Price Suggestion
Stout Shako
Submitted by Dogs
~1.5 ref
Unique Stout Shako
16 votes up
172 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as no evidence and closed by A Delicious Cashew™.

No evidence was supplied in this price suggestion, therefore it has been closed. Please read up on how to create a suggestion before creating a new suggestion.

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Look guys it is just a 13¢ difference, not like a $13 difference

    omg, so, wheres proof

    and btw, so much free rep these days :/

        That meme is old as f*ck

          That's not going to cut it. Ad proof of sales are needed for suggesting a new price raise.

            You think you're creative dontcha?

              I'd make a demopan joke, but I'm too refined.

                minecraft picture = explains everything


                  How about no and make a proper suggestion before spamming ****.


                        why would i do that

                            i bet minecraft LPs do too

                              You know what amuses me? How many people have tried to use that video as proof.

                        I see this a lot, and it's starting to kill me inside people take this too serious.

                          I'm honestly curious if you think this will be accepted

                          I thought these 2 refined jokes died out in like 2008

                              maybe if you're like 10.

                            nice meme

                              i would made a demopan joke, but im not refined.

                              and yes, i read this somewhere else

                                Let's not make it 2 ref.

                                  Nice may may xD

                                    Also this is coming from the guy with the 10 ref backpack

                                    Demopan's just a community fad. Please, just, no.

                                      How to have Stout Shako price on 2 ref

                                      >get a time machine

                                      >travel to 2010


                                        SO 'Original


                                          WoW! What a amazing video for you too get downvoted!

                                            How about not?

                                              kek he's downvoting all of our comments now

                                                no i am not it is probably is another guy who likes demopan

                                              13 cents is REALLY a big deal, someone could have thousands of dollars because of this

                                                This is so original, I bet no one else has come up with it.

                                                  OMG a MINCRAFT Player Thats why you Suggest rlly Bad

                                                    m8, demopan reference is old on here now.

                                                    very late.

                                                      lol this is your third suggestion. You should stop making suggestions if you still don't know you need to read the rules first on how to make a proper suggestion.