Price Suggestion
Flaming Lantern Mining Light
Submitted by Apoq [⇄]
~57 keys
Unusual Mining Light Flaming Lantern
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mining lantern

Sale 1:

375 pure for mining light + Flies Trash man

Mining light agreed to be 125 keys.


(Thanks Torb)!/compare/1574640000/1574726400!/compare/1574640000/1574726400


Trash man mini (creds to j58)

Sale 1: 30k!/compare/1567209600/1567296000!/compare/1567209600/1567296000

Miami coldsnap, indate

Sale 2: 150k!/compare/1571616000/1571702400

Sale 3: 8k;5;u12

$15 on 8/30

Sales at

8, 30, and 150


Since price of 125 was agreed for mining light, taking 125 for sale

Sale 2:

160 keys for light!/compare/1575590400/1575676800!/compare/1575590400/1575676800



125, 160

Taking these as a range

    proof of the 160 keys will be needed here. the compare links and confirmation do not show the actual 160 key transaction