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  • 8.37 keys
    Unusual Bloke's Bucket Hat Bubbling
  • 1.44 ref
    Strange Bottle
  • 0.33 ref
    Unique Fabricator 21 MvM Badge completion reward Specialized Killstreak Winger Kit Winger
  • 38 keys
    Unusual Troublemaker's Tossle Cap 14 Found in Crate Blizzardy Storm An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
  • 15 ref
    Unique Physician's Procedure Mask 12 Crafted The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime
  • 0.11 ref
    Unique L'Etranger 5 Timed Drop
  • 2.33 ref
    Unique Grenade Launcher 1 Timed Drop
  • 14 keys
    Unusual Rimmed Raincatcher 75 Found in Crate Circling Peace Sign
  • 20 keys
    Unusual Gridiron Guardian 6 Found in Crate Death at Dusk
  • 37 keys
    Unusual El Jefe 10 Found in Crate Cloud 9 Pink as Hell
  • 0.11 ref
    Unique Disciplinary Action 10 Timed Drop
  • 2 ref
    Unique Apoco-Fists 10 Crafted
  • 1.22 ref
    Unique Borscht Belt 46 Timed Drop
  • 28 keys
    Strange Black Box 34 MvM Badge completion reward killstreak professional spells australium
  • 50 keys
    Unusual Fed-Fightin' Fedora 91 Found in Crate Green Energy The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime
  • 120 keys
    Unusual Boxcar Bomber 65 Found in Crate Molten Mallard
  • 1.77 keys
    Strange Merc's Muffler
  • 21 keys
    Unusual Crocleather Slouch 71 Found in Crate Disco Beat Down Team Spirit
Total Listed: 95022 Last Hour: 42740 Trade Offers: 92768
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  • ~13 keys
    Unusual Backbiter's Billycock Green Confetti
  • ~6.77 ref
    Unique PY-40 Incinibot
  • ~29–30 keys
    Unusual Spook Specs Aces High
  • ~75 keys
    Unusual Sergeant's Drill Hat Misty Skull
  • ~13–15 keys
    Unusual Pyro's Beanie Stormy Storm
  • ~50 keys
    Unusual Shooter's Tin Topi Scorching Flames
  • ~35 keys
    the ooze
    Unusual Data Mining Light The Ooze
  • ~23–24 keys
    Unusual Dragonborn Helmet Searing Plasma
  • ~17 keys
    cloud 9
    Unusual Ze Goggles Cloud 9
  • ~18–25 keys
    Unusual Dead Cone Searing Plasma
  • ~24 keys
    Unusual Brainiac Hairpiece Orbiting Fire
  • ~49 keys
    Unusual Defiant Spartan Green Energy
  • ~14–19 keys
    Unusual Pure Tin Capotain Memory Leak
  • ~20 keys
    time warp
    Unusual Hard Counter Time Warp
  • ~17–23 keys
    Unusual Shooter's Tin Topi Purple Energy
  • ~20 keys
    Unusual Shooter's Tin Topi Phosphorous
  • ~9–11 keys
    Unusual Shooter's Tin Topi Kill-a-Watt
  • ~23 keys
    Unusual Carouser's Capotain Molten Mallard
  • ~35 keys
    starstorm insomnia
    Unusual Platinum Pickelhaube Starstorm Insomnia
  • ~44 keys
    tesla coil
    Unusual Soldier's Slope Scopers Tesla Coil
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tesla coil
Unusual Hot Dogger Tesla Coil
neutron star
Unusual Deep Cover Operator Neutron Star

A Snake Among the Stars

Sale 1) Sold for a Tesla Coil Hot Dogger (41 Keys)!/compare/1478304000/1478390400

~22.5 keys
Unusual Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) Stormy Storm
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~17.55 ref
Unique Dead of Night

I know it's awesome cosmetic that can use for all-classes but it need a little drop.

Sell orders:

[u]Selling at

~25 keys
black hole
Unusual Shooter's Tin Topi Green Black Hole

Sale 1:

Sold for Duped Vivid Plasma Noir (Mini at 27 below)

No outpost


spectral swirl
Unusual Taunt: Conga Spectral Swirl

Spectral Swirl actually looks crazy nice. Debating whether or not I should keep this.

13 recent sales, unpriced.

Sale 1:!/compare/1479600

Unusual Taunt: Kazotsky Kick Fountain of Delight

First suggestion pls dont hurt me :(

Sold to naknak for 650keys pure :!/compare/1481155200/1481241600

~7.44 ref
Haunted Snaggletoothed Stetson

Just another suggestion while I'm moderating.

-Unsold on OP for 5 days @ 7 ref, but also unbumped:

-Plenty of