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    • 6 ref Unique Phononaut 16 Found in Crate
    Bumped 27 minutes agoListed 7 days ago by XD Inc.Trading Bot

    ♛ 24/7 Automated Trading ⌚ Lightning Fast Response ϟ ♛

    • 6 ref Unique Phononaut 58 Found in Crate
    Phononaut Selling 2x
    Bumped 29 minutes agoListed 3 hours ago by HatBot #5 | stn.tf

    Pure and Items at the stn.tf buying price accepted. If you want to use pure anyways, you can check our site stn.tf for an smoother experience. If you have an problem contact our support at stn.tf/help

    • 6 ref Unique Phononaut 92 Found in Crate
    Listed 12 hours ago by Cantrell

    6 ref pure, slightly more in random items.

Buy Orders

    • 5 ref Unique Phononaut
    Bumped 1 minute agoListed 2 hours ago by 🔑💥Tobi Bot [⇄]⚡️💣

    24/7 Trading Bot! Instant Accept! Send me a Trade Offer! Max Stock is: 2.

    • 5 ref Unique Phononaut
    Bumped 12 minutes agoListed 1 week ago by Spirit.tf📞Automated Buying 2

    Buying – AUTHENTICATED/ESCROW USERS = Instant Super Fast Automatic Trading 24/7! NO ITEM HOLD! Paying Pure > No Limits (Mobile Authenticated)! Thank You For Shopping With Spirit =D Happy Trading =D

    • 5 ref Unique Phononaut
    Bumped 29 minutes agoListed 1 week ago by Zbeky

    24/7 BOT with INSTANT trade accept. Mobile auth enabled. Only trade offers please. No extra for paint/parts/KS.

    • 4.88 ref Unique Phononaut
    Bumped 36 minutes agoListed 5 hours ago by ⚡EZBOT [⇄] INSTANT 24/7⚡

    [⇄] 24/7 TRADING BOT! // Send me a trade offer! Can hold a MAX of 1 of this item is allowed on the bot at one time.

    • 4.77 ref Unique Phononaut
    Bumped 1 minute agoListed 4 days ago by Hhanuska[⇄]Instant[24/7]

    Pure ONLY! Trade offers[⇄] accepted instantly! 24/7



~5 ref
Unique Phononaut

Well I've noticed that this has gone for a few days


Don't think it should go for 5.33 or 4.88 atm, so I guess this is a compromise

~5 ref
Unique Phononaut

I like Astronauts

Ring Ring

Classies on backpack.tf

Screen Shot Link: https://snag.gy/QqY2SJ.jpg

Buyer @ 4.77


~5 ref
Unique Phononaut

Needs a drop, hard to sell at 4 ref. Sold mine for 3.33

Buyers at 3.33: