Price Suggestion
~300 keys
galactic gateway
Unusual Pithy Professional Galactic Gateway
9 votes up
47 votes down
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There are only 2 of this, and, as far as I can tell, only one has ever been traded (mine, 500 keys pure). Considering the rarity and short history of this unusual, and based on the average price of the Pithy Professional and Galactic Gateway, a price of around 380-400 keys sounds reasonable.

    You have to put the sale as main proof and apparently that sale is already too old to use it. Wait for a new sale:

      You need to use sales to price items. You can't just up and suggest a price because you "think" it's right. And you especially can't use simple hunches on what you think certain items are worth to suggest a price. Next time please grab some proof and make another suggestion for the appropriate amount (AKA what it actually sold for, and exactly that, whether or not you think it's too high or too low)

        Closing time!

          You need evidence to create a price suggestion.