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  • 60 keys
    Decorated Weapon Scattergun 99 War Paint Isotope Bamboo Brushed killstreak professional 7787546787 6375825285
    Isotope Professional Killstreak Bamboo Brushed Scattergun (Factory New)
    Bumped Listed by j58
  • 105 keys
    Unusual Letch's LED Arcana
    Arcana Letch's LED
    Bumped Listed by j58

    the lights stay on

  • 106 keys
    Unusual Texas Tin-Gallon Arcana
    Arcana Texas Tin-Gallon
    Bumped Listed by j58

    So if a tin-gallon holds the same value as a ten-gallon, are tin and ten equal? In this 2000-word essay I will state my opinion on the matter, and offer to pay 100 keys for this tin or ten gallon.

  • 107 keys
    Unusual Counterfeit Billycock Arcana
    Arcana Counterfeit Billycock
    Bumped Listed by j58

    Hey, this hat is a fake! bring me the real arcana billycock >:(

  • 100 keys
    Unusual Frenchman's Beret Stormy 13th Hour
    Stormy 13th Hour Frenchman's Beret
    Bumped Listed by j58

    I think spy's watch broke, probably another one of those broken dead ringer models.

  • 86 keys
    Unusual Harmburg Poisoned Shadows
    Poisoned Shadows Harmburg
    Bumped Listed by j58

    It's a bat! a cute little bat on a cute little hat

  • 74 keys
    Unusual Détective Noir Frostbite
    Frostbite Détective Noir
    Bumped Listed by j58

    i think spy is holding his spycicle wrong

  • 100 keys
    Unusual Respectless Rubber Glove Spellbound
    Spellbound Respectless Rubber Glove
    Bumped Listed by j58

    can you stop please

  • 95 keys
    Unusual Glengarry Bonnet Poisoned Shadows
    Poisoned Shadows Glengarry Bonnet
    Bumped Listed by j58

    oh no, don't wear the poisoned bonnet. you should give it to me instead ;)

  • 99 keys
    Unusual Soviet Gentleman Darkblaze
    Darkblaze Soviet Gentleman
    Bumped Listed by j58
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