Promoted Listings
  • 34 keys
    Unusual El Jefe 10 Found in Crate Disco Beat Down
  • 500 keys
    Unusual Executioner 58 Gifted Sunbeams
  • 17 keys
    Unusual Taunt: Flippin' Awesome 80 Purchased Midnight Whirlwind
  • 28 keys
    Strange Flame Thrower 1 Found in Crate Balloonicorn killstreak professional
  • 19.22 keys
    Unusual Jumper's Jeepcap 48 Found in Crate Miami Nights
  • 130 keys
    Unusual Virtual Viewfinder 52 Found in Crate Terror-Watt A Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • 35 keys
    Unusual Mining Light 70 Found in Crate Blizzardy Storm
  • 30.66 ref
    Unique Strange Part: Long-Distance Kills 1 Found in Crate
  • 300 keys
    Unusual Dread Hiding Hood 95 Found in Crate Bonzo The All-Gnawing
  • 40 keys
    Unusual Modest Pile of Hat 71 Gifted Starstorm Insomnia
  • 230 keys
    Unusual Bomber Knight 2 Gifted Cloud 9 Pink as Hell
  • 10 keys
    Unique Kit 5 Recipe output killstreak professional Stickybomb Launcher
  • 60 keys
    Unusual Stormin' Norman 67 Gifted Starstorm Slumber Aged Moustache Grey
  • 48 keys M
    Unusual Knife 1 Found in Crate Cool Stabbed to Hell killstreak professional
  • 85 keys A
    Decorated Weapon Shotgun 1 Found in Crate Red Bear
  • 16 keys
    Unusual Soldier's Slope Scopers 92 Found in Crate Aces High An Air of Debonair
  • 1000 keys
    Unusual Brotherhood of Arms 12 Found in Crate Bonzo The All-Gnawing
  • 1250 keys
    Unusual Legendary Lid 65 Found in Crate Scorching Flames
Total Listed: 157945 Last Hour: 93583 Promoted: 560
Latest Changes
  • ~30 keys
    Unusual Defiant Spartan Starstorm Insomnia
  • ~20 keys
    Unique Back Scratcher
  • ~45–47 keys
    Unusual Stainless Pot Haunted Ghosts
  • ~2–2.11 ref
    Genuine Companion Cube Pin
  • ~18–21 keys
    Unusual Soldered Sensei Kill-a-Watt
  • ~75 keys
    Unusual Polar Pullover Dead Presidents
  • ~29 ref
    Vintage Texas Ten Gallon
  • ~17 keys
    Unusual Swagman's Swatter Green Confetti
  • ~26–33 keys
    Unusual Greased Lightning Miami Nights
  • ~29 keys
    Unusual Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Miami Nights
  • ~17.55–17.66 ref
    Unique Skullcap
  • ~17.44–17.55 ref
    Unique Down Under Duster
  • ~7.77–7.88 ref
    Unique Noh Mercy
  • ~34 keys
    Unusual Tam O' Shanter Purple Energy
  • ~60 keys
    Unusual Halogen Head Lamp Scorching Flames
  • ~11–15 keys
    Unusual Taunt: Oblooterated Fountain of Delight
  • ~23 keys
    Unusual Conjurer's Cowl Circling Peace Sign
  • ~63 keys
    morning glory
    Unusual Head Warmer Morning Glory
  • ~62 keys
    Unusual Head Warmer Molten Mallard
  • ~8–12 keys
    midnight whirlwind
    Unusual Taunt: Most Wanted Midnight Whirlwind
Active Price Suggestions
Refined Metal
Submitted by chiyat
Unique Refined Metal

Keys are currently 38 refined.

Sales: :

Format: amount sold, price (real price after taking's 10% tax off)

27 December

Bubbling Hetman's Headpiece
Submitted by Erik
~9 keys
Unusual Hetman's Headpiece Bubbling

TEAM 4 EVENT MICRO – Stormy Storm Sober Stuntman

Bubbling Hetman’s Headpiece

New price: 9 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 9 keys!/compare/1511395200

Unusual Classy Capper Vivid Plasma

Sweet 1 of 1 hat, so far.

Sale 1:

Sold along with a strange Snack Attack (~3.2 keys) for a Vivid Plasma Dr´s Dapper Topper (51):!/compare/1513728000/

~33 keys
Unusual A Well Wrapped Hat Dead Presidents

TEAM 4 EVENT MINI - Molten Mallard Safe 'n' Sound

Dead Presidents A Well Wrapped Hat

New price: 28 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = invalid!/compare/1510

Recent Suggestions
The Boo Balloon
Submitted by Hugh Mungus [Posh Broker]
~6.55 ref
Unique Boo Balloon

What goes up must come down

lots of 10 ref buyers

17 ref listed for a month

taking 10

Smoking Gym Rat
Submitted by You see ivan...
~9.5 keys
Unusual Gym Rat Smoking

As much as I hate it, (and it's my first unusual)

the Value of the Smoking effect let alone the Gym Rat is going down.

The only two current Sell listings

Unusual Dead Cone Neutron Star

I had no idea that this existed until recently.

Sale 1:

Sold for 16 keys pure!/compare/1516147200/1516233600

~25 keys
morning glory
Unusual Carouser's Capotain Morning Glory


Apparently, it wasnt as free as i thought.

Sale 1:;5;u89 - 55/1,9 = 29

Sale 2 - Credits to King: Sold for a

Unusual Coldfront Commander Orbiting Planets

Credits to lusamine for letting me suggest

Sale 1:!/compare/1516320000/1516406400

Sold for 20 keys