Price Suggestion
~48.5 keys
Unusual Hottie's Hoodie Morning Glory
66 votes up
2 votes down
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Sale 1:!/compare/1566345600/1566432000!/compare/1566432000/1566518400

Sold for 48 keys

Sale 2:!/compare/1566604800/1566691200!/compare/1566604800/1566691200

Sold for Eldritch Handcraft(51) + ~1 key in sweets

Total is 52 keys

B/O of 58 keys

Sale 3:!/compare/1567036800/1567209600!/compare/1567036800/1567209600

Sold for ~24 keys in sweets + Searing Honcho

unable to properly mini the Honcho.

B/O of 45 keys

Sale 4:!/compare/1568419200/1568505600!/compare/1568419200/1568505600

Sold for Beams Tree

Tree Mini:

Suggestion for 52 keys

B/O of 54 keys

Sale 5:!/compare/1568505600/1568678400!/compare/1568592000/1568678400

Sold for CPS Tundra + ST Pool(12.5) + 1 key

Tundra Mini:

Suggestion for 25.5 keys

Total is 39 keys

B/O of 50 keys

Totals sales @:

39, 48, 52, 52 keys

calling 39 the outlier,

taking 48 - 52 keys.

    Searing Honcho suggestion got accepted, so it can be used here.