional Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow94.14 ref, 10.46 keys25.0021.741
Collector's Professional Killstreak Degreaser168.18 ref, 18.69 keys, 1.1 buds44.6638.831
Collector's Professional Killstreak Detonator57.62 ref, 6.40 keys15.3013.303
Collector's Professional Killstreak Diamondback67.67 ref, 7.52 keys17.9715.632
Collector's Professional Killstreak Direct Hit63.41 ref, 7.05 keys16.8414.643
Collector's Professional Killstreak Disciplinary Action156.16 ref, 17.35 keys, 1.1 buds41.4736.061
Collector's Professional Killstreak Enforcer48.28 ref, 5.36 keys12.8211.153
Collector's Professional Killstreak Equalizer43.42 ref, 4.82 keys11.5310.033
Collector's Professional Killstreak Escape Plan36.64 ref, 4.07 keys9.738.465
Collector's Professional Killstreak Eureka Effect86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.003
Collector's Professional Killstreak Eviction Notice46.05 ref, 5.12 keys12.2310.633
Collector's Professional Killstreak Eyelander138.54 ref, 15.39 keys, 0.9 buds36.7931.991
Collector's Professional Killstreak Family Business157.97 ref, 17.55 keys, 1.1 buds41.9536.482
Collector's Professional Killstreak Fan O'War108.26 ref, 12.03 keys28.7525.001
Collector's Professional Killstreak Festive Black Box751.52 ref, 83.50 keys, 5.1 buds199.57173.541
Collector's Professional Killstreak Festive Crusader's Crossbow218.71 ref, 24.30 keys, 1.5 buds58.0850.501
Collector's Professional Killstreak Festive Eyelander216.53 ref, 24.06 keys, 1.5 buds57.5050.001
Collector's Professional Killstreak Festive Flare Gun433.05 ref, 48.12 keys, 3.0 buds115.00100.001
Collector's Professional Killstreak Festive Force-A-Nature338.91 ref, 37.66 keys, 2.3 buds90.0078.261
Collector's Professional Killstreak Festive Gloves of Running Urgently562.97 ref, 62.55 keys, 3.8 buds149.50130.001
Collector's Professional Killstreak Fists of Steel33.59 ref, 3.73 keys8.927.764
Collector's Professional Killstreak Flare Gun75.24 ref, 8.36 keys19.9817.373
Collector's Professional Killstreak Flying Guillotine120.58 ref, 13.40 keys, 0.8 buds32.0227.843
Collector's Professional Killstreak Force-A-Nature121.26 ref, 13.47 keys, 0.8 buds32.2028.002
Collector's Professional Killstreak Fortified Compound161.85 ref, 17.98 keys, 1.1 buds42.9837.373
Collector's Professional Killstreak Frontier Justice86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.003
Collector's Professional Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently49.78 ref, 5.53 keys13.2211.501
Collector's Professional Killstreak Gunslinger151.57 ref, 16.84 keys, 1.0 buds40.2535.001
Collector's Professional Killstreak Half-Zatoichi129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.002
Collector's Professional Killstreak Hitman's Heatmaker193.18 ref, 21.46 keys, 1.3 buds51.3044.611
Collector's Professional Killstreak Holiday Punch82.85 ref, 9.21 keys22.0019.131
Collector's Professional Killstreak Holy Mackerel69.25 ref, 7.69 keys18.3915.997
Collector's Professional Killstreak Homewrecker56.49 ref, 6.28 keys15.0013.042
Collector's Professional Killstreak Huntsman82.85 ref, 9.21 keys22.0019.133
Collector's Professional Killstreak Huo-Long Heater101.67 ref, 11.30 keys27.0023.483
Collector's Professional Killstreak Jag99.30 ref, 11.03 keys26.3722.933
Collector's Professional Killstreak Killing Gloves of Boxing43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.003
Collector's Professional Killstreak Kritzkrieg178.04 ref, 19.78 keys, 1.2 buds47.2841.112
Collector's Professional Killstreak L'Etranger122.95 ref, 13.66 keys, 0.8 buds32.6528.393
Collector's Professional Killstreak Liberty Launcher103.82 ref, 11.54 keys27.5723.971
Collector's Professional Killstreak Loch-n-Load116.92 ref, 12.99 keys, 0.8 buds31.0527.001
Collector's Professional Killstreak Lollichop51.97 ref, 5.77 keys13.8012.003
Collector's Professional Killstreak Loose Cannon86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.002
Collector's Professional Killstreak Machina190.66 ref, 21.18 keys, 1.3 buds50.6344.034
Collector's Professional Killstreak Manmelter86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.005
Collector's Professional Killstreak Mantreads71.55 ref, 7.95 keys19.0016.522
Collector's Professional Killstreak Market Gardener94.86 ref, 10.54 keys25.1921.901
Collector's Professional Killstreak Natascha50.87 ref, 5.65 keys13.5111.752
Collector's Professional Killstreak Neon Annihilator61.95 ref, 6.88 keys16.4514.303
Collector's Professional Killstreak Nessie's Nine Iron64.96 ref, 7.22 keys17.2515.004
Collector's Professional Killstreak Original129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.002
Collector's Professional Killstreak Overdose54.23 ref, 6.03 keys14.4012.524
Collector's Professional Killstreak Pain Train59.23 ref, 6.58 keys15.7313.681
Collector's Professional Killstreak Persian Persuader109.21 ref, 12.13 keys29.0025.221
Collector's Professional Killstreak Phlogistinator190.54 ref, 21.17 keys, 1.3 buds50.6044.003
Collector's Professional Killstreak Pomson 6000389.75 ref, 43.31 keys, 2.7 buds103.5090.002
Collector's Professional Killstreak Postal Pummeler66.84 ref, 7.43 keys17.7515.434
Collector's Professional Killstreak Powerjack167.57 ref, 18.62 keys, 1.1 buds44.5038.702
Collector's Professional Killstreak Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol121.59 ref, 13.51 keys, 0.8 buds32.2928.082
Collector's Professional Killstreak Quick-Fix105.44 ref, 11.72 keys28.0024.353
Collector's Professional Killstreak Rainblower69.93 ref, 7.77 keys18.5716.154
Collector's Professional Killstreak Rescue Ranger301.26 ref, 33.47 keys, 2.1 buds80.0069.571
Collector's Professional Killstreak Reserve Shooter106.79 ref, 11.87 keys28.3624.661
Collector's Professional Killstreak Righteous Bison173.22 ref, 19.25 keys, 1.2 buds46.0040.004
Collector's Professional Killstreak Sandman102.24 ref, 11.36 keys27.1523.612
Collector's Professional Killstreak Scorch Shot122.54 ref, 13.62 keys, 0.8 buds32.5428.307
Collector's Professional Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter61.27 ref, 6.81 keys16.2714.153
Collector's Professional Killstreak Scottish Handshake61.31 ref, 6.81 keys16.2814.162
Collector's Professional Killstreak Scottish Resistance69.25 ref, 7.69 keys18.3915.991
Collector's Professional Killstreak Shahanshah105.44 ref, 11.72 keys28.0024.353
Collector's Professional Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment52.68 ref, 5.85 keys13.9912.172
Collector's Professional Killstreak Short Circuit167.57 ref, 18.62 keys, 1.1 buds44.5038.706
Collector's Professional Killstreak Shortstop48.28 ref, 5.36 keys12.8211.152
Collector's Professional Killstreak Soda Popper168.89 ref, 18.77 keys, 1.2 buds44.8539.005
Collector's Professional Killstreak Solemn Vow77.95 ref, 8.66 keys20.7018.002
Collector's Professional Killstreak Southern Hospitality82.62 ref, 9.18 keys21.9419.084
Collector's Professional Killstreak Splendid Screen62.66 ref, 6.96 keys16.6414.474
Collector's Professional Killstreak Spy-cicle108.26 ref, 12.03 keys28.7525.004
Collector's Professional Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick73.62 ref, 8.18 keys19.5517.004
Collector's Professional Killstreak Sydney Sleeper56.86 ref, 6.32 keys15.1013.132
Collector's Professional Killstreak Third Degree86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.002
Collector's Professional Killstreak Tide Turner1,441.28 ref, 160.14 keys, 9.9 buds382.74332.821
Collector's Professional Killstreak Tomislav34.61 ref, 3.85 keys9.197.993
Collector's Professional Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv83.75 ref, 9.31 keys22.2419.345
Collector's Professional Killstreak Ubersaw62.85 ref, 6.98 keys16.6914.515
Collector's Professional Killstreak Ullapool Caber101.67 ref, 11.30 keys27.0023.484
Collector's Professional Killstreak Vaccinator227.45 ref, 25.27 keys, 1.6 buds60.4052.521
Collector's Professional Killstreak Vita-Saw38.37 ref, 4.26 keys10.198.861
Collector's Professional Killstreak Warrior's Spirit90.72 ref, 10.08 keys24.0920.953
Collector's Professional Killstreak Widowmaker244.77 ref, 27.20 keys, 1.7 buds65.0056.522
Collector's Professional Killstreak Winger51.97 ref, 5.77 keys13.8012.001
Collector's Professional Killstreak Wrap Assassin41.76 ref, 4.64 keys11.099.643
Collector's Professional Killstreak Your Eternal Reward170.28 ref, 18.92 keys, 1.2 buds45.2239.322
Collector's Quick-Fix45.19 ref, 5.02 keys12.0010.433
Collector's Quick-Fix Chemistry Set51.97 ref, 5.77 keys13.8012.001
Collector's Rainblower37.66 ref, 4.18 keys10.008.705
Collector's Rainblower Chemistry Set26.44 ref, 2.94 keys7.026.102
Collector's Razorback28.13 ref, 3.13 keys7.476.506
Collector's Razorback Chemistry Set27.56 ref, 3.06 keys7.326.372
Collector's Red Army Robin Chemistry Set140.69 ref, 15.63 keys, 1.0 buds37.3632.491
Collector's Red-Tape Recorder58.18 ref, 6.46 keys15.4513.435
Collector's Red-Tape Recorder Chemistry Set15.40 ref, 1.71 keys4.093.565
Collector's Reggaelator Chemistry Set216.53 ref, 24.06 keys, 1.5 buds57.5050.001
Collector's Reindoonicorn Chemistry Set866.11 ref, 96.23 keys, 5.9 buds230.00200.001
Collector's Rescue Ranger77.65 ref, 8.63 keys20.6217.932
Collector's Rescue Ranger Chemistry Set45.19 ref, 5.02 keys12.0010.433
Collector's Reserve Shooter48.58 ref, 5.40 keys12.9011.224
Collector's Reserve Shooter Chemistry Set38.97 ref, 4.33 keys10.359.009
Collector's Righteous Bison215.96 ref, 24.00 keys, 1.5 buds57.3549.871
Collector's Righteous Bison Chemistry Set84.43 ref, 9.38 keys22.4219.506
Collector's Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative809.62 ref, 89.96 keys, 5.5 buds215.00186.961
Collector's Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative Chemistry Set1,450.73 ref, 161.19 keys, 9.9 buds385.25335.001
Collector's Rocket Jumper376.46 ref, 41.83 keys, 2.6 buds99.9786.931
Collector's Rocket Jumper Chemistry Set171.94 ref, 19.10 keys, 1.2 buds45.6639.701
Collector's Rogue's Col Roule Chemistry Set454.71 ref, 50.52 keys, 3.1 buds120.75105.001
Collector's Samur-Eye Chemistry Set188.25 ref, 20.92 keys, 1.3 buds49.9943.471
Collector's Sandman49.78 ref, 5.53 keys13.2211.504
Collector's Sandman Chemistry Set30.31 ref, 3.37 keys8.057.008
Collector's Sandvich93.77 ref, 10.42 keys24.9021.654
Collector's Sandvich Chemistry Set45.19 ref, 5.02 keys12.0010.436
Collector's Scorch Shot32.61 ref, 3.62 keys8.667.534
Collector's Scorch Shot Chemistry Set18.60 ref, 2.07 keys4.944.303
Collector's Scotsman's Skullcutter24.48 ref, 2.72 keys6.505.653
Collector's Scotsman's Skullcutter Chemistry Set10.05 ref, 1.12 keys2.672.323
Collector's Scottish Handshake93.01 ref, 10.33 keys24.7021.481
Collector's Scottish Handshake Chemistry Set21.80 ref, 2.42 keys5.795.035
Collector's Scottish Resistance33.89 ref, 3.77 keys9.007.834
Collector's Scottish Resistance Chemistry Set17.89 ref, 1.99 keys4.754.137
Collector's Scout Shako Chemistry Set433.05 ref, 48.12 keys, 3.0 buds115.00100.001
Collector's Shahanshah86.05 ref, 9.56 keys22.8519.872
Collector's Shahanshah Chemistry Set49.71 ref, 5.52 keys13.2011.483
Collector's Sharpened Volcano Fragment27.26 ref, 3.03 keys7.246.308
Collector's Sharpened Volcano Fragment Chemistry Set19.32 ref, 2.15 keys5.134.466
Collector's Short Circuit216.53 ref, 24.06 keys, 1.5 buds57.5050.002
Collector's Short Circuit Chemistry Set36.08 ref, 4.01 keys9.588.336
Collector's Shortstop30.43 ref, 3.38 keys8.087.035
Collector's Shortstop Chemistry Set24.06 ref, 2.67 keys6.395.567
Collector's Slick Cut Chemistry Set564.85 ref, 62.76 keys, 3.9 buds150.00130.431
Collector's Snapped Pupil Chemistry Set259.83 ref, 28.87 keys, 1.8 buds69.0060.001
Collector's Sneaky Spats of Sneaking Chemistry Set86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Collector's Sober Stuntman Chemistry Set188.28 ref, 20.92 keys, 1.3 buds50.0043.481
Collector's Soda Popper56.30 ref, 6.26 keys14.9513.001
Collector's Soda Popper Chemistry Set21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.004
Collector's Soldier's Slope Scopers422.77 ref, 46.97 keys, 2.9 buds112.2797.631
Collector's Solemn Vow28.36 ref, 3.15 keys7.536.554
Collector's Solemn Vow Chemistry Set12.43 ref, 1.38 keys3.302.876
Collector's Soot Suit Chemistry Set112.14 ref, 12.46 keys, 0.8 buds29.7825.901
Collector's Southern Hospitality20.79 ref, 2.31 keys5.524.804
Collector's Southern Hospitality Chemistry Set12.13 ref, 1.35 keys3.222.807
Collector's Special Eyes Chemistry Set151.57 ref, 16.84 keys, 1.0 buds40.2535.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Air Strike173.11 ref, 19.23 keys, 1.2 buds45.9739.971
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Ambassador137.94 ref, 15.33 keys, 0.9 buds36.6331.851
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Amputator45.79 ref, 5.09 keys12.1610.571
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Atomizer43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Axtinguisher66.24 ref, 7.36 keys17.5915.301
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster71.96 ref, 8.00 keys19.1116.621
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Back Scatter210.88 ref, 23.43 keys, 1.4 buds56.0048.701
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Back Scratcher40.90 ref, 4.54 keys10.869.441
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Backburner52.61 ref, 5.85 keys13.9712.152
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Bazaar Bargain76.86 ref, 8.54 keys20.4117.751
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka74.90 ref, 8.32 keys19.8917.301
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Big Earner32.54 ref, 3.62 keys8.647.511
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Black Box69.59 ref, 7.73 keys18.4816.073
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Blutsauger60.25 ref, 6.69 keys16.0013.912
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Boston Basher43.19 ref, 4.80 keys11.479.971
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Brass Beast46.39 ref, 5.15 keys12.3210.711
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Bushwacka34.95 ref, 3.88 keys9.288.071
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Candy Cane131.76 ref, 14.64 keys, 0.9 buds34.9930.431
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Chargin' Targe32.61 ref, 3.62 keys8.667.532
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr101.67 ref, 11.30 keys27.0023.481
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Classic341.55 ref, 37.95 keys, 2.3 buds90.7078.871
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine111.09 ref, 12.34 keys, 0.8 buds29.5025.652
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Conniver's Kunai88.95 ref, 9.88 keys23.6220.541
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Cow Mangler 5000376.76 ref, 41.86 keys, 2.6 buds100.0587.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Degreaser138.13 ref, 15.35 keys, 0.9 buds36.6831.901
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Detonator38.97 ref, 4.33 keys10.359.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Diamondback109.36 ref, 12.15 keys29.0425.251
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Direct Hit129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Disciplinary Action43.57 ref, 4.84 keys11.5710.062
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Enforcer86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Equalizer28.28 ref, 3.14 keys7.516.531
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Escape Plan55.47 ref, 6.16 keys14.7312.811
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Eureka Effect56.37 ref, 6.26 keys14.9713.021
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Eviction Notice26.47 ref, 2.94 keys7.036.112
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Eyelander60.78 ref, 6.75 keys16.1414.031
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Family Business1,506.28 ref, 167.36 keys, 10.3 buds400.00347.831
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Fan O'War52.42 ref, 5.82 keys13.9212.101
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Festive Force-A-Nature244.77 ref, 27.20 keys, 1.7 buds65.0056.521
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Fists of Steel21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.002
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Flare Gun45.19 ref, 5.02 keys12.0010.431
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Flying Guillotine52.68 ref, 5.85 keys13.9912.172
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Force-A-Nature68.05 ref, 7.56 keys18.0715.715
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Fortified Compound177.18 ref, 19.69 keys, 1.2 buds47.0540.911
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Frontier Justice44.70 ref, 4.97 keys11.8710.323
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Gunslinger81.45 ref, 9.05 keys21.6318.811
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Half-Zatoichi63.94 ref, 7.10 keys16.9814.773
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Hitman's Heatmaker138.13 ref, 15.35 keys, 0.9 buds36.6831.902
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Holiday Punch52.42 ref, 5.82 keys13.9212.102
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Holy Mackerel92.30 ref, 10.26 keys24.5121.311
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Homewrecker31.29 ref, 3.48 keys8.317.231
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Huntsman69.59 ref, 7.73 keys18.4816.074
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Huo-Long Heater30.09 ref, 3.34 keys7.996.954
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Jag91.66 ref, 10.18 keys24.3421.171
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Killing Gloves of Boxing25.98 ref, 2.89 keys6.906.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Kritzkrieg188.28 ref, 20.92 keys, 1.3 buds50.0043.481
Collector's Specialized Killstreak L'Etranger107.28 ref, 11.92 keys28.4924.771
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Liberty Launcher30.35 ref, 3.37 keys8.067.014
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Loch-n-Load41.72 ref, 4.64 keys11.089.633
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Lollichop73.32 ref, 8.15 keys19.4716.932
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Loose Cannon63.53 ref, 7.06 keys16.8714.672
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Machina94.14 ref, 10.46 keys25.0021.744
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Manmelter94.10 ref, 10.46 keys24.9921.731
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Mantreads44.21 ref, 4.91 keys11.7410.211
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Market Gardener61.98 ref, 6.89 keys16.4614.312
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Natascha324.79 ref, 36.09 keys, 2.2 buds86.2575.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Nessie's Nine Iron61.98 ref, 6.89 keys16.4614.312
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Original62.77 ref, 6.97 keys16.6714.502
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Overdose30.65 ref, 3.41 keys8.147.081
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Pain Train35.55 ref, 3.95 keys9.448.211
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Persian Persuader67.33 ref, 7.48 keys17.8815.551
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Phlogistinator202.90 ref, 22.54 keys, 1.4 buds53.8846.851
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Pomson 6000129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Postal Pummeler18.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.351
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Powerjack75.77 ref, 8.42 keys20.1217.501
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Quick-Fix47.67 ref, 5.30 keys12.6611.012
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Rainblower41.23 ref, 4.58 keys10.959.521
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Rescue Ranger171.04 ref, 19.00 keys, 1.2 buds45.4239.501
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Reserve Shooter53.92 ref, 5.99 keys14.3212.451
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Righteous Bison99.60 ref, 11.07 keys26.4523.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Sandman82.85 ref, 9.21 keys22.0019.131
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Scorch Shot99.60 ref, 11.07 keys26.4523.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter31.48 ref, 3.50 keys8.367.274
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Scottish Handshake61.34 ref, 6.82 keys16.2914.172
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Scottish Resistance28.24 ref, 3.14 keys7.506.523
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Shahanshah85.33 ref, 9.48 keys22.6619.701
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment37.58 ref, 4.18 keys9.988.682
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Short Circuit56.49 ref, 6.28 keys15.0013.041
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Shortstop45.19 ref, 5.02 keys12.0010.431
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Soda Popper47.64 ref, 5.29 keys12.6511.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Solemn Vow49.59 ref, 5.51 keys13.1711.451
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Southern Hospitality99.41 ref, 11.05 keys26.4022.961
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Splendid Screen32.95 ref, 3.66 keys8.757.612
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Spy-cicle112.74 ref, 12.53 keys, 0.8 buds29.9426.031
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick38.45 ref, 4.27 keys10.218.881
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Sydney Sleeper56.30 ref, 6.26 keys14.9513.003
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Third Degree47.64 ref, 5.29 keys12.6511.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Tide Turner236.94 ref, 26.33 keys, 1.6 buds62.9254.711
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Tomislav45.19 ref, 5.02 keys12.0010.432
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Ubersaw66.16 ref, 7.35 keys17.5715.281
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Ullapool Caber73.62 ref, 8.18 keys19.5517.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Vaccinator244.77 ref, 27.20 keys, 1.7 buds65.0056.521
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Vita-Saw225.94 ref, 25.10 keys, 1.5 buds60.0052.171
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Warrior's Spirit73.77 ref, 8.20 keys19.5917.031
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Widowmaker150.59 ref, 16.73 keys, 1.0 buds39.9934.771
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Winger173.22 ref, 19.25 keys, 1.2 buds46.0040.001
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Your Eternal Reward51.97 ref, 5.77 keys13.8012.001
Collector's Spectre's Spectacles Chemistry Set183.28 ref, 20.36 keys, 1.3 buds48.6742.321
Collector's Splendid Screen30.16 ref, 3.35 keys8.016.979
Collector's Splendid Screen Chemistry Set23.72 ref, 2.64 keys6.305.484
Collector's Spy-cicle31.78 ref, 3.53 keys8.447.341
Collector's Spy-cicle Chemistry Set19.92 ref, 2.21 keys5.294.609
Collector's Stainless Pot Chemistry Set112.93 ref, 12.55 keys, 0.8 buds29.9926.081
Collector's Stately Steel Toe Chemistry Set112.93 ref, 12.55 keys, 0.8 buds29.9926.081
Collector's Sticky Jumper131.27 ref, 14.59 keys, 0.9 buds34.8630.313
Collector's Sticky Jumper Chemistry Set241.00 ref, 26.78 keys, 1.6 buds64.0055.653
Collector's Sun-on-a-Stick27.90 ref, 3.10 keys7.416.446
Collector's Sun-on-a-Stick Chemistry Set17.21 ref, 1.91 keys4.573.976
Collector's Sydney Sleeper27.87 ref, 3.10 keys7.406.436
Collector's Sydney Sleeper Chemistry Set18.23 ref, 2.03 keys4.844.214
Collector's Tartan Spartan Chemistry Set143.44 ref, 15.94 keys, 1.0 buds38.0933.121
Collector's Teufort Tooth Kicker Chemistry Set498.01 ref, 55.33 keys, 3.4 buds132.25115.001
Collector's Texas Half-Pants Chemistry Set148.18 ref, 16.46 keys, 1.0 buds39.3534.221
Collector's Third Degree62.47 ref, 6.94 keys16.5914.432
Collector's Third Degree Chemistry Set35.77 ref, 3.97 keys9.508.264
Collector's Tide Turner320.08 ref, 35.56 keys, 2.2 buds85.0073.912
Collector's Tide Turner Chemistry Set216.53 ref, 24.06 keys, 1.5 buds57.5050.001
Collector's Tomislav24.14 ref, 2.68 keys6.415.579
Collector's Tomislav Chemistry Set12.16 ref, 1.35 keys3.232.818
Collector's Tribalman's Shiv32.35 ref, 3.59 keys8.597.472
Collector's Tribalman's Shiv Chemistry Set11.30 ref, 1.26 keys3.002.617
Collector's Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Chemistry Set577.36 ref, 64.15 keys, 3.9 buds153.32133.321
Collector's Tyrant's Helm Chemistry Set251.81 ref, 27.98 keys, 1.7 buds66.8758.151
Collector's Ubersaw53.85 ref, 5.98 keys14.3012.434
Collector's Ubersaw Chemistry Set26.10 ref, 2.90 keys6.936.035
Collector's Ullapool Caber47.97 ref, 5.33 keys12.7411.085
Collector's Ullapool Caber Chemistry Set40.33 ref, 4.48 keys10.719.315
Collector's Vaccinator210.95 ref, 23.44 keys, 1.4 buds56.0248.711
Collector's Vaccinator Chemistry Set577.69 ref, 64.19 keys, 4.0 buds153.41133.401
Collector's Valley Forge Chemistry Set1,136.45 ref, 126.27 keys, 7.8 buds301.79262.431
Collector's Vintage Tyrolean1,129.71 ref, 125.52 keys, 7.7 buds300.00260.871
Collector's Virtual Reality Headset860.76 ref, 95.64 keys, 5.9 buds228.58198.771
Collector's Virtual Reality Headset Chemistry Set117.45 ref, 13.05 keys, 0.8 buds31.1927.121
Collector's Vita-Saw37.66 ref, 4.18 keys10.008.701
Collector's Vita-Saw Chemistry Set30.31 ref, 3.37 keys8.057.004
Collector's War Pig1,039.33 ref, 115.48 keys, 7.1 buds276.00240.001
Collector's War Pig Chemistry Set316.21 ref, 35.13 keys, 2.2 buds83.9773.021
Collector's Ward Chemistry Set174.24 ref, 19.36 keys, 1.2 buds46.2740.231
Collector's Warrior's Spirit30.31 ref, 3.37 keys8.057.007
Collector's Warrior's Spirit Chemistry Set12.77 ref, 1.42 keys3.392.957
Collector's Waxy Wayfinder458.25 ref, 50.92 keys, 3.1 buds121.69105.821
Collector's Western Wear259.83 ref, 28.87 keys, 1.8 buds69.0060.001
Collector's Whirly Warrior Chemistry Set221.20 ref, 24.58 keys, 1.5 buds58.7451.081
Collector's Widowmaker104.42 ref, 11.60 keys27.7324.111
Collector's Widowmaker Chemistry Set71.55 ref, 7.95 keys19.0016.526
Collector's Winger129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.002
Collector's Winger Chemistry Set72.08 ref, 8.01 keys19.1416.645
Collector's Wingstick Chemistry Set83.67 ref, 9.30 keys22.2219.321
Collector's Winter Wonderland Wrap Chemistry Set509.61 ref, 56.62 keys, 3.5 buds135.33117.681
Collector's Wrangler35.77 ref, 3.97 keys9.508.267
Collector's Wrangler Chemistry Set38.67 ref, 4.30 keys10.278.935
Collector's Wrap Assassin15.82 ref, 1.76 keys4.203.657
Collector's Wrap Assassin Chemistry Set12.88 ref, 1.43 keys3.422.976
Collector's Your Eternal Reward54.90 ref, 6.10 keys14.5812.684
Collector's Your Eternal Reward Chemistry Set16.49 ref, 1.83 keys4.383.819
Colonel's Coat Strangifier29.97 ref, 3.33 keys7.966.926
Color No. 216-190-2162.11 ref0.560.49280
Combat Slacks Strangifier26.74 ref, 2.97 keys7.106.1712
Cream Spirit10.54 ref, 1.17 keys2.802.4316
Cute Suit Strangifier33.89 ref, 3.77 keys9.007.839
Dark Age Defender Strangifier4.93 ref1.311.1419
Dark Age Defender Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #20.15 ref0.040.02314
Dark Falkirk Helm Strangifier21.05 ref, 2.34 keys5.594.864
Dark Salmon Injustice1.73 ref0.460.4075
Dealer's Visor1.32 ref0.350.3065
Decal Tool0.75 ref0.200.171358
Deep Cover Operator Strangifier27.83 ref, 3.09 keys7.396.4331
Demo Costume Transmogrifier10.73 ref, 1.19 keys2.852.481
Demoman's Fro1.51 ref0.400.3553
Description Tag1.51 ref0.400.351634
Diamond Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.I1,129.71 ref, 125.52 keys, 7.7 buds300.00260.871
Dough Puncher Strangifier15.06 ref, 1.67 keys4.003.483
Drably Olive1.81 ref0.480.4284
Earbuds153.41 ref, 17.05 keys, 1.0 buds40.7435.43179
Eerie Crate Series #510.26 ref0.070.05273
Ein Strangifier23.99 ref, 2.67 keys6.375.5412
Eliminators Safeguard Strangifier18.53 ref, 2.06 keys4.924.2810
Enchantment: Eternaween0.11 ref0.030.018561
Eternaween0.11 ref0.030.012927
Fall 2013 Acorns Crate Key9.72 ref, 1.08 keys2.582.2426
Fall 2013 Acorns Crate Series #720.11 ref0.030.0121763
Fall 2013 Gourd Crate Key9.83 ref, 1.09 keys2.612.2742
Fall 2013 Gourd Crate Series #730.11 ref0.030.0121839
Fall Crate Series #480.23 ref0.060.04145
Fancy Dress Uniform Strangifier38.37 ref, 4.26 keys10.198.863
Fancy Dress Uniform Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #10.64 ref0.170.1563
Fancy Fedora1.77 ref0.470.41111
Fashionable Megalomaniac Strangifier27.11 ref, 3.01 keys7.206.267
Festive Black Box2.49 ref0.660.57191
Festive Crusader's Crossbow1.62 ref0.430.37132
Festive Eyelander1.51 ref0.400.35173
Festive Flame Thrower9.15 ref, 1.02 keys2.432.1177
Festive Flare Gun1.28 ref0.340.30494
Festive Force-A-Nature1.58 ref0.420.37239
Festive Frontier Justice1.54 ref0.410.36125
Festive Gloves of Running Urgently1.02 ref0.270.23185
Festive Grenade Launcher3.05 ref0.810.70159
Festive Jarate0.90 ref0.240.21194
Festive Knife10.81 ref, 1.20 keys2.872.5086
Festive Medi Gun12.99 ref, 1.44 keys3.453.0059
Festive Minigun12.54 ref, 1.39 keys3.332.9094
Festive Rocket Launcher18.19 ref, 2.02 keys4.834.2062
Festive Sapper1.28 ref0.340.30222
Festive Scattergun16.87 ref, 1.87 keys4.483.9074
Festive Sniper Rifle10.92 ref, 1.21 keys2.902.5253
Festive Stickybomb Launcher8.62 ref, 0.96 keys2.291.9985
Festive Winter Crate Series #619.13 ref, 2.13 keys5.084.4233
Festive Wrangler1.13 ref0.300.26211
Festive Wrench8.10 ref, 0.90 keys2.151.8778
Flip-Flops50.84 ref, 5.65 keys13.5011.7415
Football Helmet0.75 ref0.200.1794
Foppish Physician Strangifier3.13 ref0.830.7236
Foppish Physician Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #20.15 ref0.040.02960
Foster's Facade1.13 ref0.300.2687
Gaiter Guards Strangifier22.97 ref, 2.55 keys6.105.305
Gentle Manne's Service Medal36.83 ref, 4.09 keys9.788.5057
Genuine AWPer Hand5.91 ref1.571.37981
Genuine Anger5.76 ref1.531.33744
Genuine Ap-Sap42.70 ref, 4.74 keys11.349.8615
Genuine Aperture Labs Hard Hat4.52 ref1.201.04209
Genuine Apoco-Fists9.56 ref, 1.06 keys2.542.21103
Genuine Archimedes32.23 ref, 3.58 keys8.567.4425
Genuine Area 4513.35 ref0.890.77160
Genuine Atomic Accolade1.62 ref0.430.37142
Genuine Awesomenauts Badge1.51 ref0.400.35111
Genuine Backbiter's Billycock8.25 ref, 0.92 keys2.191.9017
Genuine Ball-Kicking Boots14.91 ref, 1.66 keys3.963.4448
Genuine Balloonicorn21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.0033
Genuine Baronial Badge1.43 ref0.380.33110
Genuine Battle Bob6.18 ref1.641.43109
Genuine Beastly Bonnet2.15 ref0.570.50194
Genuine Big Daddy1.47 ref0.390.34190
Genuine Blind Justice1.43 ref0.380.33195
Genuine Bolgan3.77 ref1.000.87175
Genuine Bolgan Family Crest1.77 ref0.470.41101
Genuine Brain Bucket1.62 ref0.430.37494
Genuine Brigade Helm4.93 ref1.311.1451
Genuine Brütal Bouffant4.22 ref1.120.97191
Genuine Buck Turner All-Stars20.97 ref, 2.33 keys5.574.8461
Genuine Bushman's Boonie9.38 ref, 1.04 keys2.492.1798
Genuine Camera Beard9.00 ref, 1.00 key2.392.0821
Genuine Centurion2.49 ref0.660.57196
Genuine Champ Stamp6.70 ref1.781.55155
Genuine Cheet Sheet2.26 ref0.600.52170
Genuine Chief Constable2.26 ref0.600.52178
Genuine Cockfighter8.62 ref, 0.96 keys2.291.99133
Genuine Cold War Luchador3.24 ref0.860.75141
Genuine Combat Medic's Crusher Cap3.46 ref0.920.80150
Genuine Companion Cube Pin1.05 ref0.280.24541
Genuine Company Man1.85 ref0.490.43189
Genuine Concheror1.13 ref0.300.26102
Genuine Conjurer's Cowl4.86 ref1.291.12182
Genuine Conniver's Kunai1.73 ref0.460.40175
Genuine Crafty Hair2.67 ref0.710.62197
Genuine Criminal Cloak3.20 ref0.850.74158
Genuine Croft's Crest1.51 ref0.400.35124
Genuine Cross-Comm Crash Helmet3.01 ref0.800.70152
Genuine Cross-Comm Express9.64 ref, 1.07 keys2.562.23145
Genuine Crosslinker's Coil1.54 ref0.410.36288
Genuine Dashin' Hashshashin30.43 ref, 3.38 keys8.087.03102
Genuine Dead Cone1.62 ref0.430.37345
Genuine Deadliest Duckling4.10 ref1.090.95139
Genuine Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm4.22 ref1.120.97103
Genuine Deus Specs6.78 ref, 0.75 keys1.801.57258
Genuine Diamondback0.87 ref0.230.20198
Genuine Die Regime-Panzerung10.28 ref, 1.14 keys2.732.3761
Genuine Distinguished Rogue1.51 ref0.400.351336
Genuine Doe-Boy1.47 ref0.390.34200
Genuine Doublecross-Comm33.14 ref, 3.68 keys8.807.65131
Genuine Dragonborn Helmet12.88 ref, 1.43 keys3.422.97137
Genuine Dread Hiding Hood5.05 ref1.341.17127
Genuine Dread Knot1.85 ref0.490.43128
Genuine El Jefe30.43 ref, 3.38 keys8.087.0332
Genuine Engineer's Cap8.32 ref, 0.92 keys2.211.9218
Genuine Faerie Solitaire Pin1.47 ref0.390.34254
Genuine Fan O'War2.75 ref0.730.63144
Genuine First American1.43 ref0.380.33197
Genuine Flying Guillotine1.32 ref0.350.30124
Genuine Foppish Physician1.58 ref0.420.371416
Genuine Fortified Compound3.69 ref0.980.85200
Genuine Fortune Hunter2.33 ref0.620.54149
Genuine Freedom Staff3.01 ref0.800.70134
Genuine Friends Forever Companion Square Badge165.13 ref, 18.35 keys, 1.1 buds43.8538.134
Genuine Geisha Boy2.33 ref0.620.54168
Genuine Gilded Guard1.47 ref0.390.34124
Genuine Glengarry Bonnet3.28 ref0.870.7657
Genuine Grandmaster222.18 ref, 24.69 keys, 1.5 buds59.0051.306
Genuine Grizzled Growth5.76 ref1.531.33145
Genuine Half-Zatoichi3.73 ref0.990.86158
Genuine Ham Shank1.05 ref0.280.24579
Genuine Hardy Laurel2.37 ref0.630.55197
Genuine Heavy Artillery Officer's Cap1.81 ref0.480.42164
Genuine Hero's Hachimaki6.67 ref1.771.54183
Genuine Hero's Tail10.81 ref, 1.20 keys2.872.50138
Genuine Heroic Companion Badge2.37 ref0.630.55119
Genuine Hetman's Headpiece1.73 ref0.460.40169
Genuine Hitt Mann Badge1.54 ref0.410.36141
Genuine Horace103.26 ref, 11.47 keys27.4223.8431
Genuine Human Cannonball3.20 ref0.850.74125
Genuine Huo-Long Heater0.94 ref0.250.22156
Genuine Janissary Ketche1.73 ref0.460.40186
Genuine K-9 Mane1.51 ref0.400.35666
Genuine Killer Exclusive6.33 ref1.681.46182
Genuine Killstreak AWPer Hand14.27 ref, 1.59 keys3.793.3013
Genuine Killstreak Apoco-Fists9.68 ref, 1.08 keys2.572.239
Genuine Killstreak Conniver's Kunai5.23 ref1.391.217
Genuine Killstreak Diamondback3.28 ref0.870.7611
Genuine Killstreak Fan O'War5.01 ref1.331.165
Genuine Killstreak Flying Guillotine4.29 ref1.140.994
Genuine Killstreak Fortified Compound8.40 ref, 0.93 keys2.231.9411
Genuine Killstreak Freedom Staff7.38 ref, 0.82 keys1.961.706
Genuine Killstreak Half-Zatoichi8.13 ref, 0.90 keys2.161.887
Genuine Killstreak Ham Shank4.10 ref1.090.9516
Genuine Killstreak Huo-Long Heater4.86 ref1.291.127
Genuine Killstreak Machina8.96 ref, 1.00 keys2.382.079
Genuine Killstreak Maul43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.001
Genuine Killstreak Neon Annihilator2.64 ref0.700.617
Genuine Killstreak Original10.81 ref, 1.20 keys2.872.507
Genuine Killstreak Righteous Bison14.91 ref, 1.66 keys3.963.442
Genuine Killstreak Sharp Dresser45.45 ref, 5.05 keys12.0710.504
Genuine Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment3.62 ref0.960.839
Genuine Killstreak Short Circuit2.94 ref0.780.6816
Genuine Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick1.92 ref0.510.4410
Genuine Killstreak Three-Rune Blade21.99 ref, 2.44 keys5.845.088
Genuine Killstreak Widowmaker5.27 ref1.401.2212
Genuine King of Scotland Cape1.88 ref0.500.43458
Genuine Lacking Moral Fiber Mask5.23 ref1.391.21136
Genuine Last Straw2.11 ref0.560.4994
Genuine Little Bear324.79 ref, 36.09 keys, 2.2 buds86.2575.003
Genuine Lone Star2.90 ref0.770.67193
Genuine Machina3.88 ref1.030.90198
Genuine Mark of the Saint2.94 ref0.780.68104
Genuine Marxman7.04 ref, 0.78 keys1.871.63130
Genuine Mask of the Shaman1.81 ref0.480.42164
Genuine Maul36.08 ref, 4.01 keys9.588.3333
Genuine Menpo1.51 ref0.400.35798
Genuine Merc Medal1.73 ref0.460.4084
Genuine Merc's Pride Scarf32.91 ref, 3.66 keys8.747.6043
Genuine Mister Bubbles1.32 ref0.350.30131
Genuine Nanobalaclava3.05 ref0.810.70278
Genuine Neon Annihilator0.64 ref0.170.15137
Genuine Noh Mercy9.38 ref, 1.04 keys2.492.17139
Genuine Noise Maker - Koto2.41 ref0.640.56107
Genuine Noise Maker - Vuvuzela10.58 ref, 1.18 keys2.812.4432
Genuine Officer's Ushanka4.67 ref1.241.0844
Genuine Original5.50 ref1.461.27156
Genuine Person in the Iron Mask1.73 ref0.460.40180
Genuine Pilotka1.62 ref0.430.37545
Genuine Pip-Boy2.45 ref0.650.571069
Genuine Planeswalker Goggles4.29 ref1.140.99172
Genuine Planeswalker Helm3.16 ref0.840.73144
Genuine Point and Shoot10.17 ref, 1.13 keys2.702.3573
Genuine Pounding Father1.51 ref0.400.35195
Genuine Prize Plushy3.50 ref0.930.81146
Genuine Professional Killstreak AWPer Hand116.74 ref, 12.97 keys, 0.8 buds31.0026.964
Genuine Professional Killstreak Apoco-Fists29.86 ref, 3.32 keys7.936.908
Genuine Professional Killstreak Conniver's Kunai30.13 ref, 3.35 keys8.006.964
Genuine Professional Killstreak Diamondback30.01 ref, 3.33 keys7.976.931
Genuine Professional Killstreak Fan O'War26.17 ref, 2.91 keys6.956.042
Genuine Professional Killstreak Flying Guillotine55.21 ref, 6.13 keys14.6612.751
Genuine Professional Killstreak Fortified Compound50.57 ref, 5.62 keys13.4311.687
Genuine Professional Killstreak Freedom Staff24.06 ref, 2.67 keys6.395.567
Genuine Professional Killstreak Half-Zatoichi43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.001
Genuine Professional Killstreak Ham Shank36.04 ref, 4.00 keys9.578.329
Genuine Professional Killstreak Huo-Long Heater43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.004
Genuine Professional Killstreak Machina52.95 ref, 5.88 keys14.0612.233
Genuine Professional Killstreak Maul54.56 ref, 6.06 keys14.4912.603
Genuine Professional Killstreak Neon Annihilator25.38 ref, 2.82 keys6.745.861
Genuine Professional Killstreak Original90.38 ref, 10.04 keys24.0020.873
Genuine Professional Killstreak Righteous Bison34.38 ref, 3.82 keys9.137.943
Genuine Professional Killstreak Sharp Dresser95.61 ref, 10.62 keys25.3922.084
Genuine Professional Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment26.28 ref, 2.92 keys6.986.074
Genuine Professional Killstreak Short Circuit21.95 ref, 2.44 keys5.835.076
Genuine Professional Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick18.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.352
Genuine Professional Killstreak Three-Rune Blade38.97 ref, 4.33 keys10.359.007
Genuine Professional Killstreak Widowmaker42.51 ref, 4.72 keys11.299.825
Genuine Professor's Pineapple3.01 ref0.800.70151
Genuine Purity Fist5.05 ref1.341.17192
Genuine Quadwrangler9.11 ref, 1.01 keys2.422.10128
Genuine Quäckenbirdt4.78 ref1.271.10153
Genuine Red-Tape Recorder3.73 ref0.990.8696
Genuine Respectless Rubber Glove2.64 ref0.700.6162
Genuine Righteous Bison11.97 ref, 1.33 keys3.182.7774
Genuine Robo-Sandvich150.59 ref, 16.73 keys, 1.0 buds39.9934.777
Genuine Robot Chicken Hat2.49 ref0.660.57199
Genuine Russian Rocketeer1.73 ref0.460.40148
Genuine Samur-Eye9.08 ref, 1.01 keys2.412.10121
Genuine Scotsman's Stove Pipe4.10 ref1.090.9536
Genuine Scrap Pack4.48 ref1.191.03124
Genuine Sharp Dresser34.31 ref, 3.81 keys9.117.9264
Genuine Sharpened Volcano Fragment2.03 ref0.540.47164
Genuine Short Circuit1.05 ref0.280.24201
Genuine Shred Alert17.36 ref, 1.93 keys4.614.01128
Genuine Siberian Sophisticate4.10 ref1.090.95148
Genuine Sign of the Wolf's School2.64 ref0.700.61175
Genuine Specialized Killstreak AWPer Hand21.84 ref, 2.43 keys5.805.048
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Apoco-Fists14.20 ref, 1.58 keys3.773.288
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Conniver's Kunai9.75 ref, 1.08 keys2.592.254
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Diamondback10.81 ref, 1.20 keys2.872.504
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Fan O'War8.55 ref, 0.95 keys2.271.976
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Flying Guillotine12.24 ref, 1.36 keys3.252.833
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Fortified Compound15.06 ref, 1.67 keys4.003.486
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Freedom Staff10.28 ref, 1.14 keys2.732.375
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Half-Zatoichi10.81 ref, 1.20 keys2.872.504
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Ham Shank9.34 ref, 1.04 keys2.482.165
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Huo-Long Heater13.18 ref, 1.46 keys3.503.046
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Machina9.30 ref, 1.03 keys2.472.1513
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Maul37.24 ref, 4.14 keys9.898.604
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Neon Annihilator14.38 ref, 1.60 keys3.823.321
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Original10.62 ref, 1.18 keys2.822.4513
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Righteous Bison18.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.354
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Sharp Dresser57.77 ref, 6.42 keys15.3413.341
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment15.40 ref, 1.71 keys4.093.566
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Short Circuit6.82 ref, 0.76 keys1.811.578
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick7.49 ref, 0.83 keys1.991.737
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Three-Rune Blade15.40 ref, 1.71 keys4.093.565
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Widowmaker8.77 ref, 0.97 keys2.332.037
Genuine Stahlhelm1.51 ref0.400.35563
Genuine Stainless Pot3.73 ref0.990.8622
Genuine Steel Sixpack4.22 ref1.120.97199
Genuine Steel Songbird1.62 ref0.430.37197
Genuine Stovepipe Sniper Shako1.36 ref0.360.31903
Genuine Sun-on-a-Stick0.94 ref0.250.22181
Genuine Sydney Straw Boat1.58 ref0.420.37194
Genuine Tartan Shade3.09 ref0.820.71179
Genuine Tartantaloons3.05 ref0.810.70194
Genuine Texas Ten Gallon18.38 ref, 2.04 keys4.884.2410
Genuine That '70s Chapeau4.52 ref1.201.04134
Genuine Three-Rune Blade14.46 ref, 1.61 keys3.843.34140
Genuine Tomb Wrapper1.81 ref0.480.42131
Genuine Tough Guy's Toque5.50 ref1.461.2726
Genuine Triad Trinket5.87 ref1.561.36126
Genuine Triple A Badge5.46 ref1.451.2618
Genuine Tyrant's Helm5.01 ref1.331.1640
Genuine Vigilant Pin1.54 ref0.410.36152
Genuine Vox Diabolus1.62 ref0.430.37195
Genuine War Head1.92 ref0.510.44148
Genuine Warsworn Helmet11.26 ref, 1.25 keys2.992.60123
Genuine Whale Bone Charm2.07 ref0.550.48197
Genuine Widowmaker1.39 ref0.370.32187
Genuine Wilson Weave1.51 ref0.400.35688
Genuine Wingstick2.45 ref0.650.5785
Gift Wrap8.85 ref, 0.98 keys2.352.0469
Giftapult0.11 ref0.030.0111352
Glitched Circuit Board376.57 ref, 41.84 keys, 2.6 buds100.0086.964
Gone Commando Strangifier15.48 ref, 1.72 keys4.113.5712
Green Summer 2013 Cooler Key9.94 ref, 1.10 keys2.642.3021
Green Summer 2013 Cooler Series #650.11 ref0.030.016635
Ground Control Strangifier20.67 ref, 2.30 keys5.494.778
Haunted Abhorrent Appendages71.74 ref, 7.97 keys19.0516.5714
Haunted Accursed Apparition2.45 ref0.650.5731
Haunted Alternative Medicine Mann1.02 ref0.270.2361
Haunted Archimedes the Undying5.76 ref1.531.3333
Haunted B-ankh!1.43 ref0.380.3398
Haunted Baphomet Trotters1.85 ref0.490.4353
Haunted Bat Outta Hell3.99 ref1.060.9251
Haunted Beacon from Beyond2.15 ref0.570.5040
Haunted Beast From Below2.67 ref0.710.6238
Haunted Birdie Bonnet3.88 ref1.030.9029
Haunted Blazing Bull7.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.7433
Haunted Bonedolier3.35 ref0.890.7771
Haunted Boo Balloon2.26 ref0.600.5243
Haunted Bountiful Bow1.77 ref0.470.4146
Haunted Bozo's Bouffant1.13 ref0.300.2639
Haunted Bozo's Brogues1.17 ref0.310.2757
Haunted Burny's Boney Bonnet3.01 ref0.800.7034
Haunted Buzz Killer9.15 ref, 1.02 keys2.432.1133
Haunted Cadaver's Capper1.05 ref0.280.2453
Haunted Can Opener1.96 ref0.520.4547
Haunted Candleer0.98 ref0.260.2356
Haunted Candyman's Cap1.39 ref0.370.3245
Haunted Cap'n Calamari5.65 ref1.501.3017
Haunted Carious Chameleon1.92 ref0.510.4451
Haunted Carrion Companion1.62 ref0.430.3748
Haunted Cauterizer's Caudal Appendage5.31 ref1.411.2330
Haunted Chicken Kiev17.28 ref, 1.92 keys4.593.9924
Haunted Coffin Kit2.67 ref0.710.6270
Haunted Corpsemopolitan1.21 ref0.320.2851
Haunted Creature From The Heap0.94 ref0.250.2246
Haunted Crispy Golden Locks1.88 ref0.500.4331
Haunted Crone's Dome7.46 ref, 0.83 keys1.981.7270
Haunted Cryptic Keepsake1.73 ref0.460.4034
Haunted Dark Helm4.63 ref1.231.0734
Haunted Das Blutliebhaber1.28 ref0.340.3049
Haunted Dead Little Buddy2.82 ref0.750.6542
Haunted Death Support Pack0.94 ref0.250.2249
Haunted Dr. Gogglestache1.05 ref0.280.24111
Haunted Einstein1.62 ref0.430.3760
Haunted Emerald Jarate1.13 ref0.300.26107
Haunted Ethereal Hood6.10 ref1.621.4143
Haunted Executioner4.29 ref1.140.99125
Haunted Exorcizor2.60 ref0.690.6056
Haunted External Organ1.43 ref0.380.3339
Haunted Face Plante5.38 ref1.431.2431
Haunted Fallen Angel4.33 ref1.151.0073
Haunted Faun Feet1.21 ref0.320.2849
Haunted Faux Manchu1.36 ref0.360.3141
Haunted Foul Cowl2.26 ref0.600.5237
Haunted Freedom Feathers12.13 ref, 1.35 keys3.222.8026
Haunted Frontier Flyboy1.05 ref0.280.24101
Haunted Futankhamun0.94 ref0.250.22109
Haunted Garlic Flank Stake0.75 ref0.200.17107
Haunted Glob2.90 ref0.770.6751
Haunted Gothic Guise1.54 ref0.410.3651
Haunted Grand Duchess Fairy Wings4.33 ref1.151.0059
Haunted Grand Duchess Tiara4.10 ref1.090.9580
Haunted Grand Duchess Tutu6.40 ref1.701.4850
Haunted Grease Monkey2.26 ref0.600.5251
Haunted Griffin's Gog0.87 ref0.230.2093
Haunted Grisly Gumbo1.36 ref0.360.3146
Haunted Grub Grenades1.28 ref0.340.3037
Haunted Guano3.01 ref0.800.7046
Haunted Hair of the Dog5.76 ref1.531.3322
Haunted Hallowed Headcase1.05 ref0.280.2447
Haunted Halloweiner2.11 ref0.560.4940
Haunted Handhunter0.87 ref0.230.2043
Haunted Hard-Headed Hardware12.80 ref, 1.42 keys3.402.9621
Haunted Hardium Helm1.47 ref0.390.3458
Haunted Haunted Hat12.24 ref, 1.36 keys3.252.8332
Haunted Headtaker's Hood4.03 ref1.070.9328
Haunted Hidden Dragon1.13 ref0.300.2645
Haunted Hollowhead1.21 ref0.320.2846
Haunted Holy Hunter5.20 ref1.381.2033
Haunted Horned Honcho1.21 ref0.320.2861
Haunted Horrific Head of Hare4.29 ref1.140.9934
Haunted Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down5.61 ref1.491.3031
Haunted Hound's Hood1.88 ref0.500.4345
Haunted Hyperbaric Bowler1.05 ref0.280.2452
Haunted Idiot Box20.45 ref, 2.27 keys5.434.7226
Haunted Intangible Ascot1.36 ref0.360.31111
Haunted Ivan The Inedible2.22 ref0.590.5150
Haunted Jupiter Jumpers1.43 ref0.380.3345
Haunted Killstreak Bat Outta Hell6.93 ref, 0.77 keys1.841.606
Haunted Larval Lid3.80 ref1.010.8832
Haunted Last Bite1.05 ref0.280.2454
Haunted Legend of Bugfoot0.94 ref0.250.22107
Haunted Lieutenant Bites the Dust1.58 ref0.420.3742
Haunted Lo-Grav Loafers1.32 ref0.350.3030
Haunted Lordly Lapels1.17 ref0.310.2741
Haunted Macabre Mask2.07 ref0.550.4850
Haunted Magical Mercenary21.13 ref, 2.35 keys5.614.8828
Haunted Maniac's Manacles1.36 ref0.360.3131
Haunted Mann-Bird of Aberdeen7.61 ref, 0.85 keys2.021.7637
Haunted Manneater3.28 ref0.870.7650
Haunted Master Mind1.77 ref0.470.4173
Haunted Medimedes19.58 ref, 2.18 keys5.204.5224
Haunted Monster's Stompers3.77 ref1.000.8729
Haunted Monstrous Mandible0.87 ref0.230.2047
Haunted Mucous Membrain1.21 ref0.320.2838
Haunted One-Way Ticket2.30 ref0.610.5335
Haunted PY-40 Incinibot1.96 ref0.520.4548
Haunted Parasight0.90 ref0.240.2149
Haunted Pickled Paws0.94 ref0.250.2293
Haunted Pin Pals1.13 ref0.300.2636
Haunted Plutonidome2.11 ref0.560.4966
Haunted Pocket Horsemann2.82 ref0.750.6544
Haunted Polly Putrid1.62 ref0.430.3756
Haunted Professional Killstreak Bat Outta Hell25.98 ref, 2.89 keys6.906.0010
Haunted Quoth4.14 ref1.100.9643
Haunted Ramses' Regalia1.17 ref0.310.2759
Haunted Raven's Visage2.33 ref0.620.5432
Haunted Rugged Respirator1.21 ref0.320.2846
Haunted Rump-o'-Lantern1.73 ref0.460.4071
Haunted Sackcloth Spook1.88 ref0.500.4339
Haunted Scarecrow1.73 ref0.460.4078
Haunted Scorched Skirt2.30 ref0.610.5336
Haunted Scottish Snarl1.05 ref0.280.24118
Haunted Second Opinion9.68 ref, 1.08 keys2.572.2320
Haunted Shaman's Skull1.51 ref0.400.3542
Haunted Shaolin Sash2.86 ref0.760.6637
Haunted Shoestring Budget1.62 ref0.430.37109
Haunted Silver Bullets1.13 ref0.300.2663
Haunted Sir Hootsalot4.14 ref1.100.9658
Haunted Sir Shootsalot17.74 ref, 1.97 keys4.714.1023
Haunted Snaggletoothed Stetson1.21 ref0.320.2864
Haunted Soviet Stitch-Up0.90 ref0.240.21111
Haunted Space Bracers1.39 ref0.370.3246
Haunted Specialized Killstreak Bat Outta Hell9.11 ref, 1.01 keys2.422.1015
Haunted Spectralnaut5.42 ref1.441.2531
Haunted Spellbinder's Bonnet2.11 ref0.560.4939
Haunted Spooky Shoes2.45 ref0.650.5777
Haunted Spooky Sleeves6.70 ref1.781.5564
Haunted Sprinting Cephalopod2.07 ref0.550.4850
Haunted Squid's Lid3.05 ref0.810.7046
Haunted Steel Pipes1.36 ref0.360.3177
Haunted Steel-Toed Stompers0.79 ref0.210.18132
Haunted Surgeon's Space Suit1.73 ref0.460.4031
Haunted Tail From the Crypt1.81 ref0.480.42103
Haunted Terrier Trousers1.28 ref0.340.3055
Haunted Teutonkahmun1.51 ref0.400.3539
Haunted Transylvania Top1.05 ref0.280.2455
Haunted Trepanabotomizer1.36 ref0.360.3155
Haunted Tuque or Treat3.13 ref0.830.7238
Haunted Under Cover4.97 ref1.321.1531
Haunted Unidentified Following Object3.05 ref0.810.7048
Haunted Unknown Monkeynaut2.90 ref0.770.6768
Haunted Up Pyroscopes1.05 ref0.280.2449
Haunted Vicar's Vestments1.39 ref0.370.3253
Haunted Vicious Visage1.32 ref0.350.3044
Haunted Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return)1.73 ref0.460.4089
Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Demoman Soul1.51 ref0.400.35155
Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Engineer Soul1.62 ref0.430.37159
Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul1.73 ref0.460.40149
Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Medic Soul1.39 ref0.370.32120
Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Pyro Soul1.92 ref0.510.44162
Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Scout Soul2.60 ref0.690.60166
Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Sniper Soul1.81 ref0.480.42154
Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Soldier Soul1.88 ref0.500.43134
Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Spy Soul2.00 ref0.530.46152
Haunted Wraith Wrap4.86 ref1.291.1279
Haunted Wrap Battler2.11 ref0.560.4947
Haunted Zipperface1.47 ref0.390.3466
Heat of Winter Strangifier42.51 ref, 4.72 keys11.299.8214
Heavy Lifter Strangifier32.05 ref, 3.56 keys8.517.409
Heer's Helmet Strangifier27.72 ref, 3.08 keys7.366.403
Hillbilly Speed-Bump1.47 ref0.390.3491
Huntsman's Essentials Strangifier18.30 ref, 2.03 keys4.864.239
Indubitably Green3.62 ref0.960.83281
Juggernaut Jacket Strangifier28.58 ref, 3.18 keys7.596.6010
Killer's Kit Strangifier26.32 ref, 2.92 keys6.996.0812
Killstreak AWPer Hand10.69 ref, 1.19 keys2.842.4713
Killstreak AWPer Hand Kit8.62 ref, 0.96 keys2.291.9924
Killstreak Air Strike3.35 ref0.890.7712
Killstreak Air Strike Kit2.71 ref0.720.6334
Killstreak Ambassador1.62 ref0.430.3733
Killstreak Ambassador Kit1.05 ref0.280.2450
Killstreak Amputator2.03 ref0.540.479
Killstreak Amputator Kit1.39 ref0.370.3219
Killstreak Apoco-Fists3.95 ref1.050.9123
Killstreak Apoco-Fists Kit0.38 ref0.100.0892
Killstreak Atomizer1.51 ref0.400.3518
Killstreak Atomizer Kit1.13 ref0.300.2636
Killstreak Axtinguisher1.13 ref0.300.2683
Killstreak Axtinguisher Kit0.94 ref0.250.22208
Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster3.58 ref0.950.8322
Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster Kit4.14 ref1.100.9618
Killstreak Back Scatter1.47 ref0.390.3425
Killstreak Back Scatter Kit0.98 ref0.260.2393
Killstreak Back Scratcher1.39 ref0.370.3218
Killstreak Back Scratcher Kit1.05 ref0.280.2427
Killstreak Backburner1.43 ref0.380.3317
Killstreak Backburner Kit0.87 ref0.230.2050
Killstreak Bat2.30 ref0.610.539
Killstreak Bat Kit1.92 ref0.510.4423
Killstreak Bat Outta Hell2.45 ref0.650.5715
Killstreak Bat Outta Hell Kit1.51 ref0.400.3528
Killstreak Bazaar Bargain2.64 ref0.700.6116
Killstreak Bazaar Bargain Kit2.07 ref0.550.4826
Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka3.01 ref0.800.7014
Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka Kit2.11 ref0.560.4931
Killstreak Big Earner1.62 ref0.430.3710
Killstreak Big Earner Kit1.62 ref0.430.3719
Killstreak Big Kill127.88 ref, 14.21 keys, 0.9 buds33.9629.533
Killstreak Big Kill Kit0.26 ref0.070.05209
Killstreak Black Box6.70 ref1.781.5516
Killstreak Black Box Kit7.91 ref, 0.88 keys2.101.8312
Killstreak Black Rose Kit1.36 ref0.360.3145
Killstreak Blutsauger2.00 ref0.530.4612
Killstreak Blutsauger Kit1.54 ref0.410.3637
Killstreak Bonesaw2.07 ref0.550.4813
Killstreak Bonesaw Kit1.28 ref0.340.3026
Killstreak Boston Basher1.47 ref0.390.3419
Killstreak Boston Basher Kit1.47 ref0.390.3427
Killstreak Bottle1.58 ref0.420.3712
Killstreak Bottle Kit1.47 ref0.390.3424
Killstreak Brass Beast2.60 ref0.690.6014
Killstreak Brass Beast Kit1.73 ref0.460.4040
Killstreak Bread Bite2.79 ref0.740.649
Killstreak Bread Bite Kit0.94 ref0.250.2247
Killstreak Bushwacka1.85 ref0.490.4312
Killstreak Bushwacka Kit2.41 ref0.640.5619
Killstreak Candy Cane1.88 ref0.500.4311
Killstreak Candy Cane Kit1.21 ref0.320.2821
Killstreak Chargin' Targe1.36 ref0.360.3113
Killstreak Chargin' Targe Kit0.90 ref0.240.2133
Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr2.26 ref0.600.5215
Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr Kit1.47 ref0.390.3416
Killstreak Classic3.92 ref1.040.9034
Killstreak Classic Kit2.64 ref0.700.6138
Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine2.22 ref0.590.5121
Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine Kit1.51 ref0.400.3530
Killstreak Conniver's Kunai1.73 ref0.460.4012
Killstreak Conniver's Kunai Kit2.22 ref0.590.5129
Killstreak Conscientious Objector5.05 ref1.341.1713
Killstreak Conscientious Objector Kit3.46 ref0.920.8024
Killstreak Cow Mangler 50003.95 ref1.050.9122
Killstreak Cow Mangler 5000 Kit3.09 ref0.820.7127
Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow3.46 ref0.920.8013
Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow Kit6.18 ref1.641.4315
Killstreak Degreaser10.54 ref, 1.17 keys2.802.437
Killstreak Degreaser Kit9.15 ref, 1.02 keys2.432.1116
Killstreak Detonator2.03 ref0.540.4710
Killstreak Detonator Kit1.36 ref0.360.3122
Killstreak Diamondback4.29 ref1.140.998
Killstreak Diamondback Kit1.32 ref0.350.3015
Killstreak Direct Hit1.28 ref0.340.3021
Killstreak Direct Hit Kit1.05 ref0.280.2459
Killstreak Disciplinary Action3.09 ref0.820.7118
Killstreak Disciplinary Action Kit2.26 ref0.600.5227
Killstreak Enforcer2.30 ref0.610.5315
Killstreak Enforcer Kit1.88 ref0.500.4320
Killstreak Equalizer1.32 ref0.350.3013
Killstreak Equalizer Kit1.13 ref0.300.2621
Killstreak Escape Plan2.45 ref0.650.5713
Killstreak Escape Plan Kit2.60 ref0.690.6033
Killstreak Eureka Effect1.96 ref0.520.4514
Killstreak Eureka Effect Kit1.32 ref0.350.3028
Killstreak Eviction Notice1.28 ref0.340.3015
Killstreak Eviction Notice Kit0.98 ref0.260.2331
Killstreak Eyelander4.22 ref1.120.9713
Killstreak Eyelander Kit5.42 ref1.441.2534
Killstreak Family Business1.54 ref0.410.3614
Killstreak Family Business Kit1.17 ref0.310.2722
Killstreak Fan O'War2.41 ref0.640.5614
Killstreak Fan O'War Kit1.62 ref0.430.3718
Killstreak Festive Ambassador6.67 ref1.771.5410
Killstreak Festive Axtinguisher1.58 ref0.420.3725
Killstreak Festive Black Box13.26 ref, 1.47 keys3.523.069
Killstreak Festive Crusader's Crossbow7.91 ref, 0.88 keys2.101.838
Killstreak Festive Eyelander9.87 ref, 1.10 keys2.622.286
Killstreak Festive Flame Thrower19.62 ref, 2.18 keys5.214.531
Killstreak Festive Flare Gun8.32 ref, 0.92 keys2.211.925
Killstreak Festive Force-A-Nature3.88 ref1.030.9012
Killstreak Festive Frontier Justice2.67 ref0.710.6212
Killstreak Festive Gloves of Running Urgently1.51 ref0.400.3524
Killstreak Festive Grenade Launcher19.32 ref, 2.15 keys5.134.465
Killstreak Festive Holy Mackerel5.65 ref1.501.306
Killstreak Festive Huntsman7.00 ref, 0.78 keys1.861.6212
Killstreak Festive Knife28.47 ref, 3.16 keys7.566.573
Killstreak Festive Medi Gun24.06 ref, 2.67 keys6.395.562
Killstreak Festive Minigun16.98 ref, 1.89 keys4.513.9211
Killstreak Festive Rocket Launcher20.22 ref, 2.25 keys5.374.675
Killstreak Festive Scattergun18.60 ref, 2.07 keys4.944.307
Killstreak Festive Sniper Rifle11.67 ref, 1.30 keys3.102.708
Killstreak Festive Stickybomb Launcher10.92 ref, 1.21 keys2.902.528
Killstreak Festive Ubersaw2.67 ref0.710.6216
Killstreak Festive Wrench16.15 ref, 1.79 keys4.293.733
Killstreak Fire Axe1.47 ref0.390.3418
Killstreak Fire Axe Kit1.13 ref0.300.2622
Killstreak Fists1.39 ref0.370.3219
Killstreak Fists Kit1.05 ref0.280.2436
Killstreak Fists of Steel1.62 ref0.430.3713
Killstreak Fists of Steel Kit0.94 ref0.250.2236
Killstreak Flame Thrower3.46 ref0.920.8022
Killstreak Flame Thrower Kit5.46 ref1.451.2624
Killstreak Flare Gun3.77 ref1.000.8712
Killstreak Flare Gun Kit5.91 ref1.571.378
Killstreak Flying Guillotine2.30 ref0.610.5315
Killstreak Flying Guillotine Kit2.11 ref0.560.4936
Killstreak Force-A-Nature2.67 ref0.710.625
Killstreak Force-A-Nature Kit3.58 ref0.950.8325
Killstreak Fortified Compound3.80 ref1.010.8822
Killstreak Fortified Compound Kit3.46 ref0.920.8036
Killstreak Freedom Staff2.07 ref0.550.4818
Killstreak Freedom Staff Kit1.13 ref0.300.2647
Killstreak Frontier Justice1.21 ref0.320.2841
Killstreak Frontier Justice Kit0.98 ref0.260.2361
Killstreak Frying Pan8.55 ref, 0.95 keys2.271.9716
Killstreak Frying Pan Kit5.46 ref1.451.2622
Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently1.28 ref0.340.3087
Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently Kit0.87 ref0.230.20238
Killstreak Grenade Launcher10.81 ref, 1.20 keys2.872.5011
Killstreak Grenade Launcher Kit16.49 ref, 1.83 keys4.383.8114
Killstreak Gunslinger5.95 ref1.581.3714
Killstreak Gunslinger Kit4.29 ref1.140.9940
Killstreak Half-Zatoichi2.79 ref0.740.6417
Killstreak Half-Zatoichi Kit2.94 ref0.780.6825
Killstreak Ham Shank3.73 ref0.990.8613
Killstreak Ham Shank Kit2.37 ref0.630.5544
Killstreak Hitman's Heatmaker3.65 ref0.970.8418
Killstreak Hitman's Heatmaker Kit3.62 ref0.960.8320
Killstreak Holiday Punch2.37 ref0.630.5513
Killstreak Holiday Punch Kit1.13 ref0.300.2625
Killstreak Holy Mackerel2.86 ref0.760.6616
Killstreak Holy Mackerel Kit2.26 ref0.600.5224
Killstreak Homewrecker1.39 ref0.370.3212
Killstreak Homewrecker Kit1.05 ref0.280.2430
Killstreak Huntsman1.47 ref0.390.3438
Killstreak Huntsman Kit1.32 ref0.350.3044
Killstreak Huo-Long Heater1.58 ref0.420.3721
Killstreak Huo-Long Heater Kit1.39 ref0.370.3220
Killstreak Iron Curtain Kit0.94 ref0.250.2251
Killstreak Jag3.77 ref1.000.8715
Killstreak Jag Kit3.65 ref0.970.8422
Killstreak Killing Gloves of Boxing1.32 ref0.350.3010
Killstreak Killing Gloves of Boxing Kit1.02 ref0.270.2334
Killstreak Knife5.72 ref1.521.3216
Killstreak Knife Kit12.58 ref, 1.40 keys3.342.9017
Killstreak Kritzkrieg1.51 ref0.400.3523
Killstreak Kritzkrieg Kit1.05 ref0.280.2465
Killstreak Kukri2.45 ref0.650.5716
Killstreak Kukri Kit2.03 ref0.540.4725
Killstreak L'Etranger1.51 ref0.400.3513
Killstreak L'Etranger Kit1.62 ref0.430.3731
Killstreak Liberty Launcher1.54 ref0.410.3615
Killstreak Liberty Launcher Kit1.32 ref0.350.3032
Killstreak Loch-n-Load3.28 ref0.870.7615
Killstreak Loch-n-Load Kit4.74 ref1.261.1019
Killstreak Lollichop1.21 ref0.320.2821
Killstreak Lollichop Kit1.05 ref0.280.2422
Killstreak Loose Cannon3.99 ref1.060.9238
Killstreak Loose Cannon Kit3.31 ref0.880.7728
Killstreak Lugermorph Kit2.07 ref0.550.4834
Killstreak Machina4.33 ref1.151.0026
Killstreak Machina Kit3.95 ref1.050.9119
Killstreak Manmelter1.62 ref0.430.3740
Killstreak Manmelter Kit1.28 ref0.340.3023
Killstreak Mantreads2.49 ref0.660.5717
Killstreak Mantreads Kit1.85 ref0.490.4323
Killstreak Market Gardener3.80 ref1.010.886
Killstreak Market Gardener Kit6.40 ref1.701.4811
Killstreak Maul4.33 ref1.151.0020
Killstreak Maul Kit0.38 ref0.100.08118
Killstreak Medi Gun9.72 ref, 1.08 keys2.582.248
Killstreak Medi Gun Kit12.99 ref, 1.44 keys3.453.0010
Killstreak Minigun1.36 ref0.360.3141
Killstreak Minigun Kit2.07 ref0.550.4852
Killstreak Natascha1.62 ref0.430.3712
Killstreak Natascha Kit1.32 ref0.350.3024
Killstreak Neon Annihilator1.21 ref0.320.2812
Killstreak Neon Annihilator Kit1.28 ref0.340.3019
Killstreak Nessie's Nine Iron1.28 ref0.340.3020
Killstreak Nessie's Nine Iron Kit0.98 ref0.260.2325
Killstreak Original3.80 ref1.010.8824
Killstreak Original Kit4.29 ref1.140.9925
Killstreak Overdose1.39 ref0.370.3214
Killstreak Overdose Kit1.13 ref0.300.2626
Killstreak Pain Train1.51 ref0.400.3511
Killstreak Pain Train Kit1.28 ref0.340.3022
Killstreak Persian Persuader2.37 ref0.630.5516
Killstreak Persian Persuader Kit2.11 ref0.560.4925
Killstreak Phlogistinator3.92 ref1.040.9022
Killstreak Phlogistinator Kit3.46 ref0.920.8023
Killstreak Pistol6.48 ref1.721.5012
Killstreak Pistol Kit8.13 ref, 0.90 keys2.161.8824
Killstreak Pomson 60003.35 ref0.890.7732
Killstreak Pomson 6000 Kit2.49 ref0.660.5724
Killstreak Postal Pummeler1.28 ref0.340.3012
Killstreak Postal Pummeler Kit1.05 ref0.280.2418
Killstreak Powerjack4.93 ref1.311.146
Killstreak Powerjack Kit3.58 ref0.950.8326
Killstreak Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol2.11 ref0.560.499
Killstreak Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Kit1.77 ref0.470.4117
Killstreak Quick-Fix4.48 ref1.191.0310
Killstreak Quick-Fix Kit3.80 ref1.010.8827
Killstreak Rainblower2.64 ref0.700.6126
Killstreak Rainblower Kit1.85 ref0.490.4327
Killstreak Rescue Ranger2.26 ref0.600.528
Killstreak Rescue Ranger Kit1.73 ref0.460.4030
Killstreak Reserve Shooter4.14 ref1.100.9611
Killstreak Reserve Shooter Kit3.65 ref0.970.8421
Killstreak Revolver1.88 ref0.500.439
Killstreak Revolver Kit2.26 ref0.600.5223
Killstreak Righteous Bison2.37 ref0.630.5513
Killstreak Righteous Bison Kit1.88 ref0.500.4321
Killstreak Rocket Launcher1.28 ref0.340.30129
Killstreak Rocket Launcher Kit3.69 ref0.980.8570
Killstreak SMG3.05 ref0.810.7011
Killstreak SMG Kit3.77 ref1.000.8712
Killstreak Sandman1.88 ref0.500.4324
Killstreak Sandman Kit1.62 ref0.430.3731
Killstreak Scattergun1.13 ref0.300.26150
Killstreak Scattergun Kit2.75 ref0.730.6369
Killstreak Scorch Shot1.51 ref0.400.3512
Killstreak Scorch Shot Kit1.02 ref0.270.2341
Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter1.96 ref0.520.4516
Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter Kit1.32 ref0.350.3016
Killstreak Scottish Handshake1.96 ref0.520.456
Killstreak Scottish Handshake Kit0.94 ref0.250.2219
Killstreak Scottish Resistance1.39 ref0.370.3220
Killstreak Scottish Resistance Kit1.05 ref0.280.2432
Killstreak Shahanshah1.62 ref0.430.3717
Killstreak Shahanshah Kit1.47 ref0.390.3421
Killstreak Sharp Dresser12.80 ref, 1.42 keys3.402.9618
Killstreak Sharp Dresser Kit8.25 ref, 0.92 keys2.191.9035
Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment1.85 ref0.490.4317
Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment Kit1.02 ref0.270.2322
Killstreak Short Circuit1.58 ref0.420.3716
Killstreak Short Circuit Kit1.17 ref0.310.2727
Killstreak Shortstop2.15 ref0.570.5020
Killstreak Shortstop Kit1.36 ref0.360.3124
Killstreak Shotgun1.17 ref0.310.27147
Killstreak Shotgun Kit1.21 ref0.320.28109
Killstreak Shovel1.54 ref0.410.3619
Killstreak Shovel Kit0.98 ref0.260.2327
Killstreak Sniper Rifle1.28 ref0.340.30133
Killstreak Sniper Rifle Kit2.26 ref0.600.5274
Killstreak Soda Popper4.03 ref1.070.9324
Killstreak Soda Popper Kit3.16 ref0.840.7332
Killstreak Solemn Vow1.51 ref0.400.3512
Killstreak Solemn Vow Kit1.13 ref0.300.2629
Killstreak Southern Hospitality2.30 ref0.610.5311
Killstreak Southern Hospitality Kit1.43 ref0.380.3330
Killstreak Splendid Screen3.24 ref0.860.7517
Killstreak Splendid Screen Kit2.41 ref0.640.5624
Killstreak Spy-cicle1.32 ref0.350.30118
Killstreak Spy-cicle Kit0.98 ref0.260.23222
Killstreak Stickybomb Launcher1.13 ref0.300.2640
Killstreak Stickybomb Launcher Kit3.88 ref1.030.9047
Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick1.13 ref0.300.2622
Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick Kit1.02 ref0.270.2329
Killstreak Sydney Sleeper1.62 ref0.430.3713
Killstreak Sydney Sleeper Kit1.88 ref0.500.4321
Killstreak Syringe Gun1.36 ref0.360.3111
Killstreak Syringe Gun Kit1.13 ref0.300.2619
Killstreak Third Degree1.96 ref0.520.4538
Killstreak Third Degree Kit1.17 ref0.310.2728
Killstreak Three-Rune Blade5.27 ref1.401.2227
Killstreak Three-Rune Blade Kit1.28 ref0.340.3039
Killstreak Tide Turner7.00 ref, 0.78 keys1.861.6216
Killstreak Tide Turner Kit4.86 ref1.291.1226
Killstreak Tomislav2.71 ref0.720.6313
Killstreak Tomislav Kit1.88 ref0.500.4326
Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv1.28 ref0.340.309
Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv Kit1.32 ref0.350.3018
Killstreak Ubersaw1.13 ref0.300.2694
Killstreak Ubersaw Kit0.90 ref0.240.21198
Killstreak Ullapool Caber4.22 ref1.120.9711
Killstreak Ullapool Caber Kit2.45 ref0.650.5730
Killstreak Unarmed Combat2.15 ref0.570.5018
Killstreak Unarmed Combat Kit0.53 ref0.140.1280
Killstreak Vaccinator3.46 ref0.920.8047
Killstreak Vaccinator Kit2.75 ref0.730.6322
Killstreak Vita-Saw1.62 ref0.430.3711
Killstreak Vita-Saw Kit1.05 ref0.280.2435
Killstreak Wanga Prick2.64 ref0.700.6114
Killstreak Wanga Prick Kit1.85 ref0.490.4339
Killstreak Warrior's Spirit1.73 ref0.460.4011
Killstreak Warrior's Spirit Kit1.02 ref0.270.2328
Killstreak Widowmaker2.45 ref0.650.5717
Killstreak Widowmaker Kit1.62 ref0.430.3735
Killstreak Winger3.88 ref1.030.9019
Killstreak Winger Kit2.90 ref0.770.6729
Killstreak Wrap Assassin1.21 ref0.320.2810
Killstreak Wrap Assassin Kit1.02 ref0.270.2325
Killstreak Wrench3.54 ref0.940.8214
Killstreak Wrench Kit6.10 ref1.621.4119
Killstreak Your Eternal Reward5.20 ref1.381.2020
Killstreak Your Eternal Reward Kit3.95 ref1.050.9129
Law Strangifier21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.0049
Leftover Trap Strangifier19.17 ref, 2.13 keys5.094.436
Limited Late Summer Crate Key69.82 ref, 7.76 keys18.5416.125
Limited Late Summer Crate Series #860.11 ref0.030.0177135
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe Strangifier4.07 ref1.080.9447
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #20.15 ref0.040.02803
Lucky No. 4228.43 ref, 3.16 keys7.556.5721
Lumbricus Lid4.44 ref1.181.03135
Manmelter Strangifier0.90 ref0.240.2185
Mann Co. Audition Reel0.30 ref0.080.066239
Mann Co. Director's Cut Reel0.11 ref0.030.015301
Mann Co. Orange2.90 ref0.770.67209
Mann Co. Painting Set9.94 ref, 1.10 keys2.642.3080
Mann Co. Stockpile Crate0.11 ref0.030.01188426
Mann Co. Stockpile Crate Key8.62 ref, 0.96 keys2.291.99170
Mann Co. Store Package1.47 ref0.390.34385
Mann Co. Strongbox Key10.54 ref, 1.17 keys2.802.43226
Mann Co. Strongbox Series #810.11 ref0.030.0169602
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key9.00 ref, 1.00 key2.392.084117
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #15.50 ref1.461.27352
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #101.73 ref0.460.40145
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #110.68 ref0.180.16123
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #121.28 ref0.340.30144
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #134.93 ref1.311.1487
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #144.74 ref1.261.1088
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #152.03 ref0.540.47143
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #160.15 ref0.040.021078
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #170.23 ref0.060.04899
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #180.19 ref0.050.031081
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #191.28 ref0.340.30351
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #20.75 ref0.200.17238
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #201.58 ref0.420.37367
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #213.16 ref0.840.73506
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #230.26 ref0.070.05859
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #240.38 ref0.100.08708
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #250.38 ref0.100.08794
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #260.11 ref0.030.0117020
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #270.11 ref0.030.0116591
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #280.15 ref0.040.021931
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #290.11 ref0.030.0114192
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #31.13 ref0.300.26288
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #310.19 ref0.050.032202
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #320.11 ref0.030.019287
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #330.19 ref0.050.03711
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #340.11 ref0.030.016989
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #370.11 ref0.030.0110224
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #380.11 ref0.030.012268
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #390.11 ref0.030.0112124
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #41.28 ref0.340.30291
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #410.11 ref0.030.0114719
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #420.19 ref0.050.032847
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #430.11 ref0.030.0160463
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #440.11 ref0.030.0158228
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #450.11 ref0.030.0190423
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #470.11 ref0.030.0136105
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #490.11 ref0.030.0161162
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #50.34 ref0.090.07579
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #540.11 ref0.030.0131614
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #550.11 ref0.030.0188667
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #560.11 ref0.030.01106191
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #570.11 ref0.030.01159681
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #590.11 ref0.030.01106944
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #70.49 ref0.130.11708
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #710.11 ref0.030.0152509
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #750.11 ref0.030.01111764
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #760.11 ref0.030.01106595
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #770.11 ref0.030.01106810
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #80.34 ref0.090.071314
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #91.21 ref0.320.28712
Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #820.11 ref0.030.01154847
Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #830.11 ref0.030.0196495
Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #840.11 ref0.030.0117755
Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #850.11 ref0.030.0122956
Mann of the Seven Sees2.64 ref0.700.61128
Manniversary Package7.46 ref, 0.83 keys1.981.72173
Max's Severed Head467.89 ref, 51.99 keys, 3.2 buds124.25108.0428
Merc's Pride Scarf Strangifier37.54 ref, 4.17 keys9.978.6710
Merc's Pride Scarf Strangifier Chemistry Set1.92 ref0.510.4434
Mining Light1.85 ref0.490.4343
Muskelmannbraun1.05 ref0.280.24454
Mustachioed Mann Strangifier14.05 ref, 1.56 keys3.733.245
Mutated Milk1.02 ref0.270.2380
Name Tag3.69 ref0.980.853118
Napolean Complex Strangifier111.62 ref, 12.40 keys, 0.8 buds29.6425.771
Napoleon Complex Strangifier14.87 ref, 1.65 keys3.953.438
Naughty Winter Crate 2012 Series #520.30 ref0.080.06200
Naughty Winter Crate 2013 Series #780.11 ref0.030.01116145
Naughty Winter Crate Series #352.82 ref0.750.6591
Nice Winter Crate 2012 Series #530.53 ref0.140.1255
Nice Winter Crate 2013 Series #790.11 ref0.030.01130081
Nice Winter Crate Series #361.77 ref0.470.41109
Noble Hatter's Violet2.49 ref0.660.57187
Operator's Overalls11.30 ref, 1.26 keys3.002.6128
Orange Summer 2013 Cooler Key9.94 ref, 1.10 keys2.642.3021
Orange Summer 2013 Cooler Series #630.11 ref0.030.018978
Outback Intellectual Strangifier6.25 ref1.661.4427
Outback Intellectual Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #20.11 ref0.030.01315
Pallet of Crates3.80 ref1.010.88649
Peculiarly Drab Tincture1.17 ref0.310.27280
Phlogistinator Strangifier1.13 ref0.300.26366
Pile o' Gifts210.77 ref, 23.42 keys, 1.4 buds55.9748.672
Pile of RoboKey Gifts225.90 ref, 25.10 keys, 1.5 buds59.9952.171
Pile of Summer Cooler Key Gifts203.35 ref, 22.59 keys, 1.4 buds54.0046.961
Pink as Hell8.32 ref, 0.92 keys2.211.9265
Poacher's Safari Jacket2.71 ref0.720.63120
Pocket Heavy1.47 ref0.390.34131
Pomson 6000 Strangifier10.09 ref, 1.12 keys2.682.3353
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Strangifier0.45 ref0.120.10497
Pristine Robot Brainstorm Bulb0.64 ref0.170.15261
Pristine Robot Currency Digester0.64 ref0.170.15250
Private Eye Strangifier0.75 ref0.200.17113
Professional Killstreak AWPer Hand130.74 ref, 14.53 keys, 0.9 buds34.7230.193
Professional Killstreak AWPer Hand Kit101.67 ref, 11.30 keys27.0023.488
Professional Killstreak AWPer Hand Kit Fabricator66.43 ref, 7.38 keys17.6415.345
Professional Killstreak Air Strike57.73 ref, 6.41 keys15.3313.333
Professional Killstreak Air Strike Kit45.15 ref, 5.02 keys11.9910.4312
Professional Killstreak Air Strike Kit Fabricator16.98 ref, 1.89 keys4.513.9211
Professional Killstreak Ambassador36.56 ref, 4.06 keys9.718.447
Professional Killstreak Ambassador Kit76.78 ref, 8.53 keys20.3917.7310
Professional Killstreak Ambassador Kit Fabricator39.16 ref, 4.35 keys10.409.046
Professional Killstreak Amputator27.87 ref, 3.10 keys7.406.431
Professional Killstreak Amputator Kit30.31 ref, 3.37 keys8.057.006
Professional Killstreak Amputator Kit Fabricator0.64 ref0.170.1529
Professional Killstreak Apoco-Fists48.05 ref, 5.34 keys12.7611.102
Professional Killstreak Apoco-Fists Kit25.98 ref, 2.89 keys6.906.006
Professional Killstreak Apoco-Fists Kit Fabricator0.56 ref0.150.1333
Professional Killstreak Atomizer36.90 ref, 4.10 keys9.808.523
Professional Killstreak Atomizer Kit25.98 ref, 2.89 keys6.906.007
Professional Killstreak Atomizer Kit Fabricator0.26 ref0.070.0531
Professional Killstreak Axtinguisher9.94 ref, 1.10 keys2.642.308
Professional Killstreak Axtinguisher Kit18.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.3514
Professional Killstreak Axtinguisher Kit Fabricator3.35 ref0.890.7722
Professional Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster42.18 ref, 4.69 keys11.209.742
Professional Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster Kit60.36 ref, 6.71 keys16.0313.949
Professional Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster Kit Fabricator35.21 ref, 3.91 keys9.358.136
Professional Killstreak Back Scatter15.55 ref, 1.73 keys4.133.597
Professional Killstreak Back Scatter Kit24.97 ref, 2.77 keys6.635.7711
Professional Killstreak Back Scatter Kit Fabricator3.92 ref1.040.9022
Professional Killstreak Back Scratcher25.38 ref, 2.82 keys6.745.861
Professional Killstreak Back Scratcher Kit27.90 ref, 3.10 keys7.416.448
Professional Killstreak Back Scratcher Kit Fabricator0.26 ref0.070.0540
Professional Killstreak Backburner23.80 ref, 2.64 keys6.325.507
Professional Killstreak Backburner Kit38.86 ref, 4.32 keys10.328.9717
Professional Killstreak Backburner Kit Fabricator13.22 ref, 1.47 keys3.513.0511
Professional Killstreak Bat16.49 ref, 1.83 keys4.383.812
Professional Killstreak Bat Kit29.00 ref, 3.22 keys7.706.7010
Professional Killstreak Bat Kit Fabricator1.51 ref0.400.3518
Professional Killstreak Bat Outta Hell24.25 ref, 2.69 keys6.445.607
Professional Killstreak Bat Outta Hell Kit34.08 ref, 3.79 keys9.057.876
Professional Killstreak Bat Outta Hell Kit Fabricator3.80 ref1.010.8814
Professional Killstreak Bazaar Bargain38.56 ref, 4.28 keys10.248.905
Professional Killstreak Bazaar Bargain Kit47.18 ref, 5.24 keys12.5310.9011
Professional Killstreak Bazaar Bargain Kit Fabricator10.54 ref, 1.17 keys2.802.4311
Professional Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka37.66 ref, 4.18 keys10.008.706
Professional Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka Kit62.89 ref, 6.99 keys16.7014.527
Professional Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka Kit Fabricator28.81 ref, 3.20 keys7.656.658
Professional Killstreak Big Earner28.92 ref, 3.21 keys7.686.684
Professional Killstreak Big Earner Kit19.77 ref, 2.20 keys5.254.5713
Professional Killstreak Big Earner Kit Fabricator0.94 ref0.250.2223
Professional Killstreak Big Kill129.73 ref, 14.41 keys, 0.9 buds34.4529.969
Professional Killstreak Big Kill Kit34.23 ref, 3.80 keys9.097.9021
Professional Killstreak Big Kill Kit Fabricator6.93 ref, 0.77 keys1.841.6015
Professional Killstreak Black Box99.79 ref, 11.09 keys26.5023.043
Professional Killstreak Black Box Kit125.36 ref, 13.93 keys, 0.9 buds33.2928.958
Professional Killstreak Black Box Kit Fabricator112.93 ref, 12.55 keys, 0.8 buds29.9926.081
Professional Killstreak Black Rose Kit33.93 ref, 3.77 keys9.017.8310
Professional Killstreak Black Rose Kit Fabricator7.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.749
Professional Killstreak Blutsauger27.90 ref, 3.10 keys7.416.443
Professional Killstreak Blutsauger Kit46.17 ref, 5.13 keys12.2610.667
Professional Killstreak Blutsauger Kit Fabricator16.95 ref, 1.88 keys4.503.914
Professional Killstreak Bonesaw17.28 ref, 1.92 keys4.593.997
Professional Killstreak Bonesaw Kit21.05 ref, 2.34 keys5.594.863
Professional Killstreak Bonesaw Kit Fabricator0.19 ref0.050.0338
Professional Killstreak Boston Basher32.42 ref, 3.60 keys8.617.491
Professional Killstreak Boston Basher Kit27.38 ref, 3.04 keys7.276.3213
Professional Killstreak Boston Basher Kit Fabricator0.38 ref0.100.0834
Professional Killstreak Bottle19.28 ref, 2.14 keys5.124.453
Professional Killstreak Bottle Kit29.75 ref, 3.31 keys7.906.876
Professional Killstreak Bottle Kit Fabricator0.56 ref0.150.1320
Professional Killstreak Brass Beast24.48 ref, 2.72 keys6.505.657
Professional Killstreak Brass Beast Kit37.58 ref, 4.18 keys9.988.6815
Professional Killstreak Brass Beast Kit Fabricator13.97 ref, 1.55 keys3.713.237
Professional Killstreak Bread Bite22.29 ref, 2.48 keys5.925.152
Professional Killstreak Bread Bite Kit31.71 ref, 3.52 keys8.427.3214
Professional Killstreak Bread Bite Kit Fabricator4.03 ref1.070.9317
Professional Killstreak Bushwacka35.77 ref, 3.97 keys9.508.263
Professional Killstreak Bushwacka Kit36.68 ref, 4.08 keys9.748.4712
Professional Killstreak Bushwacka Kit Fabricator5.65 ref1.501.3013
Professional Killstreak Candy Cane12.13 ref, 1.35 keys3.222.805
Professional Killstreak Candy Cane Kit26.70 ref, 2.97 keys7.096.178
Professional Killstreak Candy Cane Kit Fabricator0.34 ref0.090.0734
Professional Killstreak Chargin' Targe22.59 ref, 2.51 keys6.005.222
Professional Killstreak Chargin' Targe Kit28.92 ref, 3.21 keys7.686.685
Professional Killstreak Chargin' Targe Kit Fabricator0.90 ref0.240.2119
Professional Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr29.56 ref, 3.28 keys7.856.835
Professional Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr Kit30.54 ref, 3.39 keys8.117.0512
Professional Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr Kit Fabricator1.39 ref0.370.3215
Professional Killstreak Classic33.97 ref, 3.77 keys9.027.842
Professional Killstreak Classic Kit31.37 ref, 3.49 keys8.337.2418
Professional Killstreak Classic Kit Fabricator5.27 ref1.401.2210
Professional Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine28.24 ref, 3.14 keys7.506.526
Professional Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine Kit26.32 ref, 2.92 keys6.996.0811
Professional Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine Kit Fabricator1.28 ref0.340.3029
Professional Killstreak Conniver's Kunai19.24 ref, 2.14 keys5.114.441
Professional Killstreak Conniver's Kunai Kit33.55 ref, 3.73 keys8.917.756
Professional Killstreak Conniver's Kunai Kit Fabricator7.95 ref, 0.88 keys2.111.8324
Professional Killstreak Conscientious Objector31.14 ref, 3.46 keys8.277.197
Professional Killstreak Conscientious Objector Kit42.25 ref, 4.69 keys11.229.7614
Professional Killstreak Conscientious Objector Kit Fabricator11.86 ref, 1.32 keys3.152.749
Professional Killstreak Cow Mangler 500019.32 ref, 2.15 keys5.134.465
Professional Killstreak Cow Mangler 5000 Kit26.06 ref, 2.90 keys6.926.0215
Professional Killstreak Cow Mangler 5000 Kit Fabricator2.26 ref0.600.5227
Professional Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.002
Professional Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow Kit55.21 ref, 6.13 keys14.6612.756
Professional Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow Kit Fabricator23.95 ref, 2.66 keys6.365.5311
Professional Killstreak Degreaser121.52 ref, 13.50 keys, 0.8 buds32.2728.064
Professional Killstreak Degreaser Kit114.85 ref, 12.76 keys, 0.8 buds30.5026.5217
Professional Killstreak Degreaser Kit Fabricator94.22 ref, 10.47 keys25.0221.763
Professional Killstreak Detonator23.87 ref, 2.65 keys6.345.511
Professional Killstreak Detonator Kit23.72 ref, 2.64 keys6.305.488
Professional Killstreak Detonator Kit Fabricator0.60 ref0.160.1441
Professional Killstreak Diamondback24.25 ref, 2.69 keys6.445.601
Professional Killstreak Diamondback Kit22.10 ref, 2.46 keys5.875.1010
Professional Killstreak Diamondback Kit Fabricator2.33 ref0.620.5422
Professional Killstreak Direct Hit25.76 ref, 2.86 keys6.845.955
Professional Killstreak Direct Hit Kit41.61 ref, 4.62 keys11.059.6113
Professional Killstreak Direct Hit Kit Fabricator17.10 ref, 1.90 keys4.543.955
Professional Killstreak Disciplinary Action32.95 ref, 3.66 keys8.757.616
Professional Killstreak Disciplinary Action Kit33.48 ref, 3.72 keys8.897.739
Professional Killstreak Disciplinary Action Kit Fabricator2.90 ref0.770.6714
Professional Killstreak Enforcer33.89 ref, 3.77 keys9.007.833
Professional Killstreak Enforcer Kit28.88 ref, 3.21 keys7.676.674
Professional Killstreak Enforcer Kit Fabricator2.94 ref0.780.6827
Professional Killstreak Equalizer25.98 ref, 2.89 keys6.906.002
Professional Killstreak Equalizer Kit21.05 ref, 2.34 keys5.594.868
Professional Killstreak Equalizer Kit Fabricator0.49 ref0.130.1122
Professional Killstreak Escape Plan22.93 ref, 2.55 keys6.095.305
Professional Killstreak Escape Plan Kit31.03 ref, 3.45 keys8.247.1714
Professional Killstreak Escape Plan Kit Fabricator3.01 ref0.800.7016
Professional Killstreak Eureka Effect19.47 ref, 2.16 keys5.174.505
Professional Killstreak Eureka Effect Kit22.82 ref, 2.54 keys6.065.278
Professional Killstreak Eureka Effect Kit Fabricator0.30 ref0.080.0637
Professional Killstreak Eviction Notice19.17 ref, 2.13 keys5.094.432
Professional Killstreak Eviction Notice Kit18.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.358
Professional Killstreak Eviction Notice Kit Fabricator0.23 ref0.060.0447
Professional Killstreak Eyelander77.35 ref, 8.59 keys20.5417.861
Professional Killstreak Eyelander Kit86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.0010
Professional Killstreak Eyelander Kit Fabricator66.28 ref, 7.36 keys17.6015.304
Professional Killstreak Family Business30.13 ref, 3.35 keys8.006.963
Professional Killstreak Family Business Kit30.13 ref, 3.35 keys8.006.968
Professional Killstreak Family Business Kit Fabricator0.45 ref0.120.1023
Professional Killstreak Fan O'War18.75 ref, 2.08 keys4.984.334
Professional Killstreak Fan O'War Kit27.56 ref, 3.06 keys7.326.377
Professional Killstreak Fan O'War Kit Fabricator1.13 ref0.300.2629
Professional Killstreak Festive Ambassador71.74 ref, 7.97 keys19.0516.571
Professional Killstreak Festive Axtinguisher18.64 ref, 2.07 keys4.954.306
Professional Killstreak Festive Black Box112.90 ref, 12.54 keys, 0.8 buds29.9826.071
Professional Killstreak Festive Crusader's Crossbow45.56 ref, 5.06 keys12.1010.526
Professional Killstreak Festive Eyelander129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.002
Professional Killstreak Festive Flame Thrower129.80 ref, 14.42 keys, 0.9 buds34.4729.972
Professional Killstreak Festive Flare Gun56.30 ref, 6.26 keys14.9513.002
Professional Killstreak Festive Force-A-Nature76.74 ref, 8.53 keys20.3817.721
Professional Killstreak Festive Frontier Justice33.36 ref, 3.71 keys8.867.704
Professional Killstreak Festive Gloves of Running Urgently10.81 ref, 1.20 keys2.872.505
Professional Killstreak Festive Grenade Launcher131.80 ref, 14.64 keys, 0.9 buds35.0030.434
Professional Killstreak Festive Holy Mackerel63.94 ref, 7.10 keys16.9814.773
Professional Killstreak Festive Huntsman73.43 ref, 8.16 keys19.5016.968
Professional Killstreak Festive Knife108.26 ref, 12.03 keys28.7525.001
Professional Killstreak Festive Medi Gun324.79 ref, 36.09 keys, 2.2 buds86.2575.001
Professional Killstreak Festive Minigun173.11 ref, 19.23 keys, 1.2 buds45.9739.972
Professional Killstreak Festive Rocket Launcher128.03 ref, 14.23 keys, 0.9 buds34.0029.574
Professional Killstreak Festive Scattergun143.10 ref, 15.90 keys, 1.0 buds38.0033.042
Professional Killstreak Festive Sniper Rifle86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Professional Killstreak Festive Stickybomb Launcher104.69 ref, 11.63 keys27.8024.171
Professional Killstreak Festive Ubersaw22.67 ref, 2.52 keys6.025.236
Professional Killstreak Festive Wrench188.28 ref, 20.92 keys, 1.3 buds50.0043.481
Professional Killstreak Fire Axe15.06 ref, 1.67 keys4.003.488
Professional Killstreak Fire Axe Kit20.94 ref, 2.33 keys5.564.834
Professional Killstreak Fire Axe Kit Fabricator0.34 ref0.090.0760
Professional Killstreak Fists17.28 ref, 1.92 keys4.593.993
Professional Killstreak Fists Kit22.41 ref, 2.49 keys5.955.174
Professional Killstreak Fists Kit Fabricator0.87 ref0.230.2023
Professional Killstreak Fists of Steel56.30 ref, 6.26 keys14.9513.002
Professional Killstreak Fists of Steel Kit27.56 ref, 3.06 keys7.326.372
Professional Killstreak Fists of Steel Kit Fabricator0.19 ref0.050.0339
Professional Killstreak Flame Thrower64.96 ref, 7.22 keys17.2515.001
Professional Killstreak Flame Thrower Kit99.41 ref, 11.05 keys26.4022.9614
Professional Killstreak Flame Thrower Kit Fabricator82.47 ref, 9.16 keys21.9019.047
Professional Killstreak Flare Gun30.99 ref, 3.44 keys8.237.161
Professional Killstreak Flare Gun Kit58.37 ref, 6.49 keys15.5013.488
Professional Killstreak Flare Gun Kit Fabricator30.13 ref, 3.35 keys8.006.963
Professional Killstreak Flying Guillotine26.89 ref, 2.99 keys7.146.211
Professional Killstreak Flying Guillotine Kit26.32 ref, 2.92 keys6.996.0812
Professional Killstreak Flying Guillotine Kit Fabricator0.94 ref0.250.2226
Professional Killstreak Force-A-Nature38.97 ref, 4.33 keys10.359.002
Professional Killstreak Force-A-Nature Kit51.59 ref, 5.73 keys13.7011.9110
Professional Killstreak Force-A-Nature Kit Fabricator32.27 ref, 3.59 keys8.577.455
Professional Killstreak Fortified Compound50.57 ref, 5.62 keys13.4311.684
Professional Killstreak Fortified Compound Kit41.23 ref, 4.58 keys10.959.5211
Professional Killstreak Fortified Compound Kit Fabricator10.47 ref, 1.16 keys2.782.4211
Professional Killstreak Freedom Staff25.12 ref, 2.79 keys6.675.805
Professional Killstreak Freedom Staff Kit31.37 ref, 3.49 keys8.337.246
Professional Killstreak Freedom Staff Kit Fabricator1.62 ref0.430.3727
Professional Killstreak Frontier Justice31.41 ref, 3.49 keys8.347.256
Professional Killstreak Frontier Justice Kit38.97 ref, 4.33 keys10.359.0013
Professional Killstreak Frontier Justice Kit Fabricator25.98 ref, 2.89 keys6.906.0011
Professional Killstreak Frying Pan82.62 ref, 9.18 keys21.9419.085
Professional Killstreak Frying Pan Kit101.64 ref, 11.29 keys26.9923.475
Professional Killstreak Frying Pan Kit Fabricator61.34 ref, 6.82 keys16.2914.174
Professional Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently6.93 ref, 0.77 keys1.841.6011
Professional Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently Kit10.47 ref, 1.16 keys2.782.4214
Professional Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently Kit Fabricator0.56 ref0.150.1320
Professional Killstreak Grenade Launcher77.95 ref, 8.66 keys20.7018.001
Professional Killstreak Grenade Launcher Kit136.21 ref, 15.13 keys, 0.9 buds36.1731.4516
Professional Killstreak Grenade Launcher Kit Fabricator96.03 ref, 10.67 keys25.5022.176
Professional Killstreak Gunslinger53.74 ref, 5.97 keys14.2712.413
Professional Killstreak Gunslinger Kit64.96 ref, 7.22 keys17.2515.007
Professional Killstreak Gunslinger Kit Fabricator25.46 ref, 2.83 keys6.765.886
Professional Killstreak Half-Zatoichi56.30 ref, 6.26 keys14.9513.001
Professional Killstreak Half-Zatoichi Kit38.97 ref, 4.33 keys10.359.0013
Professional Killstreak Half-Zatoichi Kit Fabricator18.08 ref, 2.01 keys4.804.1720
Professional Killstreak Ham Shank60.63 ref, 6.74 keys16.1014.003
Professional Killstreak Ham Shank Kit51.25 ref, 5.69 keys13.6111.839
Professional Killstreak Ham Shank Kit Fabricator24.78 ref, 2.75 keys6.585.729
Professional Killstreak Hitman's Heatmaker38.67 ref, 4.30 keys10.278.936
Professional Killstreak Hitman's Heatmaker Kit60.78 ref, 6.75 keys16.1414.038
Professional Killstreak Hitman's Heatmaker Kit Fabricator23.80 ref, 2.64 keys6.325.5011
Professional Killstreak Holiday Punch28.24 ref, 3.14 keys7.506.523
Professional Killstreak Holiday Punch Kit28.88 ref, 3.21 keys7.676.677
Professional Killstreak Holiday Punch Kit Fabricator1.13 ref0.300.2629
Professional Killstreak Holy Mackerel16.57 ref, 1.84 keys4.403.832
Professional Killstreak Holy Mackerel Kit30.31 ref, 3.37 keys8.057.0010
Professional Killstreak Holy Mackerel Kit Fabricator4.29 ref1.140.9914
Professional Killstreak Homewrecker30.92 ref, 3.44 keys8.217.143
Professional Killstreak Homewrecker Kit30.05 ref, 3.34 keys7.986.945
Professional Killstreak Homewrecker Kit Fabricator0.45 ref0.120.1034
Professional Killstreak Huntsman34.83 ref, 3.87 keys9.258.046
Professional Killstreak Huntsman Kit63.26 ref, 7.03 keys16.8014.6120
Professional Killstreak Huntsman Kit Fabricator43.15 ref, 4.79 keys11.469.975
Professional Killstreak Huo-Long Heater28.81 ref, 3.20 keys7.656.654
Professional Killstreak Huo-Long Heater Kit33.14 ref, 3.68 keys8.807.656
Professional Killstreak Huo-Long Heater Kit Fabricator7.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.7417
Professional Killstreak Iron Curtain Kit47.52 ref, 5.28 keys12.6210.9715
Professional Killstreak Iron Curtain Kit Fabricator24.67 ref, 2.74 keys6.555.707
Professional Killstreak Jag56.30 ref, 6.26 keys14.9513.001
Professional Killstreak Jag Kit66.77 ref, 7.42 keys17.7315.4218
Professional Killstreak Jag Kit Fabricator31.37 ref, 3.49 keys8.337.2412
Professional Killstreak Killing Gloves of Boxing28.77 ref, 3.20 keys7.646.642
Professional Killstreak Killing Gloves of Boxing Kit19.77 ref, 2.20 keys5.254.576
Professional Killstreak Killing Gloves of Boxing Kit Fabricator0.41 ref0.110.0926
Professional Killstreak Knife108.26 ref, 12.03 keys28.7525.001
Professional Killstreak Knife Kit135.79 ref, 15.09 keys, 0.9 buds36.0631.367
Professional Killstreak Knife Kit Fabricator103.93 ref, 11.55 keys27.6024.009
Professional Killstreak Kritzkrieg65.41 ref, 7.27 keys17.3715.105
Professional Killstreak Kritzkrieg Kit80.17 ref, 8.91 keys21.2918.5114
Professional Killstreak Kritzkrieg Kit Fabricator65.49 ref, 7.28 keys17.3915.1210
Professional Killstreak Kukri64.96 ref, 7.22 keys17.2515.001
Professional Killstreak Kukri Kit23.38 ref, 2.60 keys6.215.4010
Professional Killstreak Kukri Kit Fabricator1.73 ref0.460.4019
Professional Killstreak L'Etranger27.87 ref, 3.10 keys7.406.434
Professional Killstreak L'Etranger Kit27.34 ref, 3.04 keys7.266.3110
Professional Killstreak L'Etranger Kit Fabricator0.56 ref0.150.1330
Professional Killstreak Liberty Launcher32.20 ref, 3.58 keys8.557.433
Professional Killstreak Liberty Launcher Kit30.54 ref, 3.39 keys8.117.0511
Professional Killstreak Liberty Launcher Kit Fabricator4.29 ref1.140.9919
Professional Killstreak Loch-n-Load60.78 ref, 6.75 keys16.1414.031
Professional Killstreak Loch-n-Load Kit56.11 ref, 6.23 keys14.9012.9616
Professional Killstreak Loch-n-Load Kit Fabricator27.53 ref, 3.06 keys7.316.368
Professional Killstreak Lollichop12.99 ref, 1.44 keys3.453.005
Professional Killstreak Lollichop Kit29.75 ref, 3.31 keys7.906.876
Professional Killstreak Lollichop Kit Fabricator0.34 ref0.090.0740
Professional Killstreak Loose Cannon24.36 ref, 2.71 keys6.475.636
Professional Killstreak Loose Cannon Kit36.83 ref, 4.09 keys9.788.5014
Professional Killstreak Loose Cannon Kit Fabricator11.03 ref, 1.23 keys2.932.559
Professional Killstreak Lugermorph Kit63.90 ref, 7.10 keys16.9714.767
Professional Killstreak Lugermorph Kit Fabricator43.08 ref, 4.79 keys11.449.956
Professional Killstreak Machina43.42 ref, 4.82 keys11.5310.036
Professional Killstreak Machina Kit43.42 ref, 4.82 keys11.5310.0322
Professional Killstreak Machina Kit Fabricator30.13 ref, 3.35 keys8.006.9612
Professional Killstreak Manmelter86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Professional Killstreak Manmelter Kit24.44 ref, 2.72 keys6.495.6410
Professional Killstreak Manmelter Kit Fabricator0.49 ref0.130.1156
Professional Killstreak Mantreads55.02 ref, 6.11 keys14.6112.703
Professional Killstreak Mantreads Kit41.42 ref, 4.60 keys11.009.573
Professional Killstreak Mantreads Kit Fabricator0.98 ref0.260.2321
Professional Killstreak Market Gardener64.85 ref, 7.21 keys17.2214.972
Professional Killstreak Market Gardener Kit57.92 ref, 6.44 keys15.3813.3712
Professional Killstreak Market Gardener Kit Fabricator32.42 ref, 3.60 keys8.617.498
Professional Killstreak Maul20.03 ref, 2.23 keys5.324.634
Professional Killstreak Maul Kit37.58 ref, 4.18 keys9.988.684
Professional Killstreak Maul Kit Fabricator0.64 ref0.170.1529
Professional Killstreak Medi Gun129.92 ref, 14.44 keys, 0.9 buds34.5030.002
Professional Killstreak Medi Gun Kit175.41 ref, 19.49 keys, 1.2 buds46.5840.5017
Professional Killstreak Medi Gun Kit Fabricator165.65 ref, 18.41 keys, 1.1 buds43.9938.256
Professional Killstreak Minigun65.90 ref, 7.32 keys17.5015.226
Professional Killstreak Minigun Kit136.39 ref, 15.15 keys, 0.9 buds36.2231.5024
Professional Killstreak Minigun Kit Fabricator116.06 ref, 12.90 keys, 0.8 buds30.8226.805
Professional Killstreak Natascha33.14 ref, 3.68 keys8.807.654
Professional Killstreak Natascha Kit32.99 ref, 3.67 keys8.767.6210
Professional Killstreak Natascha Kit Fabricator2.60 ref0.690.6016
Professional Killstreak Neon Annihilator21.43 ref, 2.38 keys5.694.953
Professional Killstreak Neon Annihilator Kit21.54 ref, 2.39 keys5.724.976
Professional Killstreak Neon Annihilator Kit Fabricator0.34 ref0.090.0718
Professional Killstreak Nessie's Nine Iron21.43 ref, 2.38 keys5.694.954
Professional Killstreak Nessie's Nine Iron Kit30.13 ref, 3.35 keys8.006.9611
Professional Killstreak Nessie's Nine Iron Kit Fabricator0.45 ref0.120.1029
Professional Killstreak Original60.06 ref, 6.67 keys15.9513.872
Professional Killstreak Original Kit89.51 ref, 9.95 keys23.7720.679
Professional Killstreak Original Kit Fabricator55.21 ref, 6.13 keys14.6612.752
Professional Killstreak Overdose33.59 ref, 3.73 keys8.927.764
Professional Killstreak Overdose Kit31.14 ref, 3.46 keys8.277.197
Professional Killstreak Overdose Kit Fabricator0.49 ref0.130.1141
Professional Killstreak Pain Train24.74 ref, 2.75 keys6.575.712
Professional Killstreak Pain Train Kit23.72 ref, 2.64 keys6.305.485
Professional Killstreak Pain Train Kit Fabricator0.34 ref0.090.0728
Professional Killstreak Persian Persuader86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.001
Professional Killstreak Persian Persuader Kit38.22 ref, 4.25 keys10.158.835
Professional Killstreak Persian Persuader Kit Fabricator3.80 ref1.010.8817
Professional Killstreak Phlogistinator45.19 ref, 5.02 keys12.0010.434
Professional Killstreak Phlogistinator Kit54.79 ref, 6.09 keys14.5512.6518
Professional Killstreak Phlogistinator Kit Fabricator34.61 ref, 3.85 keys9.197.9910
Professional Killstreak Pistol60.63 ref, 6.74 keys16.1014.001
Professional Killstreak Pistol Kit58.14 ref, 6.46 keys15.4413.435
Professional Killstreak Pistol Kit Fabricator26.85 ref, 2.98 keys7.136.208
Professional Killstreak Pomson 600028.43 ref, 3.16 keys7.556.574
Professional Killstreak Pomson 6000 Kit35.25 ref, 3.92 keys9.368.1411
Professional Killstreak Pomson 6000 Kit Fabricator2.90 ref0.770.678
Professional Killstreak Postal Pummeler14.38 ref, 1.60 keys3.823.324
Professional Killstreak Postal Pummeler Kit16.19 ref, 1.80 keys4.303.7411
Professional Killstreak Postal Pummeler Kit Fabricator0.26 ref0.070.0548
Professional Killstreak Powerjack34.61 ref, 3.85 keys9.197.992
Professional Killstreak Powerjack Kit51.67 ref, 5.74 keys13.7211.934
Professional Killstreak Powerjack Kit Fabricator17.51 ref, 1.95 keys4.654.049
Professional Killstreak Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol24.48 ref, 2.72 keys6.505.652
Professional Killstreak Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Kit27.00 ref, 3.00 keys7.176.236
Professional Killstreak Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Kit Fabricator1.21 ref0.320.2828
Professional Killstreak Quick-Fix58.33 ref, 6.48 keys15.4913.473
Professional Killstreak Quick-Fix Kit78.36 ref, 8.71 keys20.8118.1013
Professional Killstreak Quick-Fix Kit Fabricator45.15 ref, 5.02 keys11.9910.437
Professional Killstreak Rainblower20.60 ref, 2.29 keys5.474.765
Professional Killstreak Rainblower Kit30.80 ref, 3.42 keys8.187.1114
Professional Killstreak Rainblower Kit Fabricator4.90 ref1.301.1320
Professional Killstreak Rescue Ranger64.96 ref, 7.22 keys17.2515.003
Professional Killstreak Rescue Ranger Kit34.79 ref, 3.87 keys9.248.035
Professional Killstreak Rescue Ranger Kit Fabricator7.04 ref, 0.78 keys1.871.636
Professional Killstreak Reserve Shooter33.59 ref, 3.73 keys8.927.763
Professional Killstreak Reserve Shooter Kit41.12 ref, 4.57 keys10.929.506
Professional Killstreak Reserve Shooter Kit Fabricator12.35 ref, 1.37 keys3.282.854
Professional Killstreak Revolver27.56 ref, 3.06 keys7.326.371
Professional Killstreak Revolver Kit33.44 ref, 3.72 keys8.887.7217
Professional Killstreak Revolver Kit Fabricator6.97 ref, 0.77 keys1.851.6113
Professional Killstreak Righteous Bison33.59 ref, 3.73 keys8.927.767
Professional Killstreak Righteous Bison Kit30.35 ref, 3.37 keys8.067.016
Professional Killstreak Righteous Bison Kit Fabricator0.72 ref0.190.1718
Professional Killstreak Rocket Launcher55.85 ref, 6.21 keys14.8312.9014
Professional Killstreak Rocket Launcher Kit215.44 ref, 23.94 keys, 1.5 buds57.2149.7519
Professional Killstreak Rocket Launcher Kit Fabricator184.52 ref, 20.50 keys, 1.3 buds49.0042.617
Professional Killstreak SMG32.42 ref, 3.60 keys8.617.494
Professional Killstreak SMG Kit41.38 ref, 4.60 keys10.999.568
Professional Killstreak SMG Kit Fabricator11.03 ref, 1.23 keys2.932.5515
Professional Killstreak Sandman27.56 ref, 3.06 keys7.326.374
Professional Killstreak Sandman Kit31.93 ref, 3.55 keys8.487.376
Professional Killstreak Sandman Kit Fabricator3.80 ref1.010.8812
Professional Killstreak Scattergun34.61 ref, 3.85 keys9.197.996
Professional Killstreak Scattergun Kit124.42 ref, 13.82 keys, 0.9 buds33.0428.7320
Professional Killstreak Scattergun Kit Fabricator112.93 ref, 12.55 keys, 0.8 buds29.9926.088
Professional Killstreak Scorch Shot21.80 ref, 2.42 keys5.795.035
Professional Killstreak Scorch Shot Kit22.59 ref, 2.51 keys6.005.2211
Professional Killstreak Scorch Shot Kit Fabricator0.38 ref0.100.0819
Professional Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter20.67 ref, 2.30 keys5.494.777
Professional Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter Kit26.74 ref, 2.97 keys7.106.179
Professional Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter Kit Fabricator0.23 ref0.060.0426
Professional Killstreak Scottish Handshake16.19 ref, 1.80 keys4.303.744
Professional Killstreak Scottish Handshake Kit18.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.3515
Professional Killstreak Scottish Handshake Kit Fabricator0.23 ref0.060.0444
Professional Killstreak Scottish Resistance27.94 ref, 3.10 keys7.426.457
Professional Killstreak Scottish Resistance Kit25.98 ref, 2.89 keys6.906.0015
Professional Killstreak Scottish Resistance Kit Fabricator2.41 ref0.640.5624
Professional Killstreak Shahanshah21.54 ref, 2.39 keys5.724.976
Professional Killstreak Shahanshah Kit21.05 ref, 2.34 keys5.594.868
Professional Killstreak Shahanshah Kit Fabricator0.26 ref0.070.0556
Professional Killstreak Sharp Dresser60.63 ref, 6.74 keys16.1014.003
Professional Killstreak Sharp Dresser Kit49.52 ref, 5.50 keys13.1511.4312
Professional Killstreak Sharp Dresser Kit Fabricator21.09 ref, 2.34 keys5.604.8711
Professional Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment16.27 ref, 1.81 keys4.323.767
Professional Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment Kit20.94 ref, 2.33 keys5.564.8311
Professional Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment Kit Fabricator0.30 ref0.080.0643
Professional Killstreak Short Circuit21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.007
Professional Killstreak Short Circuit Kit19.02 ref, 2.11 keys5.054.3910
Professional Killstreak Short Circuit Kit Fabricator0.75 ref0.200.1729
Professional Killstreak Shortstop23.27 ref, 2.59 keys6.185.376
Professional Killstreak Shortstop Kit31.29 ref, 3.48 keys8.317.239
Professional Killstreak Shortstop Kit Fabricator4.22 ref1.120.9714
Professional Killstreak Shotgun30.01 ref, 3.33 keys7.976.9311
Professional Killstreak Shotgun Kit77.84 ref, 8.65 keys20.6717.9714
Professional Killstreak Shotgun Kit Fabricator50.84 ref, 5.65 keys13.5011.745
Professional Killstreak Shovel21.69 ref, 2.41 keys5.765.013
Professional Killstreak Shovel Kit22.86 ref, 2.54 keys6.075.288
Professional Killstreak Shovel Kit Fabricator0.34 ref0.090.0739
Professional Killstreak Sniper Rifle39.43 ref, 4.38 keys10.479.1013
Professional Killstreak Sniper Rifle Kit132.63 ref, 14.74 keys, 0.9 buds35.2230.6321
Professional Killstreak Sniper Rifle Kit Fabricator112.90 ref, 12.54 keys, 0.8 buds29.9826.077
Professional Killstreak Soda Popper36.64 ref, 4.07 keys9.738.461
Professional Killstreak Soda Popper Kit35.77 ref, 3.97 keys9.508.2614
Professional Killstreak Soda Popper Kit Fabricator10.81 ref, 1.20 keys2.872.5017
Professional Killstreak Solemn Vow31.41 ref, 3.49 keys8.347.251
Professional Killstreak Solemn Vow Kit28.81 ref, 3.20 keys7.656.657
Professional Killstreak Solemn Vow Kit Fabricator0.64 ref0.170.1526
Professional Killstreak Southern Hospitality38.37 ref, 4.26 keys10.198.866
Professional Killstreak Southern Hospitality Kit34.00 ref, 3.78 keys9.037.8512
Professional Killstreak Southern Hospitality Kit Fabricator6.06 ref1.611.4017
Professional Killstreak Splendid Screen21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.001
Professional Killstreak Splendid Screen Kit28.88 ref, 3.21 keys7.676.675
Professional Killstreak Splendid Screen Kit Fabricator0.60 ref0.160.1419
Professional Killstreak Spy-cicle14.95 ref, 1.66 keys3.973.457
Professional Killstreak Spy-cicle Kit29.79 ref, 3.31 keys7.916.8823
Professional Killstreak Spy-cicle Kit Fabricator8.81 ref, 0.98 keys2.342.0312
Professional Killstreak Stickybomb Launcher63.94 ref, 7.10 keys16.9814.774
Professional Killstreak Stickybomb Launcher Kit105.36 ref, 11.71 keys27.9824.3314
Professional Killstreak Stickybomb Launcher Kit Fabricator97.91 ref, 10.88 keys26.0022.616
Professional Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick33.51 ref, 3.72 keys8.907.743
Professional Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick Kit15.10 ref, 1.68 keys4.013.498
Professional Killstreak Sun-on-a-Stick Kit Fabricator0.19 ref0.050.0348
Professional Killstreak Sydney Sleeper22.10 ref, 2.46 keys5.875.105
Professional Killstreak Sydney Sleeper Kit34.19 ref, 3.80 keys9.087.9014
Professional Killstreak Sydney Sleeper Kit Fabricator3.24 ref0.860.7522
Professional Killstreak Syringe Gun21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.003
Professional Killstreak Syringe Gun Kit23.57 ref, 2.62 keys6.265.4410
Professional Killstreak Syringe Gun Kit Fabricator0.38 ref0.100.0825
Professional Killstreak Third Degree15.40 ref, 1.71 keys4.093.568
Professional Killstreak Third Degree Kit22.33 ref, 2.48 keys5.935.165
Professional Killstreak Third Degree Kit Fabricator0.23 ref0.060.0446
Professional Killstreak Three-Rune Blade43.31 ref, 4.81 keys11.5010.001
Professional Killstreak Three-Rune Blade Kit30.31 ref, 3.37 keys8.057.006
Professional Killstreak Three-Rune Blade Kit Fabricator1.85 ref0.490.4313
Professional Killstreak Tide Turner32.54 ref, 3.62 keys8.647.519
Professional Killstreak Tide Turner Kit33.14 ref, 3.68 keys8.807.6513
Professional Killstreak Tide Turner Kit Fabricator9.94 ref, 1.10 keys2.642.3010
Professional Killstreak Tomislav21.99 ref, 2.44 keys5.845.087
Professional Killstreak Tomislav Kit48.92 ref, 5.44 keys12.9911.305
Professional Killstreak Tomislav Kit Fabricator10.54 ref, 1.17 keys2.802.4317
Professional Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv24.06 ref, 2.67 keys6.395.566
Professional Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv Kit30.05 ref, 3.34 keys7.986.9411
Professional Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv Kit Fabricator0.68 ref0.180.1620
Professional Killstreak Ubersaw12.99 ref, 1.44 keys3.453.0011
Professional Killstreak Ubersaw Kit30.84 ref, 3.43 keys8.197.1216
Professional Killstreak Ubersaw Kit Fabricator10.92 ref, 1.21 keys2.902.5210
Professional Killstreak Ullapool Caber17.28 ref, 1.92 keys4.593.997
Professional Killstreak Ullapool Caber Kit20.82 ref, 2.31 keys5.534.8111
Professional Killstreak Ullapool Caber Kit Fabricator1.13 ref0.300.2624
Professional Killstreak Unarmed Combat25.98 ref, 2.89 keys6.906.003
Professional Killstreak Unarmed Combat Kit21.65 ref, 2.41 keys5.755.006
Professional Killstreak Unarmed Combat Kit Fabricator0.23 ref0.060.0445
Professional Killstreak Vaccinator52.72 ref, 5.86 keys14.0012.175
Professional Killstreak Vaccinator Kit44.06 ref, 4.90 keys11.7010.1712
Professional Killstreak Vaccinator Kit Fabricator14.91 ref, 1.66 keys3.963.4425
Professional Killstreak Vita-Saw22.59 ref, 2.51 keys6.005.226
Professional Killstreak Vita-Saw Kit20.26 ref, 2.25 keys5.384.6813
Professional Killstreak Vita-Saw Kit Fabricator0.26 ref0.070.0564
Professional Killstreak Wanga Prick17.28 ref, 1.92 keys4.593.999
Professional Killstreak Wanga Prick Kit26.47 ref, 2.94 keys7.036.119
Professional Killstreak Wanga Prick Kit Fabricator1.85 ref0.490.4329
Professional Killstreak Warrior's Spirit13.93 ref, 1.55 keys3.703.226
Professional Killstreak Warrior's Spirit Kit44.17 ref, 4.91 keys11.7310.202
Professional Killstreak Warrior's Spirit Kit Fabricator0.23 ref0.060.0441
Professional Killstreak Widowmaker32.95 ref, 3.66 keys8.757.615
Professional Killstreak Widowmaker Kit42.74 ref, 4.75 keys11.359.874
Professional Killstreak Widowmaker Kit Fabricator17.28 ref, 1.92 keys4.593.9910
Professional Killstreak Winger18.00 ref, 2.00 keys4.784.163
Professional Killstreak Winger Kit37.66 ref, 4.18 keys10.008.704
Professional Killstreak Winger Kit Fabricator0.68 ref0.180.1635
Professional Killstreak Wrap Assassin18.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.352
Professional Killstreak Wrap Assassin Kit16.57 ref, 1.84 keys4.403.834
Professional Killstreak Wrap Assassin Kit Fabricator0.19 ref0.050.0330
Professional Killstreak Wrench62.85 ref, 6.98 keys16.6914.511
Professional Killstreak Wrench Kit110.49 ref, 12.28 keys, 0.8 buds29.3425.5114
Professional Killstreak Wrench Kit Fabricator86.61 ref, 9.62 keys23.0020.005
Professional Killstreak Your Eternal Reward165.73 ref, 18.41 keys, 1.1 buds44.0138.274
Professional Killstreak Your Eternal Reward Kit40.03 ref, 4.45 keys10.639.2410
Professional Killstreak Your Eternal Reward Kit Fabricator12.99 ref, 1.44 keys3.453.0020
Professor Speks Strangifier2.64 ref0.700.61102
Professor Speks Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #20.11 ref0.030.016474
Prussian Pickelhaube0.72 ref0.190.1792
Pyro's Beanie1.47 ref0.390.3459
Radigan Conagher Brown1.36 ref0.360.31237
Rat Stompers Strangifier11.97 ref, 1.33 keys3.182.777
Red Summer 2013 Cooler Key10.09 ref, 1.12 keys2.682.3317
Red Summer 2013 Cooler Series #620.11 ref0.030.017834
Refreshing Summer Cooler Series #221.36 ref0.360.3176
Reinforced Robot Bomb Stabilizer0.11 ref0.030.015745
Reinforced Robot Emotion Detector0.11 ref0.030.016267
Reinforced Robot Humor Suppression Pump0.15 ref0.040.025583
RoBro 3000 Strangifier79.38 ref, 8.82 keys21.0818.336
RoBro 3000 Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #118.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.3515
RoboCrate Key10.54 ref, 1.17 keys2.802.4380
RoboCrate Series #580.11 ref0.030.018523
Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #30217.54 ref, 24.17 keys, 1.5 buds57.7750.2335
Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #4027.04 ref, 3.00 keys7.186.24214
Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #5068.20 ref, 7.58 keys18.1115.7588
Sammy Cap Strangifier18.72 ref, 2.08 keys4.974.323
Sandvich Safe Strangifier4.22 ref1.120.9723
Sandvich Safe Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #20.19 ref0.050.03173
Sangu Sleeves Strangifier29.15 ref, 3.24 keys7.746.738
Scorched Crate Series #460.34 ref0.090.07116
Scotch Saver Strangifier34.19 ref, 3.80 keys9.087.904
Secret Saxton0.90 ref0.240.212410
Select Reserve Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #609.08 ref, 1.01 keys2.412.10193
Self-Made Mann Co. Supply Crate Key919.13 ref, 102.13 keys, 6.3 buds244.08212.241
Sight for Sore Eyes Strangifier26.32 ref, 2.92 keys6.996.085
Sight for Sore Eyes Strangifier Chemistry Set Series #10.30 ref0.080.0667
Smock Surgeon Strangifier26.89 ref, 2.99 keys7.146.217
Soldier's Stash2.90 ref0.770.6746
Sole Mate Strangifier22.37 ref, 2.49 keys5.945.1714
Sole Saviors Strangifier20.00 ref, 2.22 keys5.314.626
Specialized Killstreak AWPer Hand18.08 ref, 2.01 keys4.804.179
Specialized Killstreak AWPer Hand Kit15.40 ref, 1.71 keys4.093.5628
Specialized Killstreak AWPer Hand Kit Fabricator6.48 ref1.721.5020
Specialized Killstreak Air Strike8.89 ref, 0.99 keys2.362.055
Specialized Killstreak Air Strike Kit8.21 ref, 0.91 keys2.181.9019
Specialized Killstreak Air Strike Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.0148
Specialized Killstreak Ambassador7.68 ref, 0.85 keys2.041.7710
Specialized Killstreak Ambassador Kit9.41 ref, 1.05 keys2.502.1715
Specialized Killstreak Ambassador Kit Fabricator0.87 ref0.230.2036
Specialized Killstreak Amputator9.15 ref, 1.02 keys2.432.117
Specialized Killstreak Amputator Kit9.23 ref, 1.03 keys2.452.138
Specialized Killstreak Amputator Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01408
Specialized Killstreak Apoco-Fists10.81 ref, 1.20 keys2.872.502
Specialized Killstreak Apoco-Fists Kit6.06 ref1.611.4014
Specialized Killstreak Apoco-Fists Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01520
Specialized Killstreak Atomizer8.47 ref, 0.94 keys2.251.966
Specialized Killstreak Atomizer Kit8.02 ref, 0.89 keys2.131.858
Specialized Killstreak Atomizer Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01424
Specialized Killstreak Axtinguisher7.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.7426
Specialized Killstreak Axtinguisher Kit7.38 ref, 0.82 keys1.961.7057
Specialized Killstreak Axtinguisher Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01188
Specialized Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster8.62 ref, 0.96 keys2.291.996
Specialized Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster Kit11.03 ref, 1.23 keys2.932.556
Specialized Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster Kit Fabricator0.41 ref0.110.0951
Specialized Killstreak Back Scatter7.12 ref, 0.79 keys1.891.6411
Specialized Killstreak Back Scatter Kit7.46 ref, 0.83 keys1.981.7219
Specialized Killstreak Back Scatter Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.0157
Specialized Killstreak Back Scratcher11.30 ref, 1.26 keys3.002.615
Specialized Killstreak Back Scratcher Kit7.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.745
Specialized Killstreak Back Scratcher Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01467
Specialized Killstreak Backburner9.34 ref, 1.04 keys2.482.1613
Specialized Killstreak Backburner Kit7.42 ref, 0.82 keys1.971.7124
Specialized Killstreak Backburner Kit Fabricator0.15 ref0.040.02141
Specialized Killstreak Bat9.23 ref, 1.03 keys2.452.1311
Specialized Killstreak Bat Kit7.91 ref, 0.88 keys2.101.8310
Specialized Killstreak Bat Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01198
Specialized Killstreak Bat Outta Hell7.98 ref, 0.89 keys2.121.8411
Specialized Killstreak Bat Outta Hell Kit6.82 ref, 0.76 keys1.811.5710
Specialized Killstreak Bat Outta Hell Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01467
Specialized Killstreak Bazaar Bargain7.91 ref, 0.88 keys2.101.837
Specialized Killstreak Bazaar Bargain Kit7.34 ref, 0.82 keys1.951.708
Specialized Killstreak Bazaar Bargain Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01250
Specialized Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka8.62 ref, 0.96 keys2.291.994
Specialized Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka Kit8.36 ref, 0.93 keys2.221.9310
Specialized Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka Kit Fabricator0.15 ref0.040.02144
Specialized Killstreak Big Earner7.91 ref, 0.88 keys2.101.839
Specialized Killstreak Big Earner Kit7.87 ref, 0.87 keys2.091.8210
Specialized Killstreak Big Earner Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01414
Specialized Killstreak Big Kill116.77 ref, 12.97 keys, 0.8 buds31.0126.978
Specialized Killstreak Big Kill Kit5.20 ref1.381.2011
Specialized Killstreak Big Kill Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01305
Specialized Killstreak Black Box8.89 ref, 0.99 keys2.362.0512
Specialized Killstreak Black Box Kit15.10 ref, 1.68 keys4.013.4925
Specialized Killstreak Black Box Kit Fabricator5.65 ref1.501.3019
Specialized Killstreak Black Rose Kit8.62 ref, 0.96 keys2.291.9911
Specialized Killstreak Black Rose Kit Fabricator0.15 ref0.040.0259
Specialized Killstreak Blutsauger8.62 ref, 0.96 keys2.291.9911
Specialized Killstreak Blutsauger Kit7.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.7412
Specialized Killstreak Blutsauger Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01200
Specialized Killstreak Bonesaw9.41 ref, 1.05 keys2.502.175
Specialized Killstreak Bonesaw Kit7.98 ref, 0.89 keys2.121.848
Specialized Killstreak Bonesaw Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01340
Specialized Killstreak Boston Basher8.70 ref, 0.97 keys2.312.015
Specialized Killstreak Boston Basher Kit7.95 ref, 0.88 keys2.111.8312
Specialized Killstreak Boston Basher Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01490
Specialized Killstreak Bottle11.75 ref, 1.31 keys3.122.716
Specialized Killstreak Bottle Kit8.10 ref, 0.90 keys2.151.879
Specialized Killstreak Bottle Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01249
Specialized Killstreak Brass Beast8.21 ref, 0.91 keys2.181.9011
Specialized Killstreak Brass Beast Kit7.34 ref, 0.82 keys1.951.7021
Specialized Killstreak Brass Beast Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01196
Specialized Killstreak Bread Bite7.49 ref, 0.83 keys1.991.7315
Specialized Killstreak Bread Bite Kit7.15 ref, 0.79 keys1.901.6511
Specialized Killstreak Bread Bite Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.0189
Specialized Killstreak Bushwacka8.28 ref, 0.92 keys2.201.9111
Specialized Killstreak Bushwacka Kit8.32 ref, 0.92 keys2.211.9219
Specialized Killstreak Bushwacka Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01194
Specialized Killstreak Candy Cane9.38 ref, 1.04 keys2.492.176
Specialized Killstreak Candy Cane Kit7.46 ref, 0.83 keys1.981.729
Specialized Killstreak Candy Cane Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01481
Specialized Killstreak Chargin' Targe8.55 ref, 0.95 keys2.271.976
Specialized Killstreak Chargin' Targe Kit7.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.745
Specialized Killstreak Chargin' Targe Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01368
Specialized Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr9.08 ref, 1.01 keys2.412.105
Specialized Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr Kit8.44 ref, 0.94 keys2.241.959
Specialized Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01386
Specialized Killstreak Classic10.24 ref, 1.14 keys2.722.3718
Specialized Killstreak Classic Kit7.91 ref, 0.88 keys2.101.838
Specialized Killstreak Classic Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.0154
Specialized Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine9.94 ref, 1.10 keys2.642.308
Specialized Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine Kit7.34 ref, 0.82 keys1.951.708
Specialized Killstreak Cleaner's Carbine Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01390
Specialized Killstreak Conniver's Kunai10.43 ref, 1.16 keys2.772.414
Specialized Killstreak Conniver's Kunai Kit7.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.746
Specialized Killstreak Conniver's Kunai Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01263
Specialized Killstreak Conscientious Objector8.55 ref, 0.95 keys2.271.9710
Specialized Killstreak Conscientious Objector Kit8.36 ref, 0.93 keys2.221.935
Specialized Killstreak Conscientious Objector Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01217
Specialized Killstreak Cow Mangler 50007.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.7412
Specialized Killstreak Cow Mangler 5000 Kit7.98 ref, 0.89 keys2.121.846
Specialized Killstreak Cow Mangler 5000 Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01268
Specialized Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow9.56 ref, 1.06 keys2.542.2110
Specialized Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow Kit8.10 ref, 0.90 keys2.151.8723
Specialized Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow Kit Fabricator0.19 ref0.050.0364
Specialized Killstreak Degreaser13.97 ref, 1.55 keys3.713.2313
Specialized Killstreak Degreaser Kit15.10 ref, 1.68 keys4.013.4913
Specialized Killstreak Degreaser Kit Fabricator5.20 ref1.381.2018
Specialized Killstreak Detonator9.38 ref, 1.04 keys2.492.174
Specialized Killstreak Detonator Kit7.68 ref, 0.85 keys2.041.778
Specialized Killstreak Detonator Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01385
Specialized Killstreak Diamondback8.44 ref, 0.94 keys2.241.959
Specialized Killstreak Diamondback Kit7.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.7412
Specialized Killstreak Diamondback Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01252
Specialized Killstreak Direct Hit7.53 ref, 0.84 keys2.001.7412
Specialized Killstreak Direct Hit Kit7.38 ref, 0.82 keys1.961.7024
Specialized Killstreak Direct Hit Kit Fabricator0.15 ref0.040.02133
Specialized Killstreak Disciplinary Action9.38 ref, 1.04 keys2.492.174
Specialized Killstreak Disciplinary Action Kit7.46 ref, 0.83 keys1.981.725
Specialized Killstreak Disciplinary Action Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01307
Specialized Killstreak Enforcer8.40 ref, 0.93 keys2.231.948
Specialized Killstreak Enforcer Kit8.40 ref, 0.93 keys2.231.9417
Specialized Killstreak Enforcer Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01238
Specialized Killstreak Equalizer10.21 ref, 1.13 keys2.712.367
Specialized Killstreak Equalizer Kit7.49 ref, 0.83 keys1.991.738
Specialized Killstreak Equalizer Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01418
Specialized Killstreak Escape Plan9.15 ref, 1.02 keys2.432.1111
Specialized Killstreak Escape Plan Kit8.92 ref, 0.99 keys2.372.066
Specialized Killstreak Escape Plan Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01248
Specialized Killstreak Eureka Effect8.40 ref, 0.93 keys2.231.945
Specialized Killstreak Eureka Effect Kit7.87 ref, 0.87 keys2.091.828
Specialized Killstreak Eureka Effect Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01426
Specialized Killstreak Eviction Notice12.58 ref, 1.40 keys3.342.902
Specialized Killstreak Eviction Notice Kit7.61 ref, 0.85 keys2.021.7612
Specialized Killstreak Eviction Notice Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01517
Specialized Killstreak Eyelander15.33 ref, 1.70 keys4.073.549
Specialized Killstreak Eyelander Kit10.73 ref, 1.19 keys2.852.4815
Specialized Killstreak Eyelander Kit Fabricator1.54 ref0.410.3635
Specialized Killstreak Family Business11.03 ref, 1.23 keys2.932.551
Specialized Killstreak Family Business Kit7.34 ref, 0.82 keys1.951.707
Specialized Killstreak Family Business Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01446
Specialized Killstreak Fan O'War8.70 ref, 0.97 keys2.312.017
Specialized Killstreak Fan O'War Kit7.49 ref, 0.83 keys1.991.7314
Specialized Killstreak Fan O'War Kit Fabricator0.11 ref0.030.01419
Specialized Killstreak Festive Ambassador14.57 ref, 1.62 keys3.873.374
Specialized Killstreak Festive Axtinguisher7.98 ref, 0.89 keys2.121.848
Specialized Killstreak Festive Black Box15.10 ref, 1.68 keys4.013.4910
Specialized Killstreak Festive Crusader's Crossbow9.41 ref, 1.05 keys2.502.178
Specialized Killstreak Festive Eyelander8.47 ref, 0.94 keys2.251.9613
Specialized Killstreak Festive Flame Thrower30.13 ref, 3.35 keys8.006.966
Specialized Killstreak Festive Flare Gun11.30 ref, 1.26 keys3.002.614
Specialized Killstreak Festive Force-A-Nature13.41 ref, 1.49 keys3.563.108
Specialized Killstreak Festive Frontier Justice8.47 ref, 0.94 keys2.251.968
Specialized Killstreak Festive Gloves of Running Urgently8.21 ref, 0.91 keys2.181.9012
Specialized Killstreak Festive Grenade Launcher27.15 ref, 3.02 keys7.216.276
Specialized Killstreak Festive Holy Mackerel24.78 ref, 2.75 keys6.585.726
Specialized Killstreak Festive Huntsman18.83 ref, 2.09 keys5.004.355
Specialized Killstreak Festive Knife32.05 ref, 3.56 keys8.517.403
Specialized Killstreak Festive Medi Gun33.78 ref, 3.75 keys8.977.803
Specialized Killstreak Festive Minigun23.38 ref, 2.60 keys6.215.401
Specialized Killstreak Festive Rocket Launcher32.95 ref, 3.66 keys8.757.615
Specialized Killstreak Festive Scattergun28.81 ref, 3.20 keys7.656.65