Price Suggestion
Flaming Lantern Mining Light
Submitted by Norah
~57 keys
Unusual Mining Light Flaming Lantern
38 votes up
10 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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I'd say "not reselling" but at this point I've said that with about six hats and it's only maintained for one of them. The future of this cosmetic is questionable, let's say. (Just felt like making a suggestion, in all honesty).

Sale #1

Traded 1:1 with a Clean Secret to Everybody Fruit Shoot.!/compare/1555632000/1555718400 (Other compare broken).

Fruit Shoot Mini, two in-date MP sales, sold for $115 on March 7th, and $90 on April 18th. 115/1.79 = 64

90/1.78 = 50 -;5;u46/It's%20a%20Secret%20to%20Everybody%20Fruit%20Shoot

50 to 64 = 57 keys. Sale #1 comes out to 57. Current clean seller @ 60, but young.

Sale #2 -

Sold for 38 pure keys.!/compare/1554768000/1554854400!/compare/1554768000/1554854400

Sale #3 - Sold with a Ominous Night Jumping Jack for a Cloudy Moon Big Country.!/compare/1554422400/1554508800!/compare/1554422400/1554508800

No suitable minis on the Big Country or Jumping Jack, however they have buy orders @ 55 keys and 7.5 (8) keys respectively on Backpack. Using these as minimum values for both, this puts the Mining Light's minimum value in this trade @ 47 (55-8 = 47). Not using in the range, just supporting.

Buy Orders -

Final Sales; 57, 38, and "47" (Likely higher, I just can't prove it). Because of the reasoning given in Sale #3, I'm calling 38 keys low. If a mod/admin finds this to be unsuitable, and you'd rather I resuggest with a large range or to include 47 as a low end, that's not a problem. A weird case, for sure.

57 flat.

    Personally speaking here -

    Buyer of sale 3 resold for sale 2, and like you mentioned with buy orders, sale 3 is guaranteed to be higher.

    It seems that the big country was an attempt to dump for a hat to quicksell, although this doesn't make much sense as as the mining light has lower buyers?

    Might have been an impulse buy, who knows.

    I'm in favor of leaving out sale 2 and sale 3, resold in four days for much less.

      Would assume they bought it to pair with their Lantern Festiviser, but can't say for sure. Gotta agree with you on both fronts, so this should be fine as is.