Price Suggestion
~68.5 keys
Unusual Connoisseur's Cap Scorching Flames
570 votes up
65 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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Clean sales:

Sale 1:!/compare/1568246400/1568505600!/compare/1568419200/1568505600

Sold with Stormy Tough Stuff for RA Napper

use there

Sale 2, 3:;5;u14

$131.8 / $1.81 = 72.82 keys

$115.1 / $1.80 = 63.94 keys

DUPED Sales:

Sale 4:!/compare/1569974400/1570147200!/compare/1569974400/1570147200

Sold for 51 keys

Sale 5:!/compare/1569974400/1570147200!/compare/1570060800/1570147200

Sold for 56 keys

sale 6:!/compare/1570406400/1570492800!/compare/1570406400/1570492800

Sold for DBD Shanter + spells

at non spelled prices for everything it would be ~50 keys....

Sale 7:!/compare/1569628800/1569888000!/compare/1569801600/1569888000

Sold for Burning Merryweather + ~26 keys in sweets

Merry Mini:

Suggestion for 68 keys

B/O of 90 keys, easily caps.

Sale 8:;5;u14

$125 / $1.83 = 68.31 keys!/compare/1565827200/1566000000

Total sales:

Clean: 63.94, 72.82,

Duped: 51, 56, 68.31, 90 keys

gonna say that duped sales support a range,

buyers up to 50 keys,

sellers at 100 keys,

calling 51 low,

90 high,

taking 64 - 73 keys.

Just as supporting evidence, the double spelled duped variant of this hat was offered to me for my double spelled strange Gibus, which has a 75 key buyout. Owner was willing to let it go for so low, so it would support the large drop this suggestion is making.

I think I’ll regret this decision, but I declined the offer.

    i actually agree with this offer