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~48 keys
Unusual Dark Falkirk Helm Searing Plasma
361 votes up
20 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] A Delicious Cashew™.

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Sold through SCM between March 26 and March 30, these are the only sales that occurred during then:

["Mar 29 2021 01: +0",77.528,"3"],["Mar 30 2021 01: +0",76.651,"1"]!/compare/1617580800/1617667200!/compare/1617580800/1617667200


Bulk or maybe broker!/compare/1617667200/1617840000!/compare/1617753600/1617840000

Bulk or maybe broker!/compare/1618272000/1618358400!/compare/1618099200/1619827200

Sold through auction for 35 keys, 34.55 refined, link provided by the seller:

this is around buy order


many taunts and stuff buyout was 49

Static Shock Taunt: Burstchester - 5 key buyers

Terrifying Thunder Taunt: Yeti Punch - 5-6 key buyers

Fountain of Delight Taunt: Skullcracker - 5 key buyers

Holy Grail Taunt: Buy A Life - 3 key buyers

Strange Gaelic Glutton - 1.3 key buyers

Circling TF Logo Razor Cut - 14 keys

Veno Shock Taunt: Yeti Smash - 4 key buyers

Static Shock Taunt: Party Trick - 3 key buyers

thats all i got, adds to ~40 keys

since it went through, i wouldn't be surprised if they valued everything at buy order

even if i made suggestions on all of those taunts, most of them have less than a key margin from buyers to sellers... the sale would probably get pushed to 45 if i did

all the other stuff leaving the buyer compare goes to the ominous night conga!/compare/1614729600/1614816000




34 keys + kill a watt merc mohawk (24)

sale = 58 keys, zol at 56

i think this would cap at zol's buyout of 56...? sold by!/compare/1614384000/1617321600!/compare/1611964800/1617321600




40 or 45, it wouldnt be over 49


ill get to workin on the taunts lol

1 or 3 month unsold at 56

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