Price Suggestion
~310 keys
Unusual Crown of the Old Kingdom Frostbite
23 votes up
10 votes down
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A hat that never seems to get good sales when first unboxed.

One recent sale, still indate, gonna give it a little bit more of an update.

Only sale- 130 pure and a Tesla Falkirk(120)!/compare/1489536000/1489881600



1:1'd with a SGG Schadenfreude(115)!/compare/1489536000/1489881600

Mini of Mini-

67 pure + SS Hotties Hoodie(15) + P. Fetti Modest Pile of Scrap(35)=117, rounding to 120

Minis of Minis for Mini-

SS Hotties Hoodie- I'm gonna go ahead and say 15 pure?!/compare/1489795200/1489881600

P.Fetti Robo Modest-

No usable sales I could find, gonna just go with 35, if anyone else can find one, feel free to tell me(there is a seller at 30, so I'll keep my eye out)

    That sale went in a day or so. i see no reason to stretch the range based on this sale. Current is still fine