Unusual Dark Falkirk Helm Neutron Star

Big thanks to Jarool for all the help.

Sale 1 :

Sold on marketplace for 74.99$;5;u107

~96 keys
Unusual Vintage Merryweather Roboactive

Beautiful, but deadly..

Only recent sale

Sold for a Scorching Flames Triboniophorus Tyrannus (mini 74 keys, up for sale at 74, 75, 75,

~282.5 keys
Unusual Winter Woodsman Green Energy

I quite like this hat.


Sold for Nebula Phononaut (247.5)

~199 keys
[email protected]
Unusual Winter Woodsman Death at Dusk

Last suggestion was a B/O drop


Sold + C9 Stovepipe (18) for

~27 keys
Unusual Jumper's Jeepcap Disco Beat Down

First suggestion, thanks to Jarool for the help ^^

Sold for Haunted Ghosts Airdog (23) + 9 keys - Deleted B/O

Unusual Das Ubersternmann Vivid Plasma

The only usable sale (sorry if I'm wrong).

1 to 1 for Aussie Spec KS Scattergun (Last sales at ~23,5 - 24,5; Being sold for 24.0 and 25.0 right now).

Unusual Triboniophorus Tyrannus Starstorm Slumber

Alright first suggestion in 2 years lets see how it goes.

Only 1 in the world and sold only once through marketplace.

~0.08 ref
Unique Rainy Day Cosmetic Case

All the current sellers up to the sixth page are 0.05 ref, so no need for a range.…

About the previous suggestion, counts half a scrap for for

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