Creating a price suggestion

Remember! is only a price guide. We do not set the prices in stone, that's what you - the community - does. At the core, price suggestions on are the compilation of actual economic activity, so be prepared to have evidence that supports your price suggestion.

Creating a price suggestion

  1. Find the item you want to create a suggestion for. If the item has an existing price, you can find it in the pricelist. From there you can access the item's stats page.
  2. On the item's stats page, click Suggest a price.
  3. Select a currency. Your suggestion will remain based on this currency during price changes.
  4. Insert a new price. If necessary, make it a range with a low and high value. The calculated conversions of your chosen range will be shown to help you.

If you think a price requires a range, review your evidence to see if there's any flexibility in the pricing. If in doubt, don't use a range.

Your item could be placed under a currency blanket to help keep pricing of similar items consistent. Click here to read more about currencies and blanket currencies.

Gathering evidence

As mentioned in the warning at the top of the page, prices can't be changed just because you feel they should be. It is required that you gather evidence that supports your price suggestion in the form of links to trades which are shown to be well-received.

The general rule is that evidence gathered should be as fresh and plentiful as the item is popular. Items treated as currency should have a significant amount of evidence consisting of very recent trades from the last few days at best. Unusual items, on the other hand, will not require as much and the time span is more forgiving. For rare items which need a fresh price, do your best to find what you can.

What counts as evidence?

The most common way of gathering evidence is to link to trade posts that other users have made that back up your new price suggestion. Almost any trading body can be used to back your suggestion up, such as:

Team Fortress 2

Trade posts which have been publicly offered on by other users improve the quality of the evidence. Ensure that both buyers and sellers are existent for your suggested price range.

What does not count as evidence?

Evidence must not be cherry-picked. If an item is easily selling at a price outside of your suggested range at the current time, you should seriously reconsider if your suggestion is valid. Your suggestion might end up being closed if wiser users opposing your suggestion point out a list of active trades well out of the range you suggested.

"Quickbuy" trades and buyouts (B/O) do not count towards evidence. Quickbuyers do not look for a specific item in particular. Buyout prices are set by the seller and therefore do not reflect the actual price of the item.

The Steam Community Market is great for buying items convieniently. However, the 15% fee on each sale means that item prices on the SCM are almost always inflated to compensate. Therefore, please do not use SCM prices as evidence.


When you're done compiling your evidence, be sure to add the trade posts which support your new price range to the comments box of your price suggestion. Add in a brief summary if you like.

Submissions and comments on votes support BBCode, so take the time to make your suggestion look good if you need to list dozens of links that make up your evidence.

If you've compiled a decent amount of evidence and everything feels right, your suggestion is probably ready. Click Create Suggestion and let the community decide your submission's fate.

If you change your mind, you can close your suggestion at any time.

Further reading

There are a few guides on the forums written by our users. If you want further advice on making good suggestions, we recommend you give them a read: