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  • 6 keys
    Collector's Eureka Effect
  • 4.88 ref
    Unique North Polar Fleece
  • 34 keys
    Unusual Backbiter's Billycock Purple Energy
  • 4.11 keys
    Strange Carbonado Botkiller Wrench Mk.I killstreak professional
  • 7 keys
    Strange Burly Beast
  • 5 keys C
    Decorated Weapon Wrench
  • 7 keys
    Strange Silver Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.II killstreak professional
  • 5.05 keys E
    Decorated Weapon Pistol
  • 4.04 keys
    Unique Festive Flame Thrower killstreak professional
  • 6 keys
    Strange Festive Bat killstreak professional
  • 4.12 keys E
    Decorated Weapon Rocket Launcher
  • 5.16 keys
    Strange Ambassador killstreak professional
  • 6.07 keys
    Strange Diamond Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.I killstreak professional
  • 5.12 keys
    Strange Crusader's Crossbow killstreak professional
  • 6.21 keys
    Strange Grenade Launcher killstreak professional
  • 5 keys
    Unique Rocket Jumper killstreak specialized specialised
  • 4.04 keys
    Unique Festive Wrench killstreak professional
  • 4 keys
    Collector's Bushwacka killstreak professional
Total Listed: 95416 Last Hour: 46607 Trade Offers: 93274
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  • ~26โ€“31 keys
    Unusual Front Runner Terror-Watt
  • ~20 keys
    Unusual Hive Minder Smoking
  • ~50 keys
    Unusual Vintage Merryweather Circling Heart
  • ~13 ref
    Strange Crusader's Crossbow
  • ~10โ€“11 keys
    Unusual Janissary Ketche Smoking
  • ~38 keys
    Unusual Milkman Circling Heart
  • ~15 keys
    Unusual Virtual Reality Headset Stormy Storm
  • ~14โ€“16 keys
    Unusual Attendant Terror-Watt
  • ~60 keys
    Unusual Tam O' Shanter Burning Flames
  • ~11 keys
    Unusual Tam O' Shanter Dead Presidents
  • ~37 keys
    Unusual Exquisite Rack Bubbling
  • ~11โ€“14 keys
    cloud 9
    Unusual Shooter's Sola Topi Cloud 9
  • ~13โ€“16 keys
    Unusual Connoisseur's Cap Terror-Watt
  • ~3.15 keys
    Strange El Duderino
  • ~2.75 keys
    Strange Business Casual
  • ~21.66 ref
    Strange Bonk Helm
  • ~9.77 ref
    Strange Bonedolier
  • ~3.77 ref
    Strange Blutsauger
  • ~4.3 keys
    Genuine Horace
  • ~9.44 ref
    Strange Festive Bonk! Atomic Punch
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neutron star
Unusual Deep Cover Operator Neutron Star

A Snake Among the Stars

Sale 1) Sold for a Tesla Coil Hot Dogger (41 Keys)!/compare/1478304000/1478390400

~22.5 keys
Unusual Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) Stormy Storm
neutron star
Unusual Toadstool Topper Neutron Star
~1 ref
Unique Wanga Prick

I bought this for this price.. and lowering the price? Yes, I lower a price of an item I own ;)

History 1:!/compare/1479254400/1479340800

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~2 ref
Unique Blood Banker

I like blood

Classies on

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Sellers @ 1.88 - 1 Day

~18.33 ref
Genuine Cross-Comm Express

if i know my math skills right this shouyld be about right to the left

el buyer

Unusual Crown of the Old Kingdom Haunted Ghosts
~1.66 ref
Unique Surgeon's Sidearms

I will buy this cosmetic for 2 ref in pure. I will instantly accept.