Price Suggestion
~32 keys
Unusual Flamboyant Flamenco Memory Leak
115 votes up
7 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by No Endgame.

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How convenient, someone shared his sold link.

Only 1 on OP - Sold for 58 keys

~ 3 buds - Sold for DBD Lil' Buddy (2.5) + S.F. Sapper (3 keys)

~ 2.4 (outlier) - Sold for a GE Hottie's Hoodie (3-3.5)

~ 2.9 buds

Other link:

Either quicksold or sold for games (which I can't price)

Your feedback is appreciated.

    He added at least a sf sapper to the buddy: - maybe more. So this could become ~2.5+ which I wouldn't consider being an outlier any longer.~

      can't seem to find anything else, checked histories

      wouldn't it be 2.4 then?

        If nothing else was added, yes.

        Well he had a b/o of 2 buds + 2 keys on the buddy and on the menco, so both sales would be ~2.1-2.2 buds. I guess we can say both are qs/outliers.

          SF Sapper = 3 keys

          0.1 bud = 1.9 keys.

          Either +0.1 or +0.2 but personally I would do +0.1 (because item, not pure)

        I was the one who bought it for games. I remember doing it for 35 keys worth of games. Didn't shark it though, the guy added me himself and offered on my games

          another outlier. thanks for the info