Promoted Listings
  • 21 keys
    Unusual Tartan Tyrolean 89 Found in Crate Purple Confetti
  • 70 keys M
    Unusual Shotgun 1 Found in Crate Energy Orb killstreak professional
  • 230 keys
    Unusual Mining Light 52 Traded Burning Flames
  • 40 keys
    Unusual Hustler's Hallmark 42 Found in Crate Flaming Lantern
  • 10 keys
    Unusual Buccaneer's Bicorne 10 Found in Crate Orbiting Planets Balaclavas Are Forever
  • 1.27 keys
    Unique Puffy Provocateur 73 Found in Crate The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime
  • 34 keys
    Strange Batsaber 1 Found in Crate killstreak professional
  • 2.33 keys
    Unique C.A.P.P.E.R 1 Found in Crate killstreak
  • 100 keys
    Unusual Surgeon's Stahlhelm 10 Found in Crate Purple Energy Pink as Hell
  • 275 keys
    Vintage Lugermorph 50 Timed Drop Community Sparkle
  • 57 keys
    Unusual Merc's Mohawk 86 Found in Crate Kill-a-Watt An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
  • 5 keys
    Strange Head Warmer 48 Gifted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
  • 400 keys
    Unusual Executioner 14 Found in Crate Poisoned Shadows After Eight
  • 600 keys
    Unusual Wraith Wrap 58 Found in Crate Sunbeams
  • 18 keys
    Unusual Halogen Head Lamp 21 Found in Crate Cloud 9
  • 44 keys
    Unusual Bonk Boy 29 Found in Crate Aces High
  • 47 keys / $99.00 M
    Unusual Flame Thrower 1 Timed Drop Isotope killstreak professional
  • 94 keys
    Unusual Pyromancer's Mask 93 Found in Crate Disco Beat Down Waterlogged Lab Coat
Total Listed: 130200 Last Hour: 88498 Promoted: 457
Latest Changes
  • ~12–17 keys
    Unusual Virtual Reality Headset Nuts n' Bolts
  • ~6.7 keys
    Unique Holiday Headcase
  • ~22.66–24.66 ref
    Unique Marksman's Mohair
  • ~2.55–2.66 ref
    Unique Taunt: I See You
  • ~1.65 keys
    Unique Taunt: Kazotsky Kick
  • ~28.33–30 ref
    Unique Dad Duds
  • ~10–11 keys
    Unusual Hetman's Headpiece Steaming
  • ~70–80 keys
    Unusual Field Practice Circling Heart
  • ~120 keys
    Unusual Coldsnap Cap Molten Mallard
  • ~110 keys
    Unusual Desert Marauder Scorching Flames
  • ~50 keys
    Unusual Taunt: Second Rate Sorcery Skill Gotten Gains
  • ~120 keys
    Unusual Blighted Beak Misty Skull
  • ~195 keys
    Unusual Brigade Helm It's A Secret To Everybody
  • ~81 keys
    Unusual Brown Bomber Starstorm Slumber
  • ~31 keys
    Unusual Team Captain Bubbling
  • ~155–190 keys
    Unusual Bonk Boy Green Energy
  • ~10–12 keys
    Unusual Tippler's Tricorne Orbiting Planets
  • ~43–45 keys
    Unusual Mann of Reason Purple Energy
  • ~16–20 keys
    Unusual Bonk Leadwear Memory Leak
  • ~30 keys
    Unusual Rebel Rouser Disco Beat Down
Active Price Suggestions
Unusual Blast Defense Nuts n' Bolts



Sold for P.Fetti Fro (15)

Let it ride.

Unusual Taunt: The Proletariat Posedown Silver Cyclone

Reporting on a new sale, I forgot to do a suggestion when I got this taunt :) - I have no intention of selling this

Sale 1 - 21 pure (my purchase)


~12.65 keys
Strange Ambassador australium

Insane how the market changes in just a couple of days!

Unsolds @ 10.3 keys

Taking 10.3 flat, hoping they wont go down too fast again

~4.66 ref
Unique Officer's Ushanka

I like Russia

In Soviet Russia Minigun fires Pootis

Classies on

Screen Shot Link:

Cheapest Seller is @

~11 keys
Unusual Defiant Spartan Nuts n' Bolts

Nuts and Bolts Defiant Spartan

Team 7 Event Suggestion #189

Selling: - 23 days @ 11

Sale 1:!/compare/1497225600/1497571200

Recent Suggestions
~14.5 keys
Unusual Valley Forge Dead Presidents

I like Valleys

Sellers: -


Sale 1);5;u60 - Sold for ~(17) Keys


Unusual Taunt: The Fubar Fanfare Mega Strike

Sale #1 - Invalid!/compare/1500508800/1500595200

Large movement of items and unusuals. No clear indication

~10.5 keys
tf logo
Unusual Handyman's Handle Circling TF Logo

Circling TF Logo Handyman's Handle

If moderators won't bother looking at the Discord, I guess I'm gonna have to force a counter.

Sale 1:

~1.66 ref
Unique Gentleman's Ushanka

Bought @1.66

Sold @2