Price Suggestion
~72.5 keys
Unusual Nanobalaclava Roboactive
71 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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I hear you screaming, bleeding out of the hunter. I open my eyes and now I realize I’m just the game.

Torn away from my home, left me crawling. Everything is falling. Now I’m the hunted, I’m the hunted...

Sale 1) Sold + Purple Energy Highway Star (29.5 Keys) for a Cloudy Moon Hot Dogger (104 Keys)!/compare/1560988800/1561075200

104 - 29.5 = 74.5, which rounds to 75 Keys

Purple Energy Highway Star Mini!/compare/1557273600/1557360000 - Sold for 35 Keys!/compare/1563148800/1563321600 - Sold for 24 Keys

Taking 24 - 35 Keys, which averages to 29.5 Keys

Cloudy Moon Hot Dogger Mini - Taking 96 to 112 from my comment, which averages to 104 Keys

Sale 2) Sold for a Hot Field-Tested Totally Boned Rocket Launcher!/compare/1562457600/1563062400

Using this for the Rocket. - Seller at 70 Keys

    Good suggestion, but w h a t