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~310 keys
Unusual Crown of the Old Kingdom Frostbite
88 votes up
22 votes down
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Accidentally suggested in ref three times

Sold for $400


Sold for $400


Expected more but 1/1 sales both @$400

(You can tell because untradable in both trades but not gifted and nakwultz (unboxer) admitted to selling for $400)


400 / 2.4 = 166.6 (rounding to 170)

(400 * 0.85) / 2.4 = 141.666 (rounding to 140)

Price should be 140 - 170.

Thx to magneta

Avatar Friendly Hoovy | ยท posted less than a minute ago

    These sound like serious outliers, If you look at the [email protected] Crown suggestion I made, and first DBD crown suggestion, you know what I mean. The C/O for the 26996794 trade is far higher than this range. Best to wait for another sale(s)

      With the really low tier 3rd gens at like not far from this, this has to be an outlier, right?

        there's proof of sales. your point is?

          you can get more for that i would pay more a lot of people would

            But here's the thing: "they didnt"

            I thought someone with accepted suggestions would know stuff like this

        I'm confused about how you have two sales here. In your first link, the seller still has it.

          Left this up in the hope that offers or additional sales would help identify whether these are outliers or not.

 - but pretty much nothing