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Unusual Powdered Practitioner Chiroptera Venenata
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Sale 1:!/compare/1547942400/1548460800!/compare/1548374400/1548460800

Haunted Ghosts Law sold for (Duped) Chiroptera Venenata Powdered Practioner, Aces High Hunter in Darkness, MONOCULUS! Strangifier, and Noise Maker - Crazy Laugh

Hunter in Darkness is in-date at 31 keys.

Noise Maker is outdated, but he is selling it for 4 keys on classifieds unsuccessfully for 2 months.

Taking Monoculus Strangifier as 16 keys.

Haunted Ghosts Law is currently being priced at 180 keys.

[practitioner] + 31 + 4 + 16 = 180

This makes the practitioner 129 keys, rounding to 130.

Even if the Noise Maker was 1 key, I would still end up rounding this to 130.

Sale 2:!/compare/1546214400/1546387200!/compare/1546214400/1546387200

Sold for a clean Vintage Scrap Metal.

Vintage Scrap is currently being priced at 333 keys.


There are two sellers for this hat, 200 and 250. Both sellers are selling the Duped version of this hat. I cannot find the clean version anywhere.

Safe to say that 333 keys is an outlier.

Going with 130 keys.

    It was the person that paid the scrap that resold it for the ~130; I would not use either sale.

      Back when this sale was happening, Ghosts Law was presumably a 300 key unusual. Unfortunate that it ended up dropping to 180, but the timeframe is the key.

        Well what I mean is - the buyer in sale 2 resold it for half what he paid (sale 1); only using his reselling value while removing what he paid does not seem fair. In these situations, both sales typically end up outliers.

      Closing on account of the above comments