Price Suggestion
~89 keys
Unusual Vintage Merryweather Burning Flames
Related Suggestions
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Sale 1:!/compare/1569801600/1569888000!/compare/1569628800/1569888000

Sold with ~26 keys in sweets for Duped Scorching Connoisseur

use there

sale 2:!/compare/1567900800/1567987200!/compare/1567900800/1567987200

Sold with DBD Mullet + ~7 keys in sweets for PS Pom Pom(74)

Mullet Mini:

Suggestion for 10 keys

Total is 57 keys

B/O off 70 keys

Sale 3:!/compare/1566172800/1566432000!/compare/1564099200/1566259200


Sale 4:!/compare/1566345600/1566432000!/compare/1566172800/1566432000

Sold for Searing Gibus(49) + 20 keys

Total is 69 keys

B/o of 90 keys

Sale 5:!/compare/1564012800/1564099200!/compare/1559433600/1564099200


Sale 6:!/compare/1566691200/1567123200!/compare/1567036800/1567123200


Sale 7:!/compare/1567468800/1567555200!/compare/1567468800/1567555200

Sold for 62 keys

Sale 8:;5;u13

$134 / $1.80 = 74.44 keys

Total sales @:

57, 62, 69, 74.44 keys

buyers up to 60 keys, (2 new ones that weren't there before),

gonna take 62 - 74 keys.

      I confirm it was 95

        seems to be the outlier. 21 keys away from the next sale down.