Circling Heart Outdoorsman
Submitted by Erik B>QS
~29.5 keys
Unusual Outdoorsman Circling Heart

Circling Heart Outdoorsman

New price: 22 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = invalid!/compare/1511568000/1511654400

~200 keys
haunted phantasm
Unusual Taunt: Party Trick Haunted Phantasm

Haunted Phantasm Taunt: Party Trick


Sale 1:;5;u3011

69.99 / 1.99 ~ 35 Keys

Sale 2:!/compare/1513555200/15136416

Strange Unique Boston Basher
Submitted by Bri4n
Unique Boston Basher

Messed up on the last suggestion. Oops.

Bought this one for 8 keys pure, pretty neat if I say so myself.

~2.5 keys
Unique Taunt: Surgeon's Squeezebox


I bought this taunt for 1 key 20 refined (1.53key after rounding 1.5) from STN. Later I sold it for 1 key 21.55 refined ( 1.57key after rounding

~20 keys
cloud 9
Unusual Brain-Warming Wear Cloud 9

I like Clouds

I've frazzled my brain doing this

Sellers: - - 2 Days @ 14 Keys

~37.06 ref
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

Mann Co Supply Crate Keys... Where do you buy them from now? There are different prices everywhere! People are now exploiting bots. I say we make a price

~4.5 keys
Collector's Your Eternal Reward
~13 keys
Unusual Electric Escorter Neutron Star!/compare/1515715200/1516147200

Sold for a Tesla Coil Winged Mann (10.5, taking 11) and ~1 key in items.

~67.5 keys
Unusual Warhood Purple Energy

Purple Energy Warhood


Seems I missed an important sale (credits to Torb)

Sale 1)!/compare/1515110400/1515196800

~12 keys
Unusual Tsarboosh Orbiting Fire

Insane price, but hey, its a 1 of 1 and probably never gonna be sold again.

Sold for 85$


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