Unusual Big Topper Neutron Star

Alright, lemme do dis c:

Sale 1:!/compare/1483747200/1484265600

Sold for a Tesla Coil Big Topper

~75 keys
Unique Pile of Duck Token Gifts -

Just brought this, nothing much else to add.

Unusual Herald's Helm Terror-Watt

I like Herals

Try this Again!

Sale 1)!/compare/1481932800/1482019200 - Sold for Duped Circling

~1.55 ref
Strange Manmelter

I like Melting

Classies on

Screen Shot Link:

Buyer @ 1.66 - 2 Days - Unbumped

~1.22 ref
Unique Scout Shako

I like Scouts

Sale @ 1.33 - Credits to unstopaBULL!/compare/1487808000/1487894400

Confirm of Sale:

~13.5 ref
Strange Spy-cicle

I like Ice

Horray Getting rid of that range

Classies on

Screen Shot Link:

Sellers @ 13 (Seller @ 12 Is

~13 keys
Unusual Pyro's Beanie Orbiting Fire

Sale 1:

Sold for Tesla Coil Cranial Carcharodon (17.5)

No outpost


~68 keys
morning glory
Unusual Cold Killer Morning Glory

Hello. Just bought one of these Cold Killer with morning glory effect and that guy who voted before this, didnt saw my trade:

Unusual Head Prize Green Confetti

Sale #1!/compare/1483142400/1483660800

Sold for Swirl Victory Lap (192.5) + Tesla Cotton (97.5) +

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