Price Suggestion
~11 keys
Unusual Melted Mop Haunted Ghosts
498 votes up
60 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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mint chocolate chip is the best ice cream flavor.

the best part is that no one else in my family likes it, so more for me.


Untraceable, one of the backpacks went private during this time


There's 2 trades with involving 1 scammer in this item history, I have skipped over it.


Bulk for Scorching Norsemann


Untraceable, but

might be 15 keys... no proof was ever provided though


Some tradebacks in this item history, I have skipped over them.




12 keys



Sold on SCM unknown date







17 keys, has been relisting for a while;5;u8

$34 x2 = ~20 keys, have been listed for a while

idk man

    i would happily pay 12 keys for it

      bot buy order was 12k as well!/compare/1578355200/1578441600 - looks like the buyer at 12 bought one as is now selling for 15 keys

      this may be slightly on the low-side however it is clearly a common trading point with there being 2 sales at 12 now