Price Suggestion
~180 keys
Unusual Law Haunted Ghosts
54 votes up
1 vote down
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Sale 1:!/compare/1548806400/1548892800!/compare/1548806400/1548979200

Sold with Sunbeams Airdog (29 keys) for Green Energy Flash of Inspiration

This sale is being used on the Flash of Inspiration.

Sale 2:!/compare/1547942400/1548460800!/compare/1548374400/1548460800

Sold for (Duped) Chiroptera Venenata Powdered Practioner, Aces High Hunter in Darkness, MONOCULUS! Strangifier, and Noise Maker - Crazy Laugh

This sale is being used on the Powdered Practioner.

Sale 3:!/compare/1548288000/1548460800

Sold for Nuts Gonzilla (10) + Peace Crone's Dome (170)

Nuts Gonzilla

Dude there's a ton of sales for this thing but I can't find any valid sales within all of them

The Gonzila is either there or it's not, like it's disappearing from their histories lol...;5;u31/Nuts%20n'%20Bolts%20German%20Gonzila

A seller for 9.5

Sellers for 9.7 and 10

Going with 10 keys for this one, seeing the 11 day unsold for 10 keys

Peace Crone's Dome

Sold for Purple Energy Federal Casemaker!/compare/1547251200/1547337600!/compare/1552003200/1552176000!/compare/1551657600/1552176000

PE Casemaker sold for GE Universal Translator... this seems way too low, as the translator has unsolds under 70...

There are no other recent sales for this hat. Using the just barely outdated price of 172 keys and unsolds for 168 and 170, I am using 170 keys for PE Casemaker and the Crone's Dome.

All in all, this makes sale 3 180 keys.