Price Suggestion
Crusader's Crossbow
Submitted by 大圍 k0nfig
~0.05 ref
Unique Crusader's Crossbow
4 votes up
51 votes down

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The crusaders crossbow is a very effective weapon for the medic and shouldn't be as cheap as a normal primary

It's high skill seiling enables many experienced player COME for it and its price is completely irrelevant

Also if all unique weapons are 0.05 ref it will be very hard for free to plays to trade

    This is uneseesaey and no proof downvote


      I had to, sorry.

        +1 like for making fun of me 😂

          1) The change would make ZERO difference in a trading scenario.

          2) This is probably one of the most unnecessary suggestions I've ever seen.

          3) Being 0.05 ref means it's half a scrap. You know, the thing you can make in game with 2 weapons?

          Thanks for the free rep tho

            How in the world did I give u rep

              You get rep by voting correctly in a suggestion. He voted down, as did i, giving us free rep on

            is 0.01 ref profit really that worth it

              It's fine for downvoting just speaking for some f2ps where 0.01 ref is actually quite worth it

                you have no proof and also f2p's cant trade items without PAYING for premium. also you misspelt ceiling

                  .01 ref is literally a 5th of a weapon you can get from the item drop system.

                  Doesn't matter how good it is. It's about how much it's selling for and how much people are willing to buy it for.

                    as a medic main, I think all of us should get this weapon when it's cheap at 0.05 and people can have fun, but with this 0.06 scrap making people probably not having fun and medic mains quitting because they sold their crossbow to make profit