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    Strange Camera Beard
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    Strange Camera Beard
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    Strange Camera Beard
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      Strange Camera Beard 98 Gifted The Value of Teamwork
    Strange Camera Beard
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    • 11 ref Strange Camera Beard
    Strange Camera Beard
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    Strange Camera Beard
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    Strange Camera Beard
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~13.66 ref
Strange Camera Beard

I like Cameras

Req By Bubbles Zest (He is actually a beard)

Classies on backpack.tf

Screen Shot Link: https://snag.gy/HDX3pS.jpg

Seller @ 13.66


~13.66 ref
Strange Camera Beard

almost there I think



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Any help,

~13.66 ref
Strange Camera Beard


~13.66 ref
Strange Camera Beard

Three pages on Outpost. Second page is already with old unbumped trades, and the rest is just highballers or locked into sets.. But i'll take the chance

~13.66 ref
Strange Camera Beard
~13.66 ref
Strange Camera Beard

So uh...strange pictures?

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/14946460 - sold 1.66 keys (1 key 4 ref)

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/14942502 - sold 1.66