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    • 0.05 ref Unique Back Scatter 2 Purchased
    Non-Craftable Back Scatter
    Bumped 4 hours agoListed 2 days ago by Simple🌍stn.tf

    🍩Pure or Item Overpay🍩

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http://imgur.com/jyamZ8z - Never forget. xD Sorry again, guys. :D

Sale :

https://gyazo.com/cf8e99e2f6976177bff2e01a9eb7dcbc (gif) - 0,11 ref pure

~0.08 ref
Unique Back Scatter

polar : "All these uncrafts should probably be priced at 0.05-0.11 and left at that. At any given snapshot in time there may be a sale at 0.11 or


~0.08 ref
Unique Back Scatter

#ripgrubgrenadesuggestion ( ゚,_ゝ゚)

[b]If this goes on the front page, I'll give a Back Scatter, a Air Striker, and a B.A.S.E. Jumper for

~0.08 ref
Unique Back Scatter

This weapon is soon to join the scrap pile...

Very, very, very low amount of valid proof.

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/22645826 - 1 scrap, unbumped

~0.08 ref
Unique Back Scatter

The b.a.s.e jumper is the only new weapon that doesn't totally suck. Though it's still kind of useless.



~0.08 ref
Unique Back Scatter

This one guy bought 4 of my weps for a scrap each, so ima update em!


http://bazaar.tf/trade/1330097 Finally sold mine, 0.11

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