Price Suggestion
~60 keys
Unusual Large Luchadore Molten Mallard
42 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted 7 months ago by polar.

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All creds go to The Mighty Bob :D

he forgot to resuggest and I asked if I could, he said yes, so here we go

Sale #1!/compare/1488326400/1488412800

Should be used on RL

Sale #2!/compare/1484352000/1484438400

Sold for Neutron KE (indate but seller for month @95

" KE price is honestly probably not the best to use to price this or any other hat." - polar

Sale #3!/compare/1486166400/1486339200

No minis on hound & low

Sale #4!/compare/1487808000/1487894400

Sold for Scorching Batters (100)

bo 90, creds Marty Birdman


Scorching Batters!/compare/1486252800/1486425600

~ 100 keys

Taking 90 keys - this can be used for the KE price.. And it turns out that it will be 90 as well :D