~50.5 keys
Collector's Rocket Jumper

Had it made but refreshed the site accidentally, ****.

Rest of bulks/low


Blizzardy Storm Bolted Bicorne
Submitted by Erik
~13 keys
Unusual Bolted Bicorne Blizzardy Storm

Blizzardy Storm Bolted Bicorne

New price: 13-15 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 15 keys


Sold for $28.66 ( / $1,95

Unique 'Decorated War Hero' War Paint Freelance Grade Keyless Case

6x @5: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198060287298#!/compare/1510790400/1510876800 (Classies buyer @5, potentially a lot more sales judging from inventory)

Unusual Magistrate's Mullet Neutron Star

Neutron Star Magistrate's Mullet

#Sale1: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198110010874#!/compare/1505433600/1505520000

sold for a Terror-Watt Magistrate's

~34 ref
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key'

Well, resuggesting once more time, as my previous range got outlied as well, but this time only in a couple of

Unusual Taunt: The Proletariat Posedown Skill Gotten Gains

Skill Gotten Gains Taunt: The Proletariat Posedown

New price: 25 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 25 keys



~8 keys
Strange Giger Counter

Strange Giger Counter

Buyers on classifieds:

1 buyer at 9.29 keys

1 buyer at 9.28 keys

1 buyer at 9.27 keys

1 buyer at 9 keys

~4.83 keys
Strange Das Naggenvatcher

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