Promoted Listings
  • 80 keys
    Unusual Wraith Wrap 74 Gifted Starstorm Slumber
  • 35 keys
    Unusual Stout Shako 16 Traded Purple Energy A Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • 35 keys
    Unusual Professor's Peculiarity 54 Gifted Circling TF Logo
  • 45 keys
    Unusual Shooter's Tin Topi 76 Found in Crate Cloudy Moon
  • 38 keys / $82.00
    Strange Medi Gun 104 Timed Drop killstreak professional australium
  • 327.51 keys
    Unusual Law 77 Found in Crate Frostbite Aged Moustache Grey
  • 45 keys
    Unusual Hound Dog 36 Found in Crate Green Energy The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime
  • 140 keys
    Unusual Duck Billed Hatypus 80 Found in Crate Eldritch Flame
  • 1.66 keys
    Unique Bill's Hat 10 Traded Balaclavas Are Forever
  • 28 keys
    Unusual Cosa Nostra Cap 94 Found in Crate Kill-a-Watt
  • 440 keys
    Unusual Hat With No Name 10 Gifted Sunbeams
  • 9.66 ref
    Unique Sub Zero Suit 43 Gifted
  • 12 keys
    Unique Brotherhood of Arms 32 Crafted Color No. 216-190-216
  • 55 keys
    Unusual Brigade Helm 85 Found in Crate Green Black Hole A Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • 34 keys
    Unusual Pyro's Beanie 83 Traded Purple Energy
  • 3.44 ref
    Unique Cut Throat Concierge 31 Purchased
  • 90 keys
    Unusual Prussian Pickelhaube 71 Traded Burning Flames An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
  • 1.66 ref
    Strange Cleaner's Carbine 1 Timed Drop
Total Listed: 114917 Last Hour: 64579 Promoted: 436
Latest Changes
  • ~12–15 keys
    Unusual Flipped Trilby Aces High
  • ~40 keys
    the ooze
    Unusual Bonk Leadwear The Ooze
  • ~24 keys
    Unusual Furious Fukaamigasa Overclocked
  • ~10.11 ref
    Unique Backpack Expander
  • ~52 keys M
    Unusual Medi Gun Isotope
  • ~165–170 keys
    Unusual Rotation Sensation Green Energy
  • ~350 keys
    Unusual Rotation Sensation Scorching Flames
  • ~23–29 keys
    Unusual Cold Killer Smoking
  • ~95 keys
    Unusual Thirst Blood Burning Flames
  • ~43–45 keys
    Unusual Professional's Panama Frostbite
  • ~7.88–8.11 ref
    Strange Degreaser
  • ~45 keys
    Unusual Crone's Dome Steaming
  • ~7 keys
    Strange Plumber's Cap
  • ~48–60 keys
    Unusual Chieftain's Challenge Stare From Beyond
  • ~12–13 keys
    Unusual Birdcage Green Confetti
  • ~17.55 ref
    Unique Poacher's Safari Jacket
  • ~9.15 keys
    Strange Bedouin Bandana
  • ~1.22 ref
    Unique A Rather Festive Tree
  • ~7–7.33 ref
    Unique Hunter Heavy
  • ~1.33 ref
    Unique Spook Specs
Active Price Suggestions
Unique Refined Metal

Alright another resuggestion. Copy pasted everything for reference.

Someone said I can't use, but I'm leaving it here just in case.;6/Refined%20Metal

~43 keys
Unusual Hustler's Hallmark Eerie Orbiting Fire

Eerie Orbiting Fire Hustler's Hallmark

2 months ago and it's already outdated. Last suggestion for the night.

Sale 1:

Sold for 28 keys.

Unusual Respectless Robo-Glove Arcana

May i keep it? idk... but i love it lol

Using a duped one to price it, others hasn't moved been in the market for awhile!

Sale #1 -

CV Bombing Run (46)

Unusual Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Bonzo The All-Gnawing
Recent Suggestions
~815 keys
Unusual Killer Exclusive Darkblaze


Sale 1: Sold for a Sunbeams Head Prize(955)!/compare/1498176000/1498262400


Unusual Head Prize Sunbeams


Sale 1: Sold for a duped Darkblaze Killer Exclusive(Using this sale to price killer exclusive)!/compare/1498176000/1498262400

~15.5 keys
Unusual Rimmed Raincatcher Green Confetti
~15.5 keys
Unusual Stainless Pot Green Confetti
~14.33 ref
Unique Strange Part: Full Health Kills

4 month old price

3 bots buying for 15.11, none were successfully bought as of yet.

More bots auto buying for 15.

Lowest seller is in the 20's for ref.