Price Suggestion
~10 keys
Unusual Hive Minder Dead Presidents
67 votes up
13 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by Erik.

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Witty introduction. Two years out of date.

Sale #1:

Untrace -!/compare/1544745600/1544832000

Sale #2:

Sold w/ Neutron Star Cranial Carcharodon for a DBD Infernal Impaler + 4 keys -!/compare/1544745600/1544832000

NSCC mini: 19 keys.

DBD II mini: sold w/ ~6 keys worth of sweets for a PFetti Patriot Peak (in-date, 32.5) -!/compare/1544832000/1544918400

X + 6 = 32.5, X = 26.5

X + 19 = 30.5, X = 11.5, mind if I round up to 12?

Sale #3:

10 keys pure -!/compare/1547078400/1547164800

Sales at:

NaN, 10, 12.

Taking 10-12.

I've been wearing these pants for three days.!/compare/1547164800/1547251200!/compare/1547164800/1547251200

    Sold to a buyer for 9 keys. Invalid.

    Your second sale is a bulk sale which shouldn't be used here. Feel free to resuggest at 10 flat.

      Closing based on my comment above. Feel free to resuggest at 10 flat.