Price Suggestion
~12.5 keys
Unusual Football Helmet Circling Peace Sign
59 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by FishCrimes.

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2 mp sales;5;u18

$20 on 12/21

$23.5 on 1/11

12k, 13k

      Powdered sale would be 15 keys, excluding due to 13 unsold for five months

      Three of those pool parties sold for ~13k

      13 - 2 = 11, would 11-13 be a better range here

        Nah, let's wait on it. I'll work with someone to get a proper mini up for the pool party.

          Pool party mini passed; adjust this suggestion accordingly please:

          EDIT: what is that math lol, that sale would be +2, not -2. it's 14, too high thanks to long-time unsolds at 13. Additionally, even if we generously overestimate the powdered sweets at 3 keys, the sale comes out to 14 as well, still proving too high. this sugg should be fine.