Price Suggestion
~32 keys
Unusual Flamboyant Flamenco Memory Leak
141 votes up
19 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by No Endgame.

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Counter suggestion to the other one.

[proof below]

Proof 1.

Sold for a Bubbling Headsplitter

Original value is 2.5 - 3.2, rounded up thats 2.9 (2.85 -> 2.9) average.

2.9 x 0.9 = 2.6 buds.

Proof 2.

Sold for a Stormy Storm Heavy Duty Rag (0.9) + SF Rocket Launcher (2.2) + SF Banner (0.3) = 3.4 buds.

Thanks to Spu for the proof.

Feel free to give feedback.


      Offered a Memory Leak Brigade+2 (Brigade has been offered 2 pure so I'm guessing it's 4+)

        Offers can be fake.

        I remember when you were a white-belt. I have only had 2 suggestions accepted since then, while you've gotten to a blue belt. Well god damn. Congratz.

          Haha :D Thx :)

          Much better than the other guy , upvote!

            Why don't I get credit? ;-;

              I found the second sale, not Spu.

                How am I supposed to know that?

                  Look at the comment area of Spu's suggestion?

              Rocket launcher is maybe 2.25 because of the parts. Buff Banner is like 0.25 if you guys want to be super correct. There should always be slight overpay in items, depends how easy they sell and stuff like that.

              And really, stop things like this, 0.1 bud difference is no reason to make a new suggestion.

              2nd sale is 3.3 with overpay.

                The heavy duty rag is under 1 bud so no overpay so I took the low end which is 0.9 + 2.2 + 0.3 = 3.4

                  Banner is 0.2, not 0.3. 5 keys is closer to 4, which is .2 (because of overpay). Rounding up and adding on an extra key is not overpay.

                    Em I dont really understand it, please correct me on this :

                    0.1 bud = 1.9 key

                    5 keys (banner) : 1.9 = 2.63(and another bunch of numbers) - rounded up thats 0.3

                    And there is no overpay for the items right? or am I wrong in that, and if I am wrong in that, then the rocket launcher should be lower too :/

                      There's no 'overpay' per se, but just use common sense. 3.2 makes more sense than 3.4, which is more than the items are actually worth. Better a little less than more when dealing with items!

                        So should I resuggest at 2.6-3.2/3.3 or just keep it like this?

                          This is fine, but just for next time! o/

                            Okay thanks for letting me know :)

                Damnit eric, I had to eat lunch :c. welp, thought 3.4 was an outlier because of the big range for such a lower tier hat. anyway, upvote.