Price Suggestion
~48 keys
Unusual Dark Falkirk Helm Searing Plasma
62 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1552608000/1552780800!/compare/1552608000/1552780800

Sold for KaW Hong Kong Cone + 40 keys


KaW Hong Kong is in-date at 50 keys, but has sellers under 50 keys

Buy orders are also really close to the sell orders...!/compare/1551052800/1551225600!/compare/1551139200/1551225600

45 keys + 4 refined!/compare/1551139200/1551225600


47 keys?


Choosing 45 for the Cone, making Sale 1 worth 85 keys.

Sale 2:!/compare/1552608000/1552694400!/compare/1552608000/1552694400

Sold with Searing Pyromancer's Mask for Duped Green Energy Pyromancer's Mask


Searing Pyromancer's:;5;u15

February 5, 2019 sold for $179.99 / 1.82 = 99 keys

Can't find any other sales on the Searing Pyromancer's that I looked through.



Duped GE Pyromancer's!/compare/1552867200/1552953600!/compare/1550707200/1552953600

I don't know!/compare/1547510400/1547683200!/compare/1547596800/1547683200

Sold for Purple Energy Pyromancer's, which is in-date at 165

x + 99 = 165, this makes the Falkirk Helm worth 66 keys.


However, this sale was determined to be unusable because it would be considered a bulk sale for the Searing Pyromancer's and the Falkirk Helm.

Please refer to the comments in this suggestion for a more detailed explanation.

Thank you to Torb for helping me with this suggestion.

Going with 85 keys flat based off of sale 1.

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