Price Suggestion
~22.5 keys
Unusual Executioner Dead Presidents
59 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1554422400/1554508800!/compare/1554336000/1554422400


Sale 2:!/compare/1548633600/1548892800!/compare/1548806400/1548892800

Sold for DBD Liquidator(24.5)

Sale 3:!/compare/1549065600/1549152000!/compare/1548979200/1549065600

Can trace snipers?

Sale 4:!/compare/1548979200/1549065600!/compare/1548979200/1549065600


Sale 5:!/compare/1549411200/1549497600!/compare/1549411200/1549497600

Sold for 20 keys

Sale 6:!/compare/1551139200/1551830400!/compare/1551744000/1551830400

Sold for Strange Searing Airdog + 3 keys

Airdog Mini:

Suggestion for 23 keys

Total is 26 keys

Sale 7:!/compare/1551916800/1552003200!/compare/1551744000/1552003200

Sold with ~3 keys in sweets for CPS Hotrod + N&B Cotton

Hotrod Mini:

Suggestion for 15 keys

Cotton Mini:

Suggestion for 20.5 keys

Total is 32.5 keys

Sale 8:!/compare/1552003200/1552089600!/compare/1551830400/1552089600

Sold with ~6 keys in sweets for CH Pillar

Pillar Mini:

Suggestion for 27.5 keys

Total is 21.5 keys

Sale 9:!/compare/1551830400/1552089600!/compare/1552003200/1552089600

Sold with 5 keys for DP Woolen

Use there

Sale 10:!/compare/1552521600/1552694400!/compare/1552608000/1552694400

Sold with Spooky Soviet for Hellish Lap(36) + 4 keys

Total is 40 keys

Sale 11:;5;u60

Buy order

Total Sales @:

20, 21.5, 24.5, 26, 32.5, 40 keys

Sellers at 25 keys,

Buyers at 18 keys,

Taking 20 - 25 keys.