Promoted Listings
  • 65 keys
    Unusual Sole Mate 26 Found in Crate Morning Glory A Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • 37 keys
    Unusual Noble Amassment of Hats 65 Gifted Vivid Plasma
  • 900 keys
    Unusual Cotton Head 35 Gifted Scorching Flames
  • 15.44 ref
    Unique Bushman's Bristles 63 Found in Crate
  • 500 keys
    Unusual Bonk Boy 71 Found in Crate Arcana A Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • 75 keys
    Unusual Vintage Merryweather 27 Found in Crate Cloudy Moon
  • 275 keys
    Unusual Brown Bomber 87 Found in Crate Purple Energy Peculiarly Drab Tincture spells
  • 0.44 ref
    Unique Battle-Worn Robot Money Furnace 1 MvM Badge completion reward
  • 1.55 ref
    Unique Merc's Mohawk 77 Timed Drop
  • 46 keys
    Unusual Killer's Kabuto 49 Found in Crate Circling Heart
  • 200 keys
    Unusual Brown Bomber 21 Found in Crate Demonflame
  • 250 keys
    Unusual Hong Kong Cone 85 Gifted Haunted Ghosts
  • 2 keys
    Unique Sydney Sleeper 1 MvM Badge completion reward killstreak professional
  • 4 ref
    Unique El Paso Poncho 93 Found in Crate
  • 2.22 ref M
    Decorated Weapon Minigun 1 Found in Crate
  • 1 key
    Unique An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge 5 Purchased An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
  • 100 keys
    Unusual Liquidator's Lid 64 Found in Crate Bonzo The All-Gnawing An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
  • 27 keys
    Unusual Caribbean Conqueror 29 Found in Crate Miami Nights An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
Total Listed: 114255 Last Hour: 59653 Promoted: 452
Latest Changes
  • ~81 keys
    Unusual Neckwear Headwear Haunted Ghosts
  • ~75–110 keys
    Unusual Rotation Sensation Starstorm Slumber
  • ~13 keys
    Unusual Football Helmet Circling Peace Sign
  • ~600 keys
    Unusual Dread Hiding Hood Burning Flames
  • ~8 ref
    Unique Archer's Sterling
  • ~9–10 keys
    tf logo
    Unusual Hard Counter Circling TF Logo
  • ~14 keys
    Unusual Big Elfin Deal Aces High
  • ~25 keys
    Unusual Backbiter's Billycock Tesla Coil
  • ~1.44 ref
    Unique Soot Suit
  • ~1.44 ref
    Unique Bird-Man of Aberdeen
  • ~0.66 ref
    Unique Shotgun
  • ~2.11 ref
    Unique Condor Cap
  • ~1.5 keys
    Unique Duck Journal
  • ~10–11 keys
    Unusual Samur-Eye Steaming
  • ~20–22 keys
    Unusual Tungsten Toque Molten Mallard
  • ~160–180 keys
    Unusual Exquisite Rack Disco Beat Down
  • ~4.22 ref
    Vintage Amputator
  • ~1.44 ref
    Unique Apparatchik's Apparel
  • ~1.55 ref
    Unique Backwards Ballcap
  • ~90–120 keys
    Unusual Crone's Dome Stormy Storm
Active Price Suggestions
~13 keys
Unusual Pyro's Boron Beanie Bubbling

Creds Mindacos

Sale #1

Sold for 14k.

Taking 14k

Final Price: 14k

Unusual Titanium Tyrolean Molten Mallard

Molten Mallard Titanium Tyrolean

Free suggestion

Sale 1:!/compare/1493078400/1493164800

Sold for

~40 keys
Unusual One-Man Army Phosphorous!/compare/1486684800/1486771200 - Sold for Hot Field Tested Brain Candy Minigun (26)

Other sales are bulk.

~0.11 ref
Unique Robo Community Crate

Remember hunting for these back in the day... even made a fake ass suggestion for them. I was such a weird kid. youngins and "offers"

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~14 keys
Unusual Prancer's Pride Searing Plasma

Searing Plasma Prancer’s Pride

This is a train if you couldn't tell

Sale 1:!/compare/1491696000/1491782400

~47 keys
tf logo
Unusual Honcho's Headgear Circling TF Logo

3 years old B(((


Sale #1:!/compare/1495497600/1495584000

Sold for 27 pure

Searing Plasma FR-0
Submitted 50 minutes ago by Xergoyf
~14 keys
Unusual FR-0 Searing Plasma

Searing Plasma Fr-0


Sale 1:!/compare/1490745600/1491177600

Sold for an Aussie Grenade (14.25

~12 keys
Unusual Magnificent Mongolian Searing Plasma

Searing Plasma Magnificent Mongolian

Sale 1:!/compare/1488844800/1488931200

Sold for 12 keys pure

~90 keys
Unusual Whoopee Cap Bonzo The All-Gnawing

1 recent sale!/compare/1491523200/1491609600

2-1 for bonzo grenader and Stare tam o shanter