Price Suggestion
~22 keys
Unusual Honcho's Headgear Searing Plasma
66 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Credits to Lemon for supplying the histories

Searing Plasma Sign Honcho's Headgear

Sale 1!/compare/1565913600/1566000000!/compare/1565913600/1566000000

Sold for 14 keys pure (Probs quicksold it, excluded)

Sale 2!/compare/1565827200/1565913600!/compare/1566000000/1566172800

Hat became untradable, so probs sold through SCM. Cant determine sale price. Excluded.

Sale 3!/compare/1567036800/1567209600!/compare/1567036800/1567209600

Added around 24.5 keys and sold for a Morning Glory Hotties Hoodie.

Mini for MG HH : (thanks Scourge)

Hoodie is priced at 50 keys. 50 - 25 (rounded from 24.5) = 25 keys.

Sale 4!/compare/1567036800/1567209600!/compare/1567123200/1567209600

Sold for a Stormy Storm Noble Amassment of Hats(15 keys) + ~ 4 keys = 19 keys

Stormy Storm:

Sale 5!/compare/1567900800/1567987200!/compare/1567900800/1567987200

Untraceable, bulk sale

Subsequent sales are transfer among bots

Sale 6

Marketplace sale

MarketPlace Sale:;5;u15

1. Sold on 9th Septmeber for 44.99USD ~ 24.86 keys (rounded to 25 keys )


Based on the 3 sales, 25, 19, 25. Suggested range at 19 - 25keys

    Hoodie sale should be used there.