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    • 3.22 ref Genuine Concheror
    Genuine Concheror
    Bumped 5 hours agoListed 5 days ago by Genuine Charlotte

    Automated trade while online! Buying for 3.22 ref.

    • 3.11 ref Genuine Concheror
    Genuine Concheror
    Listed 8 hours ago by Poorly Trained Monkey

    trade offers are accepted automatically, not paying more for strange parts or killstreaks, check profile for full list of items im buying and limitations for traders without mobile authentication

    • 2.55 ref Genuine Concheror
    Genuine Concheror
    Bumped 23 minutes agoListed 1 week ago by Spirit.tf📞Automated Buying 2

    Buying – AUTHENTICATED/ESCROW USERS = Instant Super Fast Automatic Trading 24/7! NO ITEM HOLD! Paying Pure > No Limits (Mobile Authenticated)! Thank You For Shopping With Spirit =D Happy Trading =D

    • 2.33 ref Genuine Concheror
    Genuine Concheror
    Bumped 22 minutes agoListed 2 hours ago by ItemBot #2 | stn.tf

    Pure and Items at the stn.tf buying price accepted. If you want to use pure anyways, you can check our site stn.tf for an smoother experience. If you have an problem contact our support at stn.tf/help

    • 2.33 ref Genuine Concheror
    Genuine Concheror
    Bumped 2 hours agoListed 10 hours ago by Rain6 WeaponBot

    Send me a trade offer | Fully automated | Stock limit 5



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~3.22 ref
Genuine Concheror


1.66 x2 sellers (1 seller sold out, 1 have some)

1.88 x2 sellers

~3.22 ref
Genuine Concheror



Now to keep the complainers away, here is all the trades on outpost.

~3.22 ref
Genuine Concheror

Sold @ 2 ref :

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/26414168 (1 week)

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