Price Suggestion
Miami Nights Pure Tin Capotain
Submitted by Maximus
~11 keys
Unusual Pure Tin Capotain Miami Nights
116 votes up
8 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by De Zwakste Schakel.

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Requested by Bob d unsymmetrical trashcan

sale 1

[duped]!/compare/1461888000/1461974400 - weird, not using


sale 2

Isotope Professional Killstreak Low Profile SMG (Minimal Wear) (23)!/compare/1460505600/1460678400 - b/o 20

Mini on the SMG:!/compare/1454313600/1454745600

Specialized Killstreak Australium Ambassador + 5 pure

SMG = 23

x=23 (caps at 20)


sale 3!/compare/1460592000/1460678400 - complex/bulk, not using.


Going with 20 flat.

Counter/Supporting proof is appreciated!

    Weird to see this stable with GE dropping :P