Promoted Listings
  • 19 keys
    Unusual Smokey Sombrero 52 Found in Crate It's a puzzle to me
  • 75 keys
    Unusual Full Metal Drill Hat 58 Found in Crate Scorching Flames A Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • 51 keys
    Unusual Pyromancer's Mask 71 Traded Green Confetti The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime
  • 10 ref
    Unique Cold Killer 57 Timed Drop The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime
  • 32 keys
    Unusual Modest Metal Pile of Scrap 10 Gifted Circling Peace Sign
  • 45 keys
    Unusual Brass Bucket 80 Found in Crate Searing Plasma
  • 7 keys
    Unique Combustible Cutie 52 Found in Crate A Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • 4500 keys
    Unusual Coffin Kit 70 Found in Crate It's A Secret To Everybody
  • 300 keys
    Unusual Dragonborn Helmet 10 Found in Crate It's A Secret To Everybody
  • 44 keys
    Unusual Vive La France 49 Gifted Starstorm Slumber
  • 110 keys
    Unusual Rebel Rouser 24 Found in Crate Sunbeams
  • 33 keys
    Unusual Pestering Jester 3 Found in Crate Starstorm Slumber
  • 24 keys
    Unusual Greased Lightning 1 Gifted Blizzardy Storm
  • 65 keys
    Unusual Well-Rounded Rifleman 96 Found in Crate Circling TF Logo After Eight
  • 40 keys
    Unusual Hetman's Headpiece 38 Found in Crate It's A Secret To Everybody
  • 240 keys
    Unusual A Well Wrapped Hat 96 Found in Crate Circling Heart An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
  • 1.15 keys
    Unique Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Demo 1 Purchased
  • 85 keys
    Unusual Waxy Wayfinder 20 Found in Crate Bonzo The All-Gnawing
Total Listed: 164270 Last Hour: 120184 Promoted: 533
Latest Changes
  • ~27–30 keys
    Unusual Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) Molten Mallard
  • ~9 keys
    Unusual Halogen Head Lamp Dead Presidents
  • ~43–47 keys
    Unusual Danger Starstorm Insomnia
  • ~5 ref
    Unique Frontier Flyboy
  • ~1.88 ref
    Unique Shoestring Budget
  • ~2.05–2.1 keys
    Strange Splendid Screen
  • ~3.15–3.3 keys
    Strange Huntsman
  • ~28 ref
    Strange Scout Shako
  • ~2.35–2.4 keys
    Genuine Doublecross-Comm
  • ~2 ref
    Unique Eerie Crate
  • ~31–32 keys
    Unusual Elf Esteem Burning Flames
  • ~31–36 keys
    Unusual Greased Lightning Circling Peace Sign
  • ~36 keys
    Decorated Weapon Stickybomb Launcher Cool Carpet Bomber
  • ~40–41 keys
    Unusual Brotherhood of Arms Orbiting Planets
  • ~38–42 keys
    Unusual Sinner's Shade Green Energy
  • ~37–38 keys
    Unusual Surgeon's Stahlhelm Flaming Lantern
  • ~15 keys
    Unusual Shooter's Tin Topi Neutron Star
  • ~13–16 keys
    Unusual Bot Dogger Orbiting Planets
  • ~37–39 keys
    Unusual Law Smoking
  • ~18–21 keys
    Unusual Modest Pile of Hat Bubbling
Active Price Suggestions
~13 keys
Unusual Electric Escorter Neutron Star!/compare/1515715200/1516147200

Sold for a Tesla Coil Winged Mann (10.5, taking 11) and ~1 key in items.

Prinny Hat
Submitted by [Juicy] Beef
Unique Prinny Hat

Sold mine for 4.22:


very young seller for 4.33

unsolds above 4.33

Only other sale so far

Nuts n' Bolts Brass Bucket
Submitted by ツ JoXu ツ
Unusual Brass Bucket Nuts n' Bolts

Nuts n' Bolts Brass Bucket

Seller(s)/buyer(s): sellers at 10 and 13, highest buyer at

~22.5 keys
Unusual Taunt: The Russian Arms Race Holy Grail

Sale 1

Sold for 12 keys pure!/compare/1517270400/1517356800

Sale 2

Sold for 10 keys (in

~12 keys
Unusual Tsarboosh Orbiting Fire

Insane price, but hey, its a 1 of 1 and probably never gonna be sold again.

Sold for 85$

Recent Suggestions
Time Warp Texas Ten Gallon
Submitted by Hanni
time warp
Unusual Texas Ten Gallon Time Warp

Unpriced, 4 in existence including 1 duped, only 1 was on the market.

Sold on for 199.99

keys at 1.99

$199.99/1.99 = ~100 keys;5;u70

The Quäckenbirdt
Submitted by Lazymann
~2.06 ref
Unique Quäckenbirdt

sold at 3.00 ref

proof :

Death at Dusk Hetman's Headpiece
Submitted by St♥ryTeller
Unusual Hetman's Headpiece Death at Dusk

Hopefully will be priced after 2 years unboxed

Sale 1:!/compare/1521244800/1521331200

Sold for 24 keys

Smoking Caribou Companion
Submitted by iTrade ™
Unusual Caribou Companion Smoking

Smoking Caribou Companion

Requested by Mr.Wolfy

Sale 1: Sold for 25 keys pure!/compare/1520812800/1521158400

Strange Unique Medi Gun
Submitted by HACK THE GIBSON
Unique Medi Gun


I purchased this as part of a sale of 2 items @ 40 keys each.