~70 keys
13th hour
Unusual Medic's Mountain Cap Stormy 13th Hour

3 years old

Only sale I can find thats usable:

https://marketplace.tf/items/381;5;u47 ~ 150 / 1.8 (key price at time https://manic.tf/keyprice/?at=2018-10-07

~4.83 ref
Unique Endothermic Exowear
~1.72 ref
Unique Prince Tavish's Crown
Strange Crossing Guard
Submitted by Jarool
~1.75 keys
Strange Crossing Guard
Taunt: The Dueling Banjo
Submitted by Jarool
~1.3 keys
Unique Taunt: The Dueling Banjo
Vive La France
Submitted by Jarool
~1.88 ref
Unique Vive La France
After Eight
Submitted by Jarool
~1.4 keys
Unique After Eight After Eight

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