Price Suggestion
~310 keys
Unusual Crown of the Old Kingdom Frostbite
60 votes up
8 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Mindacos S>Cauldron Bonk 250k.

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L o d s o f e m o n e

Spot didn't want to resugg, I asked him. I guess I'll be taking this.

-Sold for 300 pure:

ALL credit goes to DarkJake.


      What for, Spotty? You gave the sugg to me. :^P

      Either way, you're welcome. :^)

      Why did he buy it to immediately list it on for lower?

      That's way below 300.



          Looks like it sold already.

          That makes it a quicksale at ~220-230(using marketplace key prices) and a sale at 300. It's weird that he'd quicksell it for that amount after paying 300 pure, although if lila doesn't plan on reselling I guess it would be alright to record the sale. Otherwise waiting for a third sale would be ideal.