Promoted Listings
  • 18 keys
    Unusual Furious Fukaamigasa 24 Found in Crate Cloud 9
  • 150 keys
    Unusual Neckwear Headwear 14 Gifted Green Energy Zepheniah's Greed
  • 120 keys
    Unusual Bear Necessities 10 Found in Crate Something Burning This Way Comes spells
  • 50 keys C
    Decorated Weapon War Paint 99 Found in Crate Hot Uranium
  • 1000 keys
    Unusual Killer Exclusive 10 Found in Crate Anti-Freeze An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
  • 50 keys
    Unusual Well-Rounded Rifleman 64 Found in Crate Terror-Watt
  • 5.82 keys
    Strange Quick-Fix 8 Found in Crate festivized killstreak professional
  • 350 keys / $700.00
    Strange Medi Gun 1 Timed Drop Hot Corsair festivized
  • 200 keys
    Unusual Dark Falkirk Helm 67 Gifted Sunbeams
  • 190 keys
    Unusual Crone's Dome 43 Found in Crate Circling TF Logo Balaclavas Are Forever
  • 15 keys
    Unusual Das Naggenvatcher 83 Found in Crate Green Confetti
  • 125 keys
    Unusual Bot Dogger 47 Found in Crate Arcana The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime
  • 350 keys
    Unusual Taunt: Conga 74 Purchased Haunted Phantasm
  • 38 keys
    Unusual Towering Pillar of Hats 51 Gifted Tesla Coil
  • 300 keys
    Unusual Salty Dog 10 Found in Crate Stormy 13th Hour An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
  • 400 keys
    Unusual Rotation Sensation 51 Found in Crate Hellfire A Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • 90 keys
    Unusual Allbrero 59 Found in Crate Circling Heart
  • 60 keys
    Unusual Hat With No Name 10 Found in Crate Vivid Plasma
Total Listed: 161132 Last Hour: 115621 Promoted: 564
Latest Changes
  • ~65 keys
    Unusual Texas Ten Gallon Purple Energy
  • ~85 keys
    Unusual German Gonzila Arcana
  • ~65 keys
    Unusual Ye Olde Baker Boy Purple Energy
  • ~85–105 keys
    Unusual Brotherhood of Arms Starstorm Insomnia
  • ~33–45 keys
    Unusual Taunt: The Victory Lap Mega Strike
  • ~845–915 keys
    Unusual Head Prize Sunbeams
  • ~90 keys
    Unusual Lucky Shot Purple Energy
  • ~130 keys
    Unusual Blighted Beak Eerie Orbiting Fire
  • ~13.44–13.55 ref
    Unique All-Father
  • ~1.22–1.33 ref
    Unique Crafty Hair
  • ~1.22–1.33 ref
    Unique Whoopee Cap
  • ~55–61 keys
    Unusual Hong Kong Cone Green Confetti
  • ~25–28 keys
    Unusual Little Buddy Haunted Ghosts
  • ~140 keys
    Unusual Conjurer's Cowl Harvest Moon
  • ~51 keys
    Unusual Sober Stuntman It's A Secret To Everybody
  • ~28–30 keys
    Unusual Fortunate Son Stormy Storm
  • ~44–46 keys
    Unusual Rimmed Raincatcher Demonflame
  • ~40–50 keys
    Unusual Pyromancer's Mask Green Confetti
  • ~400 keys
    Unusual Brotherhood of Arms Something Burning This Way Comes
  • ~25–26 keys
    Unusual Greased Lightning Memory Leak
Active Price Suggestions
Refined Metal
Submitted by chiyat
Unique Refined Metal

Keys are currently 38 refined.

Sales: :

Format: amount sold, price (real price after taking's 10% tax off)

27 December

Bubbling Hetman's Headpiece
Submitted by Erik
~9 keys
Unusual Hetman's Headpiece Bubbling

TEAM 4 EVENT MICRO – Stormy Storm Sober Stuntman

Bubbling Hetman’s Headpiece

New price: 9 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 9 keys!/compare/1511395200

~33 keys
Unusual A Well Wrapped Hat Dead Presidents

TEAM 4 EVENT MINI - Molten Mallard Safe 'n' Sound

Dead Presidents A Well Wrapped Hat

New price: 28 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = invalid!/compare/1510

Molten Mallard Safe'n'Sound
Submitted by Erik
~28 keys
Unusual Safe'n'Sound Molten Mallard


Molten Mallard Safe ‘n’ Sound

New price: 26-30 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 30 keys!/compare/1512777600/1512950400

Recent Suggestions
Strange Unique Scorch Shot
Submitted by HACK THE GIBSON
Unique Scorch Shot


Purchased as part of a larger sale of 3 items @ 25 keys each.

Strange Direct Hit
Submitted by 7Floss
~6.22 ref
Strange Direct Hit

The one true melee weapon

Sold one for 7ref pure, bots sold some for 7.11ref

If anything happens to contradict this price range can you please tell me,

Strange Unique Enforcer
Submitted by HACK THE GIBSON
Unique Enforcer


Purchased as part of a larger sale of 3 items @ 25 keys each.

~4.33 ref
Genuine Sharpened Volcano Fragment

Current sellers of these items are at 6 ref, highest is 1 key(i mean who would buy that honestly). And buyers at 6 ref, cheapest buyer at 4.55 ref