Price Suggestion
~280 keys
Unusual Modest Pile of Hat Anti-Freeze
23 votes up
5 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Woifi.

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Strange Festive Knife 22 keys (was a bud when traded) - 22 keys

Bill's Hat 7.5-8 keys - 7.5 Keys

TS Bills Hat - 8 - 8 keys

Vintage Lugermorph 8 keys - 7 keys

Strange Gold Botkiller Wrench Mk.II 4.5 key - 4 keys

The Festive Huntsman, 3 ref - .5 keys

1 bud

13th hour fro 3.5–4.3 buds (cereal[ppm] sold for about 4 buds mixed)

cloudy moon modest 24.6–29.7 buds

Total Keys = 49 = 2.13 buds

Total Pure Buds = 1 bud

Total Unusual Value = 28.1 buds

Suggestion: 31.25 Buds

NOTE: Upon submitting the amount was auto rounded up to 31.3. I hope this doesn't screw up my suggestion!

This hat is currently 1 of 1. There is a good chance I will never sell it. I have been waiting for someone to post this suggestion but it has been a while now so I decided to post it myself.

I used the low end value on the unusuals and the other items when one was available.

Screenshot from trade history

Screenshot of the 2 hats with name tags

Sorry if the screens are not that great.

I hope this is enough proof. Questions, comments etc. are welcome!

NOTE: I put this up yesterday however there was speculation that the 13th hour fro sold for higher than the current suggestion. After further review, although there were higher offers than the price at BP the seller sold for about 4 in mixed items (using the low end prices) so I am re-suggesting the same amount.

    Ok take #3!

    Last one I didnt change from keys to buds Uggggghh!

    Anyway comments are definitely welcome!

      I'd agree with this suggestion, as I even made the screenshot for you. :p

      What bothers me though is that a roboactive one is 18.7-19 buds. It seems weird that someone would pay and extra 13 buds for a different color. Maybe the other one is outdated? Idk. It just seems odd. I think you overpayed for this and are expecting a full price bump. Not to be rude, but just saying.

        The roboactive sold really low. Like really really low. There is one of my hat and I paid what I felt was a fair price. The seller was looking for more and had great offers on OP and in trade server.

        As you may or may not know the suggestions are made with proof from real trades. This is the only real trade. What the hat sold for with a different effect really has nothing to do with this hats price. Take the GE and PE TC's. The GE is worth way less. By your logic they should be close to the same.

          Yes, the 2 energy team captains do have a bud difference of about 8.5 buds. 8.5 buds is alot for a person counting up buds, but it isn't for a person who is counting in percentages. Lets take every effect high-end price and add them together and divide by the unusual effect we want to look at . To be fair, lets ignore the burning team captain as it is expensive for being a "burning team captain."

          Team captains total was 699.7. the high price of a Purple Energy Team Captain is 31.3:

          699.7/31.3 = 22.354. Now lets do the Green Energy one, 23.4

          699.7/23.4 = 29.902. Compare the 2 results.

          When look with a number like 699.7, 22.354 and 29.902 are pretty close.

          Now, lets do antifreeze and roboactive modests:

          Total without highest unusual (just like the burning team captain): 326.4

          Roboactive: 326.4/19 = 17.179

          Antifreeze: 326.4/31.3 = 10.428

          Yes, they do look close, but now lets divide the results of the corresponding hats:

          29.902/22.354 = 1.338 difference rate (TC)

          17.179/10.428 = 1.647 difference rate (Modest)

          The modest's difference rate is quite a bit higher, and thats without the burning team captain.

 brain hurts now.

            My TC reference was just the first one I thought of off the top of my head. Regardless it is not relevant.

            Mine is 1 of 1 the robo is 1 of 3+. In the suggestion for the robo even the suggester thinks he priced it 3 buds too low.

            With all that said. I have the only 1 and I paid what I feel is is a fair price I clearly value it above moon modest as that is one of the items I traded.

            There are no other sales to use as proof and if another 1 gets unboxed then we can revisit this but for now there is 100% proof of what this one went for.

            Sorry you had to do all those calculations :-) That took you a while lol

              Well, my examples dont have to be the team captain, it can work with any unusual, and the result would pretty much be the modest ratio higher than the picked ratio (if talking about different colored effects that act the same with no theme).

              Refer to my other wall of text.

              Yes, it did take me awhile, but I needed the brain exercise. :p

                PE TC is themed, GE is not. I guessed you would have known this.

            There is no full price bump. I used the low end of the prices. Also this is not a "bump" this is the only suggestion.

            Also I really REALLY wish I grabbed the robo and I would have paid more than what it sold for.

            And also there are 3 roboactive modests where there is only 1 anti-freeze ;-)

              By full price bump i meant...its better to explain with an outpost simulation:

              Seller: "Selling this power surge bonnet for 4 buds!"

              Lowballer: Flies Topi, add me This reply was hidden by the trade owner

              Guy2000: "I'll give (blah blah mixed totaling 3.8)"

              Seller: "Looking for a bit more, but c/o nonetheless"

              NotAScammer1337: I can pay your b/o. add my alt account: This post has been permanently hidden

              CleverCooperation: I can offer 8+ in unusuals

              Seller: What unusuals

              CleverCooperation: Add me to discuss

              *adds to discuss*

              CleverCooperation: Hey. Here are my unusuals: (unusuals are actually worth 8+)

              Seller: deal


              CleverCooperation: Hey, you know i overpayed right?

              Seller: I'd say so, yea. lol.

              CleverCooperation: Mind doing me a favor?

              Seller: what

              CleverCooperation: Can you make a suggestion of what i paid you for? I'll upvote.

              Seller: uh, sure.

              CleverCooperation: But, here's the thing. once it gets accepted, can I have my stuff back + 3 keys? You pretty much double the price of your unusual, for only 3 keys.

              Seller: Well, its hard to beat that deal. Sure.

              CleverCooperation: Thanks!

              And then that happened

              Noooo, I'm not saying you did this. I know for a fact you didn't. i was just pointing out an example of price bumping (or what i was going for).

                Not sure how this relates to "I think you overpayed for this and are expecting a full price bump."

                I have had this hat for over a month. If I or the seller were pulling some sort of "bump" scam pretty sure that would have been done right away.

                Not sure how the above scenario relates to me or this suggestion lol.

                Nintendo you could have just explained the above in mumble for the sake of time :)

                For everyone reading this Nintendo is actually a good friend of mine believe it or not! We are just point/counterpointing.

                  This isn't really a scam as it is a marketing technique (i think). Its the "Hey, everyone agrees with this price so it must be the price" technique, which this site uses. It cant be a scam once the price rises because 1) it actually is the price now and 2) No one lost anything, only gained.

                  This doesn't at all relate to you, just the action you did on outpost. I kinda just built a scenario off there.

                  And yes, we are buddies. Join TF2Hats! *advertisement* *advertisement*

              The price is outdated. Figured u knew that since you were using it in your counter proofish post

              Perfect timing! I just noticed the icons for the new effects have been updated!

                It's great, except for steaming, flies, and burning.

                P. Fetti, Scorching, and Planets are also kinda meh.

                All I see is purple, and I'm just sitting here...being blue.

                Wow congrats on getting this neat hat. Upvote from me.

                  Thanks! picked it up about a month ago.