Price Suggestion
Frostbite Head Warmer
Submitted by sυяs
~250 keys
Unusual Head Warmer Frostbite
55 votes up
5 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Oh, right.

Sale 1: Sold for 125 keys + chiroptera classy capper!/compare/1571875200/1571961600!/compare/1571875200/1571961600

Classy capper is indate at 135 keys.

135 + 125 = 260 keys

Buyout was 250 keys

Capping it at 250.

Sale 2: Bulk for cloudy moon bonk boy!/compare/1569369600/1569542400!/compare/1569369600/1569542400

Can confirm as I was involved in the trade.

Sale 3: Sold with 15 keys for chiroptera venenata frenchman's beret!/compare/1568332800/1568419200!/compare/1568419200/1568505600

Can also confirm as I was involved in the trade.

Would be awfully low here as buyers are at 170+.

Sale 4: Bulk for eldritch opening cat's pyjamas!/compare/1567209600/1567296000!/compare/1564444800/1567123200

Sale 5: Possibly sold for arcana ballcap?!/compare/1565654400/1565740800!/compare/1564444800/1567123200

Ballcap's history doesn't match.



Sale at 250.

Taking 250 keys.