Price Suggestion
~24.5 keys
Unusual Woolen Warmer Dead Presidents
70 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1547251200/1547510400!/compare/1547424000/1547510400

Sold for N&B Mining Light + 1 key

Use there

Sale 2:!/compare/1547510400/1547596800!/compare/1547510400/1547596800

Sold for Max Head(21)

Sale 3:!/compare/1548633600/1548720000!/compare/1548633600/1548720000


Sale 4:!/compare/1552003200/1552089600!/compare/1551830400/1552089600

Sold for DP Exec + 5 keys

Exec Mini:

Suggestion for 22.5 keys

Total is 27.5 keys

Sale 5:!/compare/1552176000/1552780800!/compare/1552694400/1552780800

Sold for ~19 keys

Sale 6:!/compare/1552780800/1552867200!/compare/1552780800/1552867200

Sold for Steaming Bonk + 1 key

Bonk Mini:

Suggestion for 29 keys

Total is 30 keys

Sale 7:!/compare/1552867200/1552953600!/compare/1552780800/1552867200


Sale 8:!/compare/1553126400/1553299200!/compare/1553212800/1553299200


Sale 9:!/compare/1553558400/1553644800!/compare/1553558400/1553644800

Sold for ~21 keys

Total sales @:

19, 21, 21, 27.5, 30 keys

Sellers down to 24 keys,

buyers up to 20 keys,

gonna call 19 low, 30 high,

preserve range close to unsold,

taking 21 - 28 keys.