Price Suggestion
~48 keys
Unusual Dark Falkirk Helm Searing Plasma
44 votes up
27 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Sold for It's a puzzle to me Prehistoric Pullover- 110-162 keys (136)

proof: [url]!/compare/1470009600/1471651200[/url]

    The pullover is 6 months outdated and will require a mini. You might be able to use this sale for a mini on the pullover -!/compare/1471564800/1471651200

    Another sale -!/compare/1471564800/1471651200

    Sold with a caldron merry for a Strange Purple Energy Gauzed Gaze. You can either use this sale for this suggestion (Falkirk), or use that sale for the Gauzed Gaze. Up to you. - pullover will end up being around the same value as its outdated price, so this should be fine.

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