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  • 15.33 ref
    Unique Strange Part: Kills While Explosive Jumping
  • 10.33 ref
    Unique Festive Huntsman killstreak
  • 20 ref M
    Strange SMG
  • 12 ref
    Strange Cow Mangler 5000 killstreak specialized specialised
  • 2.5 keys
    Collector's Eviction Notice
  • 4.2 keys
    Strange Dead'er Alive
  • 1.75 keys
    Unique Festive Rocket Launcher killstreak specialized specialised
  • 12.44 ref
    Genuine Fortified Compound killstreak specialized specialised
  • 21.24 keys
    Strange Potassium Bonnett
  • 2.85 keys
    Strange Force-A-Nature killstreak professional
  • 1.28 keys
    Strange Teddy Roosebelt
  • 8.25 keys
    Strange Festive Grenade Launcher killstreak professional
  • 8.5 keys
    Strange Burly Beast
  • 12 ref
    Strange Shortstop killstreak specialized specialised
  • 4.25 keys
    Collector's Baby Face's Blaster
  • 1.04 keys
    Strange Black Box killstreak specialized specialised
  • 2.24 keys
    Collector's Red-Tape Recorder
  • 2.5 keys M
    Strange Medi Gun
Total Listed: 104028 Last Hour: 60144 Trade Offers: 101810
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  • ~33–37 keys
    Unusual Waxy Wayfinder Poisoned Shadows
  • ~75–79 keys
    Unusual Tipped Lid Blizzardy Storm
  • ~115 keys
    Unusual Batter's Helmet Burning Flames
  • ~110–132 keys
    Unusual Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats Burning Flames
  • ~85–115 keys
    Unusual Tipped Lid Disco Beat Down
  • ~18.66 ref
    Unique Sucker Slug
  • ~53 keys
    morning glory
    Unusual Tartan Spartan Morning Glory
  • ~1.33 ref
    Unique Détective Noir
  • ~125 keys
    Unusual Dr's Dapper Topper Misty Skull
  • ~1.8 keys
    Unique Earbuds
  • ~4.15 keys
    Unique Head Prize
  • ~3.66 ref
    Genuine Diamondback
  • ~1.66 ref
    Strange Claidheamh Mòr
  • ~3.55 keys
    Strange Red Army Robin
  • ~11.77 ref
    Unique Antarctic Parka
  • ~3 ref
    Unique Festive Axtinguisher
  • ~3 ref
    Unique Sweet Smissmas Sweater
  • ~4.11 ref
    Unique Showstopper
  • ~750 keys
    Unusual Sleeveless in Siberia Molten Mallard
  • ~43–55 keys
    Unusual A Hat to Kill For Purple Energy
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Unique Refined Metal

Sellers at 0,08 USD and solds. 0.08 USD 15 ref in stock. 0.08 USD created

~21 keys
Unusual Familiar Fez Molten Mallard

Sold:!/compare/1476489600/1476576000 - sold with 20 keys for Scorching Flames Magistrate's Mullet = 23 keys

Unusual German Gonzila Molten Mallard

I just traded for this with my caldron bubbles Berliner's Bucket Helm worth 32.5 keys. Other German Gonzilas with EOTL effects sell for 33 keys

infernal flames
Unusual Taunt: Most Wanted Infernal Flames
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~442.5 keys
Unusual Tipped Lid Purple Energy

I hope i did all right, cuz took quite some time to do all bb code :D

Updating with a new sale!

Thanks to Zombie Jesus

2 usable

~28 keys
Unusual Détective Noir Molten Mallard

Take 2

Sale #1

Sold for a Green Confetti Otolaryngologist's Mirror, Festive Scattergun, Caped Crusader, and a painted Uncraft Batter's Helmet.

~2.67 ref
Unique Corpus Christi Cranium

I like Cranium

Bought a new chair! Little big and I'm sat about 1m from the keyboard unless I lean forward XD

Classies on [b] Yesterday

~4.77 ref
Strange Rust Botkiller Knife Mk.I