Price Suggestion
~34 ref
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
6 votes up
45 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as no evidence and closed 10 months ago by Foamy the Fearsome.

No evidence was supplied in this price suggestion, therefore it has been closed. Please read up on how to create a suggestion before creating a new suggestion.

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I think we need to raise the prestige of this key I think the key is the most important ITEM TEAM FORTRESS 2 in my opinion and it is our honor to raise its price to be more equal than flashy and more rare,

Please cooperate with me and locked his price to 29.66 REFINED METAL!

Good luck !

    proofless currency suggestions (like this) can be a temporary ban offense, just a heads up

      Funny how everyone was complaining when keys went up and when they actually go down it's still not good.

      Anyways, no proof -> downvote

      No. No proof = no upvote

        LUL, why you do this ?

          Opinion is irrelevent when it comes to the pricing of an item.

            When keys raise people want them to go down when they drop people want them to go up, lmao.


              i dont know why you talking like that

              why you cant just undestand what i am talking about and not just

              " no dont vote!!! downvote " you dont think its insulting, just think about the others and not just about yourself... !

              This should just be automatically bannable. Its stupid and needs some sort of proper regulation.

                SERIOSLY WHY? Keys are WAY overpriced. Old days they were 5-10 ref. Yes i understand thers more ref now BUT KEYS HAVE NEVER BEEN SUGGESTED TO GO UP MULTIPLE REF BEFORE! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT DOES TO DO A SCRAP TO KEY. I will give a hint. FOREVER! IF I SOUND LIKE A BROKEN RECORD IT IS BECAUSE I AM!


                oh and you dont have any good reasons or proof

                oh and key should be at most 24 ref