Price Suggestion
~88 keys
13th hour
Unusual Blighted Beak Stormy 13th Hour
12 votes up
71 votes down
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Now: 88 keys pure, it's a good misc with god effect. Electrostatic, HG, Sulphurous, Phosphorous, CH, etc. Are all priced above it all being worth 120+ keys. To add onto that, there is only 2 in existence with this unusual.

u need proof fam

    Please read some guides on how to make unusual suggestions. You need sales.

      Now: using actual sales to price a hat, it's a good way with proven reliability. Unusuals, items, keys, refined metal, etc. Are all priced with sales and not your opinion. To add onto that, how many there are in existence means nothing.

        Ez points , on a serious note , we all agree 88 is too low , I would offer 200 in unusuals to the people who own these and they would insta decline (if they have any trading knowledge ) ,but that's not how it works , you need sales to support the rise in value , if you find a sale then you could use it , unusual prices are solely based on sales ,opinions are only taken into view while selecting outliers.

          This is too low. - offers are significantly higher than this