Price Suggestion
Refined Metal
Submitted by Payback
Unique Refined Metal
275 votes up
158 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Puddilicious.

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By the power granted to me through this suggestion, I will now lower everyone's backpack value in USD

Please don't comment without reading through this first:

I will ignore you if you don't

Marketplace key sales averaged across past week:;6

(1.77 + 1.78 + 1.76 + 1.76 + 1.75 + 1.72 + 1.74) / 7 = 1.754 * 0.9 = 1.5786 key sales averaged across past week:

(1.65 + 1.66 + 1.64 + 1.64 + 1.64 + 1.64 + 1.64 = 1.644 * 0.95 = 1.5618

Key suggestion in refined accepted two hours ago:

Key price in refined: 56.61

Keys bought at 1.7 USD:

Keys bought at 1.7 USD:

Keys sold at 1.7 USD: (their trust shows they are still actively selling:

Keys bought at 1.65 USD: Last trust was a week ago, spoke to him and the last time he bought was about a week ago.

Regardless of how many more forum posts I place here, the range is going to stay the same regardless:

1.5786 / 56.61 = 2.788 cents

1.5618 / 56.61 = 2.758 cents

1.7 / 56.61 = 3.003 cents

1.65 / 56.61 = 2.914 cents

Not low enough to justify a 2 cent range yet enough proof to back up a 3 cent flat refined price.

3 cents it is.

          Keys have gone up even more now, might wanna check some new sales to make sure $0.03 is still relevant

            yeah no, if you think 0.02 is (somehow) relevant then feel free to prove it here

              i would but not too sure how to get hold of cash sales

                  Even if keys are 59 refined, every key value from $1.60 to $1.80 still rounds to 3 cents

              No, you do not have that power. Also, it's all virtual items, why do I spend real money on this game?

                do you not understand how refined suggestions work

                  Well real money is spent on this game in large quantities so yes.

                  It's sad to see Refined going away from it's iconic 0.04$ price. However I think it's better for the economy to fix it at 0.03$ now.

                    I could've sworn I seen it at $0.03 before but then it went to $0.04 and it's stayed at that for a while.

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