Price Suggestion
emerald allurement
Unusual Taunt: Kazotsky Kick Emerald Allurement
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last two months;5;u3041

$80 on 12/9 (42)

$130 on 12/19 (62)

$100 on 1/8 (47) bot transfer zeus bought a lot of stuff from my bot here, bulk from house to him!/compare/1607126400/1607299200!/compare/1607126400/1607472000

this is the dec 9 sale!/compare/1607904000/1608508800!/compare/1608249600/1608422400

43 pure!/compare/1606176000/1606262400!/compare/1606176000/1606262400

42.5 in items + static shock kazotsky = emerald kazotsky - 5k!/compare/1606176000/1606262400

pyrophoric kazotsky - 12k, better used there!/compare/1608768000/1608854400!/compare/1608854400/1609027200


38 pure!/compare/1609804800/1609891200!/compare/1609804800/1609891200

if this apotheosis is for the emerald, it's too early to price the former

sold to jamal's bot, jamal sold to rubi!/compare/1607472000/1607558400!/compare/1607558400/1610323200

45 pure!/compare/1608076800/1608163200!/compare/1608076800/1608163200

39 pure, ID 9604420045, then sold on dec 19 on mptf!/compare/1610323200/1610496000

bulk for GE hkc


38, 39, 42, 43, 45, 47, 62

the static shock kazotsky will be at least 20-25 keys, which means the sale will end up at around 60, which is above four sellers.

Taking 38-47