Promoted Listings
  • 7.48 keys A
    Decorated Weapon Sniper Rifle 1 Found in Crate killstreak
  • 45 keys
    Unusual Hat With No Name 10 Found in Crate Searing Plasma
  • 4.41 keys
    Strange RoBro 3000 99 Found in Crate The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime
  • 82 keys
    Unusual Hat With No Name 10 Found in Crate Disco Beat Down
  • 90 keys
    Unusual Heer's Helmet 60 Found in Crate Morning Glory Team Spirit
  • 30 keys E
    Strange Rocket Launcher 1 Found in Crate
  • 13.88 ref
    Unique Bruiser's Bandanna 34 Crafted
  • 30 keys
    Unusual A Head Full of Hot Air 34 Found in Crate Starstorm Insomnia A Mann's Mint
  • 300 keys
    Unusual Brown Bomber 14 Found in Crate Harvest Moon A Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • 200 keys
    Unusual Crone's Dome 5 Gifted Tesla Coil
  • 50 keys
    Unusual Stout Shako 57 Found in Crate Cloudy Moon A Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • 650 keys
    Unusual Winter Woodsman 14 Found in Crate Sunbeams
  • 260 keys
    Unusual Bruce's Bonnet 81 Found in Crate Bonzo The All-Gnawing
  • 250 keys
    Unusual Brown Bomber 11 Found in Crate Green Energy
  • 1.44 ref
    Unique HazMat Headcase 21 Gifted
  • 150 keys
    Unusual Napoleon Complex 47 Found in Crate Knifestorm
  • 100 keys
    Unusual Big Elfin Deal 90 Found in Crate Starstorm Slumber
  • 1.66 ref
    Strange Stickybomb Launcher 1 Found in Crate
Total Listed: 113645 Last Hour: 65619 Promoted: 419
Latest Changes
  • ~37–41 keys
    Unusual Bonk Boy Blizzardy Storm
  • ~10–12 keys
    Unusual Familiar Fez Bubbling
  • ~27–32 keys
    Unusual Bonk Boy Dead Presidents
  • ~40–62 keys M
    Unusual Minigun Hot
  • ~28–30 keys
    Unusual Taunt: Bucking Bronco Spectral Swirl
  • ~31 keys
    Unusual Pencil Pusher Terror-Watt
  • ~3.22 ref
    Haunted Ivan The Inedible
  • ~16 keys
    Unusual Airdog Terror-Watt
  • ~50–52 keys
    Unusual Blighted Beak Purple Confetti
  • ~4.66–8 ref
    Strange Panic Attack
  • ~3–3.11 ref
    Strange Rust Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.I
  • ~1.66 ref
    Unique Apoco-Fists
  • ~1.6–1.8 keys
    Unique Taunt: Kazotsky Kick
  • ~5 ref
    Unique Field Practice
  • ~13.66–13.77 ref
    Unique Prehistoric Pullover
  • ~0.66–1.22 ref
    Unique Pistol
  • ~3.55 ref
    Unique Double Dog Dare Demo Pants
  • ~65–69 keys
    Unusual Brown Bomber Purple Confetti
  • ~19 keys
    Unusual Hat With No Name Bubbling
  • ~2.5 keys
    Genuine Dashin' Hashshashin
Active Price Suggestions
Unique Refined Metal

Alright another resuggestion. Copy pasted everything for reference.

Someone said I can't use, but I'm leaving it here just in case.;6/Refined%20Metal

~43 keys
Unusual Hustler's Hallmark Eerie Orbiting Fire

Eerie Orbiting Fire Hustler's Hallmark

2 months ago and it's already outdated. Last suggestion for the night.

Sale 1:

Sold for 28 keys.

Unusual Respectless Robo-Glove Arcana

May i keep it? idk... but i love it lol

Using a duped one to price it, others hasn't moved been in the market for awhile!

Sale #1 -

CV Bombing Run (46)

Recent Suggestions
~23 ref
Unique Space Hamster Hammy

Outdated by 5 Months

Pricing based on sales

(Sales info is from stats, most of the bots on classifieds are provided by them so it

~8.11 ref
Unique Captain Space Mann

Pricing based on sales

(Sales info is from stats, most of the bots on classifieds are provided by them so it should be fine)

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