Promoted Listings
  • 53 keys
    Unusual Dark Falkirk Helm 6 Gifted Tesla Coil
  • 20 keys
    Unusual Slo-Poke 60 Gifted Steaming
  • 10 keys
    Unusual Taunt: The Soviet Strongarm 49 Purchased Fountain of Delight
  • 180 keys
    Unusual Coldfront Commander 79 Found in Crate Purple Energy
  • 30 keys
    Decorated Weapon Scattergun 1 Timed Drop Shot to Hell killstreak professional
  • 150 keys
    Unusual Le Party Phantom 60 Found in Crate Scorching Flames
  • 19 keys
    Unusual Swagman's Swatter 10 Gifted Green Confetti
  • 60 keys
    Decorated Weapon Stickybomb Launcher 1 Found in Crate Cool Carpet Bomber killstreak professional
  • 23 keys
    Unusual Warhood 92 Found in Crate Searing Plasma
  • 550 keys
    Unusual Galvanized Gibus 18 Gifted Scorching Flames
  • 28 keys
    Unusual Stout Shako 86 Found in Crate Disco Beat Down
  • 100 keys
    Unusual Broadband Bonnet 25 Gifted Burning Flames Muskelmannbraun
  • 1000 keys
    Unusual Rebel Rouser 82 Found in Crate Burning Flames Team Spirit killstreak specialized specialised
  • 145 keys
    Unusual Villain's Veil 42 Traded Circling TF Logo Australium Gold spells
  • 60 keys
    Unusual Outdoorsman 10 Found in Crate Knifestorm Zepheniah's Greed
  • 70 keys
    Unusual Backwards Ballcap 10 Found in Crate Phosphorous
  • 50 keys
    Unusual Belgian Detective 85 Found in Crate Stare From Beyond
  • 60 keys
    Unusual Professional's Panama 72 Found in Crate Frostbite
Total Listed: 161548 Last Hour: 112544 Promoted: 517
Latest Changes
  • ~12–20 keys
    Unusual Puffy Polar Cap Vivid Plasma
  • ~56–58 keys
    Unusual Caribou Companion Searing Plasma
  • ~54 keys
    Unusual Field Practice Purple Energy
  • ~40 keys
    Unusual Nuke Miami Nights
  • ~115–144 keys
    Unusual Lightning Lid Circling Peace Sign
  • ~30 keys
    Unusual Cranial Carcharodon Circling Peace Sign
  • ~56 keys
    Unusual Fur-lined Fighter Green Energy
  • ~14 keys
    Unusual Polar Bear Dead Presidents
  • ~83 keys
    Unusual Archer's Sterling Misty Skull
  • ~215 keys
    Decorated Weapon Sniper Rifle Hot Rainbow
  • ~150 keys
    Unusual Hellmet Knifestorm
  • ~90 keys
    Unusual Industrial Festivizer Demonflame
  • ~40–50 keys
    Unusual Field Practice Disco Beat Down
  • ~39 keys
    Unusual Base Metal Billycock Amaranthine
  • ~2.8 keys
    Strange Doc's Holiday
  • ~16.66–17.88 ref
    Strange Crusader's Crossbow
  • ~5.44–5.55 ref
    Strange Private Eye
  • ~3 ref
    Unique Resurrection Associate Pin
  • ~3 ref
    Unique Geisha Boy
  • ~1.9–2 keys
    Unique Taunt: Kazotsky Kick
Active Price Suggestions
~13 keys
Unusual Electric Escorter Neutron Star!/compare/1515715200/1516147200

Sold for a Tesla Coil Winged Mann (10.5, taking 11) and ~1 key in items.

Prinny Hat
Submitted by [Juicy] Beef
Unique Prinny Hat

Sold mine for 4.22:


very young seller for 4.33

unsolds above 4.33

Only other sale so far

Nuts n' Bolts Brass Bucket
Submitted by ツ JoXu ツ
Unusual Brass Bucket Nuts n' Bolts

Nuts n' Bolts Brass Bucket

Seller(s)/buyer(s): sellers at 10 and 13, highest buyer at

~12 keys
Unusual Tsarboosh Orbiting Fire

Insane price, but hey, its a 1 of 1 and probably never gonna be sold again.

Sold for 85$

~22.5 keys
Unusual Taunt: The Russian Arms Race Holy Grail

Sale 1

Sold for 12 keys pure!/compare/1517270400/1517356800

Sale 2

Sold for 10 keys (in

Recent Suggestions
Unusual Taunt: The Headcase Spectral Swirl

Spectral Swirl Taunt: The Headcase

Seller(s)/buyer(s): no sellers on classies,

~10 keys
Unusual Halogen Head Lamp Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents Halogen Head Lamp

New price: 9 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = invalid!/compare/1514160000/1514246400

Unusual Archer's Sterling Green Confetti

Green Confetti Archer's Sterling

Seller(s)/buyer(s): no sellers, highest buyer

Smoking Trucker's Topper
Submitted by ツ JoXu ツ
Unusual Trucker's Topper Smoking

Smoking Trucker's Topper

Seller(s)/buyer(s): no sellers, highest buyer at ~9

Unusual Mann of Reason Searing Plasma

I like Mann

Fish wanted me to counter for some reason

Sellers: -


Sale 1)!/compare/1520640000/1520726400