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Strange Wrap Assassin
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Suggested by Ræbn 2 years ago

There is still no set price to this thing. So, let's start up with a reasonable pricing of 1-1.5 keys.

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% Positive36.76%
Alternate/Past suggestions
SubmitterPrice SuggestedDetailsNotes
Avatar EM3RALD_L3GION0.33 refScore: 71.2% · 1

Accepted 10 months ago

Proof none in classifieds for .22 ...
Avatar EM3RALD_L3GION0.22–0.33 refScore: 81.31% · 1

Accepted 11 months ago

Proof buyers 2 scrap
KoDoRiN0.22 refScore: 77.65% · 1

Accepted 1 year ago

Low end is a quicksell - sold within an hour for 3 weps ht...
Your backpack value is too low to comment on this suggestion.

    i dont see the problem with him owning one if he's not trying to raise the price, but rather set one (and that one doesnt seem like he's trying to get much profit to me)

      Yeah, we need somewhere to start, and considering I spent a key already to get the one I have, it's obvious I'm not trying to make profit from it.

      Upvoted. I paid 1 key for mine, and was about to pay 1 key 1 ref when the 1 key trader message me back. I just wanted it. Its a brilliant strange, utterly pointless.

          I think a good start would be around 1.66 to 2 ref, this will be another cancer strange later

            i ve already done suggestion 1,33-2 ref with about 10 proof links


            so you can close it man

              "So, let's start up with a reasonable pricing of 1-1.5 keys."

              Read as:

              "So, let's help me to sell mine for 1-1.5 keys."

                Also, this isn't relevant to anything. I think I'll be keeping mine, for the heck of it, and this is just unnecessary and contributes to nothing.

                I saw many at 1.33-2 ref on outpost

                  I realise now these are pretty cheap. I advertised one, and I instantly got a trade giving me two craft hats and a Strange Part worth 1.33. So, I just worked from there. Well, guess it's another cancer, might as well let it be around 1.66-2.

                  This suggestion has little supporting evidence and a lot of counter-evidence. I just bought one for 0.66 ref, so I highly doubt this price is accurate. Downvoted.