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~93 keys
Strange Rocket Launcher Hot Totally Boned
350 votes up
65 votes down
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  • 90 keys
    Strange Rocket Launcher 99 War Paint Hot Totally Boned 7923953710 7355535082
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Hot Bone

Sale 1) Sold for 29 Keys + Killstreak Silver Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.I!/compare/1558742400/1558828800

Low outlier.

Sale 2) Sold + Vivid Plasma Universal Translator for a Strange Minimal Wear Isotope Butcher Bird Grenade Launcher!/compare/1558742400/1558915200 - This sale was used for the Butcher Bird.

Sale 3) Quicksold for 45 Keys - Thanks, Reflex

Sale 4) Sold for a Roboactive Nanobalaclava (72.5 Keys) + 10 Keys!/compare/1562457600/1563062400 - Thanks, Reflex - Capped by the Buyout of 65 Keys

Roboactive Nanobalaclava Mini - 72.5 Keys - Buyer at 41 Keys shows 30 is low.

      Theoretically, it's close enough to 45 to rule 45 low, but 45 also sold in under a day, so that fact also shows 45 is not representative of a good price.

      Since the buyout for the 82.5 Key sale was 65 Keys, the seller would have taken 65 Keys had they been offered 65.

      The site aims to show an item's price in pure Keys, thus we take 65 rather than 82.5.

          Yeah, my bad for not including that.