Price Suggestion
Haunted Ghosts Melted Mop
Submitted by Kebab
~11 keys
Unusual Melted Mop Haunted Ghosts
32 votes up
46 votes down
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    Hey. For this sale, you’ll need to provide the history page, as well as compare links. Your link redirects people to their trade history. Additionally, there are more sales, you cannot use only one sale to price the hat.

      ok thanks im just pretty new to this

        Alright. You should close the suggestion and gather more sales. Add me for advice, I’ll help you as much as I can.

      There is a buy order at 13 keys, very close to 15 so this is probably a quicksale.

    The compare link dosent seem to show the 15 keys!/compare/1569628800/1569801600

    also the link you posted dosent work and only goes to everyones personal tradeoffers page, would you be able to post a screenshot of the trade from Your trade history? :)