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Posted 1 year ago by Imperium Romanum Sacrum

There is still no set price to this thing. So, let's start up with a reasonable pricing of 1-1.5 keys.

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% Positive36.76%
Alternate/Past suggestions
SubmitterPrice SuggestedDetailsNotes
EM3RALD_L3GION 0.33 refScore: 71.2% · 27

Accepted 3 months ago

Proof none in classifieds for .22 ...
EM3RALD_L3GION 0.22–0.33 refScore: 81.31% · 3

Accepted 4 months ago

Proof buyers 2 scrap
KoDoRiN 0.22 refScore: 77.65% · 1

Accepted 6 months ago

Low end is a quicksell - sold within an hour for 3 weps ht...
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User Comments
andy · deleted 1 year ago by andy · Score: 0

Upvoted. I paid 1 key for mine, and was about to pay 1 key 1 ref when the 1 key trader message me back. I just wanted it. Its a brilliant strange, utterly pointless.

      I think a good start would be around 1.66 to 2 ref, this will be another cancer strange later

        i ve already done suggestion 1,33-2 ref with about 10 proof links

        so you can close it man

          "So, let's start up with a reasonable pricing of 1-1.5 keys."

          Read as:

          "So, let's help me to sell mine for 1-1.5 keys."

          I saw many at 1.33-2 ref on outpost

          This suggestion has little supporting evidence and a lot of counter-evidence. I just bought one for 0.66 ref, so I highly doubt this price is accurate. Downvoted.